White House Gate Crasher’s Manipulation , Lies, and Lack of Remorse Show Signs of Sociopathic Behavior

Today I appeared MSNBC to discuss the White house party crashing Salahis from a psycosocial standpoint. I discussed why they did what they did. Here are some more of my thoughts on these two Sociopaths.


We have yet to hear what these two White House party crashers have to say for themselves, since they cancelled Larry King Live in order to hold out for an interview that would pay them six figures. This in itself is very disturbing as it reflects manipulation, something a lot of Sociopaths do. There are a number of other things to which I have been paying close attention. In researching their writings and their backgrounds I see a lot of signals that indicate Sociopathy according to the Hare Scale of Psychopathy.


Before I begin I want to share with you the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath. A Psychopath is more methodical and organized and not as spur of the moment as the Sociopath. Otherwise they are essentially the same thing.

The major characteristic is their lack of empathy as they use charm manipulation to get what they want. Since they do not have a conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please. In essence, they violate social norms and expectations without guilt and remorse.

They are glib and superficially charming and can even mimic human emotion. Some, like the Salahis can blend in quite well for a long time until they are caught. Even if they are busted as in the case of the Salahis, it doesn’t seem to faze them in the least. They show unmitigated gall as the Salahi’s have shown in manipulating the press for the highest interview fee. There is no cure for the Sociopath as one percent of the population have this disorder.


Besides whoring out for money and seeing which media venue would be their biggest “John,” the next two things that bothered me about these two which point them in the direction of being Sociopaths is their lack of remorse and lack of taking responsibility for what they did.

The Secret Service manned up and showed remorse as they said they took full responsibility and felt terrible about what happened. But we certainly did not hear from the Salahi’s in this regard. I am sure they are noT remorseful at all. They are thrilled as it put these two self absorbed narcissists on the map. It gave them the attention they craved. So they don’t feel bad about what they did like normal people would feel . Instead, they feel GREAT!


The fourth and fifth and sixth things that bothered me about these two is their glibness and superficial charm as these wanna be’s try to Hob Nob with the movers and shakers.

If you look at EVERY single photo of the wife Michaelea Salahi she is posed. She obviously knows how to act and how to behave at these VIP soirees.
She clearly looks like she can put on the charm and she does.

In examining a variety of photos of her over the internet with celebrities you state to see a pattern emerging. With her hand strategically placed on VP Biden’s chest, hugging on to fahionista Betsy Johnston,

and displaying a way too close for comfort pose with Dancing With the Stars winner Donny Osmond, to finally
finally her looking directly into Obama’s eyes as she did at the crashed event, she clearly knows how to manipulate and weasel her way into things.

She does it by using her good looks to the fullest extent. Since she is so pleasing on the eye, people are charmed by that alone. So they let her in and have let her get away whatever she wants. She has relied on her good looks for years and used them to gain entry and charm .


Michaela is model thin and has a gorgeous wardrobe . Her hair is shiny blond and her face, although it is nothing special is symmetric, thereby making her attractive. With the right makeup, her imperfections from a long nose and crooked teeth are not that noticeable. With all the right pampering (7 hours in a DC Salon to get ready for the White House crashing) and botoxing , she no doubt looks much younger than her late forty something age. Her slender figure also keeps her youthful looking.

She looks like a celeb, so celebs initially react to her as if she is one . Gate keepers may let her into places us mortals cannot go, simply because she looks and carries herself like a VIP. The first thing she does when she sees a celeb is grab her on hand photographer husband Tareq to snap a photo of her and whomever ,like Donny Osmond . She gets cuddly and close and voila (she is their new best friend) But the celebs don’t mind . They think she must be a celeb too. Because she is no doubt, so overly friendly and charming, they don’t want to embarrass her or themselves by not remembering her or if and where they met her, so they play along . The smile nicely for the photo op and then it is over.


She not only looks posed with the celebs where she leans her head in like she is their best friend. She even looks posed in the video and photos of her own wedding .

Her mask like smile also disturbs a lot of people. In fact one comment from her wedding video ( which was professionally produced so it looked like it was a Royal wedding with 30 bridesmaids dressed in flesh colored gowns) was “her smile is so phony I could puke. ” What this viewer is reacting to is something to which we all react- a mask like empty smile that so many sociopaths exhibit. Ted Bundy. Bernie Madoff, and wife and baby killer Scott Peterson has the same mask like Cheshire cat smug smile.

Remember how charming Ted Bundy was as he lured in all those women which he subsequently murder? Remember how charming Amber Frey said Scott Peterson was so charming as he lured her in? Well the Salahis may not murder a person’s body, but they very well may murder their pocketbook and swindle like a Madoff.
Look at all the photos of Michaela on the internet.

They are all of her with that the same mask like expression. If you see one or two photos, you don’t notice it. But if you see a lot of them it begins to give you the creeps. There is something wrong- very wrong!


We all saw her feelings of grandiosity when she first walked into the room to be announced at the White House. The White House press snapped photos of her. Michaele and Tareq walked by and photos were snapped. Buy she wasn’t satisfied. She went back and stood in front of the press corps for them to take more photos of her. No one else did that- just her! It was an obvious display of malignant narcissism.


