Kate Gosselin’s Fake Tears on Last TLC Interview Explained. She Was Fed What To Say Via Earpiece – TLC Tried to Rehab Her Image and Failed

Kate erarpeoce

After Kate Gosselin’s first Q and A Special on TLC, where she tossed papers and showed her hostility, arrogance, and self entitlement, and signals of deceptions, the public was very turned off. TLC knew this. So they tried to do some quick image rehab. That this why they immediately put her on the air the following week, to give her another chance and fix the damage . This time, they changed up the format and had her interviewed with a pro from the Today show, Natalie Morales. This time around, TLC did not let Kate talk directly into the camera or leave her to her own devices. Instead, they used their own devices- An Earpiece put into Kate’s ear where they fed Kate what to say and fed her when to cry .

It didn’t matter what TLC tried to do to improve Kate’s image. My Body Language Analysis told it all! I still saw through the false manipulation. Why? Because the body and the voice don’t lie. I picked up all her “tells,” even though she tried to be subdued. Right after her second TLC interview I went on The Insider and shared that Kate was still arrogant, self absorbed, and entitled. She still lied and showed signals of deceptions. The only difference I noticed was that tears, fake tears that weren’t spontaneous. She also paused a lot more and sounded more stilted and deliberate. I then said on the Insider that “anyone who spent that much time crying on a journalist’s couch needed to spend the same amount of time on a therapist’s couch. “

But now the truth has been revealed as to the reason for the fake tears and the long pauses and stilted talk. One of my dear readers, Jibber Jabber sent me a video to analyze. It said it all! Kate wore an earpiece and she was being fed when to cry and what to say. That is why she paused all the time and spoke more deliberately to hear whomever was on the other end, spinning it for her.


If there is any a good reason to boycott any show by TLC starring Kate Gosselin this is it.!How dare them try to manipulate me and you! How dare them think that the public is so stupid they wouldn’t see past their bullshit! How dare them try to present the new Kate as a teary eyed victim so she will be more likeable when they give her her own show.

The ONLY reason this woman is offered her own talk show is because TLC has lost a lot of money since Jon pulled out. So to get their revenue back from their cash cow Jon and Kate Plus 8, they are giving Kate her own show. They think they have a built in audience and that people who watched Kate Plus 8 will now watch Kate! Wrong! People watched Kate Plus 8 watched to see the babies grow up. Now that the kids are older, they are not fun to watch and aren’t as interesting. Also no one likes to see children exploited.


The kids are five years old and this is exploitation now in my opinion. They are now, in Kate’s own words, showing signs of acting out because of the divorce. If these kids are acting out or in emotional pain, for God’s sake get a camera out of their faces and get them into therapy. Since TLC exploited them, they must pay for the therapy they now need .

When their peers are starting to notice they are little celebs and Kate gives them horrible advice like she gave Leah, it’s time for the kids to get off television for good. Tt is a blessing in disguise these 5 year olds are now off the air. Jon did it to get back at Kate, but he really ended up doing those kids a favor in the long run.

On the latest TLC debacle, Kate shared that a little classmate of Leah’s said she saw Leah on TV. Kate told Leah to tell the classmate, “ I don’t want to talk about it!” What???? If you don’t want to talk about it, then get off TV ! That is horrible advice to give Leah. It makes her look like a little Bitch and it hurts the innocent classmate’s feelings! That is bad parental advice !!!! Ratings would have plummeted anyway as the kids grew older.


Also let’s bring Mady in now. Mady is the older child- the twin girl always crying and having a tantrum on the show. She was NOT presented in a very good light. Now that she is a tween she does not need her peers to seeing her acting like a mess. The way she was handled was horrific.

She was punished for craving love and attention. That is why she acted out. She needs MAJOR therapy now from all the damage that was done to her. I shudder to think how she will be when she will be an adult. Pay for her treatment NOW. She harbors so much anger and rightfully so. This girl is the one who said to Kate “You’re mean.” when selfish narcissistic Kate took a drink of water and didn’t give Mady a sip. That was captured on camera. Can you imagine what else Kate has done to be “mean “ to Mady when there are no cameras present?

