Kate Gosselin’s Body Language and Abusing Jon in the Travel Store With Kids Looking On Shows Why He Said He Despised Kate! Her Behavior Was Despicable!

Kate abusing Jon while Mady looks on

You cannot keep abusing and abusing and abusing a person and expect nothing to happen to them. I am not giving Jon a free pass for his bad behavior in the past. But after seeing how Kate severely and consistently abused and humiliated him without letting up on last night’s episode when they were in the Travel Store it is obvious that Jon’s emotional damn broke. It is obvious to me that his bad behavior was clearly an act of rebellion against Kate and her horrible abuse.


In last night’s episode, Kate and the kids are all sitting on the floor in a Travel Store getting ready for their trip somewhere. They were filling out some passport cards and for the first time we see a happy little Mady. Jon, standing, says in his usual mumbled low voice “ That is what will happen if I had to show my passport in Korea.” Kate snarkily retorts with an edge to her voice, “ You were a lot younger then.” Jon still standing, turns to her and says in a regular modulated voice ( NOT in a loud voice referring to the documents ) “you put Korea and its South Korea, They are two different countries.”

Then Kate, in her most obnoxious, bitchy vocal tone says “Hello are you just not.. “She turns around to look up at him from the floor and verbally abuses him with name calling saying “ are you not NUTS?” “the whole Triple A just heard where we are going !“ ( This comment is once again indication of Kate’s deluded self and her narcissism that they whole world or whole store in this case revolves around her. Nobody was paying attention to her or her family in the store. They were too busy doing their own thing.) She continues to bitch. And abuse “ Everyone heard us.. Good one Jon ( in a nasty snarky sarcastic tone)


Then we see something very significant. Mady has now gone over too Jon’s side as he is being bitched at. She obviously knows what is coming and what we see next is amazing from a body language standpoint. She stands next to him with a serious expression and pushes her stomach forward as far as it will go and leans her body forward as if she is literally “puffing herself up” physically to protect daddy from mommy’ s verbal wrath of hell. It is as though she is making herself physically bigger in a subconscious little girl attempt to protect her daddy. She stands straight and her feet are close together as if to indicate” I’m here daddy and I’ m standing up for you.” It was the only touching thing about the segment.


Then we see Jon meekly apologize as he says “I‘m sorry.” But Kate doesn’t even acknowledge his apology. Instead, she continues her verbal abuse towards Jon and in a mean, school maarm, admonishing tone says, “Did you not hear when I announced we were not saying where we were going!”

In a meek, defeated voice Jon says, “ No I wasn’t here,” He apologizes again as he says “I’m sorry” for the second time. Kate continues to ignore his apology and what Kate does next is HORRIBLE. Now we see her emotionally abusing the children by humiliating their father in their presence and talkinga bout him as though he was a non person and wasn;t even there. If she talks smack about Jon to the kids when he is there can you imagine what she says to them when he isn’t there. She is turning these kids against their father and we have just seen how she does it.

One of the kids ask Kate , off camera “Why are you upset?” She answers , in front of Jon mind you, as though he is a non person “ Cuz your father just made an announcement in front of everyone that he wasn’t supposed to.” Now this is a huge exaggeration! Jon did not stand up in front of the whole store and in a loud stentorian voice make “an announcement” everyone as she said. That is not true, She is in essence lying to these children about what their dad did.

She is delusional. He did NOT make an announcement He just said to put South Korea on the card, not just Korea, He was justified in what he said, They are two different countries. He wasn’t there to hear HER RULES, He innocently said what needed to be done and for that he was abused and humiliated in front of the kids and made to feel like a piece of garbage. He was abused, humiliated and emasculated and wrongly made to look bad in the eyes of his kids when he did nothing wrong!.

Then Jon says” I’m sorry “ once again, now for the third time in a mumbled humiliated tone, But Kate doesn’t let up. Instead of moving on, she continues to contort her face into a mean expression as Jon looks down at his paper in embarrassment. Then she continues to verbally abuse him as she says in front of all 8 kids mind you,“I don’t know what planet you are on,” said in a LOUD voice for ALL to hear.

