Kate Gosselin’s Blaming Others, Self Righteousness, Hypocrisy ,and Too Many Tears In TLC’s Latest Attempt To Repair Kate’s Image for Her Own Show

Kate TLC 2
The interview Kate Gosselin did last night for yet another TLC special clearly showed us more about the real Kate. It was not attractive. While she does look very attractive with her glammed up hairstyle and makeup and pretty burgundy dress , her words and behavior were clearly not attractive.

In doing the second Kate special in two weeks, it is obvious what TLC is doing. They are upset that Jon pulled the plug on their cash cow show. So now they are trying everything possible to repair her image for the upcoming show they plan to give her. But it is not working. Kate did not come across as a sympathetic character or a likeable character. She certainly did not come across as a person you would like to spend time watching on their own show sans Jon and the kids.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see a show with a whiny, blaming, self righteous narcissistic, hypocritical person with a lot of inner hostility. Until she works out her mom and dad issues which were so evident when she discussed her parents, she will have a lifetime of problems. You could see the anger she has towards her parents in her body language. Kate does not get along with her parents. As she discusses them, she looks down and away so you can see the tension in her when she speaks of them. On a psychological note until she handles her mom and dad issues this will be a big problem in her life. Her anger towards them is visually apparent. She has no relationship with them other than occasional emails. Apparently they have never been in their grandchildren’s lives for the past five years. How sad for the kids not to know their grandparents.

She needs to get into therapy and get this handled before she can even think about having a show where she is supposed to be the super single mom – mother of all mothers. Kate can’t seem to get along with anyone in her immediate family parents, brother, sisters .

The theme which permeated throughout the entire interview was blame. Kate blamed her parents, her brother, the paparazzi, US Weekly and the cover story they did calling her Monster Mom, Jon, her stress for her meltdowns, the fans ( who once annoyed her) It was all about self pity. It was her against the world, It was very whiney and very unappealing. There was so much self righteousness and Kate playing the martyr. Here are some of her quotes

“You can’t blame me” (when talking about her parents)
“I’m there the majority of the time ” when talking about her custody arrangement
“I was on bed rest for 30 weeks so I could have them” ( talking about the show not
hurting kids
“I’m a rule follower” ( why TLC is suing Jon)
“I never quit anything” ( calling it quits with Jon)
” He wasn’t happy” ( seeing Jo in press with other women)
“approved by him always”
“HATE/HATE (relationship with the paparazzi)
“I didnt do it to be in the tabloids “(when asked about putting herself in the position)
“I dive on the phone” (when Jon calls to talk about the kids)
“They found a story line to suite them”
“I try to be positive.”
“I feel I’m really working through this. I don’t feel the anger in me” (like Jon does…)
“I want my children to have life served to them on a gold platter”

The most disturbing part of the interview was when she says I think the phone will ring and it will be the Old Jon. Kate then slips and says the kids say it and want the old Jon back… Where are they hearing this ??? From Kate. This is very damaging to them psychologically . They shouldn’t be talking about the Old Jon. She is obviously feeding this to them and they will suffer as a result.

The biggest visible LIE or body language tell of deception was when she was asked who called it quits. She licks her lips there is back and forth shifting of her eyes and swallowing as she lies and says “I don’t know who it was.” Then she backpedals and says it was mutual and you see her hands moving and some “uhms “ indicating deception.

Too many tears were contrived in many instances. If you’re crying that many times in a 48 minute time slot you need to be on a therapist couch not in an interview with a reporter. She stops for a while to build up tears. Other times she wipes away no tears as there is no liquid. There is a lot of self pity . She was then told by the reporter, “You called it quits.” Kate she fakes out some tears and “cries” for herself” as she says “ it’s hard to hear because I never quit anything.”

There is also too much defending herself against the allegations of being with the bodyguard… as in “thou dost protest too much.” If it isn’t true. most people would laugh it off or be more lighthearted about it or be calm about their answer and say no, it isn’t true and leave it at that. Kate, instead was very intense about defending herself in a whiney tone. Then another red flag is she blames Jon for giving her permission to travel with the body guard. So the verdict is still out on that one.

There was a lot of hypocrisy.
a. She says he laughs about being a celebrity but yet a week earlier she talks about being an actress in movies and wanting to do cartoon voices.

b. She says she wants peace and when asked why she doesn’t stop it all and get off the air she says because she has gone too far. That is ridiculous . It is clearly about not stopping because of all the money she is making from it.

c. She says she speaks with grace, yet she goes on all these other shows accusing Jon of taking money and leaving her penniless and how bad Jon is (which he is). That is not grace.

For those of you who think Kate should be left alone and she should not be scrutinized, think again. Kate put herself out there to be scrutinized by going on all these shows and pleading her case. So as a person who analyzes people’s behaviors and body language, I am trying to determine whether she is being sincere, manipulating everyone, lying, or being genuine. That is what I am obligated to do as a media psychologist.