On one of my blogs I showed how Kate, who is supposed to be spending alone time with Mady ignores her and is on the phone. She clearly shows that Mady is the least liked of all the kids. Mady knows this. That is why she squeals to Jon about the ongoings in the household when he isn’t around.

All of this mean behavior towards her and being labeled as the troubled child and showing her in this bad light will no doubt have negative ramifications as she gets older. TLC needs to pay for the damage they caused her big time! Kids at her age are so critical and will continue to be until she is in college. Can you imagine the teasing she could get and mean comments from other girls in the locker room as they call her a “brat” or bring up her antics from the show. OUCH!!


People watched the show to see growing babies. But to watch Kate alone would be absolute torture. Who wants to see a show with a mean spirited, nasty , arrogant, narcissistic, abusive, self absorbed, self righteous, ego driven woman who brings nothing to the table. So what that she took fertility drugs and had to stay in bed during her pregnancy and then delivered sextuplets. )By the way that line was obviously fed to her on the TLC Special because it was a nonsequiter and didn’t make sense when she said it on the Special . It came out nowhere. Now we see it came out of her earpiece from words fed to her by TLC or their minions).

As a nurse, Kate knew what she was doing when she took the fertility drugs. She knew the consequences. What angers people is not that she had the babies )God bless them all). What angers people is her self entitlement that we are now responsible for HER kids . We didn’t shove those pills down her throat! She took them voluntarily and now has to deal with the consequences- not US!

She isn’t some haggard mother who has to raise her kids alone. She has had loads of help and nannies and house cleaners and has load of money. All of the kids are financially taken care of according to her. She is not the poster mom for motherhood.

She is anything but that. She has verbally and physically abused Jon and has verbally abused those kids. She has treated Mady horribly. To me, she hasn’t shown signs of being such an ideal mother. And don’t give me some garbage about how would I know, not having 8 kids. Those kids need love and kindness more than a clean house and clean shirts as Jon ever said many times on the show.


Now before some of you blind Kate fan start accusing me of hating Kate (I told you many times all the people whom I hate and Kate is not on my list) or telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, let me assure you I know what I am talking about more than anyone in the world! I have spent the last two decades in Hollywood helping people with “IT” get polished in terms of their body language and communication skills to get camera ready . You see many of the people I worked with on TV today, hosting major shows. Many have been on the air for a long, long time! So don’t even go there with me!

Studios and managers and agents have sent me their clients throughout the years to make significant changes in how their clients come across the airwaves. One of my early clients was teaching Dustin Hoffman to sound like a woman for Tootsie and one of my last clients was getting Will Smith’s character’s image ready in Seven Pounds. I have worked with countless A list Academy Award winners and Emmy Winners and countless stars who came to me when they were just starting out. I;m not bragging or tooting my own horn. It’s just the facts. It lets you know that this is what I do and what I know.

Every upcoming TV star or host or reporter or commentator with whom I worked had something in common. It is called “IT”- a likeability factor- or as they refer to it in Hollywood “Likeability Quotient”. So when I tell you KATE does not have IT, believe me. No Hollywood agent, manager or studio head in their right mind would EVER EVER give Kate a show. She brings NOTHING to the table. Big deal that she was a bitchy mom of 8 kids on a reality show. That is NO experience of getting your own talk show. She is NOT an expert. She is NOT a role model as you NEVER want to be treating your husband or kids the ways he treated them. She is NOT likeable, warm friendy, kind, and most of all she is self absorbed and HATES HER FANS! Bad qualities for ANYONE who wants a media career,

TLC last feeding into her earpiece was some bullshit about the FANS. It was insincere and did NOT ring TRUE! She said “I used to find the fans an annoyance and now I appreciate them.” Of course she does,! She finally got it, that without her fans she cant have her own show. So they told her , through her earpiece, to do a shout out to the fans! It was lame and not heartfelt. You can see how she doesn’t like her fans at her books signings and lectures. She treats them like inanimate objects. There is no warmth . People feel when they are liked and appreciated and she does NOT like her fans. She said so and she shows it! You cant take that back when you realize that Fans are a commodity. That is unforgettable and FANS will ALWAYS remember her words, There is no going back and no spin that could fix what she said.