Then we see something even sadder. Mady, still by her dadys side makes a symbolic gesture, several times, where she has her finger under her eye and flicks her finger away as if she is symbolically wiping away a tear. Mind you, she is not crying, although she has a serious facial expression. But her bosy language , in is saying “ I’m crying for you, daddy. I feel sorry for you daddy.” It was so sad to see. It was also sad to see a shot of little Colin and his all serious face as he looked away trying to ignore the whole abusive mess.

Next we see Jon walk away with head handing down in shame and humiliation with shoulders hunched, looking at the ground.

Next, we hear Kate voice over saying, “Seriously I couldn’t believe it. Isn’t it amazing that 8 kids don’t say where we are going but one adult does!” Then we see a shot of Kate sitting alone on the couch where she says in a montone after the TLC producer questions her about what happened “ I don’t thing I handled that that wel” DUH!! It was obviously tha Kate;s remark was a spin statement to show the audience that she is admitting her mistakes – that she is not perfect, so she can be forgiven for her outburst. It is TLC’s attempt to try to rebuld her image and get her ready for her for new solo show.

Then we hear Kate minimize her ugly horrific abusive condescending behavior towards Jon as she says with a lack of remorse of her face or in her voice, “It happened as she sighs loudly What can I say! Then this abusive and self righteous, self absorbed woman says in her attemopt to justificy her ehhregious actions, “We didn’t end up going so what can I say..”


You can say a lot Kate! For starters, you can say I’m sorry to Jon for beating the crap over him for nothing and you can you are sorry to the kids for making their dad look like a jerk to them. You can also say goodby to any of the fans you had left and to anyone else who say this episode . Who would ever think of watching you on you own show when we have seen you up close and personal. Jon did nothing wrong. You ripped the hell out of him and in front of your kids, That is bad parentiung, Thjat is poor judgment . You didn’t just do this once you did it a lot, Who wants to watch a show with a bad parent who is an abuser? Not me and not my readers and not anyone they tell about you. That is for sure,


Ands for ALL you Kate lovers you accuse me of being a KATE HATER , I have a message for you. Until I analyzed last night’s episode, I told you I didn’t HATE KATE and that I only hated Hitler and Stalin and sociopaths and child and animal abusers. The operative word on my list is “ABUSERS”. So if you go back to when you were taking Algebra 101 and recall the “associative property you will see how it applied here. To refresh your memory, if A=B and B= C then A=C . So to apply it in Kate’s case. If I HATE ABUSERS(A=B) and KATE IS AN ABUSER (B=C) THEN I MUST HATE KATE BECAUSE SHE IS AN ABUSER ()A=C)

Yes, after seeing this abuse in light of all that we know about these two, I can say without a doubt that I HATE KATE GOSSELIN’S ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR, herself righteousness , her narcissim, her minimizing, her justifying her horrific behavior, and her abusing those children by allowing them to see how horribly she abuses their father in his presence.

If ANY of you BLIND in denial bleeding heart Kate defenders and Kate lovers ever write me after seeing this episode, I will re-direct you to watch this episode along with every other episode she has abused Jon, the kids, or both, Now, knowing what we know about the Kate and Jon situation don’t even think about writing me a love note in defense of Kate.

If you do I will know that you are only identifying with Kate because a. you may be in denial b. you are not the brightest crayon in the pack c. you may be an abuser and identify with her to justify your own guilt in abusing others, d. you are a victim in that have a lot of kids and your husband left you with the kids so you identify with Kate as the victim she isn’t but the victim image you created about her in your own mind or e. you have collapsed your own issues with the womanizer in your life cheating on you with Jon and pity poor Kate.

