Carrie Prejean’s Body Language on Hannity Indicates Defensiveness, Deception and Lack of Apology to Pageant Officials for Lying About Her Embarrassing Past

cary prejean

Carrie Prejean showed definite signals of deception on Hannity’s show when she said she was a teenager when she made her sex tape. She then tried to convince everyone that she made it for a boyfriend with whom she was so in love. But her body language tells told the truth. They gave her way. Fiddling with her hair, looking down, shaking her head “no” when she should be shaking it “yes” she showed major signs of deception when Hannity says “this is when you were a teenager?


So what if she did it when she was a teenager (which her body language says she didn’t) she should have known this was wrong. And what was an underage teenager doing making a sex tape of herself? Is that how she was raised?
This is the same young woman who said in front of millions of people watching the Miss USA Pageant that she does not believe in gays marrying because “that’s how I was raised.” Was she raised to make a porn tape of herself engaged in auto erotocisim?” Was she raised to bear her breasts in photos which surfaced after the pageant fiasco?

When I first heard Carrie Prejean’s holier than thou answer at the Miss America pageant “I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman,” I thought, well, that’s her opinion and she is entitled to it. But then when she added “No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised,” my ears perked up. When someone says “no offense to anyone out there,” they know they have offended. And when one brings up how they were raised, they aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions, and shifting the responsibility on to a third party- their family. Usually there is some hypocrisy involved. Now we have seen this former beauty queen’s hypocrisy surface up close and personal.


In a defensive tone with a scrunched up nose and look of disgust on her face, she says in a monotone not sincere voice that “it is the biggest mistake of my life” No it’s not! The biggest mistake of her life was that she got caught doing the sex tape and she got busted Her trying to justify the existence of the tape is repulsive as she says she was by herself and opening her eyes wide as if trying to get Hannity and the audience to believe her says” I Never did I think it would come out.” Once again she opens her eyes wide as if trying to convince Sean, and in her monotone continues to say It was bad judgment. She was completely insincere in her tone. It was only bad judgment because she got caught.


As a former beauty pageant winner when I was younger I know a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in these pageants. As a former judge in the Miss USA Pageant, I know even more. I know that you have to sign a lot of papers stating that you have never been involved in anything that could embarrass the company or the pageant. I know that if you sign these papars and something surfaces, you are out because you nullified your contract by lying and not coming clean.

In a pageant as big as Miss USA/ Miss Universe you better come clean. The last thing they need is a scandal after all of their embarrassments thus far. They need to preserve the brand and if you sully it with a sex tape, that is not doing your duty to preserve and enhance the brand as Donald trump would agree. But Donald is really a good guy and he tries to play fair and five people second chances as he did with the last Miss USA who had an alcohol issue. Donald even defended Ms. Prejean initially. If Donald said it was OK then it was OK with me. But then this ex Miss California gave a speech that made me want to vomit in my mouth. When she talked about her grandfather dying for his right to speak and his freedoms I knew this “holier than thou”” look at me I am a victim because that awful gay beast PerezHilton did this to me, ” I immediately knew something was amiss.


So did Perez Hilton. He’s a pretty sharp guy and went after her with a vengeance. I don’t think it only about the fact that she didn’t believe in gay marriage, something that was so controversial in the state of California where it was permitted and then unpermitted.” I think Perez saw something in Ms. Prejean that we all see now- hypocrisy and a genuine ugliness of spirit, a whininess and a defensiveness. So he went after her with a bigger hatchet. Then things began to surface like photos of her showing her breasts. She fluffed it off to it being the wind that caused it! Pretty smart wind in California to only blow open your blouse and refuse to blow your hair. Then there was all this scandal about her not paying back the Miss California people who paid for her breast enhancement now that she was stripped of her Miss California title for not meeting her obligations and doing things without pageant officials permission.


That is a huge thing. When you sign away for being Miss whatever, you sign away your freedom, You have to be places where they want you, not where you want you. You need to get their OK to do anything you want to do on your own. Having been friends with Miss Universe Ceclia Bolocco definitely know how this works. This Chilean beauty had no life of her own during the year she was Miss Universe, She went to event after event, function after function- all Miss Universe realted. All of her press was Miss Universe related. She was representing Miss Universe- not Miss Bolocco. The same holds true to Ms. Prejean. It was Miss California that was being represented, not Miss Prejean.

Prejean was gallivanting here and there without pageant officials blessings so they canned her ands by the way they wanted their money back from the breast implants they provided. l She got upset and thought they canned her because of her anti-gay answer at the Miss Universe pageant and refused to pay. So they sued her and she sued them back. She quickly dropped her suit when she was shown her sex tape in the presence of her own mother- who by the way allegedly told her daughter that she should get pregnant by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and that she would be set for life.
With her eyes wide open Prejean say “ Its embarrassing. In yet another defensive tone says “ Its humiliating to talking about this now on national TV,” as she makes a disgusted face again crinking up her nose . Her tone and wide eyed expression indicate she is trying to garner sympathy. is as though she Then she has the audacity to say “Can you imagine? As oif she was a victim and it was done to her and poor her has to go on TV and defend herself. This is yet another sympathy garnering device on her part.

Then she speaks in the third person- another bad sign of detachment and NOT taking responsibility. She says “you just take responsibility for it and I am.” She subtly shakes her head no and crinkles her forehead . This facial gesture indicates that she is clearly not taking responsibility. This does not look like a facial gesture of contrition that she is sorry. Instead. it looks like a facial expression of “ I’m sorry I got caught.”

As she shakes her head no, justifying why she did the tape, she say “I was alone. I was sending it to my boyfriend who I was totally in love with. By the way, this is the second time she repeats herself Methinks THOU DOST PROTEST TOO MIUCH!

Now she brings up the age thing again saying as she shakes her head “no” while saying “When you are in love you think this is the one.” Here again she is not taking responsibility as she says” never did I think it would come and slap me in the face.”

WHAT!!!! Slap you in the face??? First of all what is IT?? IT is your making a tape and not telling officials that one was out there. It was the lying by omission. So, an old boyfriend released it? Why did you give it to him in the first place and if you were so young what were you doing making sex tapes for him? How old was this alleged boyfriend anyway? Was he with an underage girl? Was that underage girl YOU? IT didn’t do anything to you Carrie Prejean. You did IT to you. And this statement you just made indicates that you are not sorry. You are blaming IT , You are still hypocritically hiding behind the mask of being a holier than thou Christian, pointing the finger at everyone else, when there are 3 fingers pointing back at you.

Here’s the bottom line Nobody likes the following: Liars, Hypocrites, People Who Are Holier Than Thou and Hide Behind The Mask of Any Religion When They Don’t Walk the Walk, People Who Go on TV to Apologize When They Really Aren’t Sorry, and People that Blame IT’S when it is THEM!


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