Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Shows He’s Self Destructing. For the Sake of the Kids, he MUST Get Into Therapy

This is a photo taken when Jon was at the airport several days ago as he was leaving Hawaii after attending a wedding. Bloated and looking like he was pregnant with sextuplets, it’s the physique of a man who’s been boozing and eating more than he’s been working out.

There is no doubt Jon is under severe pressure. Most of us can’t even imagine pressure like that. Besides suffering from the aftermath of having lived with a severe abuser for all these years, raising eight children when he was still a child emotionally, not having any direction with his life as far as a career goes, making his own decisions for the first time in his life (mostly bad ones with the exception of talking the kids off the air), and failing in the court of public opinion, Jon has brought a lot of his pressure on himself.


It is his own doing that did the following:
a. Jon opened his mouth on national television saying that he “despised Kate,” without thinking of the consequences to his kids. Even though he is right that Kate has been despicable, like it or not, she is still the mother o his kids and they now have to live with the fact that their mother was “despised.” Despise is a pretty severe word. Even though he felt it, he needed to keep that between himself and a professional. This is one reason Jon desperately needs to see a qualified therapist on a regular basis – to work out his roller coast of feelings so he doesn’t have to use the airwaves and the public as his therapist.

b. He passive aggressively took money from the joint account when he had no business doing so. He did it to get back at Kate and ended up hurting himself. He looked bad in the court of public opinion and looked even worse to his kids. He sent them a bad message about taking something that isn’t yours. He had to waste time going to court to deal with it, but not before wasting his time going on the media and lying about it and pointing fingers at Kate for taking money as well.

c. He manipulated several women by telling them lies and giving them false hopes about entering into a relationship with them. His only intention was to use them as “sexual band aid therapy” and immediately discard them without a care, like used Klenex. This was unconscionable. This is what boys in their teens learn early in their dating life what they can never do to a girl. Obviously Jon missed that stage of post pubertal development. These women whom he used are pissed and rightfully so. The babysitter went on TMZ and unloaded because she was angry. Her mother even got into the fray in defending her daughter.

The publicist Kate Major is now suing Jon for breach of contract. This is not a stupid woman. She was educated. She was a reporter. She made a nice living. She would not suddenly quit her job if Jon had not made some promises to her which he obviously did not keep. He promised she would be his PR mouthpiece and press procurer and they would make money together. In addition, they were lovers. Jon denied it which made her look awful. She went on the airwaves to say Jon was lying and became so bitter that now she is suing him and rightfully so.

d. He started to hang out with TOXIC Michael Lohan, one of the worst father’s in the world. Michael was clearly using Jon for his own 15 minutes of fame for his stupid Divorced Dads lame brained show. It was a horrible affiliation that Jon chose. As a result, he was further degraded in the public’s eye.

e. He started to lamely and insincerely apologize to Kate on national TV on practically every show he went on. People saw that it was insincere and a media ploy and were turned off. If he wanted to apologize to her for saying he hated her on national TV he needed to do it privately.

f. He was carrying on with all these women when he wasn’t yet divorced. This made him look really bad and it was bad. It was bad for the kids to see and it was just plain wrong. In fact, Larry King asked him about it on the air and Jon was clearly flustered. He looked taken aback as he had no answer to that question.

g. To rectify his black mark in the eye of public opinion about being with women when he wasn’t yet divorced, he sees Rabbi Shmuly Boteach and publicly apologizes. It is nauseating as he recited the memorized verbiage with buzz words like “ moral compass.” It’s obvious that he was being insincere as we haven’t heard about Rabbi Shmuley since.

h. His part in the “Media War of the Gosslins” can’t be overlooked. His bickering back did not make him look good. He needed to take the high road for the sake of the kids. He needed to do what he had to do behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. His ugly words with definitely come back to haunt those kids in the future.

i. And then there is the Bullshit with Hailey Glassman. They cooked up a scheme to manipulate the media to say he is abusing her. She by the way is really a great actress, with tears and all. Then he announces they are breaking up and then they are not really broken up just cooling it and then he announced they are back . It was all bullshit. The stunt he pulled with her on ET with Mary Hart is unforgivable. It was manipulative and ugly and really turned off any fans that he still might have had in his corner. It tuned me completely off. I saw his manipulation through his body language and it disgusted me. I saw the lies and the games and lost complete respect for Jon. So for those of you who think I am a Jon lover, I clearly am not.

And the list goes on and on. Jon is definitely no angel. But when you understand how he got to the place he is in it makes sense that he would rebel in such a loud and extreme way.

And the list goes on and on. Jon is definitely no angel. But when you understand how he got to the place he is in it makes sense that he would rebel in such a loud and extreme way.


While it is easy to blame all his woes on Kate, (and She definitely is to blame for a lot of his problems) it goes much deeper than that. Pre Kate, Jon no doubt, had issues. For one, he allowed himself to be manipulated by strong personalities, allow them to bulldoze over him, take over, and then he passive aggressively rebelled. It’s a pattern we have seen not only with Kate but with Michael Lohan, Rabbi Shmuley, Hailey Glassman his manager lawyer Mark Heller.

When Kate told how she met Jon, it clearly illustrates how Jon gets sucked in and goes with it and then when he opens his eyes he doesn’t know what to do, so he rebels like a caged bull or a restricted teenager and goes to the extreme.

