Levi Johnston’s Body Language Shows He Was Telling the Truth on The Insider

levi johnston gq baby
Levi Johnston’s body language on the Insider clearly showed signs that he was indeed telling the truth when questioned about Sarah Palin. He was direct and quick in his response. There was no hesitation or signals of deception vocally. He answered immediately. He had credible facial and eye contact. His body language also showed no “tells” that would indicate he was lying.

So why did 54 percent of the viewers think he wasn’t telling the truth? It had everything to do with his terrible speech patterns. As appealing as this young man is physically, is as unappealing as he is vocally and verbally. His mumbling and dying off at the end of sentences was a complete turn off to viewers.

No one can understand him, with the exception of Kathy Griffin. He is inarticulate which gives the perception that he is not very bright, which he may or may not be. He certainly not educated and it shows.
But he is bright enough to know that his media war against Sara Palin is having a negative effect on her. He is also bright enough to know that he can parlay his media presence into hard cash. But what can he do? Act? Model? He certainly has movie star looks but you need talent and training and understandable speech patterns to go with your look if you want to be an actor. So he parlayed it into modeling his private parts for Playgirl. Now that is clearly evidence in my mind that the young man is not very bright.
If he was going to model, he should have done it with his clothes on. Then he should have used the money he made from modeling to take acting classes and speech classes and then he would have had a future. Now he will be the brunt of a joke.

His media war against Sara Palin is very personal and he is very bitter and rightfully so. If what he says is true and that Sara is not allowing him to see his baby. Who can blame him? He is more than willing to be the David to bring down the Goliath Sarah Palin. Instead of throwing a rock, he is throwing all her family secrets and dirty laundry out to the media. He enjoys it. You can see it in his smirk as he spills bean after bean of little juicy nasty tidbits about Palin. His smirk along with his “I’m not afraid of anyone attitude” says “Ha ha Sara, I’m getting back at you for not letting me near my son.” It’s a passive aggressive way of fighting back and he is doing it with a vengeance.

In fact, Star Jones commented that he had no fear. She’s right. He doesn’t, especially where Sara Palin is concerned. He even mumbled to Star how he wasn’t afraid of Sara.
He is determined to do whatever it takes to try his best to destroy the reputation of the grandmother of his baby. No doubt he knows information that could perhaps not only destroy Sarah but perhaps even put her behind bars. He apparently is holding on to that information, if indeed he has it , as a last resort.

It seems to me that all Levi wants besides fame is to see his son. So all Sarah has to do is allow him that right and this entire ugliness could be avoided. Levi is the father and it is the baby’s right to know Levi. How can Sarah keep him away from his child legally? With the money Levi earns from taking his pants off for Playgirl, perhaps he should use it to hire a lawyer to fight for right to see his son.


3 thoughts on “Levi Johnston’s Body Language Shows He Was Telling the Truth on The Insider

  1. Thanks for the analysis Dr. Glass. I wasn’t quite sure of whether or not to believe him, but after your analysis I think I actually might believe him. Thanks again!


    1. By the way, Sarah has never had a bad word to say about him until he started with his ignorant comments on her family’s life, a life he was clearly jealous of since his father walked out in 2007. The Palins so thing together, even with busy careers. And even after he was in his Tank (democrat)-led media stuff, all Sarah said was “he’s lost.” And he was. Bristol had a real job, set up a college fund for her son, and was enjoying family time.

      He deserves to be a butt of jokes because he is a PROVEN liar who couldn’t even be honest about not voting in 2008. He said he did. He wasn’t registered.

      His sister, 24, is still jobless (always has been) and pretends to be friends with One Direction. Levi’s wife doesn’t let her around her kids, the way Bristol didn’t want her around HER son.

      THAT was what Levi was hiding. His family.


  2. Now we know he is a liar. And NOW we know that before Bristol’s son could control his head movement on his own, Levi’s nasty sister stared selling lies about the Palins for money because she’s jealous and lazy. His sister deliberately tried to ruin he and Bristol’s relationship and she even tried to ruin his marriage this year. Both Johntons solds lies to playboy to cover up Levi’s sister’s treatment of Bristol. He may not have known what a liar his sister was 7 years ago, but he knows it now.

    Tank Jones used Levi to make them money. He told him to cal the littlest Palin retarded, a word no Palin would said. I know for a fact all the Palins and their ext relatives abhor that word. And Levi smirked when he said it. WHO does that? A boy who’s getting things whispered in his ear.

    He is so jealous of how close the Palins are. he’s never had a good family like that. Sarah, despite having busy jobs, always made time for family. There’s so much proof in that. Levi didn’t even know when his girlfriend went on family vacations. He was a selfish teen boy who only cared about P and sports, until he flunked out. And he desperately tried to hide his sister’s psychosis until it almost destroyed his marriage.


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