Reports also show that in Aspen at a Snow Polo Event although the husband Tareq paid the 3000 dollar entry fee, he failed to pay the rest of the fee and stiffed people. The Salahi’s have apparently left a trail of debts behind them. They appear to be mired in debt and lawsuits against them where they owe a lot of money, according o sources and reports.


The superficial charm and lack of boundaries also concern me in the photos. Michale’s putting her hand on a Vice Presidents chest in such an intimate gesture with her hand on his heart is disrespectful and unconscionable.

If you look at every single photo of Michaela her head is cocked towards the person like she is their best friend. But the give away is this mask like appearance. She is an obvious wanna be phony.

When she double cupped Obama’s hands with both of her hands it means in body language talk that you are trying to influence someone. No doubt she was trying to influence Obama with her charm. It was unacceptable and showed her disrespect for the office of the President. You never double cup a President’s hand. He is in power and if anyone is gonan double cup it is him- not you. You need to respect that protocol and reflect it in your body language.



The LYING is also great cause for concern. While there is evidence the Salahis had their photo taken with Obama at an event in 2005, they were not “dear friends.” She was delusional when she revealed on her twitter page back on Sept 26:
“Honored to participate in the Black Caucus Gala this evening, and meet with my dear friends President Obama & DNC… http://bit.ly/42gLXX 9:27 PM Sep 26th from Facebook

If she was “dear” friends with the Obamas, they would have immediately come to her rescue and said they knew her and Tariq and all would be fine. But that is not what happened. Obama is upset about this security breach and upset they got into the Party uninvited.

We are now discovering that Michaela is full of lies. She said she was a member of the Redskins cheerleading squad back in the ’90s, but team officials have no record proving her claim.

If this is the case this is one sick and scary woman! And to think she got so close to our President. Nothing happenedm but it could have happened with her just as it could have happened with any other sick lying Sociopath.


These two had all the trappings that made them look like rich folk, They were heading up Polo Events which they hosted so that they could stalk their prey. They had a winery which apparently Tarequ the husband sued his mother to obtain and which he ran into the ground financially.

With a Winery and Polo it seemed like great stalking ground for wanna be’s to tap into the lives and the pocketbooks of the rich and the famous. The hoped that some of the celebrity and fame of those who attended their polo events rubbed off on them. They also hoped some the celebrity money would rub off into their pockets as well.


No doubt Michaela told the Housewives of DC production company that she could get them into the White House so they needed to film he . That is why someone was seeing following her around with a camera while another was seen powdering her face and primping with her hair by NBC’s Brian Williams. He astutely saw that something was very wrong with that picture.

I certainly hope that the Housewives of DC don’t put her on and indulge this sociopathic narcissist. They may feel they have an obligation to put her on the show because she did after all put them on the map. Who heard of them before that? No doubt they would garner ratings as she would be the one you love to hate- the Omarossa of the wives set. It might work at first but in the long run, it might come back to bite them . People could gang up and boycott the show after the first episode. People are LIVID at the Salahi’s and would be livid if any show made reality stars out of them. They would be rewarding bad behavior and there would be protests. It wouldn’t be worth it.


There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING Michaela and Tareq Salahi can to do repair their image. No top PR agent, no spinmeister, no one can ever fix what they did. It is unfixable. No one likes a cheater and a liar. No one likes people who feel entitled that they don’t follow rules and protocol when it is essential to do so. No one likes a manipulator. No one likes phoniness. No one likes a mask like smile.
Nothing can repair their lack of remorse and their holding out for a better offer than Larry King! No one will tolerate this. We have seen enough of these non talented zeros with nothing to offer- trying to be famous for being famous. Their 15 minutes are over! They are not interesting ‘

I just hope that NO media venue comes forward to offer them money. That would speak volumes about the venue and people would in turn disrespect that venue. It may also cost the venue in the long run- just like the Gosselin’s cost TLC in bad press. Ratings may happen initiallybut they need to be sustained so it wouldn’t be worth putting these sociopathic low lifes on any show. http://www.drlillianglass.com


David Hasselhoff’s 5150 Psychiatric Hold at Cedars Sinai May Save His Life

Yesterday I blogged about David Hasselhoff and if he didn’t sort himself out, he would end up having the same fate as my former neighbor, the now deceased actor Dennis Cole, who sadly died a cold and lonely death in a Florida ER after taking drugs and alcohol. I said in my blog that I hoped Cedars Sinai Medical Center would put David Hasselhoff under a 5150 Psych hold and thank goodness my prayers were answered! I am thrilled about that.

I really thought he might be a severe danger to himself as well as to others especially if he got it in his head that he was fit enough to drive. Thank goodness the staff of Cedars saw fit to put him under observation for his own good. This was the exact same hold that Britney was put under when she had her issues and it was thought she might be harmful to herself. Look how wonderfully Britney Sears has done. I pray that David will do just as well.

When Britney Spears was having her issues, two years ago an anonymous blogger called “dissent” on a website called pogowasright.org wrote what I thought was an absolutely ridiculous blog, accusing me of diagnosing Britney Spears and making other silly and false allegations. As a media psychologist to which all of my fellow media psychologists can attest, we give our opinions and explore all possibilities that could have been ailing a particular newsmaker.

