Jon Gosselin Relays He’s Too Famous To Get a Regular Job as Knute The Bear Relays He’s Too Famous To Be Regular Bear

Gosselin and papps

Knute Publicity
Every day Jon Gosselin appears to be turning out more and more like Knut the Bear and it’s scary. Besides their growing physical girth, addiction to publicity and attention, they have an enormous sense of entitlement. Jon now reveals in his legal papers against TLC, that he simply cannot go out and get a regular job because he is too famous!


I am sure that if Knut, the Berlin Zoo Bear could speak he would say the exact same thing. He would say that he can’t go out and be a real bear and hunt and do bear things in the wild because he is too famous. And he might be right. That means Jon might be right as well.

TLC made Jon into a famous zoo animal, documenting his every move, feeding him and attending to his every need as they treated him like a star .He was part of their cash cow TV show pulling in millions of dollars . Similarly, t he Berlin Zoo documented Knut’s every move, feeding him and attending o his every need as they treated him like a star. Knut was the zoo’ cash cow, pulling in millions of eruos.

Then young Knut grew up as did young, 27 year old Jon. With age came more issues. Knut’s issues were that because of all the attention he had since cubhood, he became so addicted to the crowd looking at him, that when they dissipated, he got upset. They dissipated because he was no longer the cute little white small playful fur ball. He was raised with attention and he now desperately needed it. According to zoo officials he actually cries out and whimpers if there are no crowds outside his cage. One time the zoo had to be shut down because there was black ice everywhere and Knut howled and cried so loudly until staff members stood before him. Only then did he stop crying and display signs of happiness.

Jon, in his formative job years should have been out securing job experience and employment and career opportunities. But instead, his job was staying at home with the kids and changing th multitude of diapers. He had a camera in his face all the time and actually enjoyed the attention, even though he never admitted it. He then started to compete with Kate because she was getting more attention than him. I am not saying that is what broke them up but that was clearly his role in it as I see it. Her role was her abuse and disrespecting Jon. His role was his jealously of her in that that she was getting more attention than him. It became a Toxic Competitive relationship.

He even admitted this publically as se said on various shows how he didn’t like staying at home with the kids and changing diapers while Kate was out doing lectures and getting famous and hanging around with her body guard. He wanted some of that fun fame too. So he got himself some girlfriends and rebelled in a big way. ,.Now, he can’t seem to get enough public attention , just like Knut.If he doesn’t get it, he acts out just like Knut.
TLC created a monster just as the Berlin zoo created a monster. Their imprinting these three played a key role. WE have to include Kate as well as she suffers from Knut the Bear Syndrome as much as Jon, if not more. Remember what you learned in Psychology 101 with that Conrad Lorenz experiment and the gosselings (not the Gosselins) followed the human around thinking he was their mother? The same thing happened with Knut. Because of all the human contact he sees himself as a human. Because of all the attention he sees himself as a star. Because of all the attrention both Jon and Kate also see himself as stars. Like Knut, they were imprinted by the cameras following them around constantly/

One of the Zoo keepers said that Knut should be sent to an animal park, where he would receive less attention. I believe that would be cruel and inhumane punishment for this bear. They created the problem for him and now they need to deal with it. That is the same thing for Jon. They created the problem for him and they need to deal with it.


Jon is absolutely right. He can’t get a regular job. Who would hire him? Who wants papps around all the time documenting their employees every move? That would no doubt happen. At this point Jon seems to be able to only function in the limelight in front of the camera. If TLC is going to give Kate a talk show (big mistake), then give Jon a show too.! Let’s watch him. Grow up just like we watched his kids grow up. We could watch him with Hailey and watch how he deals with Kate now that he is divorced. We can watch him try to do projects to make money like using his fame to sell tee shirts . We can watch him transform into a man instead of an immature boy. Or maybe we can watch him as an immature boy.

