Body Language of ALL Gosselin Sextuplets on Playground Show Terrible Sadness. They Need Therapy NOW!

These photos of the Gosselin  Sextuplets haunt me! They clearly show is what happens when you are ”mean” (Mady’s words), rule children with an iron fist, constantly reprimand them and harp on them for the smallest infraction, like having spots on their clothes and not allowing them to be kids and get dirty and explore. This is what happens when children see their mother bitching out their dad all the time and belittling him, and showing them that their dad is not to be respected, because he can never do anything right. This is what happens when kids feel the horrific tension between mom and dad, when they don’t have other relatives in their life to bond with, grandparents or aunts and uncles to spoil them, or cousins to learn from. And this is what happens when children FEAR you. FEAR is not LOVE. They look sad and miserable.

And speaking of fear, I will never forget the episode when one of the kids got hysterical in front of Jon while he as bucking them into the car seat because they had gotten dirty. Jon reassured and comforted the child that it was their mother who wanted them to be neat, but that it was OK if they were dirty and they didn’t need to get so upset.

What is even more repulsive about these photos is Kate’s body language when around these kids. They look like props for her. Her facial expression is distant. Her spatial relation to the kids is distant. There is significant tension and rigidness in her body. And what bothers me the most is you see her flanked by the two kids she favors- Colin ( the one we have  constantly seen hit and bully the other children who usually had a serious and mean expression on his face) and Hannah, her little helper around the house.


And please, please, to all you in denial, collapsing your own issues of a bad cheating husband, single parent with lots of kids identifying, equally abusive as Kate identifying , not the brightest crayon in the pack , BLIND, Kate “lovers”, DO NOT email me and tell me you don’t agree with my body language assessment because I don’t care what you think in this regard. Here is why:

I have spent two decades of my life studying Body Language and Communication and attended the best Universities in the nation including the University of Michigan where I graduated number one in my class , received my PhD at 24 from the University of Minnesota and a Post doctorate at UCLA School of Medicine at 26, and have studied with the “founding fathers” in my field of communication and in other related fields. I have written over fifty articles in professional journals, have researched the topic extensively, have been a university professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, USC, have written 15 books on various aspects of communication including my best seller Toxic People and a body language book”I Know What You are Thinking,” and  I have discussed  this topic in the media worldwide for two decades.

I have been respected enough by some of the most prestigious and popular media outlets to be a regular commentator on shows like Nancy Grace, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, The Insider, and Entertainment Tonight just to name a few and serve as  their body language expert. I have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the world on a consistent basis, discussing body language of celebrities, politicians, newsmakers, terrorists, and criminals and have the honor of my own MONTHLY body language column in the most prestigious woman’s magazine in the world COSMOPOLITAN magazine called “The Real Story.”

I have worked with countless Academy Award winners and other household names for decades, helping them prepare their body language, vocal patterns for their movie roles from my first client- teaching Dustin Hoffman for sound like a woman for “Tootsie” to my last client Will Smith of helping him get his body language in character for “Seven Pounds.”

I have lectured on the topic of Body Language and Communication for over two decades. I have lectured to law enforcement about body language and how to spot body language “tells” in criminals which have proved to save officers lives. I have served an expert witness in criminal and state trials where I have used my body language and communication skill expertise in cases involving child molestation, rape, sexual harassment , attempted murder, and robbery, and illegal drug cartels. I have even used my expertise in divorce negotiations. I also serve as a jury consultant for criminal cases.

I am not telling you this to impress you. I am telling you the facts. I am telling you that I am the real deal and not some bullshit fake or phony. I know what I am talking about. I have combined my extensive knowledge in communication, psychology, and clinical genetics, and body language to educate and share with you the knowledge I have been blessed to have.

Therefore, I can tell you with the utmost self confidence and without ego, that no one in the USA, with the exception of Dr. Paul Ekman from Stanford who did the pioneering research on facial leakage and facial expression can come close to me in this area. In fact the popular Fox Show “ Lie to Me” is based on Dr. Ekman’s and his research. What Dr. Ekman has brought to the table in the area of facial leakage and facial expression, I have brought to the table in the area of Vocal and Speech Leakage and Voice and Speech Research as it pertains to the global aspects of body language.

So to ALL you Kate fans who have any thoughts of telling me you don’t agree with me, until you have the same education and background and have done significant research in the area as I have done, only then will I regard you as a professional peer and respect what you have to say about whether you agree or disagree with me on my body language assessment. In the meantime, learn from me. The lessons are FREE in this blog .