We report and educate about what we see based on our experience in these matters. It is just our opinion. It’s exactly what political pundits do, except they do it with politics. Just as the political pundits are not in the White House or in the meetings where political negotiations are taking place, likewise, we media psychologists like Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura and Dr. Drew or a host of others, do not see the patient up close and personal and share their diagnoses. That would be against the law an din violation of their HIPPA rights. So we can only speculate as to the possibilities, much like legal commentators do in the media with profile criminal cases.

I wanted to know who could make such a ridiculous and false allegations and explain the situation intelligently. But the person was “anonymous,” so there was no one with whom I could communicate. I wondered what kind of “axe this person had to grind”. Was it towards media psychologists in general or was it towards me personally, or both? I found out that it was indeed both.


So in researching all her blogs, taking the information she supplied by her own words I was able to uncover the identity of this anonymous blogger- Leslie E. Packer was ‘dissent” of http://www.pogowasright.org She was not a media psychologist like myself, but rather a Tourette’s Syndrome Psychologist with what I believed was a definite “axe to grind” against media psychologists (her blogs indicated she was not a fan) and a definite “axe to grind” against me. This became clearer to me especially after reading one of her later blogs. It looked like she had no doubt heard or had seen me on a popular television show and dissed my work in the area of “body language.” Little did she realize that it was due to my Body Language Analysis skills (skills used by enforcement and by the FBI) that I was able to uncover her identity. So to you- Leslie E. Packer, “dissent” and Tourette Psychologist or anyone else who is like minded, “don’t get your panties in a bunch” as the urban dictionary would say. I am NOT diagnosing David Hasslehoff. .


According to his own words, David Hasselhoff has apparently been battling alcoholism for years. He has been hospitalized at least five times with alcohol poisoning. He returned from Canada on Wednesday and saw a doctor. He had been drinking before that and also resumed drinking afterward. His several-day booze bender resulted in a seizure and transport to the hospital via ambulance Friday. www. RadarOnline.com reported that people close to him want to place him in a lock-down rehab facility to treat his alcoholism.


I agree with David’s family members who have his best interest at heart. Enough of the cover ups. Enough of the enabling. Enough with the excuses. No one is buying it anymore. PR spinners are not doing you any favors, David. What Albert did by put a newspaper up in the fanning it in front of the TV camera so the press wouldn’t get a good look at you was not helping you. We saw your sad behavior anyway. We all saw how out of it you were as you got into the limo when you returned from Canada. It was so sad to see.

Alcoholism and getting help for it is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people suffer from this disease and have been helped throughout the years. The first step is to admit you have a problem and that you have the disease. As soon as you that you are on your road to recovery. Maybe this is the best thing that could have happened to you. When according to reports things got so severe that you were so disoriented that you didn’t recognize people you knew, it is time to make a commitment and get the help you so desperately need. That will be the BEST Christmas gift you can ever give yourself and those whom you love.


Also David, remember that Hollywood loves a comeback and a great success story. So we will all welcome you back with open arms. The public will embrace you even more as you will have shown your strength in admitting you have a problem. You will also have inspired so many others that may be in a similar situation.

I know you would love to inspire others just by what I have observed about you on America’s Got Talent. I have been very impressed by your compassion towards others on the show. Now show yourself the same compassion and get onto a program and stick with it. Too many people out there love you. You cannot keep putting the burden of your sickness on your daughters and not get help. You owe it to your daughters, to yourself and to your millions of fans. I know that would be the best Christmas present that you could give everyone. http://www.drlillianglass.com

Don’t Be Blinded by Tiger Wood’s Celebrity! His TOXIC Alleged Cheating Behavior Towards Wife Elin and Lack of Good Communciation Could Destroy His Family

  • I just finished writing a sequel to my best selling book “ Toxic People- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your life Miserable.” The sequel and new book is called “ Toxic Men- Identify, Deal With and Heal from Men Who Make Your Life Miserable.” Adams media will be publishing it and you will see it on shelves next year in 2010. It is not about male bashing or man hating. Instead, it is a very realistic book that empowers both men and women. There is a section in the book that clearly reflects what happened between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren. The above photo, however, reflects the two of them in happier days.

    So before any of you get on Team Tiger because he is the best golfer that ever lived, look at the whole picture. Don’t be blinded by his looks, his fame, his celebrity, his wealth, his power, his skills, his talents or his endorsements or the fact that he has a whole community in Dubai named after him, The Tiger Woods! Too many are willing to look the other way because of a person’s celebrity status.

    Too many are willing to hide their heads in the sand and give the celeb a “free pass” because of who they are. Who cares who a person is? Toxic behavior is Toxic behavior no matter who is doing it- even beloved Tiger Woods!


    The bottom line is the man allegedly cheated or was thinking about cheating on his wife and she scratched the hell out of his face and chased after him with a weapon, he held near and dear to his heart- a golf club. He apparently told someone in detail about what happened before his Escalade hit a fire hydrant.

    Allegedly, Elin confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and she scratched his face up.

    So Tiger made a hasty retreat for his Escalade when Elin followed close behind with a golf club. striking his SUV with the club several times as he drove away. This no doubt “distracted,” Tiger who thought the vehicle was stopped, and looked to see what happened and ended up hitting the SUV hit the fire hydrant and then hit a tree.

