While the Reality Show is Finally Over for Jon and Kate, The Real Life Show Just Began For the Kids- Get Them Into Therapy NOW!


When you hear the words “It was cut short too soon, “ you usually hear them in the context of discussing a ”human life.” You hear it in talking about a 5 year old with leukemia who just took his last breath in your arms. You hear it at the funeral of a beautiful teenager who got killed in a car accident because of a drunk driver. Both of these horrific incidents merit the words “cut too short too soon”- not a television show coming to an end. Those were not the words to use because it is not accurate.

This show was NOT “cut too short too soon.” It came to an end and the timing is perfect. Who wants to watch a show about bickering parents with so much awful tension between them? Who wants to watch a short tempered verbally and even physically abusive mother give her kids bad advice ( ie. telling Leah to tell her classmate who saw her on TC that she didn’t want to talk about it). Who wants to watch a confused dad with loser friend (Michael Lohan) making horrible decisions (womanizing) and self destructing (chain smoking and drinking). If TLC knew these things about anyone they would never have given them a show.

Those kids need a life away from the camera. They need to be kids and they don’t need their personal business broadcast all over the world for everyone to see. At this stage in their development being on camera would have caused them more harm than good.


There is no doubt that the show gave these kids and this family an opportunity to make money and to travel and do things that they would not ordinarily get to do. But now that they have earned a lot of money from the show and from books, and lectures, they can use that money to travel and continue to do things to enhance their lives. But this time, they need to do it off camera.

Those kids are beautiful, bright, precious, wonderful little souls. There is no doubt that it was wonderful watching them grow into who they are today, But enough! Now let them be and let them live!


After watching this final show I was really sad. But I wasn’t sad because the show had ended. I was sad for several other reasons. First of al, l I was sad that these two stupid parents who should worship the fact that God blessed them with 8 normal healthy beautiful souls, were willing to throw it all away WITHOUT giving it a chance with therapy.

While therapy is no guarantee that a marriage will work, you at least have to give it a try! I have seen lives transform and marriages that were just hanging on by a thread not only survive, but flourish because of therapy.

These kids need 2 parents. They need the balance of both of them. They don’t deserve the ugliness that happened between Jon and Kate. These kids knew exactly what was happening between their parents. They felt it and they could see it in their parent’s faces and body language every day.

Jon was an idiot to say he “despised” Kate and Kate was an idiot to abuse Jon and humiliate him. All that back and forth for so many months was horrific! What kind of example does that set for the kids? What these two selfish creatures did will have lasting repercussions psychologically. Those children will suffer immensely unless they get help in the form of therapy.

Dr Phil could have been a good influence in Jon and Kate’s life. He may have even saved their marriage for all we know. After all, he saved Oprah so who’s to say he couldn’t save Jon and Kate? Kate with all her narcissism and self absorption took to Dr. Phil. So perhaps he could get through to her and to Jon. That was a bad decision on Jon’s part to not let Dr. Phil intervene- even if it was on TV. What’s the difference? They went on TV anyway airing their dirty laundry to people who couldn’t help them. This way they could have gone on TV and aired their dirty laundry to someone who could help them. Instead, these two clowns made their lives into a circus. Who could ever respect either of them for what they did in front of those kids?


The fact that they have not put these kids into therapy is horrible! It is bad parenting ! And speaking of bad parenting, the last show was filled with Kate’s bad parenting! It was abusive and nauseating. Thank God we won’t ever have to watch her abusing those kids again. But in a way it may have been a good thing seeing them on the air, because it allowed us to keep a watchful eye on Kate . Now we can only pray those kids won’t continue to be abused by Kate.


I hated how Kate treated Adan. I hated how she said those kids were whining when they were walking to their neighbor’s farm to milk the cows. You can’t walk a mile as a child if you aren’t used to it. Your feet will hurt and you will get tired and sore. Those kids were tired and sore. That is why they were whining! They were uncomfortable! Let any adult who hasn’t walked a mile in a while do it and see if they don’t get tired and whiney.