Here is a reality check blind Kate lover, Kate is not a victim, She is not to be pities, She is a mean (in her daughter Mady’s words) and horrible abuser! Watch this episode over and over and over again until you finally get it! This is only one segment in one episode. Cnayou imagine close to a dozen yearsof this abuse? Put yourself in Jon;s shoes for a moment. How would you feel if everything you said was minimized, ridiculed and you were yelled at and made to feel like a non person in front of your kids.> You would HATE it! You would find it DESPICABLE, especially of you had a steady diet of this!


.Now we know whey he said to Chris Coumo on 20/20 in his first interview “ I DESPISE Kate” He was just speaking his truth and being candid. After seeing this episode there is no downt in anyone;s mind and if the Kate Lovers took off their blinders they would see “Kate IS DISPICABLE!” Especially when you see what she has done to Jon.

Jon had been in denial for way to long and finally came out with a vengeance and went off the deep end. But she ripped his testicles off with each cut and nasty comment. She made him feel low and awful bout himself about himself until the damn finally broke.

How could any man feel like a man or feel sexual or achieve an erection after being so humiliated and abused day in and day out. What we saw were little snippits of his abuse like in this episode. Think about a ten years of this abuse. It would make any man or woman if it was done to a woman feel impotent and non sexual, non attractive, and unwanted. It wouold destroy anyone;s self esteem.

So Jon wanted to see if he still worked down below and if being with someone else could remedy his impotent feelings. And guess what? Someone else showed him that he was still a man and he still worked down below. Then Jon tried another and another and yet another “ sexual “band aid” as he discovered that he was no doubt not only just working down there, he was working pretty well. So he wanted to make up for lost time. Unfortunately his immaturity surfaced and he ended up hurting a lot of people. You can’t use a woman to see if you work sexually and then discard her like a used Klenex. I am not justifying Jon;; cheating. But I can certainly understand what lead him to stray- Kate;s emasculation of him


After seeing this episerode Jon should sue TLC fo their negligence and in being a part of the abuse. Why didn’t they step up? Why did they let this happen for so long? I will tell you? Ratings! They threw Jon under the bus for ratings. They sadistically allowed filming of abuse – Kate repeatedly abusing Jon.

What if Kate would have taken a belt and beat the crap out of one of the kids? Would they have filmed that and aired it ? Would they air another episode of Kate abusing the kids only this time showing her giving a kid a black eye or breaking off one’s arms?

Or would they have put a stop to it and called 9ll or Child Protective services? Would they let that happen for ratings? That is exactly what they did with Jon. They showed him with his verbally abused black eyes and verbally abused arms torn off! Jon was humiliated. They showed that, They showed an abused and broken man. I used to respect TLC, but not anymore. I am repulsed that they allowed this to happen.

I hope that the Learning Channel learns form their own behavior and never allows such abuse to take place on the air again. It is NOT entertaining. It is upsetting. I am upset and millions of viewers are upset as well. They deserve to be sued by Jon just for allowing Kate to abuse him and filming it. The show is about the Kids growing up not about Jon being abused, It was unnecessary to show. Jon deserves all the money he is suing them for.

And for TLC to give this abusive bitch Kate a show its even more unconscionable. They are rewarding the Abuser. We have seen the real Kate Gosselin and no image makeover or spin can change it. http://www.drlillianglass.com


28 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language and Abusing Jon in the Travel Store With Kids Looking On Shows Why He Said He Despised Kate! Her Behavior Was Despicable!

  1. i agree with one thing clearly you do hate Kate and it comes through loud and clear because all of your assessments of her body language seem biased against her.
    I don’t “love” Kate or think she’s perfect I just recognize there are 2 people involved here(and Jon is no angel) and your opinions seem very one sided which shows through with your personal attacks on Kate IMO


    1. I hate anyone that abuses another, Thois blog ois about Kate;s abuse towards Jon. It is not about Jon;s behavior other than how she humiliated him! Of course Jon is no angel. I never said he was int he blog. But he was ABUSED! It is not one sided it is FACTUAL!


