Carrie Prejean’s Defensiveness and Hostility on TV Indicated She Had Something to Hide. Now We Know! 30 Nude Photos 8 X Rated Tapes and A Possible Deal with Team Satan

Naked Prejean

As I watched ex beauty queen Carrie Prejean’s very defensive and downright hostile behavior on the View, the Today Show, and Larry King I thought that there must be a deeper reason as to why she is acting so ugly. Before she removed the mic she was seen was mouthing the words to someone off camera, “I’m leaving”. In fact Larry King busted her and said, “who are you talking to?” verifying that there was someone in the room with her. The fact that her handler didn’t frantically shake their head “no” or make significant hand gestures for Carrie to not remove her mic and to act is a more pleasant manner was highly suspicious to me.

Perhaps her handler didn’t stop her because they knew Carrie’s little secret as well. My years of experience have taught me that when a person is THAT nasty, aggressive and THAT defensive, they usually have something to hide. But what else could Carrie hide? Even though she verbally danced around saying she made a non- sex tape by herself , no matter how you couch it, Carrie Prejean essentially told the world that she was masturbating into her into iphone .


Her evasive answers about why she dropped the suit confirmed to everyone that the reason she did so was because this embarrassing tape of her tape surfaced. When anyone even hinted as to why she settled, she got really defensive and really nasty. So, she put the old saying that a” good defense is a good offense” into action. She offensively called the biggest icon in television, Larry King, “inappropriate.”

Larry King was visibly taken aback. What did he do that was “ inappropriate?” It wasn’t Larry King who masturbated into his iphone . It was Carrie Prejean who did that with a guy she barely knew. She really did something “inappropriate” by asking that guy to whom she emailed those tapes to LIE for her and say she was 17 when she was 20 and a Miss San Diego. Now THAT is “inappropriate.” It is “inappropriate” to ask someone to go to prison for being with an underage girl of 17, just to spare your phony image.


Today we found out what all that nastiness and defensiveness was all about. We finally discovered what Carrie Prejean was hiding! She no doubt found out that the 30 naked photos of her and 8 masturbatory tapes complete with audio of moans and groans and provocative alluring gestures were sold to the highest bidder, pornography company, Vivid Entertainment.


Carrie no doubt felt that she could go on a media tour beginning with Hannity and play to his audience. She thought she could play the victim that the ”big bad gays” ruined her life and snatched away her religious freedom because she said he was against gay marriage.

She played the role of the Christian “goody two shoes,” “holier than thou.” with cross blatantly visible on her chest for all to see. She tried to play the “forgiveness” card and the “self blame card” that before she was a Christian, Satan forced her to make “the biggest mistake of her life” and pick up her iphone and commit the act of Onanism , a sin in the bible, Genesis 38 Verse 9 based on Onan, the son on Judah, spilling his seed upon the ground .”

So now that Carrie made this tape, it doesn’t appear that she could start hurling around some biblical chapters and verses to support why gays can’t marry. That would be a bit too hypocritical and Christians know it. They especially know that she did this when she was a 20 year old Christian and not 17 year old when she was innocently lead by the hand of Satan .

Speaking of hypocrisy, in her newly released book she writes , “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.” How prophetic! Well I guess she has given glory to God and the Holy Spirit by mulling over whether or not she will switch teams. Will she leave the God team and go over to the Satan team?

Since no one from the God team has offered up a hard cash because they aren’t buying into her victim BS, insincerity and meanness, she may very well go back to Team Satan. Christians are willing to forgive and love, but there was no forgiveness or love in any of Carries interviews. There was only Non- Christian like hate and anger. So, no doubt, most Christians have apparently washed their hands of her .


But Team Satan wants Carrie in their hands after they legally obtained a copy of her Onanistic video. In fact the co chairman of Vivid Steven Hirsch said his company was ready to negotiate with her .If she doesn’t go for the million dollars they offered, this could be the second biggest mistake of her life.

Perez Hilton keeps saying that Carrie Prejean is stupid. He must know what he is talking about since he no doubt, had some one on one time with her and the rest of the contestants in the interview process.
Having been a judge in the Miss USA pageant myself, the one on one interviews really give you a sense to who these women are and how they think. That is why I don’t think Perez was entirely basing his comment about her stupidity only on the question he asked.

But we will all soon be able to discover whether Carrie Prejean is dumb or dumb like a fox. If she sticks with Team God and continues her hypocritical BS with no cash in site, no book sales, no forgiveness, and no Hannity support then she is clearly stupid. If she cops to the fact that she was a trashy little Opportunist all along and goes with Team Satan, takes the money and runs, then she won’t be that stupid. Then after she gets the money, she is welcome back into Team God but this time there is a catch. It has to be for real- no BS. She would have to cut out the victim mode and the hate she is spewing forth and embrace” everyone” with love- even the gays.


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