Her abusive hostile harsh tones to precious Adan sickened me . There was no need to scold him. He didn’t do anything bad. No wonder this little guy looks so stiff and tense in his body language all the time and his face is so serious and worried so much of the time . He is no doubt, in fear that Kate is going to give him hell for the slightest infraction, so he tries to tow the line.

When she said to Adan “BE A MAN YOU’RE FIVE ! DON’T CRY BE A MAN! I wanted to scream in her face “ BE A LOVING MOTHER NOT A BITCH ! IF YOUR LITTLE BOY CAN’T CRY BECAUSE HE’S HURT OR UNCOMFORTABLE- THEN YOU, KATE DON’T CRY YOUR PHONY TEARS FOR THE CAMERA! BE A WOMAN! BUCK UP! How would you like it if you were spoken to like you spoke to Adan?

What she said to Adan was clear projection ! Those are exactly the words she wanted to say to Jon” BE A MAN- BUCK UP!” But say those words to Jon. Don’t say them to a little boy and traumatize him. Those words were to be said to Jon not a sweet child who didn’t want to walk because he wasn’t used to it and his little feet hurt him.

Her insensitivity made me livid! There is no doubt that this type of behavior is a sure fire way to emotionally scar and mess up a child! Not allowing a child to express his emotions is abusive! You are training him to repress what is natural and what he feels. He could turn those emotions inward and get seriously ill as studies have shown. Or he could turn those emotions outward and really act out inappropriately. None of this is good and it falls on your shoulders in terms of how poorly you are training him.


You could really see the disdain and disgust in Kate’s face as she talks about the boys and their “udder issues.” No doubt,in her sarcastic tone she was talking about their penis issues as she says “I’m not ready to deal with that.” Well Kate you better be ready to deal with that and stop making everything bad, dirty and nasty and icky! Boys are great! They Are Not Icky!


I hated what happened with the kitten and the children and how Kate selfishly wouldn’t let them hold the kitten . To me it looked like she was hanging on to that kitty, not because she liked it, but because she may have thought it made her look good and loving and compassionate when the TV cameras were rolling. In fact at the end, she dismissed the cat like it was the prop that it was for her as she said matter of factly “we’re mot taking the cat home.”

Those kids were so precious and loving around the kitten. They weren’t hurting the kitten. Not allowing them to hold the kitten was mean (Mady’s words)and cruel on her part. Those little girls were a screaming at the top of their lungs as Kate selfishly took the cat away from them. They weren’t hurting the cat, they were tenderly loving it and Kate destroyed their moment.


It was awful to see Kate alone with those kids. She took the joy out of any situation with them, harping on them all the time and now allowing them to just BE! When we used to see her with Jon, he was the buffer. She took things out on him, so she didn’t have to take things out on the kids. Now that he is out of the picture, those poor kids may no doubt get the direct effects of Kate’s hostility.

No matter what you say about Jon, he is a loving and affectionate daddy. The kisses and hugs are so important to the kid’s psyches and to their emotional development. Hopefully his love will cancel out the effects of Kate’s harshness and nastiness towards them.

He better fight for joint custody of those kids and not be selfish. They need him desperately! He can’t leave them alone with Kate all the time. Then they will be completely messed up! This way they at least have a chance. While he is an eff up in his personal life, he is not an eff up around the kids. Kate is an eff up around the kids- a mean (Mady;s words) and nasty one. I hate how she talks to them, I hate the sarcasm and snide comments and remarks and I hate the tone of voice she uses to them.


And no Jon doesn’t get a free pass but he gets some kind of a pass for having the crap bet out of him emotionally and for being physically abused with” love slaps. Yes he was much like the kids in that he didn’t speak up and set boundaries. He could as an adult but the kids can’t as kids.

When he finally spoke out, he spoke through doing all kinds of self destructive things, This may very well happen to many of the kids when they do eventually speak out, after being verbally abused and physically abused by Kate. I hate to think about it! That is why they all need therapy so badly.