I had to mention that because I have received an email from a hateful, ignorant Kate loving, reader accusing me of making money off  of Kate. So to you- hateful, ignorant, Kate loving reader, it’s all free. As you can see above I have other ways of making money than from Kate Gosselin. I am also not doing of what else you accuse me – “riding on the coat tails of Kate Gosselin” to enhance my fame. Kate is only one the newsmaker I have analyzed during my past two decades of doing this work. If you bother to read my other blogs, you would know that.

And one last thing, please don’t email me with false accusations about myself and who I am because you may not have liked what you read about your beloved Kate. Don’t even bother. Trust me, I know myself better than anyone in the world (except for my mom lol) and made it a point to spend a lot of time and effort finding out about me and studying me and analyzing me. So you haven’t succeeded when you write mean things about me as your immature way of trying to hurt me. I actually find it humorous and chuckle. So don’t waste your time.

And FINALLY for the record, don’t ever accuse me of hating Kate Gosselin. I hate her behaviors. I think they are not serving her well. I think they did not serve Jon well. I think her behaviors are ruining her and definitely ruining her children as you will see you read on in this blog. Now back to the real issue – the kids!


While the first two photographs are awful enough, in terms of analyzing the kid’s body language, when you look at what is happening with these kids on the playground it is horribly disturbing. And don’t dare email me and tell me that these kids look fine and that they are just kids.

Yes, they are just kids, but you have to be blind if you don’t see that they are unhappy, sad looking kids with serious faces. Kids are supposed to smile and laugh when they play. There is no laughter or smiles, only sour and dour expressions. It is not their fault, They are just leaking out their true feelings through their faces. Their limbic systems, located deep within their little brains which are responsible for their emotions, is showing up on their sweet faces. They have been policed with such a heavy hand by Kate that it took the joy out of playtime as we see here. Kate is not playing with them or interacting with them. She polices them.

What is also disturbing is that Kate doesn’t interact with the kids. Instead she watches over them like an SS officer in the Gestapo These are the saddest photos I have ever seen of children at play.


Of course she does attend to the one child who is crying and seems to always be angry about something- Colin, Colin who is just like her, Colin, is her favorite and the bully. That’s right I said “bully”. And BLIND Kate lovers, please don’t bother to write me about me calling and labeling a child a bully.That is the consistent behavior he has shown on the show.

Watch the show and see he that is mean to the other children and pushes them. Instead of criticizing, spend your time reading my Toxic People book and look under the section of “The Bitchy Bossy Bully” and you will see descriptions that would apply not only to Kate but to a child as well- Colin.

If he doesn’t learn how to modify these behaviors as he gets older, it is not going to be pleasant for others to be around him. In fact if he pulls some of his crap we saw him pull on the show his siblings, with a bigger peer, you can bet that he will be in a lot of school yard fights and may come out the losing end. So his behavior needs to be modified now while he still has a chance – not when it is impossible.


As a nurse Kate understands the meaning of the word STAT. In nurse talk and doctor talk, it means NOW as it RIGHT NOW, WE DON’T HAVE A SECOND TO SPARE OR THE PATIENT WILL DIE! So to speak your language from back in your nursing days Kate Gosselin, GET ALL YOUR KIDS INTO THERAPY STAT- RIGHT NOW YOU DON’T HAVE A SECOND TO SPARE!

If you want to be seen as a GOOD MOTHER, please, I beg you, do this NOW! If you want to be seen as a BAD MOTHER, don’t get them the help they desperately need. There is no stigma these days about getting kids into therapy. This is not the days of straight jackets and people being locked away in bedlam mental institutions with deplorable conditions and archaic treatment. Get that image out of your head. Nobody will think you are a bad mother for getting them into therapy with a child psychologist once a week. They will think you are a bad mother if you don’t get them into therapy. You messed them up. There is no doubt about it. Now you can repair that damage by getting them to see the right person.


I know that you love and adore Dr. Phil as much as I do. I think Dr. Phil is great! In fact, I just did his show last week for his show about “lying” and he and I agreed to do several more body language related shows. He is truly a super guy and he truly cares about people. He LOVES his audience and they LOVE him back. I saw that up close and personal. I watched him in action and believe me, he clearly knows what he is doing. He is the real deal. He has impeccable credentials and has also been a jury consultant. In fact if it wasn’t for Dr. Phil, there would be no Oprah today. She would have lost it all because of the suit filed against her by the meat industry. Dr. Phil saved her behind and she knew it. She was eternally grateful and did the right thing- sharing Dr. Phil with the public.

