Toxic Michael Lohan’s Continual Release of the Tapes Is Emotional Murder

Dina and Michael
There is no bigger hurt than a parent betraying a child. Whether it is through sexual molestation, physical abuse or emotional, abuse like speaking about their child’s most intimate concerns to others. This is exactly what Michael Lohan keeps doing to Lindsay by his releasing a series of tapes that should not be for anyone else’s ears- let alone the public’s ears. In trying to hurt Dina, no doubt, he killed any possible relationship that he and his daughter could ever have had in the future.

So far we have heard Lindsay in tears, in emotional agony and now we have heard allegations about her and Heath Ledger. Lindsay shared her intimate thoughts with her mother Dina. Dina shared them with Lindsay’s father and now Lindsay’s father is sharing them with us.

If he loves Lindsay as he says he does, he would never release these horrible tapes. He can’t possibly love Lindsay as no one who loves you betrays you. He obviously loves himself more and loves his money more than his own flesh and blood.

He hides behind the cloak of religion saying he is a born again Christian. But born again Christians aren’t supposed to act Judas-like. They are supposed to act Christ-like. His actions are creating irreparable damage to Lindsay’s already fragile psyche. He claims that he is doing this for his daughter’s benefit to get her into rehab. This will never happen using his abusive technique. In fact, these are old tapes that sound like they are spliced together in parts (at least the one with Dina discussing Heath Ledger sounds like it). Lindsay may have had a problem in the past but maybe she is fine now. Only she knows that.

If this lovely young lady was teetering on the verge of going one way or the other with regard to sobriety and other issues, Michael’s releasing these terribly intimate tapes may make her teeter over to the side of self destruction. He is committing in my opinion emotional murder on her psyche. I pray that she is strong and has the right support systems in place enough to go for “sweet revenge” becoming a huge success in spite of her father.

I pray that Lindsay sorts herself out with a great therapist who can guide her through this rough patch in dealing with the egregious actions of her father. She really needs to get back into acting and do some creative projects. She is such a beautiful and talented young lady, but it appears that her father’s actions and the damage he has done, prevent her from moving forward . If anything God forbid should happen to her, I hold Michael completely accountable.


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