Mady is speaking out NOW . As we watched the show for the past 5 seasons, we couldn’t understand why she was always so upset and rebellious. Now we fully understand. She was reacting to Kate, no doubt.


But back to Jon. It just came out through disgusting Michael Lohan’s secret audio taping of his buddy Jon, that Jon said to his best friend, “Toxic father Brutus Lohan” that "I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it." It is horrific enough that this private conversation was taped, but even more horrific that Jon actually spoke these words! He and Kate were clearly pimping those kids out and now he admitted it. Thank God they are off the air so they won’t be pimped any longer.


And for you blinded Kate lovers, if you cannot see through her abuse and nastiness and still love her and see het doing no wrong, like I said in earlier blogs, you are identifying with her for some reason. Either your man did to you what Jon did to her, or you are like her personality -wise. Being a bitch and abusing others is not being a strong woman, In fact, It is being a very weak woman with a weak character.

There another reason you can’t see past her egregious behavior. It has to do with scientific research, that was conducted back in the in the 1970’s. Studies found that those who are physically attractive are perceived as being more successful, kinder, sexier friendlier and even less guilty of committing a crime.

That’s right, I am talking about classic studies where people were shown photos of two people and told they committed the identical crime. Those who were perceived as being more attractive, got off scot free. That is what many of you blinded Kate lovers have done here. You have given her the free pass and let her get away with her crime of verbal and physical abuse “ scott free”

There is no question that Kate is now physically beautiful – especially when you see earlier photo of her. She was cute in the earlier seasons, but now she is stunning. Objectively speaking, she is in great physical shape, ( thanks to a trainer and to Hailey Glassman’s daddy) she is now stylish in her dress, and even though her hair 1960’s do has become a joke visa Halloween wig, it does look cute on her. Her face is proportional as is her small nose and her large blue eyes are absolutely beautiful .S he has a beautiful large white shiny teeth a a lovely smile.

But when all that sarcasm comes out of her mouth and abuse and yelling it’s not lovely. She turns from being beautiful to being UGLY as sin. If you could get past her looks, you would not be giving her a free pass.


Hearing Kate’s last words as she sat on the couch talking about missing Jon in the driver’s seat and that she should be in the passenger seat I wanted to vomit. The reason Jon and Kate they are no longer is because it was literally only Kate in the driver’s seat throughout their entire relationship. She was in control and no one was allowed to drive that relationship but her.

So on the couch, once again she played poor victim Kate with the tears and stilted speech (wonder if she was being fed with a microphone through an earpiece again) Then she self justifies by saying “I never wanted this, I wanted People to step up. What people???? Why don’t you speak the truth and stop pussyfooting around and “deal with things.” You wanted JON to step up- not PEOPLE!


Now that the show as we know it has come to end, and the divorce will soon come to an end, there is a good chance Jon will finally step up! But you Both need to step away from the limelight and the cameras and tend to the precious gifts God blessed you with. They are more important than any show or any episode!

Get them into therapy immediately ! Kate, stop being so mean (Mady’s words) to your kids! God gave you kids to love and to treat with kindness and affection, not to yell at and to verbally and physically abuse. There are other ways you can keep them in line. Watch Nanny 911 or Super Nanny.

You can change up your image and look pretty all you like, but always know that “pretty is as pretty does.” You need to ACT as pretty as you LOOK around these kids. Don’t continue to show them the ugliness we witnessed for the past 5 seasons! Be a good mother and get yourself and the kids into therapy while there is still some hope! And Jon- here we definitely agree with Kate on this one- GROW UP! MAN UP! AND STEP! And while you are at it get yourself into therapy as well. http://www.drlillianglass.com


17 thoughts on “While the Reality Show is Finally Over for Jon and Kate, The Real Life Show Just Began For the Kids- Get Them Into Therapy NOW!

