David Beckham’s Body Language Shows A Tender Loving Father As He Comforts Son Cruz

David Beckhams body language as he comforts his youngest son Cruz Beham is touching. You an feel the love and tenderness as David comforts him. With dad’s open hand pressing the side of Cruz’s head and his other open hand caressing Cruz’s body, he’s giving Cruz some relief from what’s ailing him.

Cruz’s rounded shoulders (a defensive posture) and fetal like snuggle into daddy indicates ,no doubt, that little Cruz was not a happy camper. He may even be crying. Whether he may have fallen down and is physcially hurt or whether he got into an argument with his brothers and got emotionally hurt, daddy was there to make it all better. I love it!

While middle son Romeo seems more intered in what’s in older son Brooklyn’s hands, Brooklyn shows concern for his younger brother’s emotional state. Looking in in Cruz’s direction with his head cocked, he is apparently wondering if his younger brother is is all right.

How could things not be all right now that he is in daddy’s loving arms. This is so sweet and precious. Seeing Soccer Superstar David Beckham in action here with his son makes me an even bigger fan. http://www.drlillianglass.com.


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