Kate said she noticed Jon across the room and noticed his green eyes and exotic look. She went over to him and being older and less naïve, she was no doubt the aggressor. It was a great match for her at the time. She was a control freak and he, at age 22 with an emotional age of 12 went along with being controlled . At first it was great for him because he didn’t have to do anything, just go along and do whatever Kaye said.

ut then kids came into the picture and Kate got more stressed, more controlling and more abusive. He endured the abuse for 12 years until he had enough. He finally escaped “Controlling Kate,” but what does he do? He finds other controlling Kate’s who are out to manipulate him and he goes with the flow. Michael Lohan was a Kate and now Mark Heller his attorney is his new Kate. He has once again allowed others to control him instead of controlling himself. Like Freud says,” what we don’t resolve, we repeat.” This is yet another reason why Jon needs therapy to resolve these deep rooted issues. He doesn’t need one or two sessions. He needs years of consistent therapy. Now he needs it more than ever with all the stresses and strain he is under.


When I look at this photo I am repulsed by what I see- Jon smoking. Like a rebellious teenager Jon has taken up smoking- chain smoking I might add. This is yet another selfish act on his part. He is killing himself when he needs to be there for the kids. He is their only saving grace as I see it. He is their only loving and outward affectionate parent.

Despite all of Jon’s issues, he clearly loves those kids and treated them with love and kindness on the show. He had fun with them. They laughed and smiled around him. That is more than you can say about Kate, who is mean and angry around them so much of the time as she polices them.

He cannot ruin his health by smoking and end up dying of lung cancer and leaving these beautiful children with only one “mean” (Mady’s word) parent- Kate. It would be a disaster to leave these precious children with Kate in my opinion. Without Jon it seems they would have no joy in their young lives.


The first thing Jon did that indicated he was finally acting like a man was taking his kids off the air. He no doubt did it to spite Kate and TLC, but he did the right thing. They will thank him for it in the long run. He has saved them further damage to their psyches.

The next Manning Up thing he did was to countersue TLC. How dare them make him a slave when he wants out. He needs to explore all kinds of options in his life media wise or otherwise. How dare them hold him back for their own gain. How dare them make him their servant, albeit a well paid servant. He signed that contract without a qualified entertainment attorney. He was young and naive. Now he wants a different life and he is entitled to it. Five years is long enough. If they want to make money off of him, they need to give him his own show . I am sure as many people who will watch Kate on her own show will watch Jon so they will break even.


Here is what Jon needs to do to really man up.

1.Shut up and don’t speak to the press anymore until you finalize the divorce, finalize your settlement with TLC, and get your own life together so it is moving ahead productively.

2.Never discuss Kate or mention her name no matter how much you are asked by the press. It is over. She is the mother of your kids, like it or not. She is no longer in your life other than that role of mother to your children.

3. Stop your lying bullshit and manipulation. That is not how a real man behaves. Grow up and tell the truth- especially to yourself.

4, Don’t get into another relationship until you have had a lot of therapy on a consistent basis and sorted yourself out. You don’t need to leave any more emotional dead bodies around like you already have.

5. If TLC doesn’t give you your own show, get out of the media and limelight. Don’t be a buffoon for other shows and end up on the F list. Don’t get on another reality show or a game show. Don’t live your life in front of the camera. You have proven that you cannot handle it. It is no good for you. Find something else to do with your notoriety like getting behind a charitable cause which will help others, What about Domestic Abuse? You are the poster boy for it. Your case shows that abuse knows no sex and that it must never be tolerated. You could help a lot of people- both men and woman.

6. Move back to where your kids are. You don’t need to be in Manhattan and get a place there. You can commute and find a cheaper hotel. You don’t have to stay in a five star dig. You can go low key and no one will even know you are there. A lot of celebs bigger than you do it and no one bothers them. Your kids are number one priority and never forget that.

7. Please, please, get healthy mentally physically (no smoking and drinking and self destructing). Get into therapy NOW. Work on yourself. Remember you are not only living for you, you are living for 8 lives that depend on you. And while you are getting yourself together, please take the kids into therapy as well. They need to be reconditioned that there dad isn’t the bad guy and what their mom said about their dad is not true. They have seen you belittled since they were babies. They have seen you disrespected. You don’t want them to follow suit. Some of them already have, like Joel yelling at you to be quiet because they were filming. We saw that in the episode where you and Kate announced your separation. It was disturbing to see you little boy disrespecting you. Getting them into therapy with you will help repair the damage Kate caused in your relationship with them.

9. And once again STOP SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Shows He’s Self Destructing. For the Sake of the Kids, he MUST Get Into Therapy

  1. According to a quote from the New York Post, Kate Major did not quit her job, she was asked to resign by the editor-in-chief of Star. She is an adult and responsible for her own behavior with Jon, which according to Candace Trunzo, editor, was less than ethical in this situation. Jon didn’t force her to do anything. It seems that facts have gone by the wayside in so much of the reporting on this story (and probably every story). It’s a testament to the shoddy journalism that is so prevalent in our society.

    from New York Post 7/24/09:

    LADY-killer Jon Gosselin has cost Star magazine reporter Kate Major her job. The blonde, 26, was forced to resign yesterday after getting too cozy with the pudgy “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star. “I didn’t mean [for] it to happen; it just did,” Major said. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.” Star editor-in-chief Candace Trunzo told Page Six: “Her relationship with Jon Gosselin . . . who is on our current cover, could raise questions about the objectivity of our reporting. We therefore believe it is in our mutual best interest to part company.”


  2. I watched the show to see the kids, not Jon or Kate. There is NO WAY I would want to see a show with just Jon or Kate no matter what they were doing.


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