Dr. Arnold Klein’s Body Language Says He Is Telling The Truth About Michael Jackson Being A Drug Addict! Did He Enable Michael and Violate his HIPPA Rights?

Arnie Klein
I just watched Harvey Levin’s exclusive interview on TMZ with Michael Jackson ‘s dermatologist and best friend Arnold Klein MD. It is clear from Dr. Klein’s body language that he is not lying when Harvey asked the doctor if Michael was addicted to drugs.

Dr. Klein looked directly at Harvey and said ”when you’re rich and famous in America, you can get anything you want.” He then used a broad hand gesture with open palm indicating that he was being sincere and open. He then and lowered his head while still looking directly at Harvey and said with louder tone and a great deal of conviction as there was an upward inflection in his voice, “Yes, he was a drug addict.(referring to Michael) “There is no question.” As he said “no” he shook his head “no” in the negative which is a sign that the doctor’s words were in synch with his body language. Thus, Dr. Klein was clearly telling the truth.

However there is something that bothers me about Dr. Klein’s admission that Michael was a drug addict. He just violated Michaels HIPPA Rights and privacy rights. You are never supposed to talk about your patient’s issues unless you are under oath in a court of law. Even though he was Michael’s best friend, he still treated Michael as a patient. This he had a dual relationship with Michael which may spell “conflict of interest.” If he was indeed Michael’s best friend and Michael had a drug addiction problem, why didn’t he do an intervention with Michael? Why didn’t get Michael into rehab? Why didn’t he help Michael get off the drugs?

Dr. Klein’s statement “when you’re rich and famous in America you can get anything you want.” Also disturbs me. Is Dr. Klein talking about himself here? Is really saying is that “if you are rich and famous, I will give you anything you want.” He was after all, Michael’s doctor and he did seem to give Michael a lot of medication that seemed a bit extreme for the procedure involved. In fact he recently submitted some medical bills to Michael’s estate where we can see in the records that he gave Michael Demerol one of the strongest pain medications just for acne surgery and Demerol for restalyne shots to fill out wrinkles. A local numbing solution is used for these things, but using the strongest pain medication for these purposes seems to me like Dr. Klein may have been an enabler in terms of Michaels’ drug addiction. With best friends like that, you certainly don’t need enemies.

Then Harvey asked Dr. Klein if he ever administered propofol to Michael Jackson. He shook his head no as he immediately answered “never”. His body language showed that he was indeed telling Harvey the truth. Harvey then asked him if Michel ever asked him for propofol and he said “Yes” with a strong convicted voice and went to on to tell how one weekend Michael called to ask him for it and he told Michael that he is “absolutely out of his mind.” He also said that Michael wanted to because he said he couldn’t sleep.

Dr. Klein then went on to say how how Dr. Murray is responsible for Michael’s death and should be prosecuted and the people who hired him should also be culpable because they didn’t do a background check.

But what about Dr. Klein? Is he indirectly culpable? If he could say to Michael “ You’re out of your mind I’m not giving you propofol.” Why then, couldn’t he say to Michael, “You’re out of your mind and I’m not supporting your drug habit and giving you Demerol for squeezing a zit.

HArvey tuurnd off
Dr. Klein then volunteers up a story to Harvey about how “Bad” was supposed to be a duet between Michael and Prince. While Harvey finds the story of interest, based on Harvey’s body language with crossed arms and tense jaw and tuned off facial expression, Harvey clearly thinks the story is inappropriate in the context of this interview.

What Dr. Klein was really doing by telling this story, was letting Harvey and viewers know just how close he and Michael were. By revealing information which was not in the public domain and which very few were privy, it showed that he was really a part of Michael’s inner most circle.

If Dr. Klein was that close to Michael as he revealed, and would have acted professionally by setting boundaries for Michael, no doubt, Michael would have kicked him out of his inner sanctum of people. So in order to stay he most likely “gave Michael anything he wanted” with the exception of propofol.


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