  1. Amen!
    Thank you for this. This couple need to be off our tv screens & into therapists offices. I sincerely hope that the general publics’ interest in this family fades away quicker than Kate’s blonde highlights away from the tv lights!
    I hope that Jon “grows a pair” & continues to “man up” for his kids. He IS a better parent when compared to Kate, but it’s almost like comparing sh!t to diarhea (sp?). If he can continue to make good choices, putting his kids’ needs first, he’ll be “man” enough for me.


  2. I agree with almost everything you write. Sadly, I did see kids who are becoming pretty unruly and rude. Mady seems to have become very manipulative and like a mini Kate. They ALL need therapy. These children have not been taught the very simple basics that parents teach their children. How to problem solve without fighting and hitting and “meltdowns’. They need to be taught how to play well with others. It finally hit me, how can they be taught this when neither have accomplished this themselves. Especially Kate. My heart aches for those kids. I truly wish Jon would force therapy, I doubt Kate ever will, since she thinks she knows everything. The Aaden incident was so sad. She was dragging them so fast, they were almost running to begin with. For HER to say “buck up” is laughable. How many times have I said this about HER. Millions have gone through divorce, many with several children. No, it is not easy, but Kate acts as if SHE is the only one to ever experience this.

    What I am angriest at, this entire show was TLC’s and Kate’s throwing Jon under the bus even farther. “See how bad Jon is?”. Kate said people made the mistake putting her in the same boat as Jon. No, we didn’t. They BOTH went on TV airing their dirty laundry. Kate bashed Jon just as much, without saying “dispise”. Kate was very passive-agressive in her bashing. The long pause when asked if Jon if was a good father, that spoke volumes. The talking in “code” as Ellen put it. As you said Dr. Glass, Kate needs to speak up and confront the issues. The “people” is Jon, “others” etc. I am just sickened by both of their behavior as well as TLC. TLC has really come across as petty, vindictive and spiteful. I see why Kate and TLC have such a great relationship. They both allowed TLC to really take over their lives and dictate what they can do or say, favoring Kate all the way.

    For her to complain that Jon is on the phone when he is with the kids??? Are you kidding me? She comments that Jon can’t be trusted to take them places because of his “motives”. The press, of course. Again, who is she trying to kid? She has sold her children for all this time, she surely can’t cry foul when Jon does it too. I don’t agree either one should, but to try to make Jon look the villian on this one is ridiculous.

    That pedophile comment really threw me when I heard that. They have no doubt had the conversation before. Good God. The concern was for the money NOT the fact that pedophiles are seeing the kids. They need so much help.

    This Lohan bum is all you have said he is. What a TOXIC fool. Who could ever trust this guy? A private conversation with Heller was released by Lohan too. Heller has supposedly been a long time friend? Well, if he does that to his daughter, what he did he would do anything to anyone. Thank God I don’t know him.

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your observations. U truly hope the Gosselins are gone from TV now. Kate does not have enough depth to carry a show on her, IMO. Unless you are talking about Jon or laundry, she doesn’t have much to say. Take care.


  3. Yes and the “too soon” comment is way over the top. “it has been a great run”. Is her life over? Are the kids lives over? It sure sounded like it. Like a funeral. Too bad Kate can’t take her own kids to places without a camera. They have enough money, buck up, Kate, you can do it without being on TV and without TLC paying for it.


  4. Dr. Glass, do you think the state of PA should step in and force Kate to take parenting and anger management classes. I’m not a professional but I surely believe she needs help. Why don’t the child care authorities “step up” to the plate.


  5. Dr. Glass,

    I must say that I agree with just about all you have said. The incident with Aaden was just over the top ridiculous. And I posted on another site how so camera starved Kate was that she could not stand that any attention is taken from her. Not allowing the girls to hold the kitten and Kate snuggling it, was just evil mean.

    I do disagree with you regarding counseling with Dr Phil. Jon stated earlier that he wanted counseling but Kate and Dr Phil were only concerned with the brand. Jon wanted counseling for his marriage. I think counseling should be done away from the cameras and not with a TV industry personality like Dr Phil. A neutral party. Personally, I would have thought Jon and Kate would have sought counseling from their pastor long before Kate’s decision to separate. Kate wasn’t interested in counseling, only getting her way. Their lives need to be lived away from all the cameras. I don’t need to see or hear anymore intimate details of their relationship. They are already overexposed.