Gor those of you who think I am a Kate hater, I am not. I call it as I see it. And I see a disaster waiting to happen by giving this unstable woman who is prone to meltdowns her own show. I think that she should not be given a show because it will create more of a “Knute the Bear Syndrome”. It will creating more of a narcissistic self consumed self righteous monster than already exists with even more meltdowns. It US Weekly wrote Monster Mom on the cover of their magazine, they are reporting what is going on.

I think it is highly irresponsible for TLC to give this woman her a show for many reasons. Deep down Kate knows that she doesn’t need a show. She says she wants peace. She will never get that peace with the show and the papps who, she admitted having a hate hate relationship with, will stress her out even more so. Because she hates them, they may even go out of their way to annoy her. She needs to go away. She has earned enough money. She said so. She said those kids have enough money to go to college. She has a nice home. She is set.

She needs to be at home taking care of those kids. She needs to rebuild and recover from all that she experienced. That takes time and professional guidance- therapy. The operative word here is SHE not the nannies, or camera people. She needs to be there for these kids and not traipse around on TV. She has already shown that she can’t take the stress and all that goes along with being a celebrity. I think that TLC will be responsible for the disaster they will create by giving her a show. In my opinion, everyone will suffer- Kate and especially the kids. I certainly hope that they will be there to pay for the therapy of a tragic situation that will no doubt occur by giving this woman her own show.


18 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Blaming Others, Self Righteousness, Hypocrisy ,and Too Many Tears In TLC’s Latest Attempt To Repair Kate’s Image for Her Own Show

  1. Great professional opinion. Thank you Dr. Glass.
    I think you may have given TLC an idea for Kate’s show. It will be Kate rebuilding her life after divorce and going to counseling.


  2. She’s a rule follower. If you don’t follow Kate’s rules, she is done with you~Brother Kevin, SIL Jody, Beth Carson, her parents and other siblings, and then Jon. It was over between them because she wanted to continue the brand and Jon wanted a home life. That is the bottom line reason for their divorce. Jon quit following the rules.

    Have you noticed that she never answers the question of whether she had an affair with the body guard with a NO. She skates around that question, like someone with something to hide.

    They have made A LOT of money. She says being a single mother and a nurse won’t be enough to support her kids. She keeps forgetting they have a father in the picture that can also get a job to support their children. She calls herself a single mom, so what is Jon? A single dad? They have joint custody,they are still in this 50-50. They need to make their children their top priority and down size if needed. Get rid of the mansion, body guards, babysitters, chef etc. and get back to basics. She keeps saying You can’t go back. Yes Kate, for some things you can go back, it’s a matter or wanting to.

    I’ve never seen any celebrity play out their personal problems so publicly. It’s shameful.


  3. I feel you can only tell so much from “watching” a show. You can’t judge someone until you really know them and know their heart. I feel that Kate is doing the best she can with what she is dealt. We are NOT all perfect…. would love to see into your life and disect everything little thing I see. Yes, she has made mistakes, but we all do. Atleast the children have her as their advocate…. look at the mess their Father is and all he has done. Such a shame. Try to have a little more “grace” in your post.


  4. I just found your website Dr. Glass and you are so correct on so many levels. I love your professional opinion on this raging storm. I noticed how many times she looked down and away when answering many questions. She is a ridiculous woman who is trying to play the victim, trying to be likeable (which she is so not) and trying to portray herself as a “regular mom” . She is not any of those things. I loved when she made a response in regards to saying she was the now thing to cover and she scoffed and said now. She is so into herself and the fact she only has a few people she can trust; that is because she pushed them away when they were going to be making money of her family. She is a despicable woman who if she really was a mom, she would be at home taking care of her kids and not traveling all over and doing interviews trying to repair HER image and not her family. I hope this all ends soon. None of those kids ever look happy. I feel sorry for the kids, not HER. And maybe the next show should be Enough of Kate and 8


  5. So her parents had a different opinion than Kate’s and that caused the relationship breakdown? This must only make sense in the world of a narcissist. Don’t most of us have differing opinions on a multitude of subjects with our loved ones. Kate’s circle of support may be so small because if you’re not a “yes” person, Kate has no purpose for you.

    I totally agree with you, Dr.Glass, that Kate needs therapy and she needs it now. However, does a narcissist ever actually seek therapy?

    And if Kate is raising her children with the idea that they deserve life handed to them on a platter, that sure sounds like a recipe for disaster. Future narcissists in the making?