Those who have major longevity on TV and in film LOVE their fans. I know Nancy Grace really well- even before she became a super star when she was just beginning on Court TV. I saw up close and personal how she LOVED LOVED LOEVD her fans. Fans would come into the studio and she made them feel so welcome. Even how she talks to caller on her show now is real and warm and beautiful. She loves them and appreciates them.


The next thing is Kate HATES the papps, She coldly and hatefully looked straight at Natalie and said she had a HATE/HATE relationship with the papps. You can NEVER EVER go back on those words. They will ALWAYS REMEMBER IT. Because of it, they will make her life even more papp unfriendly and unfortunately, the spillover will be to her kids. The TLC earperice feeders must have been dozing off to let that one get by. Maybe they figured they would let her answer that one. But she completely BLEW it!! If she thinks the papps are bad now just wait if she gets a show. She can have an army of bodyguards. It won’t help. Her life will be a war with them. She started it and they will win it. I have seen this scenario many times with many people up close and personal. If Papps and reporters aren’t on your side and you want to be out there in the public eye FUGEDABOUDIT!!


You don’t get to be a TV Exec if you haven’t had successes in making hit shows. By the same token, you don’t get to remain a Studio Exec, if you have failures. This is a failure waiting to happen! TLC executives obviously know she isn’t ready to have her own show. As I said They know she doesn’t have the IT factor as they call it in Hollywood or The Likeability factor. That is why they are working so hard to spin her into a likeable victim. But it backfired.

They know she is not qualified to host a show, so they have been scrambling to get her some chopps. They stuck her on as aa guest host of the View to get experience and she bombed. All it was, was a trash fest against Jon until Whoopie let her have it! Then TLC scrambled to get her hooked up with Paula Deen for more chopps. Having Kate on Paula Deen’s new show is a sure fire way to ruin Paula’s show. Now Paula Deen has IT! See what I am talking about ! It is love warmth and likeability. You can’t manufacture or change IT. You either have IT or you DON’T AND Kate DOESN’T have IT!!!


If you brought Kate Gosselin or Jon for that matter, into any Hollywood agent’s office or suit’s office (Studio exec) NO ONE would give Kate a show EVER! She has no experience. She has not been properly trained or schooled and is too self absorbed. Being a bitchy mom on a reality show and playing your unlikeable self is no experience for a talk show host. TLC knows this. That is why they scrambled to get her some chopps as I said earlier. But you need more experience than that to do a show, especially if you have zero to bring to the table.

Now for all you blind Kate fans ,PLEASE don’t throw up examples of people who had and now have talk shows and had no experience. It is a rarity. And if they don’t have experience, they have magnificent ,electric , larger than life personalities, They are loveable, they are bright, and have a skill that people are interested in.

I will spare you the effort and do it for you. They may have not had experience but they ALL HAD “IT”. They all had charisma and a high Likeability Quotient and they ALL brought something to the table unlike Kate. A mean fertility pill taking sextuplet bearing , multi helper, multi houskeepered, multi nannied mother who is narcissistic and self absorbed with NOTHING to say except to LIE repeatedly and bash her bad husband and her complete insensitivity to those kids as she continues to Bash, BRINGS NOTHING TO THE TABLE!

Montel had no talk show experience when he began, but he brought a heck of a lot to the table. He was loveable, compassionate, brilliant, educated, a Navy Seal, humane and totally unselfish and LOVED his audience. Riki Lake was an actress so that is chopps enough and besides, s he brought a LOT to the table and was smart and loveable. She had a back story of her own that people loved. Back in the day, she was cool and hip and everyone LOVED Riki. Dr. Phil didn’t have experience but brought a heck of a lot to the table. I just watched him in action last Tuesday, when I was a guest on his show. He LOVES his audience and they LOVE him back. He really cares about people other than himself which is repeatedly demonstrated and not the case with Kate. Rachel Ray is full of spunk and charisma and a bundle of delight. She’s watchable. Besides, she brings a eal skill to the table – cooking. While not the most charismatic, Martha Stewart brinks homemaking knowledge. Kate brings- zero or how to mess up your kids.