    He also told the informant that he had been taking prescription medication for an athletic injury which explained why he seemed somewhat out of it as authorities and paramedics arrived at the scene.

    While I personally do not condone physical violence of any kind, many would say that Tiger had it coming. If he could destroy this stunningly gorgeous family and all the love that was there for a stupid indiscretion there is no way I would support Team Tiger on any level. I am almost certain that his late beloved father coach and mentor wouldn’t tolerate this behavioras well.

    Look at these heartwarming photos. If Tiger could cheat on his beautiful and loving family, then he is a stupid TOXIC idiot ! I hope that if this is the case he gets himself into therapy and sorts himself out immediately. Elin will have her own hell to contend with for scratching him and banging up his car.

    Even though she was livid and thought he no doubt deserved what he got, she was clearly not using her head at the time. There is a huge price she may have to pay for her actions. Everyone must know the reality of this and not act blindly when you feel like clocking a cheating spouse.You can fantasize about what you wouold like to do, but don;t do it!


    In the state of Florida, domestic violence is taken very seriously and is a crime. Charges for first time and repeat offenders range from a first class misdemeanor to a felony. If you are found guilty you may be facing any of the following:
    Mandatory jail time
    No contact with the victim/spouse or your children
    Loss of access to your residence
    Fines and court costs
    Anger management classes / Mandatory counseling
    Community service
    Batterer’s intervention program
    Multiple criminal charges
    Permanent criminal record
    Loss of right to own a fire arm
    Inability to practice certain professions

    First time offenders like Elin may be eligible for a pre-trail diversion program whereby charges could be dropped. If you she establish that you acted in self-defense, the court could reduce or dismiss the charges. But repeat offenders and those who violate an Order of Protection face even harsher penalties.


    Tiger Woods has a lot of fans out there and one of those fans could be a judge who could really throw the book at Elin. There is the real possibility she could be separated from her gorgeous babies and spend time in jail for this and face criminal charges. It would be a horrific shame if this happened.

    I hope and pray this does not happen and I hope and pray that the two of them gets counseling asap to help whatever ails their not so well relationship. We definitely don’t want to see them going down the same road as the Gosselins. http://www.drlillianglass.com

  • Parallels Between Dennis Cole and David Hasselhoff’s Self Destructive Body Language- Dennis is Dead! David Still Has a Chance!


    Dennis Cole when he was a hottie


    I have seen the “Aging Actor What Do With Myself Syndrome” way too many times in Hollywood and it is is tragic! I saw it with my former neighbor, actor Dennis Cole, who finally died last week after years of self destruction. Now, I am seeing the same thing happening with David Hasselhoff. It scares me! If this man does not get out of denial and get the help he needs for his alcohol issues, he will die a horrible and lonely death just like Dennis Cole.

    This “ Aging Actor What Do I Do With Myself Syndrome” happens to many actors who have been at the top of their game. They were in demand when they were younger. People adored them. All doors opened and they couldn’t get enough attention. Their phone didn’t stop ringing. Their agents and managers were attentive and bent over backwards for them. They could get them on the phone at a moment’s notice. They were on TV show after TV show or film after film. They directed, produced, ventured out into new arenas and were accepted. They sang and danced and appeared in theatre and did whatever they wanted to do. People flocked to them and around them. They had relationships, married and had kids . While some married again and again, life was still great.

    Then, as what happens to all of us in life, life suddenly isn’t so great. Things change. It could be a bad divorce like in the case of David Hasselhoff, or a severe tragedy, as in case Dennis Cole, where his son was murdered.

    Instead of going into therapy and really dealing with things, these men go into denial and then into self destruct mode. They have no coping skills, because early on everything was literally handed to them on a silver platter. So now that tragedy and discomfort strike, they aren’t as equipped to handle it like most of us. We go through our ups and downs and learn how to deal with our disappointments because we haven’t been catered to like these men. As a result, they have no clue what to do. So they turn their pain and discomfort inward and begin a course of self destruction.

    They often drown themselves in pills or drugs or both. They end up doing awful things when they are under the influence like being mean and belligerent and fighting with people. They even beat people up or get arrested for violent acts.


    Even before his son was tragically killed, Dennis Cole seemed pretty miserable living in L.A. He was getting older and there weren’t a lot of leading roles of aging heartthrobs. Back in the day, when he was younger, he was considered to be one of Hollywood’s hotties. He had a glorious career early on, and was a staple on every major popular TV show back in the 70’s.

    On one of his gigs as a guest star on Charlie’s Angels, he met and later married Jacquelyn Smith. They divorced after 3 years. I imagine that he was pretty competitive with her and when his star didn’t shine as brightly as hers, there was trouble in paradise. After they divorced he did well for many years until he got older and more weathered looking. It was hard for him to make it in LA, so he was often out of town doing some theatrical or musical gig. In fact, whenever he was in town I would always hear him practicing his trumpet playing.

    When I knew him, he was never able to get it together career wise as an actor. A lot of it had to do with the fact that there aren’t a lot of roles for aging actors. The grim reality is that Hollywood caters to the youth market. And there were even less roles for angry aging actors who seemed to have a chip on their shoulder and who seemed to fight with just about everyone, including those who could have hired them.


