Michael Jackson’s Dr. Arnold Klein Shows Signals of Deception When He Talks About Michael Peeing Publicly

Arnie Klein nose tell
Dr. Arnold Klein scratching his nose as a signal of deception

Harvey Levin of TMZ pointedly asked Dr, Arnold Klein “What was it that allowed this child to identify in such explicit detail the discolorations and markings of Michael Jackson’s genitals?”As Harvey asks him this question, we see Dr. Klein’s scratching his thigh. This is a significant tell of deception because the automatic nervous system starts to activate and the blood flow increases. Therefore itching will often occur. With itching there is scratching. Dr. Klein continues to scratch as he asked Harvey Levin ”So you think he studied his penis?” Then the doctor looks away (another tell of deception).

Then he says he that Michel peed in whatever he had available. As Arnold Klein says “ He used to pee in a cup” He looks away and then scratches his nose. This action in this context is a full blown signal of deception.

Then you see yet another signal of deception. When a person isn’t telling the truth, they will often go off on a tangent and tell a related story that has nothing to do with the story at hand or the person whom the story is about. Arnie Klein tells Harvey that he knew of a case of a famous country singer who used to pee in the bed to keep warm. As Dr. Klein says this Harvey is clearly uncomfortable as his head is bowed and his eyebrows raise, as his shoulders hunch over. This indicates that he is not buying the story about Michael’s cup peeing in front of others as the reason why the boy could identify the markings on Michael’s genitalia.

As Arnie Klein goes off on this tangent, Harvey brings him back to talking about peeing in the cup by saying “Can I get back to this peeing in a cup.” As Harvey says this, Arnie looks away (another signal of deception).
He then does three does repetitions and proceeds to answer a question with a question- yet another two signals of deception. Here is exactly what Dr. Klein said. “ Why because he didn’t want” “ He didn’t have time” “He didn’t want”

When probed again by Harvey, we see Arnie swallowing hard. This can also be another signal of deception as the autonomic system takes over by drying up the mucous membranes. It feels uncomfortable physically. Hence the hard swallow. Then Arnie repeats the question Harvey asked him as part of his answer- also a signal of deception. Harvey asks “ Did he know he was he was shocking people ?” Arnie says “He knew what he was doing and he was shocking people.”
Then Arnie gives away way too much information as he goes off on yet another tangent- another tell of deception. He talks about Michael not caring and about peeing in front of others and how his nurse asked him if Michael always does it. This simply doesn’t ring true to the naked ear. Why would a nurse ask a doctor if a patient always pees in a cup?

It simply doesn’t ring true. Another tell of deception is when Arnie now holds on to both of his hands and does not move them as he speaks. Prior to this he has used a lot of hand gestures. When he has spoken about truthful issues like Michael’s drug problem, his hands were animated, but now that there is deception, the hands remain motionless and contained. In holding on to his hands, it is a though he is literally holding back the truth.

Then Harvey asks . “ Isn’t it inappropriate to pee in front of children and show children his genitals to which Arnie says Michel didn’t view himself as an adult but rather as a child.

Arnie goes on to say that Michael had tons of videos and even gave him a lot of toys, all the while holding on to his hands and not moving them. Arnie now makes direct eye contact with Harvey, indicating that he is telling the truth. So, it is true that Michael did not see himself and an adult but as a child Now Arnie diverts the topic from video game room Michael had, to Michael’s toys, to Michael giving him toys, to Michaels carnival, to what Michael would do at his carnival by throwing gum balls and m & m’s at him.

When someone gives way too much information, it is often a tell of deception. All Harvey wanted to know was “Isn’t it inappropriate to pee in front of children and show children his genitals?”


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