Levi Johnston’s Nude and Tattooed Body Language, With Name On His Arm Shows He’s Trying to Establish His Identity and Find Out Who He Is


There is no question that Sara Palin’s “grandbaby daddy,” Levi Johnston’s posing nude in Playgirl is a scream out in trying to establish his own identity, other than “baby daddy” or “grandbaby daddy.”With his name, JOHNSTON, prominently tattooed in large type on his arm. starting at his elbow and ending at his wrist, it says – “ That’s me!” “That’s my name!” “ I’m a Johnston.”

Unfortunately, in trying so hard to establish his identity and to make a name himself, Levi definitely ended up making a name for himself alright- a bad name .

This stunningly handsome young man made a very bad decision. This is going to cost him in court of public opinion in terms of whether or not he will ever be taken seriously in the future. Many feel that he is in the same category of John Bobbitt – a joke who stripped nude and did porn after his privates were re-ached, due to wife Lorena’s slicing. I certainly hope Levi doesn’t continue on the porn road, no matter how much it pays. With the right training, he can do much better than that.


Whether he posed nude and did it for the money or posed nude to embarrass Sarah Palin, or both, he ended up embarrassing himself. This is not how one establishes their name in the world, if they want to have any type of significant future. Whomever was advising this young man, obviously was advising him incorrectly. They did not do him any favors.

There is no doubt this 19 year old boy is misguided and is in desperate need of guidance. Unfortunately he won’t be getting that guidance from his mother. The other day, Sherry Johnston after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors was sentenced to spending the next three years in prison for dealing in prescription painkillers- OxyContin, prescribed to her by her doctor.

According to court documents, she sold some of the painkiller to police informants in deals arranged by cell and text messages. Evidently, she conducted her deals in store parking lots.

Her attorney, Rex Butler explained to the court that Sherry Johnston was forced to sell the drugs to raise money to buy other medications after her insurance company reduced her coverage, after being in constant pain, after having pelvis surgery. Nice try Mr. Butler, but one bought it!

The bottom line is that his client and Levi’s mother won’t be around to advice her 19 year old until he is 22. By then, it might be too late.

One bit of advice his mother should have given Levi, was to back off and stop his Trashing Sara Palin” media tour where titillates the public that “he has information that could destroy” her. “ Puhleez!!! This was no doubt a media ploy by Levi’s handlers to have a reason to put Levi in front of the press before Sarah’s book launched. It was clearly a vehicle to put him in front of the public to promote his upcoming Playgirl spread. Coincidentally, it also came out last week!


I doubt Levi has anything on Sara, and if he did who cares? Certainly not the public! Her book is a humungous best seller with 300,000 copies sold the first week and thousands lining up to get their copy of her book signed.

There is no doubt that Levi is furious at Sara and rightfully so. Apparently, there has been a huge feud over his parental rights and his access to son Tripp. Sarah evidently doesn’t want him or his family around, because of the drug connection with Levi’s mom. She makes a good a good point. You definitely don’t want anyone with a drug issue around an innocent baby.

But now that Levi’s mom will not be in the picture, I think Sarah needs to give Tripp’sdad some time alone with his son. I like that Sarah invited him to Thanksgiving dinner when she was on the Oprah show. Her body language showed she was sincere. I also liked how she said Levi needed guidance and support and he did need family. She also said how she didn’t like the high drama and all of what has been going on with Levi. She said he had a beautiful boy and that all of this could be worked out.’

I certainly hope so. This boy needs guidance badly. He needs someone to care about him. Hopefully both Sarah and Levi can bury the hatchet and make amends with one another. Hopefully, they can be a more positive part of one another’s lives. Sarah is the mature adult and needs to make the first move. She did it on Oprah but now she needs to follow through with a personal call and a personal invitation to Levi.


Apparently, Levi was at his mother’s sentencing in Alaska. That must have been very emotional for him to see his own mother go away to prison. It is heart wrenching to think about. According to Levi’s attorney, Mr. Butler who is also his mother’s attorney, after his mother’s sentencing, Levi went back to Hollywood, for a possible reality television show deal. I sure hope its not a reality show that invokes porn.

There is no question that Levi is physically beautiful. But as beautiful as he looks, is as ugly as he sounds. In fact, studies show that the way a person speaks is even more important than they way a person looks. If a person looks good and has poor speaking habits, they are not perceived as being as attractive as research shows. Conversely, if someone isn’t that physically attractive. butt has great speaking voice, they are perceived as being attractive. This is very important for Levi to know.

Even though he is going to get a lot of chances in Hollwyood from people who want to make a quick buck off of his 15 minutes of fame, unless he cleans up the way he speaks, he won’t last a 15 seconds. People not only need to see someone they need to hear them as well This isn’t the silent movie era or the silent reality show era for that matter. The truth is that Levi sounds terrificnle. He mumbles, dies off at the end of sentences so you can’t understand a word he says. He’s inarticulate, speaking in limited responses which makes him sound like he has limited intelligence.

Therefore, the first thing Levi needs to do when he comes here to Hollywood is to get a speech coach, as well as an acting coach. If he wants to make it on a reality show, the audience needs to be able to understand him. So Levi, as you venture into your new life in Hollywood, here is some free advice to you from me- Dr. Glass. Open your mouth, speak up, and for goodness sakes, keep your clothes on. http://www.drlillianglass.com


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