Jon Gosselin’s Manipulative Body Language- Bringing Roses To His Divorce Arbitration Didn’t Go Over Well With Kate

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If this isn’t manipulative body language, I don’t know what else is! Apparently Jon brought these roses to his divorce arbitration which took place Saturday. This same man who trashed his wife in the press with such vitriol, showed up at the office of one of Kate’s attorneys with these roses for Kate.

If he really anted to apologize to her, instead of telling doing it in Rabbi Shmuleys form and on every media venue, doing an “Apology Tour,” he need to do it privately. He needed to send these roses to her home with a personal note. This did not need to be a media event or photo op. It is completely sickening. Whomever is advising Jon is not helping him or his image. That is for sure!


There is no doubt what is going on here. As long as they are married the monies in their accounts are joined. Now that he has a pending lawsuit from TLC he doesn’t want their financial accounts to be separated. Since TLC is still working with Kate, he thinks if they are still co-mingled monetarily, TLC won’t be as hard on him for breaching his contract.
That is the ONLY reason he wants to delay the divorce.He wants OUT and so does she. But he wants to stay IN as long as it benefits him.


But being the optimist I am and fantasizing a little bit here, wouldn’t it be something if Kate was actually touched by the gesture of Jon’s bringing her flowers?

Woudn’t it be something if she broke down and cried after seeing this “sweet” gesture and then Jon went over to hold her?

Wouldn’t it be something if they went into a separate room, away from the arbitrators and everyone else and actually both broke down and held one another and cried and told one another that they loved the other?

Wouldn’t it be something if they decided to go to see a marriage counselor(even on Dr. Phil but do it privately and only agree to go on his show AFTER they worked it out while they were working it out because Kate would most likely only agree to seeing Dr. Phil and not any other therapist).
Wouldn’t it be something if they also got child psychologists for all the kids?

Wouldn’t it be something if they also got into family counseling?

Wouldn’t it be something if Jon moved back in and all this counseling actually worked for them?

Wouldn’t it be something if Kate now spoke to Jon in loving terms and with respect and Jon Manned Up?

Wouldn’t it be something if they were a happy family again?

Wouldn’t it be something of TLC would now create a talk show where both Jon and Kate were the co-hosts without the kids being on the show and we could hear updates about the kids and how they were doing without camera in their faces?

Wouldn’t it be something if Jon and Kate did get back together and that their experience it would serve as an example to others that even when things are horrible between two people, with counseling and love couples can repair the damage, get back together and live happily ever after?

Yes, all of that would be something! But unfortunately it’s only my fantasy! Too bad it can’t be a reality as that would make the BEST reality show ever!


But back to reality! The reality is that Kate was not to pleased about the flowers as she declined to accept them and left them in the room. Apparently they did’t speak to one another directly. It was all done through lawyers. From the looks of the scowl on Kate’s face, her furrowed forehead, and tension in her neck muscles, the arbitration meeting apparently did’,t go too well.


4 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin’s Manipulative Body Language- Bringing Roses To His Divorce Arbitration Didn’t Go Over Well With Kate

  1. There’s been speculation early on that this entire divorce is a scam – done by Jon, Kate and TLC – because of a Blind Gossip article printed that said there was a script for a reality television couple splitting up in pre-determined ways to generate ratings.

    I don’t know but I think if it was scripted it has spun out of TLC’s control. It seems to me they honestly hate each other now – is that what their body language says?


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