They can’t tie Jon’s hands and say he can’t do other shows or do merchandising. When he initially signed up he had no idea it would blow up this big, So they cannot cut off his hands or other body parts just because he sauis enough: IU don’t want my kids on camera anymore.


While he may have initially made that move to get back at Kate, In retrospect, it is great thing for those children to be of the air. They need to live without camera before they turn into Knut the Bears. Unfortunately, some of them already have Knut the Bear Syndrome. The verdict is still out as they are still young. We may see some terrible things in the future- violence, acting out , and a serious demand for attention,

.Kate even reported that they were acting out since the divorce, Now that the camera are gone, they may be acting out even more. If they aren’t given attention some of them may act out in a bad way, just like Knut. They may do things like so many child stars have done in the past. They may go off the deep end because they aren’t getting the attention they once had.. All of these former child stars who went awry have all Suffered from the Knut the Bear Syndrome. Just ask my dear friend and former child star, Paul Peterson. He has seen it up close and personal. As President of a Minor Consideration, he has attended way too many funerals of child stars,. He is an advocate for kids in the media and is an advocate for the little Gosselins as well, as well so they don’t suffer from Knut the Bear Syndrome.

The bottom line is Jon is right,! TLC made it so he can’t get a regular job. So they need to release him from his contract so he can do other shows. They need to use some intelligence and give Jon his own show so he can function in the media. Just as the Berlin Zoo took advantage of baby Knut’s cuteness and made millions, they have a responsibility to now care for him and handle the damage they created for Knut psychologically .

TLC has the same responsibility. They took advantage of a family of multiples where they made millions. Now they have the burden of responsibility to care for what they created in Jon psychologically. They created for him his insatiable need to be in the public eye and they must fulfill it. And don’t email me with silly comments about other people being in the media and that not happening to them. Jon is a different case. He obviously is more susceptible and emotionally fragile than those names of people whom you will no doubt mention and provide examples. This is the fallout of the show and they need to handle it, And while they are at it, they need to provide the funds for free therapy for the rest of the Gosselin children for the rest of their lives . In doing so, they can help deter or mollify the negative effects in case these kids begin to show signs of Knut the Bear Syndrome.


4 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin Relays He’s Too Famous To Get a Regular Job as Knute The Bear Relays He’s Too Famous To Be Regular Bear

  1. Why can’t Jon take a few business classes and open a small sports equipment store? He could then use his name to help him rather than hinder him. He could schedule rafting trips, ski excursions, biking marathons, etc. He loves sports, and he does have himself to market. All you need to do is look at it from a different angle, I think.


  2. We can all see the damage that has been done to the Gosselin family by TLC. Why, then, do you think other families are choosing to go down this path? I am referring to the Hayes family (Table for Twelve). They taped a few shown for TLC last spring and now they are in their second season. Their sextuplets are the same age as the Goseelin 6 and they have two sets of twins (@ 10 and 12).


  3. Actually, I think they can both go back to regular jobs. The paps will leave them alone eventually when they go back to being regular people. They didn’t have them trailing them the first couple of years when they were just doing the show. It started when they wanted more, when they wanted a brand. They both decided they were celebrities and tried to live like one, body guards and all. If they would quit stirring up the pot the paps would find them boring and leave them alone. This is what they both should do. Try this new career~being parents.


  4. The Gosselins sold their family’s right to privacy for a sum of money for each episode. They learned to be unemployed by spending all their time in front of a camera and lived a lifestyle that they didn’t earn. Now they have no income or job skills that can support their family. They both made a bad decision, and now they can live with it. I do not support their show or mistakes in any way, and I hope their supporters consider the liabilities the taxpayers will be spending on these people. It can only get worse with “Octomom” waiting in the background for her chance to sell her childrens’ personal lives so that she won’t have to work for a living. The good Dr. is right, but I don’t feel TLC should be solely responsible. For every act of prostitution there is a consenting buyer and seller.


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