  2. When i was watching this i was thinking, “how dramatic can you really get?” I understand how you can be frustrated after jon accidentally gave it away but was screaming necessary? Does this woman know that she’s the one woman show? She brought all the attention and negative energy to herself and her group. I think at one point Mady said, “everyone is staring”. Well, it wasn’t because of what Jon said, it was because of Kate’s reaction to what he said. After he apologized, did she really have to keep going and add fuel to the fire? Okay, you’re mad…he didn’t mean to blurt it out…let it go…whatever.

    Dr. Glass, does Kate know she’s doing this? Is she aware that she brings attention to her family (and not in the prettiest light). It’s like she hates it but thrives on people lookin over to see the commotion. If anything…it’s like she’s the one playing victim. By yelling, she’s attracting some sort of attention….also similar to a robbery; except in this case, no one robbed her. Mark my words, those kids will choose their daddy over their mom. My dad has been very emotionally abusive to our family and still throws temper tantrums in public to this day. My mom (though she is old fashioned and strict) was the one who loved us unconditionally. Now that I’m older and nearing my mid 20’s, I would still choose her over my “kate gosselin” father.


  3. Yep – last night’s episode was very upsetting, but it was also just another nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been shocked and appalled at Kate’s behavior throughout their entire series of shows, she has proven over and over that she is an abusive spouse. TLC and Kate continue to make horrible decisions and horrific memories for the 8 children. She is a vile contemptable human being and a sorry excuse for a mother.

    Also, on last night’s show she had the gall the insinuate that Jon should have been wearing the invisible fence collar’s like the two dogs! WHAT?!?!? I couldn’t believe my ears. She’s been claiming on all the talk shows that she takes the high road – how is publicy bashing the father of your 8 children taking the high road? Then, later in the episode she also makes a snide remark about “Jon and Kate plus 8 minus Jon” whilst serving food at a charity house. She has really gone off the deep end!

    TLC should be ashamed of themselves – period. This is terrible “entertainment”.

    If the roles were reversed and Jon was the one yelling, berating and hitting (oops, I mean, love tapping) Kate – then this whole show would have been cancelled looooong ago.

    I don’t care what Jon’s reasons were for telling TLC that they can’t film the children anymore – but for their sakes, I’m sure as heck glad that he did!


  4. I’m going to stand up for Dr. Glass. Any professional who does their work accurately will have an unbiased mindset. If you’ve read her blog from the beginning, she was never on “team kate”. She analyzes what she sees and calls them out on it. There were many entries on how jon wasn’t perfect either and how Dr. Glass disagrees with some of his actions (look it up kate lovers). And please don’t point fingers Dr. Glass – blame your beloved kate. We are our own person with our own choices – we choose how to behave, how to act, what to say. It was Kate’s choice to behave the way she did. Imagine if you were one of those people in the travel agency. You would think that woman was nuts as well. So please don’t go blaming Dr. Glass because she doesn’t agree with your love for kate. Thank you


  5. I would like to add that I feel that most of the people that stick up for Kate’s ill behavior do so, in my opinion, because they themselves are like Kate. They think that being a strong woman or tough mom depends on how bitchy one can be.
    Like you stated Dr. Glass ~ “you may be an abuser and identify with her to justify your own guilt in abusing others” – I think a lot of these people are justifying their own contemptable behavior.
    And one day, they, like Kate will be all alone in this world, alienated from their families, just like Kate has done with her mom/dad and siblings.

    Either that – or these ignoromous’ have never watched a single episode of this show until this season. There are many many examples of Kate’s abuse…watch the dvd’s or watch it on youtube. And stop saying that Jon was the 9th child and did nothing…again re-watch the shows, he’s changing diapers, giving baths, feeding the kids and most importantly he actually played with the children. Yes, he’s made some very stupid decisions and has done some very stupid things, but he is NOT a bad father and he was being abused by Kate.


  6. Even after these fiasco, those Kate fans will still be on her side 100%. Remember, Kate doesn’t do any wrong. According to them, Kate is a strong, wonderful, loving mother who had to put up with 9 kids.

    Kate can say 2+4 = 8 and they would believe her.