As I said I have been in the TV business either behind the scenes as a professional helping on camera personalities be the best they can be and shine even brighter. I have even been in front of the scene myself as a reporter for KABC TV for years and a commentator on numerous shows for decades. I have even guest hosted some shows back in the day, like AM Detroit Kelly and Company and AM San Francisco and Healthwise .I was an OK host– not great! There are a heck of a lot of people who are much better at that then I was. I also did several pilots for shows – one called Midnight Confessions for Pax TV and one for a major studio. I even had my own radio show in Palm Springs for a while and filled in on ABC and KABC Radio. I am not telling you this to impress you. I am telling you this because I had the experience and I know what I am talking about.

I am always approached by someone to do a show and have been for years. But I don’t want to do something I am not qualified to do or that someone can do better who is a lot more qualified than myself. No one can come close to Dr. Phil, so I would never think of doing a show like his.

But no one can come close to me in the Body Language and Behavioral Analysis arena. So if I were to do a show about reading people, that could definitely work. I am also not self consumed and don’t think I’m all that. I know who I am and I am very secure with that. I know I am not the most beautiful or the hottest. But I do know I bring a hell of a lot to the table.I am highly educated and know my stuff and also really care about others and about exposing bullshit. I respect the public enough that I strongly believe they must not be fooled.


That is why I take my time to do these blogs .And as a sidebar, please don’t get mad at me for my bad grammar. I write these blogs as I would exactly speak to personally if you were right here next to me and we were having a one on one intimate talk. So sometimes they aren’t grammatically correct. Sometimes you will see misspellings because I hurry and want to get this out to you early so you can read it. I may not have checked it over carefully enough. I apologize. In fact one of my precious readers has offered to help me clean up my grammar so I won’t aggravate some of you. So bear with me. But enough about me.


Here are some people who REALLY deserve their own show. Before even thinking about Kate here are the people that should have shows.

1 ROLANDA WATTS- Nobody and I mean nobody can beat her. She is like Oprah and Rachel Ray combined. She used to have a show with Kingworld back in the day and I was always on her syndicated show. She is smart, educated, compassionate, funny, LOVES her fans and they LOVE her. She is sharp, has her chopps, easy on the eye, and fun to watch. She;s even more fun to hang out with. She has a lot to say. You can watch her on braveheartwomen.com
They are beautiful and bright and warm and wonderful and they definitely have their chopps. Laura is the ultimate survivor and can relate to anyone in turmoil, after surviving the possibility of having to spend the rest of her life in a North Korean Work Camp. Her sister Lisa, formerly of the View showed what a loving sister she was and was so articulate in her plea and gratitude at the end. She has traveled the world with National Geographic TV so she knows people, places, and things and can relate to anyone. I would LOVE to see them have a show together,

Putting these beautiful talent brilliant women on a show would be great. They are both great mothers. Gloria is definitely a great mother as well as being a great attorney as look who she spawned- Lisa who is beautiful, warm, loveable, smart, real and an excellent TV personality. She now hosts for CNN and used to have her own show at Tru Tv. I was on her show many times and she was wonderful. I would LOVE to see the two of them on their own show together.

For years Jim hosted Showbiz Today on CNN. Now he is a staple on Inside Edition and other shows. He is an attorney. He is a veteran reporter. He has covered the biggest stories in the world, He is smart, funny, warm and gorgeous. I remember him back from my reporting days when I was a Psychology Reporter at KABC TV. He was just starting out on air at KABC and all the women had crushes on him. I know Jim and he is the nicest man- a great family man with a huge heart and lots of compassion. He definitely deserves his own show.

