Bill O’Reilly’s Body Language Shows He Wasn’t Too Thrilled Seeing Himself Parodied As Hostile In Your Face Sesame Puppet – “Spill O Reilly”

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Bill O Reilly was definitely not smiling at all when he met his doppelganger, the new Sesame Street puppet “Spill O’ Reilly,” who appeared on his show. In fact Bill’s BODY LANGUAGE indicated that he looked rather shocked at the Sessame Street puppet who mocked him spot on. Bill O’Reilly is only used to people fauwning over him, kissing up to him, or agreeing with him when they appear on his show, otherwise he lets them have it and goes off on them. So this situation was extremely uncomfortable for him as his facial language, body language, and tone of voice indicated throughout the segment. He clearly wasn’t used to anyone mocking him with such accuracy and it freaked him out!

As soon as puppet “Spill O Reilly” pops up in the guest chair across from Bill O’ Reilly, the first thing you hear Bill off camera saying is “WOW!” in a tone that indicates he is taken aback with what he sees. Maybe he is put off by the familiar little tuft of hair the puppet’s head, complete with a sidepart.

Then Bill hears the puppet’s loud, harsh sounding voice as the puppet obnoxiously shows his ego and says, while looking directly into the camera “ Where’s My camera? “ The puppet then beckons to the camera,” Come here ! Come! Close in ! using Bill O’ Reilly like command terms.

Then the puppet says in a loud obnoxious tone “This is My show! Welcome to Duh No Spew Zone! I’m Spill O Reilly. Then in mirroring Bill O’ Reilly’s body language, Spill O Reilly agressiviely extends his arm out in front of him and in O’Reilly like blue collar sounding diction, dropping off his” ing” endings and substituting his t and d sounds for th sounds, says:
”Now I know lately deres been controversey about Grouches on Sesame Street makin fun uh Fox News but I wancha ta know as a proud thridy somthin flag waving Grouch, I can tell ya dis” We Grouches are todally unbiased. We are faya (fair) and BALANCED (shouting loudly) completely non partisan. But cha wanna know da trut (truth) about us Grouches? Dis is itWE CANT STAND ANYBODY!

Bill is visibly taken aback as he leans back in his chair and is shock at what he hears and sees of himself being parodied.

Then the real Bill immediately licks his lips in discomfort. He is clearly not the star of this segment and doesn’t like what he sees.


Bill then looks down as a showing of embarrassment and discomfort Then Spill O Reilly shouts out “WE CAN’T STAND ANYBODY! YOU ALL DRIVE IS CRAZY

Now Bill is REALLY ANGRY (Grouchy) and you can see the anger in his eyes and his lips and he licks them again indicating that his mouth is getting dry because he is really uncomfortable.


Spill’s statement has now left
Bill so completely shocked that his jaw open wide to indicate his shock over seeing an exaggerated version of himself in puppet form.


Then puppet Spill promotes his book which Bill constantly does on his show and you hear the real Bill chuckling in the background off camera. But it is not a happy chuckle. It is a forced phony and uncomfortable chuckle as Spill says “ Buy my book now ! It’s a stinky pile of rotten Grouchiness.” Buy it or don’t whadda I care!”

There is no doubt that the real O’ Reilly is uncomfortable with this parody too close to the bone as he sees himself up close and personal and clearly does not like what he sees. We then continue to see Bill O ‘Reilly’s discomfort on his facial expression as he says to puppet Spill t O Reilly “ You’re a little aggressive there.” The puppet responds in a loud aggressive tone WHADDAYA MEAN? O Reilly Replies “You’re in people’s faces.


The puppet Spill’s body language, with his wide open mouth and outstretched aggressive hand and finger angrily pointed directly at his lookalike Bill’ O Reilly says “ARE YOU SAYING IM IN YOUR FACE?”

Then we see the real Bill O” Reilly fighting back with the puppet as he now points his finger in the puppets face as the puppet he answers “Yeah” Bill is so unhinged by all of this that he feels he must change the subject to take the stink off of himself. He then says to puppet Spill” You know who you remind me of? —Barney Frank It is quite obvious that Bill can’t stand that the resemblance to him and the parody is so close to the bone, It disturbs him so much, that he shifts the his discomfort over by saying it’s not him who acts so obnoxiously, its Barney Frank!

Then as the segment comes to a close, Bill further shows his discomfort in an attempt to regain his edge by cutting Spill down and telling Spill that he needs a new tie and jacket But Spill regains the winning edge with his final words to Bill. Looking at his clothing, Spill asks Bill is if he can borrow his stylist. Then in pure comedic fashion, showing that he is truly a star in his own right, Spill examines his underarms and shares with Bill and with the audience that he has “stained himself .”So there you have it!

Even though Bill O Reilly’s parting words were “We’re very flattered!”Bill was clearly unflatterd! His choice the word “we’re” along with the monotone in which he said his parting phrase indicated that NOT flattered by Spill in the least. Bill used the word “We’re flattered as opposed to saying “I’m flattered” as a way of distancing himself from Spill. He also said it in a serious monotone- further indication that he was not flattered by seeing himself portrayed as a loud mouthed obnoxious, in your face, aggressive, tuft of hair side parted, ill dressed puppet named Spill O’Reilly. Sometimes the truth is shocking- especially when you see it so up close and personal.


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