Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Anger, Hostility, and Verbal Abuse Towards Her Innocent Kids

KAte mean with kids
The only people I really care about in this Jon and Kate saga is the 8 innocent children. My belief is that you can’t give a child too much love, physical affection, emotional support, kind and tender words, warmth, caring, friendly looks, and happy smiles. When you do these things they have a better chance to becoming loving adults with a healthy sense of self.

I saw none of these positive body language behaviors when I watched Kate interact with the kids after they exited their school bus. No doubt Kate was having one of her “meltdowns” which she discussed on her interview with Natalie Morales. She was clearly taking out her frustration and anger on these innocent children. After seeing the TMZ video I am more convinced than ever that these kids are in such desperate need of therapy, just to deal with the scars Kate is leaving on their little psyches.

As I watched the video I saw Kate making some hostile hand gesture to Mady, her least favorite of the children. Instead of their mommy saying “Hi Aden sweetie,” “ I love you Leah darling,” “ Hi Big Boy Joel,” etc. Kate scowls at the kids. They in turn, look miserable as they file off the bus and line up in two lines.

Mady is the first one in the back of the second line and looks absolutely miserable. In fact, each of the children’s faces looks tense and sad. They finally crowd around a woman who is holding a baby and attempt to play with the baby grabbing the baby’s hand. This is the only time they look happy.

Then you see them outside Kate’s SUV waiting to get in . Kate has a scowl on her face as she angrily flings her bags in back of the station wagon. The children were taking among themselves and you could hear their voices in a normal tone that kids use with one another when they are outside. Then you see Kate admonishing these well behaved children for nothing as she tells them to be quiet. Why?

For a mother who repeatedly claims how she loves those kids and sacrificed being on bed rest for 30 weeks, she sure doesn’t act too loving. She acts like a mean shrew. As she points her finger at them we see little Hannah backing up in fear as Kate yells “This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly …”

Then we see little Colin, her most physically active boy, doing what most little boys his age do- move around and do little dances. He simply couldn’t contain himself or take Kate’s irrational restrictions any more. So, in a little act of rebellion, he twirled himself around in circles. Then we see Kate admonishing him to “. Stop your feet and don’t move them.” As Kate says this we see Hannah looking down at her feet. “ Some of the other children are standing there silent with fear.

Then, as an extra threat, Kate added “If I wasn’t here you’d still be standing in the parking lot waiting.”
This is horrible behavior. She is teaching her kids to fear her. She is doing to the kids what she used to do to Jon, belittle humiliate, and admonish him. Why can’t they talk when they want and move and dance and sing and just be kids? It’s because Kate is a Toxic control freak and we are seeing her in action. It is so sad. It is awful when your kids fear you, Fear is not respect. As they get older, many of them will rebel because they simply will not tolerate her abuse for no reason. Now we understand Mady’s tantrums and tears a lot more. She is obviously upset and frustrated because of Kate’s disrespect and abusive treatment. Others may go into a shell. But ALL of them will suffer in some way if she doesn’t get them in to family counseling. With her abusive actions towards them, she will clearly be the cause of their upcoming problems.

I am all for setting boundaries for children when they act up. But these kids were clearly not acting up. They were just being normal and beautiful kids. This was Jon’s major complaint to Kate on several of the episodes throughout the years.

As much as I have my negative thoughts about Jon’s behavior lately, I will say that at least he allows them to be kids and have fun. Also except for the recent hair pulling of Hannah, he is a much kinder and loving and tender parent from what I have observed. Thank goodness they have his balance in their lives.

Jon and Kate, please get out of your owns egos and really think of these kids before you think of yourselves. That means getting these kids into therapy asap. It’s not enough to feed, clothe and bathe them. You scream to the world how you love your children and would do anything for them. In fact Kate wanted them to be served on golden platters according to her latest interview. If that is the case, then show your love by getting them into therapy.

You have to treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve. That, Kate Gossselin, is serving them with a gold platter. Get them the therapy they need during these crucial times so they won’t turn out like you. Your kids are smart and when they pick up that you are annoyed and irritated with them all the time , their feelings hurt as they may perceive that you really don’t like them deep down. They may feel that you find them a burden, annoying and irritating. Yet they are your cash cow and bring in the money directly or indirectly, so you have to tolerate them. There is no doubt that they will eventually pick this up. You make them feel bad about themselves when you abuse them verbally and facially with your scowl of annoyance. They think they did something bad, when in actuality they did not. I can only imagine what happens behind closed doors when it is just you and the kids and there are no cameras rolling. All I can say is heaven help them! http://www.drlillianglass.com


14 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Anger, Hostility, and Verbal Abuse Towards Her Innocent Kids

  1. I totally agree with your interpretation of Kate’s actions here. And why does she wait until the kids are waiting for her, does she finally move her bags to the back. If she didn’t want to be out there extra long, so more pictures could be taken, she would have had the car ready for passengers. More all about Kate. She is so mean to those kids. Why don’t interviewers play this crap for her to respond to. I hope Jon and his lawyers is collecting all this befor the go back to court. He may not be a true prize, but the kids don’t hate him. The poors kids have been quiet in school all day, just had an hour bus ride home. They are probably hungry and need to pee and she wants little quiet soldiers. She is a self centered witch. These kids need to be fostered by someone that will love them until she realizes SHE is the problem.