    When Dennis moved away from LA and got married to a beautiful lady named Ree, I was really happy for him. She wasn’t in show business , which I thought was a very good thing for Dennis. Now there would be no competition- so I thought!. She was a real estate agent. He moved to Florida to be with her and he got out of show business.

    Together, with his new wife he went into the real estate business and they became business partners (bad idea – completion thing ). Regardless, I thought that perhaps now Dennis could finally find some inner peace and true happiness. Ree even had a young son, so Dennis automatically became a dad again. Since he loved his deceased son so much, God gave him another chance to have a son and to be a father to a boy.


    But despite all of these good things- a new and beautiful wife, a new career, a new environment away from L.A., a new home, and even a new son, his demons came out . It was obvious that Dennis didn’t seek help for his demons. If he did, we would never have seen the absolutely horrific and unrecognizable mug shot photo taken after he was arrested for domestic abuse. It made me sick to my stomach!

    This was not the Dennis I remembered- my handsome, sparkly eyed, well groomed, and well spoken neighbor whom I used to see in the hallway throwing out his garbage or getting some sun out by the pool. This was not the same guy who showed up in star like fashion at one of my book parties or whom I used to run into and exchange pleasantries with at the many black tie events and Lakers games we attended.

    This was a complete stranger- a bloated, puffy eyed and unkempt man with a deadened, dull gaze. I never would have recognized him as the same person I once knew. After seeing that mug shot photo and reading that he was involved in abusing that lovely woman he married, I got even more nauseated.

    I prayed that maybe this public humiliation would be the catalyst that would force him to finally sort himself out and get the help he obviously needed. But he didn’t get help, or if he did, he didn’t continue to get help. Almost two years to the day of his domestic abuse arrest, he took some prescription drugs and drank alcohol. He went to the ER in a Florida hospital on a Friday and died on a Sunday. It was too late!


    But it’s not too late for David Hasslehoff! He too appears to be suffering from the same syndrome as Dennis Cole. Equally gorgeous in his youth, David went from one hot show to the next- from Knight Rider to Baywatch. Like Dennis, David ventured into music as well. David became a pop sensation in Germany. They loved him. Like Dennis, he also had alcohol issues. Like Dennis, he too suffered loss and tragedy- his marriage ending in a very nasty divorce. Just like Dennis, David is no stranger to ER’s. Like Dennis, he became belligerent and hostile when drinking . And like Dennis, he was in complete denial until he ended up in the ER. I only pray that this is where the similarities end and that David does not end up in a similar position as Dennis- dead!


    For the fifth time this year, 911 is called and David goes to the ER. He then comes home and there is always some cockamamie BS story about an ear infection or hamburger indigestion or a “seizure.”

    For God’s sake, David, Get out of denial! You are an alcoholic and you are using! Just look at the tape where you are slobbering over your hamburger as you are lying on the floor and slurring your words.

    Look at the disgusting tape of you on TMZ when you just flew back from Canada. You look higer than a kite in my opinion and Albert, your handler was fanning a paper at the papps to keep the press from seeing you in your sorry state. So don’t give us that “ seizure “ bullshit! If you are an epileptic and taking anti seizure medication, what the hell are you doing mixing it with alcohol? Do you have a death wish? Obviously to do!

    Look at what you have done to your precious gorgeous daughters. Don’t collapse your hatred for ex wife Pamela, on to these innocent girls. They don’t deserve this. You have caused them so much anguish with your selfish and sick behavior. Get your head out of the sand.

    No one will think less of you if you admit you are an alcoholic and are out of control like you showed recently in the UK. In fact, we will think more highly of you if you admit it and do something about it. Get into rehab IMMEDIATELY! You are killing yourself.

    I wish that Cedars could keep you in there on 5150 so you can get evaluated. To me it looks like you are a danger to yourself and killing yourself. You need psychiatric help ASAP. You need to find out why you are relapsing so frequently. You need to clear out some inner demons.


    You seem like such a wonderful guy. We all see your compassion and caring for those contestants on America Has Talent. You are so kind and caring- especially to the losers. The audience loves you. They love to hear you sing.

    Your daughters love you or they wouldn’t be calling 911 on your behalf all the time. Instead they’d let you die. But all of that doesn’t matter. Everyone in the world can love you, but unless you love you, it is pointless.

    Don’t get into the “Aging Actor What Do With Myself Syndrome.” There is plenty to do with you! You are only 57 for goodness sakes. You have a lot of life ahead of you and a lot to look forward to. You are so likeable and fun and a great performer. You can produce and direct and develop other talent. Most of all you can be a better father for your daughters so they won’t have to feel like the parent and call 9ll all the time.

    Stop this self destruction right now! Get into a 12 step program and into rehab and make it work! We don’t want to lose you like we lost Dennis. http://www.drlillianglass.com

    Body Language of White House Gate Crashers Shows Entitlement and NO BOUNDARIES! They MUST Be Prosecuted To the Full Extent of the Law!

    With all that has gone on lately, can you imagine if a terrorist crashed the White House party and killed the President, the first Lady, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, the Indian Prime Minister and everyone else that was at the party? This could have easily happened and could been a horrific reality!