  6. Great insight Dr. Glass – I watched and saw some other things that I thought were interesting.
    Wow, she got angry re: the question about stopping the show/not being in the media spotlight (I think it was when Natalie showed her the US weekly mag.) and she pointed her finger several times at Natalie? Who does she think she is? Wasn’t she ever told as a child not to point at someone? It was rude and disrespectful and really showed how incredibily angry she was about the public and media telling her that she won’t be in the spotlight if she’s not on a TV show – which is really a no-brainer!
    I’ve never heard her say so much about her parents either – she kept shifting her eyes around when she was discussing them and I thought that was very telling. She is obviously lying about her relationship (or lack of) with them. Seems to me that she doesn’t have a good relationship with them because she can’t control them like she did Jon.
    Also, re: her brother – she has said it multiple times and during this interview that she is upset with him because she thinks that he is (or is trying) to make money off her and the kids by doing interviews etc. So – following that logic…is it perfectly acceptable that TLC is making oodles of money off you and your kids? But not your very own brother and sister-in-law that puts themselves out there on your TV show, opened their home to cameras (and scrutiny) and babysat your 8 children all at once? I don’t get that at all. Jody and Kevin seemed concerned about the welfare of the children and how exploiting them on TV is damaging to them – and it looks genuine – not about money. If it was about the money, I’m pretty sure that they would have sold dozens of stories to crappy tabloids like the so-called “nanny” did.
    I’m completely sick and tired of hearing about her bed rest when she was pregnant with the ‘tups. Get over it! That was over 5 years ago – is she going to hang that over the kids heads for the rest of their lives?! Besides the fact that THAT was a choice – she didn’t magically happen to get pregnant with 6 children – it’s modern science and she choose fertility treatments! Jeez – talk about a drama queen. I don’t hear the lady from “Table for 12” being all melodramatic about her pregnancy – and she has 10 children with 1 that has special needs!!!!
    Kate is NOT a good mom, in my opinion. Mom’s don’t sell their children out – TV or otherwise. She is also a terrible partner, she really was abusive to Jon and they should have gone to therapy years ago.
    Furthermore – as soon as it was evident that there were emotional problems and an imminent seperation, TLC should have cancelled the show. What an unethical thing to do to these poor kids – showing their families problems and making it “entertainment” – poor decisions first of all on the parents part and then for TLC to continue it – just a travesty for all involved.


  7. Thank you Dr. Glass for writing this! I look forward to your posts everyday and love that people like you present facts based on reasonable evidence. I don’t dislike kate because it’s the “thing” to do. I dislike Kate Gosselin because of the very reasons you have stated above. Her words, actions don’t add up and I hate how people are fooled by her manipulation. Thank you for writing this and I hope you get more airtime to voice out your argument 🙂


  8. I want my children to have life served to them on a gold platter. The kids will end up spoiled and out of control. I really wonder how much money she has saved? She said she has a job where she can stay home with her kids what a laugh.


  9. The words “whiny, blaming, self righteous narcissistic, hypocritical person” do not sound like a neutral “evalualtion” of a psychologist to me. Sorry.


  10. Kate just admitted last night that She and Jon were OVER and DONE WITH a little over a year ago.

    Kate finally SLIPS and the truth came out. So Jon was RIGHT when he said “Kate broke it off with me on Oct. 2008″…

    Wonder how many more lies will be revealed every time Kate opens her mouth.


  11. My biggest complaint is that she never answers a question without rephrasing it into a question that she WILL answer. If someone asks her something she doesn’t want to answer she just screws the thing around into an entirely different question which she then asks herself to answer.

    I can’t even really explain it, but it drives me crazy.


    1. To MB.. I completely understand what your saying. I feel the exact same way. She is good at NOT answering a question that she doesnt want to answer. Drives me a bit crazy as well. Your not alone. 🙂


  12. FINALLY. Thank GOD for you Doc. You are the only one who call Kate her on her BS. I have said for a long time that Kate is so full of cr@@ and that her narcissism and self entitlement would catch up to her. From what I took away from her interview with Natalie ( from another station I might ad ) is that she misses all the free stuff that they used to get while doing this show. They would sit on that chair and say WHAT she wanted or WHERE she wanted to go and wham all the sudden she has NO OUTLET to ask for free stuff. That is why she kept talking about this dumb 8 diamond ring with a mother of pearl in the middle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NO 5 year old or 7 year old give a darn about a RING. She is RUINING those kids. TLC has ruined this family ( noticed she talked about how wonderful they were last night as well ) She needs to shut it and shut it OFF.


  13. When asked a question, why does she re-phrase the question and answer. It seems that 1 out of every 4 statements are her asking herself questions and then answering. What does this mean when a person does this?


    1. That’s not very reliable. “And insider, “Close” to Jon revealed that Jon and Hailey faked the thing for money”.

      Right, why would someone “close” to Jon rat him out like that? This person is probably “Stephanie Santoro”. Both her and Radar are not reliable sources. Sorry.


  14. Thanks for the great body language analysis Dr. Glass!! I have always thought Kate would do anything for her show. If she will turn her kids over to TLC on a silver platter, she will lie and cheat to get what she wants. She didn’t care if her children were being filmed in awkward situations, so why would she care to lie and turn on the tears when TLC needed her too? She doesn’t care about anyone except herself IMO!


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