Jon Gosselin Has Made 6 Right Moves, Now He Has 12 More to Go!

Lohan and Jon split
Jon Gosselin Has Made 6 Right Moves, Now He Has 12 More to Go!
Thank goodness Jon Gosslin has:
1.Taken his kids off the air so they can at least some normalcy in their young lives.
2.Revived his relationship with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi so they are in the kid’s lives.
3.Broken up with Hailey Glassman and left her alone so she can to heal form his traumatic abuse.
4.Gone for counseling, even if it is with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. It’s a start- better than nothing,
5.Broken up his bromance with Toxic Opportunistic User Michael Lohan who was a bad influence.
6.Put the money back into his joint account with Kate.

Now if Jon would:
1.Find a real licensed professional therapist and go for regular intensive sessions.
2.Stay out of the media.
3.Stop trashing Kate even if she continues to trash him in the press.
4.Stop chain smoking.
5.Stop drinking or drugging if he is doing that.
6.Work out daily and get on a healthy diet.
7.Stop pulling his kids hair and taking his anger and frustrations out on them.
8.Find a meaningful career outside of the media.
9.Address his “lying” issues.
10.Stop dating women until his divorce is final and take a long break after that.
11.Get into a charitable cause that is outside of himself.
12.Get his kids into family counseling.

If you can think of some other things Jon needs to do, please feel free to add to the list.


13 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin Has Made 6 Right Moves, Now He Has 12 More to Go!

  1. Take some business classes and open up a small sporting equipment store. He could schedule rafting trips, organize ski trips, etc.


  2. I see what you mean Dr. Lillian its wrong for Jon to pull the kids hair. What did you think of Kate spanking one of her girls a while back? wow The look on her face.


    1. Being a COmmunciation Expert, I believe in communication rather than hitting. That really bothers me to raise a hand to a child.Kate slapped Jon all the time and now she is spaning the kids. Theer is no need for that.These are good little children and if they act up they may be mirroring Kate.


  3. Your insights and comments are right on. I have one more to add to what Jon should do and that is for him to move closer to his childen. New York is too far away.


  4. Dr. Glass, have you seen this interview and the subsequent part 2 and 3 interviews on youtube? What is your read on Jon here? This was taken during his Jan 2009 trip to Utah with Cara. Do you sense any unhappiness here since supposedly Kate already told Jon she didn’t want him anymore in October. But he had not met Deanna yet. I think he is being honest and candid here, he was still on the same page as his family.


  5. I’m also hoping you’ll blog about TLC’s 1 hour show Monday night “Kate, Her Story”. I’m interested in what Kate can say that is different from what we’ve heard over and over (and/or how she’ll try to present it differently)…….and your analysis of her when she’s spinning the tale. Thanks, Dr. Glass


  6. I agree Kimmy, the “pulling” of the hair looked playful and very innocent. You can’t see Hannah’s full face but it looks from the side, she has a playful grin on. Then the next couple pictures are off the two kissing so I don’t see much anger there.

    Jon taking his aggression on the kids is a serious issue and I don’t think its right just to throw it out there without real proof.


  7. Sorry but it’s playful. This pic was taken right after the “hug/cuddle”…

    You can see Hannah? laughing….. Also, look at her head, it isn’t PULLED BACK… meaning he’s just holding onto the hair not “pulling it”..

    Again, this show was taking after Hannah was holding onto Jon and then putting both hands on her face then kissed him.


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