    And don’t you even dare try to correct them and say the correct answer is 6. They will give you hell.


  7. My heart breaks for this family. Especially for Jon and the children. Last night’s episode was extremely painful to watch. The only light at the tunnel’s end was Jon taking the kids to the ballgame. They all appeared relaxed and enjoying themselves. Jon explaining the game to Joel, showing the kids how to put on the mitts, indulging in junk food. Even conversing with the other fans. It all seemed natural.

    I was married to an abuser. The scars from emotional abuse are horrendous and take a long time to heal. I was blessed in that I didn’t grow up around abuse and knew I didn’t have to live like that. I had loving involved parents. After seven months of marriage I walked away and never went back. But in that short amount of time my self-confidence was stripped away. The physical scars healed but the emotional ones ran very deep. He told me I would never be anything without him. That no one else would ever want me. That I was worthless. Anyway, I say this because even though Jon’s actions with other women was reckless, I feel deeply for him and for the children. I cringe when I see Kate. She destroyed her marriage and now she is trying to destroy Jon and the children.

    Those children know who took care of them. They know which parent shows unconditional love. They know which parent listens and spends time with them. And Kate knows too. That is why she is trying to finish destroying Jon. Jon should sue TLC for alienation of affection. For what TLC has done to his family.

    Dr Glass, thank you for your insight and your analysis.


  8. You are so right my friend. Too many people see what they want to see and not what IS. What IS is that KATE has horribly abused and degraded Jon in front of the kids. If anyone can still side with that, they have no merit in my opion. There is no Team Jon or Kate here, There are parents who BOTH need to act right for the sake of their kids, Abusing their father in front of them is HORRIBLE! It is abusive in itself and will scar those kids for life! Thnak you so much. Dr. Lillian Glass


  9. The dog collar comment was shocking. In fact the whole episode of bashing Jon was shocking. Dr. Glass, do you know if Jon can do anything after Kate and TLC disparaged him on t.v.?

    I hope Paula Dean is taking notes and asking herself if she wants to associate with spouse abuser Kate Gosselin.

    If Kate gets a show it will only be from TLC. Will she use it as a platform to bash estranged family members, friends and business associates?

    Kate’s mouth is like a loose cannon.


  10. It will never cease to amaze me how women can defend Kate. It’s frightening to me when they say they speak to their spouse in the same manner because “we all get frustrated and no one is perfect”. I can’t imagine talking to my worst enemy in that manner, let alone someone I loved.

    I think Dr. Glass has been more than fair. She’s an expert at body language and has analyzed both Kate AND Jon. Unfortunately the uber fans think that if you don’t agree with Kate you’re a hater. I honestly don’t know what show they watch if they think Kate is wonderful.


  11. Hallelujah, Dr. Glass!!! You have very eloquently put into words what we have all been thinking for quite some time! I blame TLC as much as I do Kate for the children’s future psychiatric needs. Shame on them both.


  12. They really painted Jon is a bad light in that episode. From telling about their secret vacation plans (Like anyone in the building would care about where the Gosselin’s were going! And TLC could have edited it out.) to the remark about the dog collar to him talking to the fans at the fence and always being on his cell phone. Oh, but Kate is on the phone too but it’s for business. Did she forget about the time she spanked Leah for bothering her while she was on the phone? She too has it glued to her ear. As far as playing with the kids she takes all the credit for that one too. In previous episodes she NEVER played with them. She said it was Jon’s job. Now she wants to clean up her image.

    I don’t hate Kate either, just her phoniness. When you try to so hard to come off as something or someone you’re not it really turns people off. She’s the one that doesn’t know what planet she’s on.


  13. Thank you for your insightful analysis. I was wondering if you have ever analyzed Kevin and Jodi’s videos and interviews. I bet they come across honest and sincere.

    Thank you for putting a “clinical” spin on this show as it seems like TLC only cares about ratings ($$$) and the fans are “clouded” by emotions on both sides of the issue.