There are so many others whom I would rather watch, who really deserve a show. To give Kate a show is an insult to the viewers and shows TLC’s greediness, especially when there are so many other people out there who are much more qualified and likeable.

Please feel free to email me and comment to let me know whom you would like to see having their own show as opposed to Kate Gosselin.


21 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Fake Tears on Last TLC Interview Explained. She Was Fed What To Say Via Earpiece – TLC Tried to Rehab Her Image and Failed

  1. Wow! I couldn’t get through your entire post (well…I guess I could have, but I didn’t) but I gotta say… I can’t believe America’s obsession with this woman! Why do people devote so much thought to her? And how can I get them to turn their focus over to me? Just kidding. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I guess people are obsessed for a number of reasons. At first it was becuase she did give birth to sextuplets and people thought they were tuning in to see a loving family grow. Then it turned into a huge nightmare of hypcrisy and blame and lying on both sides. And who is caught in the middle? These gorgeous innocent children! That is why people are so upset. Also people can’t stand to see other’s try to BS them. So that is why so many people are reacting so vehemently. Thank you again for reading my blog and for sharing your comments. Warmly, Lillian Glass


  2. I trhink we watch 2 different shows. I think she has something and thought she was good on The View. As for the Insider it is a piece of trash who only tells the side of the story they want people to hear.


    1. That’s why there are opinions- everyone has one. See my blog about what happened with her and Whoopi on the show before you come to any conclusions about Kate;s performance onthe View. And as for the Insider- I think they are GREAT! They give you the information in a very compelling way.


  3. Dr. Glass,
    You are amazing!! You articulate perfectly every hunch or feeling I ever had about Kate! Except you actually KNOW! I want to forward your blog to everyone! I really enjoy your blog, and am so fascinated with body language, it really is interesting!


  4. Another thought… many people think Kate knowingly tricked Jon into having the sextuplets by not telling him she was highly fertile. In fact, she had been planning this scam since she was a teenager! She is in fact, much worse than octo mom!


  5. I’d say you hit that piece right out of the park!

    And I hate that TLC tried to scam every viewer for so long. Even the producer and camera man left because they couldn’t stand it any longer.

    And yep.. I think she had the sextuplets on purpose, all right. I think she had been planning and hoping for it for years. I absolutely think the twins were a disappointment to her.


  6. Dr. Glass- I agree with everything you said! Kate Gosselin bugged me very much for a long time. Something about her was always “off”. You’ve validated and put into words what I was feeling for the past couple of years. My dislike of her grew and (now I know from reading your blog), it was because I was picking up on the fact that her words weren’t matching her actions. She lies, lies, lies.


  7. Kate is a real piece of work. I do not like her. I also have PCOS and had fertility treatments. I can’t believe that she was implanted with 6 embryos after having twins. At my dr office you have to beg to get more than 2 implanted. I learned alot going through that and her being a RN in L&D she knew exactly what would happen. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She is a mean mother and is in no way an example for anyone. She does not deserve a TV show. Why would we reward such ugliness?


  8. Dr. Glass,

    Thank you for the insight.

    I would like to ask some questions regarding the news/tabloid shows if I may since you have the knowledge and background with them.

    How is it that Kate Gosselin is getting away with all of her “self promotion” and no one is telling her true story? Surely TLC isn’t all powerful to the point of stopping everyone from speaking, are they?

    From the shopping of the fertility treatments/Doctors, the tale of financial need even though Jon’s father gifted them with a hefty nest egg which Kate decided would not be touched, the grifting of the churches and fans. The disgusting way she has of using and discarding people from friends, family to fans after they have served their purposes for her, her abusive behavior of Jon which may I add if it had been he treating her that way ( the yelling, bossing, demeaning, hitting, etc) for the last 4-5 seasons, the uproar would be heard around the world. Her absolute lies regarding her staff of helpers, her lies and conning of friend Beth regarding the writing of her book, her parents, her siblings, the bodyguard, her 2-3 weeks a month gone from the children but yet she is Kate G the poor struggling can do Mother of all mothers…it goes on and on. Seriously, there’s so much more I could list here but the point is, why is the truth not being told by the news/tabs? Can’t they see what a story that would make? The viewers/readers would be in the high millions.

