Jon Gosselin’s “Pedophile” Concern And Not Acting On It In A Timely Manner

While Jon spoke to “friend,” Toxic Judas Michael Lohan, in confidence, Jon revealed what was really going on in his mind- “pedophiles.” To dramatically make the point that TLC should have paid his kids for using them, he makes the following most disgusting comment:

“I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it? It’s disgusting.”

Disgusting????? WHAT IS DISUSTING IS his putting his kids out there for every pedophile on the planet to see, having those deep thoughts within the recesses of his mind, and not taking action and getting them off the air sooner.

The word “pedophile” speaks volumes. But if you can look past that word, you’ll see what Jon is really saying and what he is really concerned about- the children never got paid for being exploited!

How interesting THAT would be their father’s concern! So, if the kids were to make big bucks, and paid by TLC, the fact that “pedophiles” were tuning in wouldn’t have bothered him as much? It really shows you how Jon thinks and it is not healthy thinking! Just the fact that he had the thought the show would cater to pedophiles should have been enough to get them off the air much sooner, in my view.

I really don’t think that Jon had any thoughts about child pornography when he first began the show. He was naiive at 27 and thinking of how he could get money to feed these little mouths. I am sure that this was the last thing on his mind at the time.

But then I am sure someone must have brought this topic to his attention, seeing that Jon and Kate and TLC see what is out there on the internet about them.

I think that when Jon found out about it he may have been conflicted. I’ll bet when he found out a part of him wanted them off asap, but greed and the good life took over. The kids were too much of a cash cow, so he would go into denial, just like he did in his entire relationship with Kate, until lately.


As far as Kate goes, in my opinion, she appears to be too narcissistic to care about her kids being served up as excitement for pedophiles. It is about her and in her mind the the kids are no doubt, little extensions of her.

Remember, one day she said she wished she was Asian? That shows how she is so enmeshed in their identities. I am certain that Kate’s concern was money and not pornography.


And of course TLC’s concern is viewership. I am sure they could care less as to how many child pornography perverts were watching- as long as they had eyeballs, which translated into ratings and revenue. That is the bottom line for ALL networks. Who watches is not their concern as long as a show is watched !


There is no question that words can tarnish your views on things – especially powerful words. They can taint your views by associating negativity with an issue.

For instance if you are eating licorice and someone says “ugh that smells like burnt tar, ” even though you may ignore that statement, many might subconsciously associate burnt tar with licorice. So the next time you are offered a piece of black licorice, you may turn it down because of the association. It’s called imprinting.

Advertisers know this concept better than anyone. They know the magic of positive imprinting and use it to manipulate millions to buy a product. If you see a sexy woman selling a car or a hamburger or a celebrity hawking a product, you subconsciously associate it with the person, It has a positive connotation,so you buy it.

I experienced this a few weeks ago when I was in Orlando at Epcot. Who wants to see a boring exhibit on Energy? But if you put Ellen Degeneres’s name on it- Ellen from Nemo fame, kids are now interested. Parents are also interested when they associate it with the same Ellen. But this time they associate it with her daytime talk fame. So everyone flocks to the Energy exhibit because of beloved Ellen. If it was just plain Energy Exhibit who would care? So you get my point!

Tword “pedophile” used in connection with TLC can have the opposite effect. Instead of smiling and going “Ahhh- Ellen- Nemo- talk show- Disney—Energy Exhibit,” you crinkle up your nose and pull your lower lip down in disgust and think “Ewww- Jon and Kate- children- pedophiles- TLC.” So as positively as Ellen is associated with an Energy Exhibit is as negatively “ Gosslin children appearing on TLC is associated with pedophiles watching the show and enjoying themselves.

You may say this is nonsense. But it is the same concept of someone saying don’t think of ” a pink elephant.” What are you thinking of? –A pink elephant! The reason I say this is I was looking at TLC’s replacement show Table for 12 about the Hayes family and their multiples. They look like a pleasant enough family with lots of kids- kids od all ages, that might be of interest to viewers –including pedophiles. While it just crossed my mind for a split second- the fact that it did cross my mind, courtesy of Jon, made me wonder if anyone else had that fleeting thought.

If I had that fleeting thought, how many others had the same fleeting thought. So inadvertently, Jon really got back at TLC like he wanted to do all along. Yes, they are suing him and he is suing them back for 5 million dollars. But this is worse- public perception. Even though it was not his doing directly, he may have indirectly created some cause for concern for TLC with regard to their branding. I am sure they don’t want to be labeled as the network that is associated with putting kids on the air that pedophiles watch.


It also makes you think about kids on TV and in show business in general. That is why I am so appreciative of the wonderful work my dear friend and former child actor, Paul Peterson is doing with his group, Minor Consideration which speaks out against children being exploited by the media.

He has seen the disasters that happen with child actors for decades. I think all child actors should have psychologists in place on the set available to them 24/7, They are desperately need to help children and teens cope with the pressures of celebrity.


I hope this sweet looking Hayes family doesn’t get messed up like the Gosselin’s. I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Hayes stay together and don’t end up fighting in the press like Jon and Kate. And most of all, I hope TLC has learned from their past error and hire a therapist to be there to help address any issues that come about. As far as I am concerned, that is the only responsible thing to do.


One thought on “Jon Gosselin’s “Pedophile” Concern And Not Acting On It In A Timely Manner

  1. Jon Gosselin clearly was not thinking of what pedophiles were watching his kids on tv, had no problem with his kids being on national tv until TLC didn’t want HIS sorry fanny anymore on the show. Then he ruined it for Kate and doesn’t the two of them still have to worry about feeding those 8 little mouth’s? Obviously kate still worries about feeding and taking care of these kids as she is trying to get her own reality tv show going and i see nothing wrong with that. Jon is being childish and wanted his cake and eat it too while Kate is really doing the actual parenting here and the only one showing the right responsibility. Jon is too busy with girlfriends and now seems he has possibly staged the break in of his own apartment he has accused Hailey Glassman of doing. I can see he is going to be no money cash cow for his kids for obvious reasons. Kate will have to do it all as usual.


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