  14. Thank you for the analysis, Dr. Glass. Frankly, as cute as the tups were, I was bothered by Kate’s treatment of those around her from almost the beginning.

    Babies standing in cribs not lifting their arms to be picked up, her “meltdown” over a babe whose diaper had leaked, toilet training in which at least one kid was left in the dark on the potty until he peed, the way she yelled and scared those little guys over a knob that came off a dresser and kicked a toy down the stairs in anger; hitting, belittling, Jon in every episode trying to pull it off as “cutesy”. The list goes on and on. Taking 8 kids to a furniture store so she can pick out new beds, and when one boy is in severe pain from constipation, does not even acknowlegde him, nor stop shopping for beds and stop filming to take him to get relief, putting a sick child on a cold laundry room floor then leaving and turning off the light and FREAKING because he got vomit on his comforter. WHO does that stuff????? I could rehash it all… but I’m not sure there is even single episode that does not show anger masked as ‘humor’, and her treatment of others which is appalling in some way. And that is what is SHOWN – one can only imagine… I have not understood why children’s services haven’t been in on this just based on what is on tape – which has only become more alarming in each passing “season”.

    These poor kids, who can not consent to having invasive, private moments on tape for a lifetime, will ultimately pay for all of this. Humiliation on tape for all the world to see. It is just wrong. TLC – I’ve been boycotting them, and doubt they will ever make another appearance in our living room. I will find a way to help get laws in place to either bar or limit children in reality TV. It has to stop.

    Thank you for your assessment. It is about time we see more people with a respectable credentials starting to shout about the elephant in the room.


  15. Dr. Glass, it was like a breath of fresh air to read this from you! Yes….you nailed it!! Kate is hateful, mean, narcissistic and deluded to the extreme. She is an aggressive control freak, without an ounce of compassion. Kate did severely abuse Jon for yearssssssss & I’m thrilled you see her for the trash she really is. Those poor kids, having to live with this monster of a mother. It’s clear they all love Jon deeply & it’s also clear they fear Kate.

    I was beyond happy that you put into words why Jon did what he did during those months, earlier this year. He will be fine…..he is finding his way again, after living with this evil woman. He was NOT even allowed to see his own family, not even his mom, while married to Kate. And, at this point Kate is only speaking to one of her sisters…..she has pushed all else in her family away. She did this to several in her immediate family (parents, brother & sisters)years ago. Her estrangement from Kevin (her brother) and his wife Jodie is a bit more complicated….a story well known, so I will not get into that.


  16. Hello dr glass,
    You hit the nail on the head. i am a recent follower of the show and only started watching early this year. At first i was very impressed by her organisational skills and discipline in handling so many kids …didnt think she was bad up until i came across your blog. Even u would admit that initially after their divorce she looked like the more responsible parent….atleast her PR was better than Jons. Now i cant stand to see her and wonder what must be going behind closed doors . I was horrified to see her throwing things from mady and caras room …for me that was it.Second one was throwing fans letters and wearing all those short skirts …which mom of multiples has so much time to dress up? I also wanted to thank u for replying to my earlier comment …i totally appreciate it and did not expect that i would recieve a personal reply. thanks a ton…keep the the good work going .Reading your blog has been a learning experience for me and i am sure for many others as well.


  17. This is so right on! I feel so bad for Jon. He was also probably thinking – if I agree and don’t fight back maybe she will stop yelling, if I fight back now she’ll get worse and make more of a scene in public. Plus, she never gets it anyway – just makes her yell louder and be more abusive. What can he do. Poor kids. How uncomfortable for everyone involved. I would think everyone in the room would be uncomfortable with this behavior, but TLC only cares about the money. She doesn’t even realize how bad she is making herself look. She is so out of control!