    I also disagree that Jon was more interested in not getting paid for the children’s exposure to pedophiles. I got the impression from the audio that he was outraged and disgusted that the children are now exposed and that TLC was culpable because they got paid for exposing the children. My interpretation. I find it hard to believe that Jon or even Kate knowingly and with malice and forethought exposed their children to perverts. It happened as a result of a bad decision to do the show. Deliberate or not, it can’t be undone.

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your insights.


  6. Dear Dr. Glass,

    I work in the criminal justice world and have for many years. It may have been shocking when Jon talked on the tape about the perverts and pedophiles being handed his children (their images), but it was absolutely true. Since this show started the Gosselin children have been a great boon to the child pornography industry and web sites. Each of them has been discussed in great detail on the sites, and I have this from sources who monitor such things, from the very beginning of the show when as babies they were shown getting changed, running around in diapers, in the shower, sitting on the potty, etc.. Apparently Jon realized this.

    Do you, Dr. Glass, think he realized it all along and is just now speaking up? Do you think that his therapy helped him to be able to get over his greed enough to realize this was happening and do something to at least stop it from continuing? And do you think Kate and her “people” talk about that or even care about it? Those images are now out there forever. It is my opinion that it very well may have been mentioned in no uncertain terms by Kate’s parents and Jon’s parents and relatives, that this was not a good and healthy thing to show on TV, and that their greed made them, Jon and Kate, decide to discard not only those opinions but the parents who gave them that opinion.

    I also wanted to mention that Hannah seems to be a little Mady who is a little Kate. She, like Mady and Kate, was the one who refused to join in and get up on the fire truck and she was the one who refused to put on the fireman’s hat. She held herself apart and I think that because of her preferential treatment by Kate over the other kids she will have a very hard time adapting to life. What do you think of her, Hannah’s, body language at the lemonade sale?


    1. BH,

      Do young mainstream actors hold the same interest for these pedophiles or is it just children on reality shows? I cringe to think of what interest they must have in those miniature “showgirls” on Toddlers and Tiaras. This is extremely disturbing. Can the children’s images be taken off the internet? What can concerned citizens do?


      1. Any child will do, although they have their preferences male/female, race, age, etc..

        The fact that these are famous children served up on a, to quote Kate, “a golden platter” to them is all the more inticing from what I’ve been told. The Gosselin babies hit the perv world internet immediately and have been a big focus there. I was also told that Toddlers & Tiaras is very big, although the kids are not shown as the Gosselin kids were without clothing. Little Suri Cruise, wearing high heels and dressing like an adult woman is also very interesting to them.

        My friends and colleagues tell me that putting your child’s image out there on the internet is the biggest mistake we make in today’s world. It just is not safe. Think about how easy it is to find someone’s address or school by using the internet. Also, and this might surprise you, it is never ever a good idea to put balloons and storks outside your door advertising a newborn in your home. I know that is very cute and we are all proud of our children, but it is just asking for trouble.

        The images can be taken off the internet, they won’t be, but they could, but they have been saved in millions of computers around the world.


    2. Brilliant obsrvations on your part! Kudos!

      I don’t think that Jon had any thoughts about child pornography when he first began the show. He was naiive at 27 and thinking of how he could get money to feed these little mouths. But then I am sure someone must have brought it to his attention seeing that Jon and Kate and TLC see what is out there im the intrenet about them. That is how they gauge public opinion and how people view them.

      I think that when Jon found out about it he was conflicted. A part of him wanted them off but as you so well said, greed took over. The kids were too much of a cash cow, so he would go into denial just like he did in his entire relationship with Kate until lately. As far as Kate goes, she appears to be too narcissistic to care. It is about her and they are just little extensions of her in her mind. Remember one day she said she wished she was Asian? That shows how she is so enmeshed in their identities. I am certain that Kate’s concern was money and not pornography. And of course TLC;s concern is viewershi. I am sure they could care less as to how many child pornography perverts were watching- as long as it was eyeballs which translated into ratings and revenue.

