Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s Body Language Show They Are Both Unhappy

Tom and Katie unhappy

This photo was just released from Radaronline with the headline which read “How romantic!” should read “How unromantic!”There is absolutely nothing romantic about this photo or the countless other photos I just analyzed for In Touch Weekly regarding Tom and Katie’s body language and what it says about their relationship.

In a retrospective I did, you can see how miserable they look together. It’s quite a contrast from their early days together. It is clear that this couple has grown apart. Now practically all of Tom and Kate’s photos look like this with his head bowed down, having a tight hand grip on Katie, both looking in the opposite direction as Katie looks tense, sad or both.

It doesn’t matter that they recently purchased a new NY Greenwich village 15 million dollar townhome or are seen holding hands. There is nothing romantic about Tom and Katie anymore as both of their body languages scream unhappiness. No matter how hard they try to fake it for the sake of the press, their true feelings leak out.


Tom is clearly not happy with Katie anymore and it shows in his body language. It has become more and more evident based on all of the recent photos I have analyzed. In fact, now mater how many pictures they take with Suri or without Suri , the bottom line is they both look miserable. Tom who for decades has usually been seen happy or calm, now looks terribly sad. Never before have we seen Tom looking so serious and so “bummed out.”He looks down. He looks tense. He looks unhappy This is not the Tom we once knew.

No matter what your opinion was of Tom Cruise is, no one can deny that he had the most electric and infectious . His smile seemed to make you smile. The only time Tom wasn’t smiling or calm was when he was in a film role when he was looking sad or angry or doing whatever was required of the character.

But now it seems that’s the only facial expression Tom is wearing is a tense and sad one. No matter how much handholding with Katie, he is unhappy around her.


Kalie looks just as miserable if not more. While Tom doesn’t even bother to smile , sometimes you see Katie eeking out a phony or fake smiles where her lips are spread but her eyes are sad. In this phot you see the tension in her neck muscles. She used to have a beautiful smile as well where she used to place her tongue up on the roof of her mouth and always have an open mouthed smile. You never see this facial expression in her anymore. She seems like a mere shell of herself.

When you look at the early photos of the two of them, they were clearly in love. Tom was smitten with her and she adored Tom. Their bodies didn’t lie then and they don’t like now. Now it is the complete opposite. The only thing they have in common it seems is their love for little Suri. They are both obviously staying in the marriage for the sake of Suri but it is at a huge cost- their happiness.


I hope Tom and Katie shwo their charismatic and genuines smile again. It is hard to be happy with anyone who csn’t happy being with you. I hope they resolve whatever is ailing them.This way everyone can be happy.
They both deserve to be happy and genuinely smile again.


13 thoughts on “Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s Body Language Show They Are Both Unhappy

  1. I have been following your blog and your observations are really interesting. You are spot on about jon and kate specially. what do u feel about brad pitt and anjelina jolie , read different things at different places


  2. how many women does he have to have to find the right one? I think hes a sick player and allways has been. Hes only happy with a women for a few years and then hes on to another. He needs to leave that wacky cult hes in if you ask me. Go get some couneling before you just leave your wife. Dr Glass they could save theyre marriage if they wanted to. Bad advise to tell someone to leave theyre wife wow talk about giveing up.


  3. Normally, I would never reccommned that As I am with you. I believe in working out a relationship to the very end. But Tom for sure will not go into a marriage counseling sitution unless it is religiously based as he does not believe in going outside of his church. His religion has many techniques that are used to help people with marital issues. I have no doubt he has tried them all. That is why I read form his body language that he is so sad. Apparently nothing has worked thus far. They are such a cute couple and their daughter is adorable. I hope they get happier. He looks miserable lately. SHe has been looking miserable for quite some time. That is really my concern. here.


  4. Ms. Glass, I love reading your blog. I especially love your
    analysis of the United Nations speech given by the respected Mr.Netanyahu. So grateful for this knowledge. Would never have known had I not read it here. I passed your article on to every single person I know.

    My point is, after reading your analysis of the Cruise marriage, I researched Tom Cruise and Kate Holme and found the above sequence of pictures. Same clothes, same day, smiling and happy, holding hands and enjoying each others company.
    Obviously a very happy couple. Why did you pick that one picture to make your point? It is out of context. You see, I live in Boston and have observed them together with my own eyes. They look to be very much in love. I observed them together, hand holding, smiling and being very much into each others space. They keep a low profile and enjoy the city of Boston.

    Cheers, Susan


  5. Dear Susan
    First of all thank you so much for your kind words and response. I hope that they show more happiness and work out whatever is wrong in their relationship as I love them as a couple. I have always been a fan of Tom’s acting love his smile and absolutely adore Katie.

    I also respect anyones religion and feel that in many cases Tom has been treated unfairly in this regard as he has the right to believe and worship as he pleases.

    But I have to tell you I have analyzed so many photos of them over the last few months sent to me by numerous media outlets and they unfortunately do not look happy together.

    The photos you sent me while giving the impression of a happy couple show subtle signs of distance between the two from the actual physcial distance between them to the positioning of their feet, to the tense smiles, to Katies (posed poinitng) seen with two different pointing shots.