    That is why I say Reality Show Wanna Be (Real Housewives of DC) Michaele Tarique and her husband, Tareq Salahi,( who by the way is also a member of the American Task Force for Palestine ) MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Secret Service spokesman, Jim Mackin says an investigation is now happening. I say forget the investigation! We already have the evidence on tape. I say arrest these two and let them stay in prison for a long, long time. That is the only reality show they should be getting.

    I say there is no excuse for this behavior! There was no excuse for Balloon Dad’s entitlement and now there is no excuse for these White House Gate Crasher’s entitlement ! They need to pay a huge penalty for this Sociopathic Behavior and serve as an example to everyone in the world that this self entitlement and narcissism cannot and will not be tolerated!


    Look at Michaela Salahi’s body language. Look how starved she is for camera attention. Her husband was ready to walk into the room for the dinner, but this narcissist turned around And went back to the cameras to pose for photos. You can see the desperation in her face and the hunger for attention as she leaves her husband’s side to turn around and pose. Look at how high she holds her head. It’s like she really believes she’s a star.


    This dinner was to honor Indian Prime Minister Monmohan Singh. With all that is happening between India and Pakistan, the Prime Minister could have been an open target for an assassination. These two could have easily been terrorists. Terrorists don’t necessarily wear turbans and have long scraggly beards. They can be anyone. That is why everyone is screened at airports – even little old ladies in wheelchairs. They can be slender, attractive blonds like Michaela and they can be light skinned clean shaven men like her husband, Tareq.

    In fact another Tareq, Tareq Hassan killed a lot of people at Ft. Hood and he didn’t look like a terrorist. He was clean shaven a member of the US Military. Whether he is technically a terrorist or not, he ended up killing a lot of people like terrorists do. He created terror so he is a terrorist in my definition. The bottom line of what I am saying is that they can look like anyone.


    These two self entitled losers are so desperate to be stars, that they will stop at nothing to get attention and to try to get close to and hobnob with the rich and famous. This ex 44 year old former Redskins Cheerleader, was apparently auditioning for the Real Wives of DC as there was a camera and makeup person following her around DC all day. Apparently, NBC news anchor Brian Williams got a little suspicious of her when he saw a makeup artist combing her hair and patting her husband’s face down as they had a camera trailing behind them. Since this couple wasn’t anyone he would have known that would have merited such attention, he wondered what was up!

    Tareq Salahi, the husband of this boundaryless duo is several years his wanna be wife’s junior. He apparently is involved in a lot of lawsuits where he is the defendant as well as the plaintiff. One of the lawsuits where he was the plaintiff involved his own mother. Apparently, he sued his own mother to gain control of a winery, which he later ran into financial ruin.

    This litigious wanna be probably ran into financial ruin by donating so much of his money from the winery to the campaigns of the politicians with whom he can be as seen glad-handing, many of whom are on his Facebook page.

    In fact, his wanna be wife is not a stranger to glad handling and who knows what else handling. In fact, look at her body language where she poses with VP Biden. It is clearly inappropriate as she leans in with her head cocked towards the VP. Notice how Biden’s head is straight up, mesning that he is being proper and appropriate with. Look at how she places an open hand over his heart on his chest. If that isn’t a RED FLAG, I don’t know what else is!

    This is the body language you show to someone you know intimately like your lover where you put your open hand on their heart. You don’t use this body language with a happily married Vice President. This way too intimate and disrespecting of the office of VP pose, indicates that she is being very invasive and inappropriate, as she clearly demonstrates has no boundaries whatsoever.

    But before these two boundaryless wanna- be Sociopaths go to prison they will be interviewed by Larry King, where they will have a chance to speak about their egregious behavior. Hopefully they will say something to further incriminate themselves. And even more hopeful, there will be authorities waiting outside the studio at CNN to arrest them and take them away in police cars. I hope that I am in the CNN Studios taping my Nancy Grace segment for her show the samre day these two creatures so up, so I can witness it up close and personal! http://www.drlillianglass

    Toxic Snitch Michael Lohan Commits Emotional Murder By Backstabbing “Friend” Jon Gosselin

    In the Court of Public Opinion Toxic Father, Toxic Snitch, and Toxic Traitor Michael Lohan received the death sentence for his emotional murder of Lindsay and his now fatal backstabbing of his former friend Jon Gosslein. When you didn’t think Lohan could not go any lower for selling out his daughter, he showed us that he could go as low as possible if the price was right!

    Jon Gosselin naively never saw it coming. A lot of people told him that he was keeping bad company this summer by hanging out with Michael Lohan, but he refused to listen to anyone. Now he is paying the price big time! Lie down with dogs you get fleas and lie down with “dawgs” you get sleeze!


    Now it is so obvious what this Toxic snake scum did to Jon. Jon Gosselin was no longer interested in Michael’s hair brained “Divorced Dads” project nor was he interested in Michael’s other hair brained scheme that he and Jon participate in Celebrity Boxing. Besides, with the TLC suit against him and vice versa, there was no way he could participate in the project, even if he wanted to. Michael could no longer make money off of Jon, so he figured out a way to make some money off of Jon anyway.