  2. Dr. Lillian,
    You are so spot on with your observations about Kate. I’ve seen this behavior from the very beginning. My heart absolutely breaks for these kids. Why is CPS not involved? This is broadcast for the whole world to see! Why are they doing nothing? Isn’t that in itself abuse? I’ve been thinking that if perhaps you were to contact them, as you are an expert in body language, and inform them of the true danger to these kids, then perhaps they will FINALLY step in! The court needs to mandate therapy for this entire family! Kate in particular! This woman is seriously ill!
    The reason Kate won’t put these kids into therapy is because she knows the truth will come out about what a vile person she is, and God forbid she lose her little cash cows! Dr. Lillian, would you PLEASE try to help? I have so much respect for you. I just know that you would be heard. Thanks so much!!


  3. You really hit the nail on the head with this blog post – and I think that this is the main reasons that a lot of viewers have become so turned off by Kate.
    Anyone that has ever watched at least a few episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8 can see this behavior and this is why there are so many out there that dislike her – she is a complete and utter control freak.
    And it’s never about the children’s safety or discipline – it’s usually about if they are standing still, being quiet and most importantly, not getting dirty. There are ample examples: Crayon factory – freak about about clothes getting dirty. Making cupcakes – freak out about clothes getting dirty. Eating ice cream and rolling down a grassy hill – freak out about clothes getting getting dirty. Chewing gum – freak out about getting clothes dirty with gum.
    Those poor kids are going to be completely neurotic about getting dirty, if they aren’t already!
    Jon even made a comment in the Cupcake episode about how she was going to be sorry one day when she looked back.
    She seems like one of those people that makes things harder on herself and then complains about it later. Like in this video, as you stated, why wasn’t she prepared, she didn’t have the car ready for them to get in it – yet, the paps are swarming around taking pictures? Also, why wouldn’t she have taken the van, so that all the kids would fit in the car? Why don’t the kids load their own backpacks in the car? Why does she still help them in and out of the vehicle? They are certainly old enough to be doing those last two things on their own. But again, control, control, control.
    What is that saying about the tighter you hold on to something the most slippery it becomes?


  4. Leats face it Kate cant handel 8 kids by herself. She has no Patience. She needs a nanny at all times her and Jon are use to haveing nannys care for there’re kids most of the time while they enjoy life. Jon should move back to PA and be in the kids life all the time not just on his days. He would rather shack up with Hailey than be with the kids all the time.


  5. It’s no coincidence that this parking lot drama happened on the same day of Kate’s TLC interview. She most likely created this scene to further her “poor-me- single-mom-I’m-overwhelmed-because-Jon-left” image. She knows the cameras were there.
    What’s pretty sick is that she intentionally abused her kids to promote her image to her fans.


  6. I don’t understand WHY you keep wondering:

    WHY Take doesn’t get the children into therapy…

    WHY she treats them so mean because they might get the impression that she doesn’t like them…


    She’ll NEVER get them into therapy because THE TRUTH, even a tiny piece of it, would land her in JAIL.

    Her children don’t already “think” she doesn’t like them, they KNOW she doesn’t like them.

    Take Greedslin was only satisfied with ONE part of “being a mommy.” That one part was being pregnant with them and ALL of the ATTENTION it garnered for her. She’s in love with the IDEA of becoming Super Mommy, NOT actually BEING a super mommy. She will NEVER be kind and loving to her children, especially now that they cannot FILM with HER. As far as she’s concerned, they have NOTHING LEFT to offer HER.

    (sorry for the yelling but pleeeezzzzz, you’re wishing for the impossible.)


  7. About that “gold platter”?

    Take wants everyone else to serve her children on that “gold platter.” She, as always, is excused from duty, from serving her own children. WHY?

    Because she’s just too special. Oh, and since “society approves of fertility drugs…” society OWES her, and “her” children, EVERYTHING on a gold platter.

    She can’t even get her cliches correct; it’s “a silver platter.”


  8. If Jon was such a great parent he would be there with the kids every day. kate and Jon need big breaks from the kids all the time. Lazy parents need to raise theyre kids not nannys.


    1. You obviously don’t understand the words “Custody arrangements”.

      Jon cannot show up on Kate’s custody day. If he did, he would be arrested.

      Just like how Kate was asked to LEAVE the residence on Jon’s custody day. No matter how she poured out her crocodile tears, she was asked to leave.


  9. I understand Custody arrangements Kate and Jon made these Custody arrangements. He needs to be with the kids more he needs to live in PA close to his kids.


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