Kate Gosselin Needs to Unload On a Therapist’s Couch Not In an Interview On The Today Show

Kate Gosselin Needs to Unload On a Therapist’s Couch Not In an Interview On The Today Show

With Jon apologizing to Kate publically at a Syngagogue yesterday and Kate now appearing on the Today show and tonight in a one hour TLC special with Natalie Morales supposedly to bear her soul it is ridiculous. They really need to stop using the media as a therapists office and go into one together, not with Rabbi Boteach or Dr. Phil, but with a real live low key professional private therapist. They need to be doing this in a therapists office away from cameras. Jon needs to apologize to Kate to her face not in front of Rabbi Boteach so he can garner some publicity off of their tragedy. And what was Jon really apologizing for? It seemed like a pretty empty apology. On one breath he says he and Hailey are not together and then he says they are still together. This is manipulation so the “home wrecker” claim of her being with a married man when his divorce isn’t final makes them look better to the public and perhaps to the courts where custody will be an issue in the divorce. That is all it is. And Kate needs to apologize to Jon for abusing the heck out of him and disrespecting him and treating him like such dirt that he eventually ended up living up to her” self fulfilling prophecy.”

If they agree to go public with such intimate actions, then the public has every right to comment and weigh in. Rest assured I will be watching Kate’s body language like a hawk tonight and providing both the Insider and my wonderful blog readers a very detailed account of my observations.

I only saw a snippet of her interview on this morning’s Today show and I can tell you already there are signals of deception, and phoniness. You can see exactly what I am talking about in the photo in this blog. Look at her cheek, look at her watery eye, and look at her finger. Here is why. As Kate was wiping her tears away, there were no tears and no liquid the wiping was done repeatedly on the center of her cheeks , which shows these are manufactured alligator tears. Just as a side bar, Casey Anthony did the same type of thing in wiping away her alligator tears. Not that Kate is a child killer like Casey Anthony is accused of being, but Kate has certainly helped kill the psyches of those kids.

She reported that the kids are being introverted and acting out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Al lot her public airing of her dirty laundry and accusations of Jon which needed to be done privately behind closed doors is what caused it. She started it and Jon followed suit. And for those of you that say she didn’t start it, she definitely did beginning with her abuse and her going on Larry King Live and other shows. Jon only retaliated publically after keeping silent for so long when he went to 2O/20 with Chris Cuomo and said how he despised Kate. Then it became a full on media war.

Those kids are damaged forever because of her as this pain will be etched in their psyches. She MUST do something to fix the damage both she and Jon did and get them into therapy immediately- individual therapy and family therapy before it is too late. How irresponsible of Kate and Jon to not get them help when Kate publically reports that the children are affected by this and there are changes and introversion on some. If a child had a deep flesh wound with blood pouring out of it, it would be child abuse if you didn’t take the child to a hospital if it bled to death, Well that is essentially what Kte and Jon are doing to their kids by not rushing them to a therapists office. It is the same type of child abuse in my opinion. These children as reported by Kate are emotionally wounded and instead of blood, there is changing non positive behavior patterns from aggression to introversion pouring out of their wounded hearts and souls. By not doing anything to help them and taking care of their wounded psyches and hearts, Jon and Kate are allowing them to emotionally bleed to death. That is child abuse in my opinion.

So stay tuned as I will report my body language findings at 7:30 PM on CBS on the Insider on Tuesday night.


10 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Needs to Unload On a Therapist’s Couch Not In an Interview On The Today Show

  1. Kate talks about what all of this is doing to the children yet she still needs to be in the spot light instead of being home with her children when that is where she should be. It is still all about her.
    I really don’t think she will say anything about her mistreatment of Jon, that SHE set in motion the divorce when she told him she had outgrown him, or that She is anything short of a victim. It’s funny how when she gives an interview it’s fine but if it’s Jon then he is the one opening his mouth while she is taking the high road.
    I think the interview will be full of fluff and will be surprised if it isn’t.

    P.S. While watching Kate during the interview will you also check something else out? When I saw the short clip of her interview on The Today Show, I didn’t notice the two lines that are usually visable between her eyebrows and her forehead seemed a bit tight. Do you think she had some botox done?


  2. Her PR team must suck right now bc look at her image…curled hair, smokey eye, dangly earrings? This woman who is a “concerned about her kids” is on a mainstream show doing an interview about how she’s worried and her image looks as if she’s going out to party or out and about like a hollywood celebrity. Image is everything and the image she is giving out to me (besides her “actions”) is that it’s all about her. I don’t know of a mom who dresses up this way – the curly hair, dangly earrings, and smokey eyes…


  3. I think Kate and Jon are good at acting and not telling the truth. Kate did say she would do whatever it takes not to lose the kids house. She is worried about a millon dollar home more than she is her kids.


  4. Lets face it they want all the attention they can get. I think theyre attention seekers they just love to be the center of attention. Kate wants to act in movies they dont want to give up the tv stuff for the sake of the kids. They both used the kids for fame and fortune and they want more. They will never go back to a simple middle class life agin they want more and it doesnt matter who they destroy in the end. I think Jon will put the kids back on tv when the money runs out. Im sure he will go back on tv with them just wait it will happen.


  5. Thank God Jon got the kids off TV. I really don’t care if he was angry about being off the show or not, it still was the best thing to do for his children. I do believe he is genuine in this action. I am not a fan of Jon’s or of Kate’s, but given a choice, I would choose Jon every time. He has made mistakes, but he never beat Kate and that is certainly more than I would be able to claim at this point. No one buys Kate’s whining and she is anything BUT a victim. It is all about her, and she will pimp those kids as long as possible.


  6. Great insite. And just a few weeks ago, Kate was lying about how well adjusted and happy the kids are. She can’t remember all the lies that come out of her own mouth.


  7. Kate will never see a therapist or seek counseling. Kate is afraid of the truth. She doesn’t want to hear that the cameras are detrimental to her children. She doesn’t want to hear that she has a mental disorder and needs medications.

    She doesn’t want to hear any of that. In her own little world, she is Mrs Perfect, and everything she does is right and everyone else is wrong.

    She wants to give her children everything in a golden platter. This is how far off she is from reality. Not only is she a psychopathic liar, she’s also abusive. And her children are not safe with her.

    Thank goodness she never around them. And that a Nanny and Jon is there for the kids.


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