    Lohan sold Jon out via tapes he secretly made of him and threw him under the bus. He planned this all along, as evidenced of his secretly taping Jon. He used the tape as an insurance policy, in case Jon backed out of Michael’s project. He didn’t care that it would make Jon look horrible. It did! It also made Michael look even worse!

    Also, as long as Jon is with Michael Heller, Lohan apparently gets a piece of any of Jon’s financial action. Evidently, he Jon to brought to Mike Heller, so as Lohan is quoted as saying “ Michael (Heller) had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

    TR is a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company, but Heller never signed the deal after his dad Mark Heller, Jon’s lawyer, advised him not to. So no doubt Michael has stopped getting paid, if in fact he was paid at all.

    Toxic blabber mouth Lohan is quoted as saying” Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves I have a deal. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Then Lohan added that some payments he got for helping get Jon gigs was in cash. So now you are starting to see the clear picture and it all stinks!


    Any person who can sell out their daughter is the worst creature alive. There is no justification for that! No matter how poor you are or how much money you need, go to a soup kitchen, work at McDonalds, wash windows, or do anything else but sell audiotape recordings of your daughter’s conversations and your now your friend’s conversations to the press. Anyone who can pimp someone out and throw them under the bus for money is the devil incarnate!

    This is a nefarious and evil mind that would do something like that. I never want to hear about how he is a Born Again Christian and how he found Jesus. He found Lucifer! He found the Devil and this is how he has lead his life since he got out of prison. Once a Toxic Sociopath, always a Toxic Sociopath! No one who has found Jesus or who is a Born Again Christian would EVER act like Michael Lohan. His actions are unforgiveable! Let him try his snitching behavior in prison and see what happens to him.

    He may very well be facing jail time according to TMZ, for the recordings he made of Dina and Lindsay, considering they were made in 2005. Dina had a protective order against him at the time, barring any communication with him via telephone until 2011.


    Lohan he has leaked his private conversations with Jon Gosselin over the internet and I ask why is there not a law against this in his state? If there is some loophole that can be found so he is charged with secretly taping other’s conversations, he needs to be charged with a crime and sent to jail forever. This where this nasty Toxic troublemaker belongs.

    In my opinion, he is a Toxic Con Man. If there isn’t a law and if what he did is legal in his state, he will no doubt eventually trip himself up doing something else that is egregious. He’ll do another Con and do himself in just like OJ and Madoff did themselves in. No question about it. It is only a matter of time before this Toxic creature is behind bars. Mr. Lohan was convicted of assault in the past , which is a violent crime, and wad under parole supervision until February of 2009.”


    Apparently Bodyguard Thomas Meinelt, was subpoenaed to testify in Jon’s court battle with TLC over his breach of contract. This body guard allegedly claimed he saw Jon’s secret sex tape. Jon’s ex-nanny, scorned. big mouth who jabbered to Radar on Line for days about how bad Jon was, alleged she heard about the Jon Gosselin sex tape as well.

    She said that someone close to Jon ( Lohan?) paid for him to see a girl and flirt with him and it was filmed. If it does exist and if this is true and Lohan is behind it that would be yet another nail in Lohan’s coffin.

    I strongly believe that no one should ever put this Toxic Loser on TV or in any magazine ever again. He needs to be shunned by all media as well as by his daughter. Then only time we should ever read about him if it is his obituary. He is a disgrace to any human being! Poor, poor, Lindsay for having this scum as a father. No wonder this poor girl has suffered so much.


    In the audiotape Michael made of Jon Jon Gosselin demonstrated that he wasn’t the best judge of character. Here is exactly what he told Michael Lohan on tape:
    “And you know I always give everyone a second chance, I mean, honestly, I don’t really…I’ve known you a couple weeks, and I like you…you know, but I don’t even know your past, Michael,” he tells Lohan.
    “Our relationship started a couple weeks ago. I don’t care about the past. I could care less. It’s the same with Hailey. She did all this s–t in college, but I didn’t know her then. Our relationship started May 4. You know, it’s like, it’s irrelevant to me. So, you know, that’s how I’m gonna go.”
    That’s right, totally irrelevant. After all, why would it be helpful to inform yourself about someone’s past? It’s not like people repeat bad behavior or anything.
    “His past, I’m like, ‘I don’t know about his past. I only know what you assholes write about him. It’s the same s–t you write about me, so why should I believe you?'” Gosselin continued on.
    “They never say the good things. Never, cause the good things don’t sell. I’ve learned. I’m not stupid.”

    Well Jon I wouldn’t call you stupid. I would call you naive. Being a public figure you MUST do diligence on everyone and you MUST care about their past. Look what happened to you. If you would have seen what a sleeze Michael Lohan was, you never would have gone into business with him. And if you would have done so after knowing how awful he was, then yes Jon we would all call you stupid. And here is a little dose of reality- When you said “It’s not like people repeat bad behavior or anything.” Guess what??? People DO REPEAT BAD BEHAVIOR, especially if they haven’t been in therapy. That means YOU Jon! So get your behind into therapy and don’t blab about it. Just do it and grow up! You have 8 kids to raise. They need to be raised by a non naive non stupid MAN. So step up! http://www.drlillianglass.com

    Jon Gosselin’s “Pedophile” Concern And Not Acting On It In A Timely Manner

    While Jon spoke to “friend,” Toxic Judas Michael Lohan, in confidence, Jon revealed what was really going on in his mind- “pedophiles.” To dramatically make the point that TLC should have paid his kids for using them, he makes the following most disgusting comment:

    “I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it? It’s disgusting.”