      You are also right about Hannah. But the difference is Hannah is loved by Kate and Mady is repulsed by Kate, so therein lies the difference. Mady acts out becuse she wants attention and can’t stand Kate- remember she is the one who asked for a drink of water and was refused by Kate and then told Kate to her face that she was “mean.”

      Because Hannah is given preferential treatment by Kate, she will be detested by her siblings and will have a hard time in life. Also they won’t care too much for Colin as well who pushes them all around and hits them constanly. In fact Kate rewarded his ugly behavior on so many shows. I believe Mady will have a hard time in life as well becuase of her inner rage. She desperately needs therapy.

      Adan may have issues with his “maniless” as Kate harps on him to be a man at 5. I wonder if Adan isn’t showing early signs of being gay and Kate is reacting to that. After all we always saw Adan with the girls and playing with them all the time and playing with dolls (not that boys don’t play with dolls but they usually play with boy dolls and not girl dolls). Maybe that is why she keeps reinforcing him to not cry and be a man. This is awful if this is the case as she is not allowing him to be who he naturally feels comfortable being. As we now know via research that being gay with preferring one sex over the other happens at birth.

      Someone who is allegedly a Kate insider shared with me in a phone call that the two girls Alexis and Leah have vomiting issues and vomit a lot when they are upset or need attention.
      I can’t say that I blame them as if I lived with Kate I would be vomiting all the time too.
      And poor little Joel seems like a lost soul to me. Kate’s aspiration is seeing him as a male model. I wonder if she picks up gay tendencies with him as well ,since so many male models are indeed gay. No matter what these kids are or who they turn out to be they desperately need therapy from all of the abuse that Kate bestowed on them and the fallout the back and forth between her and Jon did to them. They ALL deserve to be loved and treated equally without favoritism as that is very damaging to their psyches. Poor little Cara suffers in silence. You can see it ont he miserable expression on her sad little face all the time. There is no joy in these children and if there is Kate knocks it out of them. It is tragic! THEY MUST ALL GET THERAPY!

      Thank you so much for your brilliant observations.


      1. Just a fyi about Hannah. When the family moved into their new house, Hannah was the only child to get her own room. Kate’s reason was that Hannah “suffers” from migraines. Interestingly, migraines were never mentioned in any other episode.


      2. I am not a Kate fan but what you are doing is just wrong. Now you are spreading gossip that you heard on the phone .Gossip from a source that you yourself can not confirm . And all so you can make a nasty remark about Kate making you want to vomit. Not very professional at all. I have to show my DH some of your writings so he can be in on why I am laughing so hard next time I see you on tv. Or why I change the channel.


  7. I’m sick hearing about how Kate has done all this harm to her children. What about 18 and counting or 19 and counting or 20 and counting, whatever they are up to now. Now these are people who are deliberately having child after child after child and no one seems to care that their children are being expoloited on national TV. Or 12 at the talble, what about thear explotation. Lets make a law that no children can be on TV. All of this came about because Jon has to whore around and it became a big story and Kate and the Kids are getting the fall out. The problem with the kids are the media, leave them alone and all of you get some phyco theraphy, jealousy is such an ugly thing. I think Kate does a great job for a mother of 8. Try it yourselves some day and see how you do after weeks and weeks of it. Until John decided to be a “cool I’m only 32 year old dude” the Kids were doing fine, lets put some blame where it really belongs, on the media and a wayward care only about himself Dad.


    1. Dear Mae
      First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to write and to respond to this blog. Whether you are sick hearing about how Kate has done all this harm to her children or not, she has done consdiderable harm to her children by verbally and physcially abusing them and with publically fighting with their father over the airwaves.

      That is very damaging psychologically like it or not. Even if he has acted like a complete idiot, he is till the children;s father and she should not have done or said what she di publically.