    What is the deal Dr. Glass, why does no one spill the real story of Kate G?

    Thank you,

    Confused in TVland


    1. Here’show it works. It’s like a machine. Kate is now owed by TLC. TLC has a lot of money and power and tentacles. The have a large and
      saavy PR staff who spin things as they see fit to garner shocks and interest in this couple. The more shocking stories and controversey, the more people are aware of who they are. the more aware of who they are, the more they will tune into the show to see what it is all about, The more people tune in the more adverstising sales they can make. The more advertising sales they can make the more they can charge for advertising time as it is about supply and demand. So foer instance if it used to cost 1000 dollars a moinute when they only had a certain number of viewrs, now that they have 100 times more viewers, their advertising rates go up so now the add in the same time slot costs 10,000 dollars a minute. That means the station makes more money. So what they are doing is keeping all of this alive. Jon put a wrench in everything by taking the babies off the air. Now they have no show and nothing to sell. So they have to make mback the money and they still have people who are interested, so thet figure they will give Kate a show to make back some of the lost money. You can bet that tehy will have a lot of viewers at first to see what it is all about. That translates into a lot of money for the network, So it is all about dollars and cents. It’s all business to them. But the public is too smart. They are not naiive and they are not going to buy Lies. Kate is an unlikeable character and people will not tolerate it after a while so their investment will most likely be a bad one and her show won;t get the ratings they hoped over time. people will stop watching it and advertisers will pull out. I hope that answers your questions. Thank so so much for your comments and taking the time to connect with me. Warmly, Dr. Lillian Glass


  9. It’s been lies for over a year. This past May she was on The Today Show saying they were the most real reality show on t.v. when the reality was she and Jon had gone their separate ways months before.

    I’d like to know how you know she was wearing an earpiece? Is there video of it on line?

    Also I don’t think Kate hates the papps. She is an attention seeker and while she says she hates it she thrives on it. She will truly be crying when the cameras pack up and go away.


  10. I totally agree with your opinion of Kate. Why is it that no one in the media has called her out on “it”. From the blow job interviews she’s given on the Today Show to other media hype. Even Al Roker as basically called out “Spidey”. TLC cannot be all that powerful. I sure hope Jon is as cunning as a fox for the upcoming court dates. Hopefully he is just playing the fool. He may not be a prize, but she is beyond horrible to her children. They are never happy looking in her presence. The kids don’t need a million dollors, they need a million hugs. Who would watch any kind of show TLC trys to promote for her. She is a waste of human skin.


  11. Thank you for writing this all out Dr. Glass! You have expressed what most people have been feeling and thinking. Have you watched tonight’s episode? I’ve read it was an episode to make Jon look like the bad parents courtesy of Kate and TLC. 😦


  12. Thank you, once again, Dr. Glass for being the sane media voice in this mess. If only the extended family would take over some parenting of those innocents! Keep exposing Khate and TLC for what they are…


  13. Dr. Glass, please shout this from the mountain tops, go on any show you can and expose TLC and Kate Gosselin for what they really are! The really obscene thing is Miss-High-Road-Taker ripping Jon a new one on the show airing Nov.16. This is character assassination at it’s ugliest! I know Jon has not made the best decisions as of late (aside from the wonderful decision to end the filming of the kids), however, I think he spiralled downward because he was pushed by TLC and Kate as a result of repeated attacks like this while being stripped of his voice to defend himself. I think TLC has been paying people left and right to make up stories about Jon or try to seduce him while he was vulnerable. He is inarticulate and unsophisticated so every time he tried to defend himself it backfired. All along she was coached and protected by TLC and their PR team.(Everything she does is for the kids including insulting their daddy!