I know you reached out to him with Jon. It’s too bad you didn’t continue because he, if anyone, could help you get your marriage back on track. Even if he did in on camera where you and Jon seem to flourish anyway, it that would be great. But Jon stupidly backed out. This could have been a great opportunity for you. And knowing how you like freebies, the therapy would be free to you and Jon by the best relationship counselor- Dr. Phil. There is no doubt that Dr. Phil would tell you to get all your kids into therapy with a qualified CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST on a REGULAR BASIS– STAT!!!! That is exactly what I am telling you now.


After seeing these kid’s body language the sadness on ALL their faces in these photos taken a day ago, and you do not take them into therapy when they really need it, you are abusing those kids. Someone needs to step in and get them help. You are a very bad mother if you don’t do that for them.

Being a good mother does not mean making sure their clothes have no spots on them or that they are quiet. Being a good mother means attending to their every need. If they had a broken arm and you didn’t take them to the hospital to fix it you would be guilty of abuse. If you did not take them to a doctor when they had a high fever or vomited uncontrollably and they died, you would be guilty of abuse. If they were locked in a hot car without the windows open and you left them there and they died, you would bit only be guilty of abuse, you would now have criminal charges filed at you.

To me, not getting those kids into therapy when they desperately need it, is abuse and criminal. If you can’t afford it, ask you buddies at TLC. They made enough money to support and pay for therapy for those kids for the rest of their lives. Also I am sure each one of them have health insurance since many health insurances cover therapy. You can’t afford NOT to do this for them. They deserve it and need it desperately.

You say publically that because the show is no longer being filmed, the kids ”wailed and cried” when they found out. If that is the case damn it, get them into therapy just for that alone. Then you say the kids will miss the TV crew who were like family to them (which  believe is bullshit because they had various crew people over the years). But if that is the case as you claim, this is yet another reason to get them into therapy. One week when you were on TV, you stated you had the most well adjusted kids ( which I thought was total bullshit) . Then a week later you publicly announce that the kids are having a hard time with the divorce, which I totally believe. If that is the case, then that is yet another reason to get them into therapy. Since you have so many gripes about Jon and his lifestyle and how it’s affecting the kids and his babysitting fiasco, that is even more reason to get them into therapy.

Unlike being on TV, everything those kids say to the child therapist is between the kids and the child therapist. Nobody else has to know. It is safe and confidential, based on HIPPA laws, You are familiar with HIPPA laws being a nurse. You know that it means everything is handled with the utmost of confidence. So you have nothing to worry about in case the kids say something that may affect your public image. No one will know except the kids and the therapist.


Besides angry, hostile , bullying Colin, Mady scares the hell out of me. Her apparently anger and frustration at such a young age is cause for concern. She loves her daddy and was even there to protect him as we all saw when you bitched Jon out at the Travel Store. This definitely has an effect on her. How you have treated her by yelling at her all the time and ignoring her, especially when it was your special day alone together was unconscionable. I even blogged about it. The way she has been treated will all scar her psyche forever.

She needs therapy to help her deal with all the hostility she obviously harbors against you. Just being a twin is hard enough and all that psychology that goes along with twin hood. Having a new sibling enter your home when you are four is an adjustment enough. But having six is overwhelming. Now you have to deal with all the psychology of having seven siblings. Then there is the pressure you put on her to help care for the babies.

Cara, her twin was a dutiful helper but Mady wanted no part of it, and rightfully so. She was a little girl herself and needed attention. You got on her case all the time as we saw for her not helping like “good” twin, obedient Cara. Because she didn’t want to cooperate, you made her into the “bad twin” It became a self fulfilling prophecy as she now only saw herself as the “bad twin” and the “bad child” and always acted out to get attention.

Who could forget her acting out and her misery at the child amusement park when the babies were younger? You said to Jon, “I can’t deal with her- you deal with her,” in such a mean an hostile tone. That made me sick.

If Mady was my daughter and craved that much attention, the last thing I would do is ignore her or reprimand her. I would provide an outlet just for her to express herself and get the attention she needs in a positive way. She was so happy during her modeling shoot. She is so animated and alive. She is spunky and bright. I would get her into acting classes or if she has singing talent or dancing talent develop those kills as an outlet for her creativity. She needs to be in little plays or singing shows at school. She needs something that is uniquely her own. But most of all she needs THERAPY STAT!!!!