      As far as 18 and counting or 19 and counting or 20 and counting, who are deliberately having child after child after child and no one seems to care that their children are being expoloited on national TV, ” I have not seen the show but maybe people don’t seem to care becuase thse kids aren’t being verbally or physcially abused. This family also did not need TLC to survive financially as the Gosslins. They were doing quite well for the 17 18 or 19 years before TLC came into their lives. They were responsible and could obviously afford to take care of these children which they proved to be the case.

      I also have not yet seen enough of Table for 12 but once again they were not dependent on TLC and those kids were grown up and not bablies when they first appeared on the show unlike the Gosselin kids.

      I disagree that all this came about because “Jon has to whore around and it became a big story and Kate and the Kids are getting the fall out.”

      Please with all due respect take off your blinders and look at the whole picture. Jon catted around becuase Kate was abusing the heck out of him emotionaly verbally and physcially so he found love ot lust shall I say, elsewhere. Then it became a back and forth with Kate’s lies and accusations and Jon’s lies and accusations. They both did HUGE damage to their children who desperately need to be in therapy just for that alone!

      Your email was fine until this part where you really show your naiivity in this area as you state ”

      “The problem with the kids are the media, leave them alone”

      Perhaps you are unaware of what horrific things have happened to children who have been in the media over the past 4 decades- many die tragic deaths and go through major self destruction. Ask Paul Peterson at
      ” A Minor Consideration” about it. Being a child star himself HE has seen it up close and personal and now does whatever he can to protect minors int he media. Any child in the emedia needs to have a therapist on hand to help him or her cope with the fallout.

      And next in your comment you have the audacity to say ”

      and all of you get some phyco theraphy, jealousy is such an ugly thing. I think Kate does a great job for a mother of 8.”

      First of all I agree that everyone could benefit from therapy. You don;t have to be sick or crazy. It helps you better undertand yourself. So even though you most likely meant it as a perjorative comment it did not fulfill its purpose as I agree we all could use therapy.

      As far as being jealous of Kate and how she is a good mother of 8 plese take off the blinders. Exactly how is she a good mother? Exactly how is verbally and physcially abusing your children being a good mother? How is being selish and arrogant and narcissistic and entitled and lying and talking smack about the father of your kids on national TV being a good mother?

      I think it is being a bad mother! And please don’t put out this nonsensical retort of ” Try it yourselves some day and see how you do after weeks and weeks of it.” Of course it is difficult. No one said it wasnt.

      But no one shoved those fertility pills down Kate’s throat either’ She knew what she was getting into. She was a nurse and knew the drill. Now it is up to hear to deal with it and to cope. She put herself intot he situation, not anyone else

      Your naiivity also shows when you put all the blame on Jon and say ”
      Until John decided to be a “cool I’m only 32 year old dude” the Kids were doing fine,”

      The kids were NOT being FIne. They were being abused!!! Go back and look at the videos. They were being verbally and emotioanlly abused by Kate. Their seeing how she treated Jon in abusing him was also emotional and mental abuse for them no doubt.

      Jon has shown himself to be a complete jerk and there is no doubtt about it, Both Jon and Kate have caused their kids irreparable harm in my opinion by not getting them into therapy. By not getting thse kids into therapy I think they are both showing bad parenting. They BOTH only care about themselves- and it is sickening!
      Once again I thank you for your comment.
      Dr.Lillian Glass


  8. I agree that the slaves are back in harness once again. Shame on TLC, on Kate and Jon, and on anyone who thinks this is okay. History will judge us as being incredibly uncaring or stupid not to have seen this as child labor supporting unstable and lazy parents, so I would really love you, Dr. Glass, to get as involved as you can in helping to shut down this labor camp for the G-8. Thank you.


  9. I’ve watched like 2 episodes of this show. Couldn’t stand it. Even from the start, when they sat in the 2-seater sofa, they were already physically pulling away from each other. Kate was so damn bossy, she emasculated Jon. He already couldn’t stand her when the show started, it just went further downhill from there. I don’t understand why this show went on as long as it did. People must really be into schadenfreude.


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