    Disgusting????? WHAT IS DISUSTING IS his putting his kids out there for every pedophile on the planet to see, having those deep thoughts within the recesses of his mind, and not taking action and getting them off the air sooner.

    The word “pedophile” speaks volumes. But if you can look past that word, you’ll see what Jon is really saying and what he is really concerned about- the children never got paid for being exploited!

    How interesting THAT would be their father’s concern! So, if the kids were to make big bucks, and paid by TLC, the fact that “pedophiles” were tuning in wouldn’t have bothered him as much? It really shows you how Jon thinks and it is not healthy thinking! Just the fact that he had the thought the show would cater to pedophiles should have been enough to get them off the air much sooner, in my view.

    I really don’t think that Jon had any thoughts about child pornography when he first began the show. He was naiive at 27 and thinking of how he could get money to feed these little mouths. I am sure that this was the last thing on his mind at the time.

    But then I am sure someone must have brought this topic to his attention, seeing that Jon and Kate and TLC see what is out there on the internet about them.

    I think that when Jon found out about it he may have been conflicted. I’ll bet when he found out a part of him wanted them off asap, but greed and the good life took over. The kids were too much of a cash cow, so he would go into denial, just like he did in his entire relationship with Kate, until lately.


    As far as Kate goes, in my opinion, she appears to be too narcissistic to care about her kids being served up as excitement for pedophiles. It is about her and in her mind the the kids are no doubt, little extensions of her.

    Remember, one day she said she wished she was Asian? That shows how she is so enmeshed in their identities. I am certain that Kate’s concern was money and not pornography.


    And of course TLC’s concern is viewership. I am sure they could care less as to how many child pornography perverts were watching- as long as they had eyeballs, which translated into ratings and revenue. That is the bottom line for ALL networks. Who watches is not their concern as long as a show is watched !


    There is no question that words can tarnish your views on things – especially powerful words. They can taint your views by associating negativity with an issue.

    For instance if you are eating licorice and someone says “ugh that smells like burnt tar, ” even though you may ignore that statement, many might subconsciously associate burnt tar with licorice. So the next time you are offered a piece of black licorice, you may turn it down because of the association. It’s called imprinting.

    Advertisers know this concept better than anyone. They know the magic of positive imprinting and use it to manipulate millions to buy a product. If you see a sexy woman selling a car or a hamburger or a celebrity hawking a product, you subconsciously associate it with the person, It has a positive connotation,so you buy it.

    I experienced this a few weeks ago when I was in Orlando at Epcot. Who wants to see a boring exhibit on Energy? But if you put Ellen Degeneres’s name on it- Ellen from Nemo fame, kids are now interested. Parents are also interested when they associate it with the same Ellen. But this time they associate it with her daytime talk fame. So everyone flocks to the Energy exhibit because of beloved Ellen. If it was just plain Energy Exhibit who would care? So you get my point!

    Tword “pedophile” used in connection with TLC can have the opposite effect. Instead of smiling and going “Ahhh- Ellen- Nemo- talk show- Disney—Energy Exhibit,” you crinkle up your nose and pull your lower lip down in disgust and think “Ewww- Jon and Kate- children- pedophiles- TLC.” So as positively as Ellen is associated with an Energy Exhibit is as negatively “ Gosslin children appearing on TLC is associated with pedophiles watching the show and enjoying themselves.

    You may say this is nonsense. But it is the same concept of someone saying don’t think of ” a pink elephant.” What are you thinking of? –A pink elephant! The reason I say this is I was looking at TLC’s replacement show Table for 12 about the Hayes family and their multiples. They look like a pleasant enough family with lots of kids- kids od all ages, that might be of interest to viewers –including pedophiles. While it just crossed my mind for a split second- the fact that it did cross my mind, courtesy of Jon, made me wonder if anyone else had that fleeting thought.

    If I had that fleeting thought, how many others had the same fleeting thought. So inadvertently, Jon really got back at TLC like he wanted to do all along. Yes, they are suing him and he is suing them back for 5 million dollars. But this is worse- public perception. Even though it was not his doing directly, he may have indirectly created some cause for concern for TLC with regard to their branding. I am sure they don’t want to be labeled as the network that is associated with putting kids on the air that pedophiles watch.


    It also makes you think about kids on TV and in show business in general. That is why I am so appreciative of the wonderful work my dear friend and former child actor, Paul Peterson is doing with his group, Minor Consideration which speaks out against children being exploited by the media.

    He has seen the disasters that happen with child actors for decades. I think all child actors should have psychologists in place on the set available to them 24/7, They are desperately need to help children and teens cope with the pressures of celebrity.


    I hope this sweet looking Hayes family doesn’t get messed up like the Gosselin’s. I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Hayes stay together and don’t end up fighting in the press like Jon and Kate. And most of all, I hope TLC has learned from their past error and hire a therapist to be there to help address any issues that come about. As far as I am concerned, that is the only responsible thing to do. http://www.drlillianglass.com