SO Kate Gosselin, please finally show yourself as a good mother and not a bad mother which you are now being, by not addressing your children’s psychotherapeutic needs. Get these suffering children into therapy so their body language will reflect happiness and not misery.

Let’s see a body language with freedom of movement and a fluidly, instead of the rigidness and tense robotic movement we see now. Let’s see facial expressions with genuine happiness where both the eyes crinkle and the lips part and the teeth show instead of pursed lips and tight sad faces.


17 thoughts on “Body Language of ALL Gosselin Sextuplets on Playground Show Terrible Sadness. They Need Therapy NOW!

    1. Hi my friend- You think so. I could see that becuase Hannah is so helpful. But from the boys side, it is definately Colin, She enables his bad behavior. This woman is so blessed with beautiful and physically healthy kids. She MUST get them into therapy asap. Thank you again for your comments. They are always welcome. Hugs, Lillian


  1. How to say this? Kate sees the children as an extension of herself. She is sooo narcissistic that she doesn’t even see them as their own individual personalities. They are merely parts of her personality that she wishes to showcase. As they become older and present their own more distinct personalities that do not reflect her vision of herself she will banish them.

    Why hasn’t she had a court ordered psych eval yet?


  2. Not only is she narcissistic, but IMO operates from a very insecure attachment place within herself. I think she does see them as well adjusted, because their attachment and emotional state is the same as her own, which seems normal to her. From her point of view, the sum of what her children are is all in terms of herself- if they are behaving well and seem happy, then it is because she is such a wonderful parent. If they are misbehaving or angry, then it is just “the nature of the beast” (as she put it on one of the recent TLC shows) by which she is so victimized and put-upon. If she got them therapy, there could be many uncomfortable results for her:

    They could become happy and truly well-adjusted, but then she couldn’t be a victim and blame it on Jon.

    They could become independent, and then she wouldn’t have anyone left to cling to and be needed.

    They could gain skills in communicating their feelings and emotional needs, which she is so, so, so not able to meet.

    At this point I wonder if there is actually a living person underneath all the image with Kate. If the children are going to be emotionally nurtured at all, it is up to Jon- at least he sees them as people apart from himself. Or maybe Kate will come across your wonderful suggestions and do the right thing by her kids for the sake of her image. I doubt she would do it just for their sake, because if I recall correctly, empathy is not her strong suit.


  3. Hello Dr. Glass;

    Isn’t there someone in the PA Social Services or Child Welfare Service that you can contact on behalf of these poor children. I found this number on the PA Child Welfare Services web site. Call 1-800-932-0313 to Report Child Abuse.

    I’ve seen Dr. Phil say on his show before that if he is aware of abuse, it is his legal duty to report it.

    The only time these children even have a glimmer of light in their eyes is when they are with Jon, they are starting to look like little dead soles.

    If only Jon would get his act in gear, move back into the house they have for sale and start sharing custody. Too bad that it might be hard to pack up some of their things to move from house to house, they’re getting old enough to fill a backpack with stuff they need. They can afford a second set of underwear and pjs at both houses. They need definte time away from this evil woman.


  4. These photos don’t look like the normal pap type photos. These photos are too nice and look a little too planned. I think TLC hired someone to take these shots.


  5. “These are the saddest photos I have ever seen of children at play.”

    I didn’t interpret these photos as children at play, but rather children who have been, once again, paraded out in public to satisfy their mother’s need for another necessary photo-op.

    Going to the park is foreign to these kids – something we’ve never known them to do before and my first, gut reaction queston was why. The answer was simple. It’s all for PR – to keep her name/face in the media and she’s using the kids to do it.


  6. Well said, Christy. Sadly, having a narcissist or two in my life…you know one when you see their behavior and actions. (or the reactions of their loved ones) The old saying too, if you lie down with a dog, you will get fleas applies to close family members. You can almost literally see the behaviors jumping off and on the kids and Jon. I hope Jon and the children are able to get help, but Kate won’t allow the children…lest she loses control via their new coping skills.
    TLC is an evil, evil company. You can see them trying to follow the same formula of the bickering couple in LP,BW and the new show with the little people and a baby. TLC exploits people and children *to pedophiles too and destroys lives.
    Regarding Dr. Phil, he is too worried about coaching Kate about money and the “brand’. I surprised those kids aren’t literally branded.