  14. Dr. Glass,

    Hi, me again, Ms Confused. I get the TLC/ Kate connection. My question was more of why doesn’t the more main stream media/tabloids out Kate G and TLC. Sorry, I wasn’t clear but thank you for such a informative answer.

    1. Can TLC really be that omni powerful? Are they not in any way responsible for creating the beast now known as Kate plus 8…look at what she is doing to the children. Is no one noticing or do they just not care?

    2. The treatment of Jon, is it not common knowledge that anyone beaten down will rebel and act out once thrown away? He wasn’t released or rescued, he was dismissed.
    I assume that is 101 in any type of psych class and pretty much common knowledge among feeling people/persons, hence why most viewers are picking up on the “real Kate” and have from the bginning.
    He was tossed aside after all his years of catering to the so called Queen, he did work until she demanded he quit. (on the shows/.book) How many women reading here have a husband who will work the job, including drive time, clean and feed 8 kids before he leaves and bring the wife coffee before he leaves also only to be met at the door with “now it’s your time, I had the kids all day (with help and 2-3 hrs nap) but I am tired so take over!”

    3. Could it be more obvious that Kate feels entitled? Entitled to a situation she created for just this purpose may I add. And she did not birth the children FYI, they were C-sections by the way. Bringing that up because she speaks as though she sacrificed the ultimate, being bedridden for 30 weeks and all…I can dispute this with her own words if needed. And not saying C-sections are less of the birthing process, just she is staking claims and selling a story that the truth is lost in.

    4. Again, I could go on and on here but out of respect for your blog, how is modern day extortion allowed by TLC against Jon?

    No, he isn’t perfect, he’s made so many mistakes I am embarrassed for him and almost ashamed to defend at this point him but come on, is this really legal? They (TLC/ Kate) pretty much say “I own you, I gave you so n so, you owe me, now do the right thing by giving us the kids back for filming or I make you miserable and destroy you in every way.
    What is this, The Godfather TLC style?

    Is no one else seeing this?

    Why is no one standing up and saying, hey, men sometimes get the short end but some do love and are good for their kids.

    Here is a perfect example for men and anyone against this type of abuse to say hang on a minute!.
    Who is there to say yeah, we watched it, we saw and we stand by him, this should not not be happening!

    If this were Kate that had been on the othr end of the tantrums, the Gloria Allred’s would becoming out of the woodwork in support.

    Okay, so Jon is on his own, I get that.

    I also get it is all money and numbers but what about the numbers the truth about Kate G could bring in?
    Why is that not an option?
    Out her for the lying, grifting, money grubbing, fan/people hater, abusing B**** she is…tell the truth and watch the ratings fly….why do we not see even a glimmer of that side?

    Again, I know TLC-Discovery is connected to Radar Online and The Enquirer and so on and so on, but how far out does this really extend?

    Thank you,


    Oh and Doc G, don’t sweat the typo’s…just shows you’re human and passionate enough to write from the heart. But “your” so called “body language” aka need to explain, it says a lot that it matters to you what we, your readers, think…snort! Thank you for caring…
    add another nasal snort just so you get the humor intended that you listen to us and get “it”.


  15. Dr. Glass – once again, your blog is fascinating. Thanks again and don’t sweat the grammar, spelling, punctuation thing.

    As to the earpiece, honestly nothing surprises me with TLC and Kate Gosselin. I AM offended that they thought we wouldn’t notice. As to Natalie Morales, doesn’t this fake interview challenge her journalistic credibility? I would think so.

    I have some questions…

    Why does Kate get a pass when she abuses Jon?
    If Jon was the abuser in the relationship there would be hell to pay. People would call for Jon’s head on a platter. And yet Kate was on the show tonight bashing Jon and there was nothing he could do about it.

    Why is TLC so supportive of Kate?
    They all know who Kate REALLY is so why are they so supportive of her? I don’t think it’s just about TLC making money any more, nope, they are hiding something.

    Why don’t more main stream media outlets call out Kate for her behavior?


  16. oh and one more question……don’t you think sometimes people just look at the floor and still tell the truth, or itch their nose just cause its itchy?


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