Carrie Prejean’s Body Language Shows She Lied About Doing Her Masturbation Tape at 17 “Boyfriend” Confirms It Was 20 And That She Asked Him To Lie

Prejeean masternbation
On every major show Carrie Prejean, ex Miss California argued with veteran TV anchors who asked her about her “Sex Tape.” Prejean angrily claimed it wasn’t a “Sex tape.” She tried to justify it to the best of the best- Hannity, Barbara Walters, Meredith Vierra and Larry King that she was only 17 and that she was alone, by herself. Being the top journalists they are, all of them continued to probe, while she became more and more defiant.


If Prejean would have pulled that with me and I was interviewing her on national TV, I wouldn’t have “pussyfooted” (excuse the pun) around. I would have point blank looked her in the eye and said, “OK, Ms. Prejean, since you are into proper semantics and since as you state, you were alone , by yourself, when did you make the tape where you masturbated into your cell phone and emailed it to a young man who met on Myspace, who claims he just went out with you a couple of times?”

I would have gone on to say, “We have evidence that this man says a. he only went out with you a few times and wasn;t your “boyfriend” as you claim b. that you had sex with him shortly after meeting him as in a few hours later c. that he had evidence that you were a party girl d. that you recently called him screaming at him and asking him to lie and say that you made the tape when you were 17 when you made it when you were 20 and were already a Miss San Diego at the time. Since they don’t allow Ms. San Diego’s to participate at 17, we suspect he is telling the truth. So in essence you were a grown woman and not 17 as you lied about. And one more thing Ms. Prejean, “ Would you have felt any guilt or remorse if your so called “boyfriend” did lie and say you were 17 to protect your phony image and ended up in prison with a record as a sex offender for having sex with a minor? Would that have bothered you Ms. Prejean or are you so full of yourself that you would do anything and mow anyone down to get ahead?” That’s what I would have asked her.


That is what needed to be asked of this angry, nasty, hostile, defensive, lying and ugly Ms, Prejean. Yes, I said ugly. To me pretty is as pretty does. Seeing her face contort with lies and hostility with her mouth askew and eyes bulging out in anger made her look like an ugly troll ( the kind of wooden trolls you see in Norway to keep away the evil spirits). No one would ever suspect that she was once beauty queen. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig,” You can put lipstick on a lying hypocrite and dress her up in an evening gown and a bathing suit and she is still a lying hypocrite in an evening gown and bathing suit.

If you think I am being a bit harsh with this “poor sweet young girl,” you are right. There is nothing I hate more than people trying to hose the public. Bullshitters (yes I said it) hoaxsters and liars. I love busting them!


What she did to Larry King was unconscionable! It is the kiss of death to her career in my opinion. First I know Larry and he is the sweetest man. He is truly a gentleman and the ultimate professional and proved it on the show. His body language showed that he was visibly stunned and taken aback and stunned when she called him “inappropriate.” How is his asking her about why she settled inappropriate? He didn’t ask what she settled for. She disrespectfully scolds him and tells him he is inappropriate. He then makes a joke and says “We’ll be back with Inappropriate King Live”. He takes a caller’s call to break the awkwardness. It is complete BS that she said she walked off because she wasn’t supposed to take calls. He told her at the beginning of the show there would be calls. Ww all heard him as he introduced her and say that he would be taking calls. She could have walked off then. This is yet another lie from Prejean.

Now if King asked her the question that I proposed, or he asked her about her masturbatory practices to describe in detail what she did or if she used any additional devices, that may be considered “inappropriate.” But then this nasty beeyach has the audacity to unhook her mic and threaten and pout. How immature unprofessional and repulsive. It made her look even more awful than she already looked!

What was Larry to do with all that air time that was devoted to her and her stupid book ?. Yes I say stupid. When I saw her mugging for the camera and holding up the book like it was a toothpaste commercial I almost threw up in my mouth. No one is supposed to pitch a book that way. The host has to do it. It was obnoxious.


Whomever would pay a penny for this dumb book written by a ghostwriter in a week and turned around in a few months, is wasting their money. There is zero in the book that could possibly be interesting. We know it all. We know what happened and she can tell us nothing new except whining about how poorly she was treated. Take Just take your $24.95 and find a homeless person and give it to them. You will be doing a much better deed than wasting paper and filling Prejeans pockets. The book will tell you nothing you don’t already know. We all now know that she is a hypocritical liar.


Carrie Prejean first showed definite signals of deception on Hannity’s show when she said she was a teenager when she made her sex tape. Fiddling with her hair, looking down, shaking her head “no” when she should be shaking it “yes” were major signs of deception we saw on his show. On other shows when asked about the sex tape you can see other tells of lying such as shoulder shrugs , lip licking, and eye bulging and a constant defiant stare.

Prejean claims she was done wrong for answering the question about gay marriage as she did. Personally I think she has the right to answer the question anyway she wanted to answer it. But was what she did afterwards is what turned people off. Her entitlement, not obeying the pageant rules and acting like a victim were what was the turn off. Then she sues the pageant for millions claiming religious discrimination and drops the suit when her masturbation tape surfaces. She lies about Donald. She lies that the man was her boyfriend with whom she was deeply in love, when in fact they just dated and hooked up. She is mean and belligerent to the ladies of the View, Meredith Vierra of the Today Show and is horribly rude to Larry King, scolding him and threatening to walk off and BSing that it is because of callers when it was not what she walked off.


If she thinks she is going to be a poster girl for religious freedom and for speaking out against gay marriage, no one will believe her now because they have met her and seen this liar up close and personal. Her credibility is zilch. There is nothing more this woman has to say. We got it! Having her a masturbation tape out there and her nasty behavior certainly isn’t helping her cause and anyone that enlists her in their cause is as stupid as she is.

Perez Hilton was the first to call her stupid. After all, he did she her up close and personal and he did no doubt, interview her face to face before the pageant . When I was a judge in the Miss USA pageant years ago, we had to interview all the contestants face to face and come up with a score. So he obviously spoke to her ahead of time. Her statement about gay marriage was just the icing on the cake for him I am sure. I hope Prejean hurries up and finishes her book tour so we never have to hear from her again.

The issue is no longer about her gay marriage views. At this point it is irrelevant. What is relevant is her hypocrisy due to acting holier than thou and sending out a masturbation tape , her lack of credibility due to her lying about her age she made the tape, her “boyfriend,” Donald Trump, and the reason why she wanted to bail from Larry King , and her obnoxious self righteous, nasty personality. On the other hand it might be fun to see her just one more time- on The Celebrity Apprentice going toe to toe with Omarossa.


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