  7. Well, Dr.Glass, someone finally,hit the nail on the head. Bravo to you for your very intelligent observations. Now, just one problem, how canwe be sure that Kate reads it? Everything you said is soooo true, she has to be the most evil, selfish, wannabe, I have ever seen in my entire life. Here is a woman who has been blessed with 8 beautiful, healthy children and all she can think of doing with/to them is making soldiers out of them. Instead of focusing on what she looks like on TV, how much she can bash her children, husband, sister-in-law and brother, not to mention her own mother, she should be praising God for her precious gifts and enjoying every moment she can. She has one chance to be sure these children have a happy childhood and it looks like she blew that. Those first 5yrs are so very imprtant and she surely has screwed those precious years up and will never get them back. Not only for her, but for those chldren as well. What a pitty for all involved.I didn’t hear you mention the fact that these sweet little children have no extended family that can give them what they so desperately need. Love, hugs and kisses, being the most important thing in the world to that one individual, it doesn’t matter who it is, as long as there is someone, and they are certainly not getting it from their parents. I am talking specifically about grandparents! The really, really sad thing is that their Maternal Grandparents are not “allowed” to see them! Why? Because when the sextups were infants, Gr’ma bought all the babies beautiful clothes from a “resale shop”! Kate had a fit and told her mother to get out of her life, that if she couldn’t buy brand new clothes for them than she shouldn’t be in their lives!!!!!! Can you even Imagine? I shopped at resale shops when my chldren were babies and when I tell you my chldren were dressed “very well”! Italian leather shoes fr Italy, outfits made and bought, in Europe. Brand names my chldren never would have been privey to because I couldn’t afford them “brand new”! When I tell you my kids were the best dressed kids this side of Heaven, I do mean “best dressed”. I wish I had a penny for everytime someone commented on the way my children dressed. It was a fashion show every sunday when we went to church, the parishioners all use to wait and we would laugh together because they all wanted to know “how much I paid”!! My duaghter wore a 600.00 White organza dress purchased at a Boutique that I couldn’t even walk by, for her first communion. My cost? 36.00!!!Yes, 36!! There was a little stain on it and it was quite yellowed from hanging in a closet for 8yrs. I took it home, soaked it in Tide with bleach in cold water overnight, the next morning I rinsed out the old water and started all over again, cold water, Tide and a little bit of elbow grease (rubbing together), it went thru 2 gentle washs and a rinse cycle, what I got was the most beautiful dress that was pure white. All eyes were on my daughter that day. Everyone, again, waiting to see what Haleigh was going to come in with and how much did it cost?????
    My point, one can get “beautiful gently worn” clothes fr a resale shop. I guess Kate figured her kids were too good for used clothing. I bet if she had to dress them herself rather than the show paying for everything she might think differently about reasale shops and might even allow those children to have the luxury of grandparents. These kids are missing out on so very much in life…Laughter, Love, Hugs and Kisses being just a few.

    Sorry this is soooo long, but when I get going on Kate I can go on for some time. It’s not so much about her more than the chldren..I will NOT be watching DWTS until she is gone. I use to think this show was wonderful with beautifully talented dancers, no longer!!!

    Thank you, keeep on spreading the news!!!


  8. I will never foget when the kids were throwing things downstairs on a cleaning day in the new house. Blankets & shoes started coming down & Kate said, ” See what a mess, that’s why I don’t go up there!” Well, that happens to be where all the children’s rooms are! Does she have helpers read them stories & tuck them in at night? Terrible! Also, it really makes me sick to hear the way she refers to her helpers, on trips. She talks about how much they love her kids, but there is NEVER any mention of how much Kate loves HER friend’s kids, it’s all about her & her kids.
    thanks for the vent but, seriously what does TLC see in her, talent? B/C she sure thinks the show is about HER!


  9. Kate is very selfish, arrogant, mean not only to Jon but the kids and others that get in her way. I said this from the very beginning of the show. Just by looking at how she treated Jon that said a lot. It said she didn’t respect Jon or her children’s feelings and I’m not a therapist. Also you can tell one of the boys is delicate sort of more like a girl and one of tge girls seem tougher than the boys. Hopefully she will let them grow and be who they choose to be and not belittle them or humiliate them for any way they might want to express themselves in the future.


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