Shaniya Davis’ Body Language on Hotel Surveillance Tapes Indicated She Was Sexually Abused

Last Friday when I appeared on the Nancy Grace show, I was asked to comment about the body language of then missing 5 year old Shaniya Davis. When I saw the two photos from the Comfort Suites hotel surveillance video of her being carried by her kidnapper Mario Andrette McNeill I was sickened.

After seeing one photo of her being held with her knees pulled together and the other photo of her crossed legs, it became obvious to me that there was no doubt that this beautiful innocent little girl had been sexually molested. This body language gesture is a protective gesture indicating that the little girl was protecting her private areas and had no doubt been hurt in that area. She may have also been in pain, Thus, squeezing her knees together and crossing of her legs may have been her attempts at quelling the pain.

It turns out that her body language was indeed reflective of what was happening to this precious and beautiful little girl. Allegedly she was being used as a child prostitute Her horrific mother Antoinette N. Davis is now accused of human trafficking, felony child abuse involving prostitution, filing a false police report and interfering with the investigation. In court the judge told her she faced 40 years in prison on the charges.


The other thing that struck me about the photos I examined was the condition of her little girl’s hair. It was unkempt and wild. In comparison of previous photos of Shaniya where she was well dressed and well coiffed it seemed inconsistent. It was such a marked contrast that it made me wonder if her mother was negligent or on drugs and didn’t bother to groom her. Evidently this was a significant observation.

As it tuned out this little girl was cared for by her biological father Bradley Lockhart who emotionally pleaded with the press to help finds his daughter when her mother first reported the girl missing, The mothers story was inconsistent, which made me suspicious. It validated my thoughts concerning the girl’s hair.

Apparently the father was the one who raised this beautiful girl for several years, Only 3 weeks ago he let her live with her mother in a trailer and now rues the day he made that decision. He never married the girl’s mother and stated she was just a one night stand. So he obviously cared for the little girl and her grooming when she was living with him, When she went to live with her mother, the child’s grooming apparently stopped;

When kidnapper McNeill was arrested, according to authorities he was “extremely uncooperative.” In his court appearance he had a Cheshire cat grin- a smugness about him that indicated no remorse. Is what one of his neighbors said was true in that the girl’s mother owed McNeill money, this child may have been used as some type of pawn in a vendetta.


Shanyia’s precious dead body was found in a wooded area in North Carolina near a deer carcass, Her horrific mother Antoinette N. Davis is now accused of human trafficking, felony child abuse involving prostitution, filing a false police report and interfering with the investigation. In court the judge told her she faced 40 years in prison on the charges. Personally I hope she rots in hell for this.

.In a video tape of the mother’s body language during her initial court appearance in front of the judge I observed that she initially had a blank facial expression with lots of lip licking and lip biting, She appeared to understand all that the judge was saying and responded to him accordingly

At several points the the judge asked her is she understood the what he was doing and the charges against her doing. She replied “Yes sir several times. Her upper chest breathing was visible and labored, The lip biting became more pronounced as the judge spoke to her with the lip biting going from side to side, At one point there was a flash where her eyes looked at half closed and another flash point where she rolled her eyes upwards to the ceiling. These are gestures that one often makes as they go through drug withdrawal. As the judge spoke to her she became more and more alert.

I am sure she will have enough time in prison to become alert enough to realize what he did to this innocent child is unforgiveable.


8 thoughts on “Shaniya Davis’ Body Language on Hotel Surveillance Tapes Indicated She Was Sexually Abused

  1. I cannot believe no one else has replied…what a horrid, absolutely horrid story.

    This outcome simply so a loser freak could have a minute or two of pleasure…sadly, her family is now left to wonder what could have been, who & what she would have become, the love, laughter and family that will never be….

    I really do not know what else to say…frankly, what words could suffice with this type of ending? (sp)

    Thank you for the observations Dr. Glass


  2. I am deeply saddened over the news concerning this beautiful baby Shanaya Davis, I am so troubled as though this child were my own, my stomach knots for the family. I believe that the individuals involved should have the full punishment the law will permit. I believe the killer to be the man who took her to the hotel, or someone in that house who came over on a regular basis, which the news disclosed traffic in and out of the house. Shanaya was probably no doubt able to Identify the perpetrator and perhaps this was the senseless reason for taking this baby’s life, what comforts me is the hope of the resurrection here on earth, but at this present moment this is a devastating blow. The respect for human life has diminished greatly with the increase of crime and lawlessness as indicated would also be a sign of the times in these horrific last days. My prayers are out to this family. I hope the police dept will bring in all those in the home there that night for questioning, and perhaps this kidnapper who brought her to the hotel exconvict knew he would be executed, perhaps he would speak. just an oppinion.


  3. I don’t think the mother or the man should ever get out of jail what they did to that sweet little girl was wrong and that man violated her I have 2 little girls they are 8 and 4 I just don’t know what I would do if someone would do anything to hurt any of my kids including my 12 year old son


  4. it sickens me that this tragedy fell upon this beautiful little girl…words cannot even come close to the saddens i feel that little shanaya had to go thru such horror


  5. the mother should rot in jail for doing this to her daughter> the man that raped her should be raped with a broomstick every day of his decrepid life


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