  18. I didn’t see anywhere to respond about the “bully” Collin so I will reply here. Apparently you haven’t observed that boy be prompted to give answers, thank you’s to mommy, lines, etc. on command while being filmed or seen the rapid eye blinking-rocking back and forth….
    Collin is one of my favorites as he is referred to as the little engineer, something both my “boys” are studying college. You act like he is a horrible little boy, they all hit each other..it is learned behavior, maybe from the wooden spoon or being smacked from blowing a whistle? Don’t exploit the children further, please. Are you making money off this by giving your opinion?


    1. To: kayicemom@yahoo.com

      Dear Teak

      Thank you for your comments.No I haven’t seen him prompted to give answers. I have only observed him pushing and hitting and smacking all the other kids on a consistent basis.

      That is very sad if he is prompted to give answers, thank you’s to mommy, lines, etc. on command while being filmed . I also have not seen the rapid eye blinking-rocking back and forth…as you describe as that would be interesting for me to observe.

      When children do that consistently, it is not often a very good sign. I would have to personally observe it to give a valid feedback. But note that rocking back and forth is usually a self soothing or self comforting behavior. In any event, if what you say is true this is an even bigger reason to get him into therapy to assess and address his needs.

      I did NOT ever say he is a not a “horrible” boy. He is a precious boy as are ALL the children. I just desrived his behavior as being bullyish to the other kids. While all kids hit, he always seems to be the one instigating the hitting. That is disturbing to me. In fact there is a photo I posted of one of the Nannies angrily reprimanding him as he had a toy in back of him in the shape of an orange cone and obviously hit little Joel with it as Joel was crying.

      I see your point about the learned behavior as you mentioned that it ws perhaps being from the wooden spoon or being smacked from blowing a whistle as you state. That is horrible if that is in fact the case. I hate that those children are hit at all.

      I am in no way exploiting the children and how dare you even think that! Point your finger where it belongs – at the parents and TLC when you use the word exploiting, not at me! That is the last thing on my mind.

      You obviously missed the whole point of the article my friend. I adore those children and respect them enough to suggest that they get help. Please re-read the article and you will see that this was my intention.

      As a body language expert I observe body language and communication skills and I see very unhappy faces. I said it before and I will say it again,these children need therapy for certain.

      And as for yoru question, “are you making money off this by giving your opinion,” I take huge offense. The answer is NO! No one pays me to write this blog. It is Free and a labor of love.

      If you read the About section of the blog you will see that my aim is to educate people about body language and communication by showing them what is really going on with newsmakers. Nobody has ever paid me to say or do anything which I did not believe.
      Dr. Lillian Glass


  19. Dr. Glass, I have a question maybe you can shed some light on this. Kate has been on just about every talk show in town playing her poor me role and all of the hosts seem to be totally in love with her and rally around her. I have seen the View people and Kelly Ripa and others just say what a wonderful person she is. Have these people not seen her in action on the show or is it a show business thing to stand by your guest!


    1. Great question! If you are interviewing someone ans they are on your show, it ususally is the unwritten code to be nice and polite to them as they are, after all your guest. The host asks questions people at home would want to know. How the guest responds allows the audience to formulate their opinions of the guest . The host tries to be objective, likeable, welcoming. and non controversial as that is why they are a host. We the audience are able to formulate our opinions of her and see through the poor me victim role which most find distasteful. Once again- great question. Warmly, Lillian Glass


  20. Hi Dr. Glass,
    Remember Nellie’s mom on “Little House on the Prairie”? Kate reminds me of her. Jon a little like the father as well. Sad!



  21. I apologize to you, Dr. Glass and thank you for your feed back. I grew up in an abusive home and worked very hard to overcome the emotional scars, to break the cycle so my children would never have to go through it.
    When the kids get older, I feel they will place the blame mostly on TLC and their mother. They most likely will blame their mother for running off their father because they will feel the same way…if they were teens, they would have gone wild like Jon, imho. Not that it excuses his behavior.
    Kate isn’t doing the “people pleasers” Colin and Hannah any favors…they will have the hardest time in the end. Mady will be the survivor. God bless these children, they will need it for having a greedy narcissist for a mother and human exploiter TLC for selling their souls. Wake up Jon!


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