    I sure hope you are right as nothing would make me happer than to see them genuinely happy together. Once again thank you so much for your very wonderful comments.
    Warmmly Dr. Lillian Glass


    1. I am not celb impressed in my book they are people like us that get OVERPAID because they ACT. Let everyone of these celebs Paris, Tom, Angelina etc….work 12-14 days in factory in the heat on concreate 6-7 days a week, take care of a home, kids, bills etc without the help of ANY nannies then I will feel sorry for them. Point is they all have it made. I know everyone has their problems but all they celebs try so freaking hard to make their life look “picture perfect” and it is simply NOT SO. Do not get me wrong I do think they make a cute couple and I have always been a fan of Katie Holms ever since Dawson’s Creek. Nobody really knows what is going on with “any” of them for real unless your a bodyguard, nannie or assistant. I do through truly hope them the best. I believe in KARMA deeply so I like to speak bad of anyone and like to wish everyone the best. There is ONE celb couple that I cannot wait for the TRUTH to come out and I am sure everyone knows who I am speaking of. The only reason is because of all the lies, deciet, blackmail, voodoo, all the kids out of wedlock saying they wont marry until “everyone” can marry. I do not believe in same sex marriage or relationships. In my personal belief it is suppose to go God, Man, Woman and then the children. That is only MY thoughts it does not make it right or wrong. In my book it is GOD and ONLY GOD. I do feel that everyone has a right to think and believe what they want and I would never push my beliefs on others or judge others for what they believe. I do feel sorry for them and I do pray for everyone although I do not know them personally. Anyhooooo, I do hope they are able to work things out. I could not provide my 8 yr old daughter w/a good x-mas but I did best I could given our bad situation but what I would not give to have one day in the life of being able to go on a vacation or say I am going to spa for day for myself then go by me a new ring….lol…and take my husband and daughter on a HUGE shopping spree. Seems as though the rich get richer and poor truly get more poor. I never got my break……Best of luck to everyone.


  6. A big LOL for our “expert” on body language, who has scanned the inner workings of Tom and Katie based on seeing a few photos. It’s either utterly ridiculous (99.99% probabilty) or a great read on them (the rest). In which lottery did you win your “Dr.” title, Ms Glass? I’d like to get myself one, too.


    1. Dear Dilts

      First of all Dilts I would never “scan the inner workings of Tom and Katie” nor “scan anyone” as I do not do “scanning” of any kind. Insead I do body language anlaysis.

      I do not do this based seeing a few photos . I make my analyusis based on many photos and I have seen many photos lates of the two of them.

      .I am not a licensed psychologist and do not ‘scan” nor would I even think of scaning the inner workings od anyone’s mind. I report behaviors and interpet them based on a scientific research that has been int he literature for decades. So your statement is completely ridiculous.

      If you were aware of body language analysis you would understand that peoples movements ans actions and behaviors are often indicative of what goes on in their limbic system, located deep within the confinds not of their “mind” but in their brain, thereby reflecting their emotion.

      AS I sadi, I have seen a lot of photos of Tom and Kate lately and in these photos they are refelctive of what I have seen repeatedly and what others have commented on in the press and in the blogosphere that Tom and Katie don’t look happy lately.

      To reiterate so that you can appropriately and effectively process what I am saying to you, I have not as you suggest made my assessment on just these 2 photos alone.

      By the way, I also want to add that am a huge fan of these two and love their work and think they are both wonderful, so my analysis was not at all meant to insult or disrespect them. It was meant to point of what I perceived as being reflected in their body language.Plain and simple.

      Your email shows your ignorance. If you re-read the post you will see that it is very caring about these two wonderful people that seem so unhappy. If you look at earlier photos of them and you will see what I mean. You are obviously a die hard Tom fan as am I, but don’t be blinded by that. It is obvious not only by my body language observations but by so many observations of many of his other fans and observers.

      In fact if you have ever read interviews I have done about Tom especially, I have always come to his defense as I really think very highly of him. I n fact, I feel he has been misread and misunderstood in many instances.I also think he is absolutely right about not polluting so many children with medications and psychotropic drugs in so many cases. It is awful what is being done to children and I am with Tom on this ALL the way!

      In these recent photos you never see Tom or Katie with those electric smiles that they had initially in their relationship. I hate to see Tom so unhappy and not smiling. In fact whenever he smiles he makes me smile. So it saddens me that he doesn’t seem happy.

      You, Ms. Dilts, obviuously have some issues that are beyond my analysis of Tom and Katie’s photos. Your showing your nastiness and ugliness. speaks volumes about you. You could make your point intelligently.

      And too answer your query, I didn’t “win any lottery.” lol If you would have gone to the About section in the Blog, you would learn that I studied Communication as well as Communciation Disorders from the top Universities in the country and received my PhD in that subject from University of Minnesota- not in a lottery as you snidely remark.

      Maybe you should get an education as you stated “IS dR. g I’d like to get myself one, too.”

      I can tell you that all takes is intelligence and a lot of hard work and a lot of decication.

      So I wish you luck in obtaining an education. Perhaps an education will give you the training so that you will be able to make mopre informed comments and and fully comprehend the content of what is being said, instead of going off in a ridiculous direction. You would be able to “communicate’ sans “disorder” in an intelilgent and respectful manner.
      Dr. Lillian Glass


      1. I think you are right all the way. I respect your thoughts and I have NO PHD….lol…but if you were lost in the woods I’d get you home safe and in one piece lol…. I think you made very good points and I know you were not being hateful. You have to understand on these sites you get some REALLY “STUPID” people……just overlook their dumb a()(*ss. You have high intelligence and that is great. I on other hand have more the common sense gene (not saying you do not have that as well) I am just saying I am not say…..oh “book smart”? I do have some really good talent though. Well, I just wanted to say you brought up some really good points and I really enjoyed reading your article. Have a great night now. Melissa


      2. This blog was written a while ago. In looking at Tom and Katie’s photos lately they look like they are doing very well and are very happy together. People’s bosy language reflect what is going on at a specific period in time.


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