Jon Gosselin is Using Hailey Glassman as a Therapist- He Needs to Get A Real One

Hailey and Jon
When Hailey Glassman said on tonight’s Insider that “Jon has nobody to talk to,” so he unloads all his frustrations on her, it shows what a selfish narcissist Jon has become. He needs to take some of those millions of dollars he earned from his television show and put it to good use with a therapist who will be on call for him. He needs to stop using Hailey, who is obviously not equipped to handle his issues and use a real professional who is equipped to help him deal with his frustrations.
Jon has made a mental mess out of Hailey, who as she described used to be a “happy go lucky girl.” Now she is sad and cries all the time and is emotionally abused by Jon. She doesn’t deserve this. Her emotional breakdown on television was heartbreaking.
Even though 71 percent of those polled said they perceived her as a Home wrecker, I did not. I agreed with the 29 percent who felt she got an unfair deal. I am sure that Jon said all the right things to her and manipulated her like he did the babysitter and the Star Magazine reporter whom he used sexually.
I am also sure that Hailey suffers from low self esteem as she referred to people saying she was ugly in the media. She was probably referring to Perez Hilton who refers to her as Home wrecker Hailey and ugly. She is definitely not ugly. I think she is a very attractive girl and needs to stop considering what Perez says about her as he is definitely mistaken here. People perceive her as a Home wrecker because they don’t have all the facts, just like Perez doesn’t have all the facts.
Based on her body language, I perceived her a being genuine and a very sweet and kindhearted naive girl. She came from a privileged home with loving parents who really care about her. In fact she mentioned that if they knew what would have happened ahead of time with all of this Jon hoopla, they would have put an immediate kybosh on the relationship. She was no doubt overindulged by her parents and given whatever she wanted. She never had a care in the world and had fun partying and doing what a lot of 19 and 20 year old girls do.
This is the first time she has had to face any real adversity in her life. As a result, she is forced to grow up very quickly and deal with what she has in front of her. It is overwhelming! It would be overwhelming for anyone. We could see her overwhelm through her real tears, unlike Kate’s crocodile ones on the Today show.
The more and more I learn about Jon, the more I see how manipulative he is. He reminds me of little Knute the German polar bear in the Berlin Zoo, who grew up with all the attention and cameras around him, that when he no longer had the attention he became sociopathic and a narcissist. The bear became abusive and even violent because he was so angry that people didn’t give him enough attention as he was so needy. Jon clearly is acting like a self centered narcissist who is extremely needy as he needs a lot of attention and when he doesn’t get it, he gets verbally abusive like he has been to Hailey.
When Hailey was asked by the panel why she loved Jon she couldn’t answer right away. She had to pause for a moment and think about it. In fact, it was probably the only time she ever really stopped to think about why she loved Jon. Then she came up with some type of answer that he does really cool things to her and he is very funny. But deep down, Hailey knows that this relationship has it’s days numbered.
If I was counseling Hailey, I would tell immediately to get away from Jon and to run like her hair was on fire. He is so TOXIC for her and will ultimately destroy her emotionally, if she doesn’t get out.
Her public emotional purging is a cry for help. Jon’s lame apology and statement to Hailey’s appearance on the show was pathetic. He is blaming the public scrutiny by the media as the cause of why Hailey is so upset. He needs to be blaming himself for abusing her emotionally. That is why she is so upset. It’s not the media’s fault. It is Jon’s fault. He is so weak in character that as soon as he heard that Hailey was being labeled as a Home wrecker by the media, he needed to put out a statement protecting her and saying that was not the case. But he was too self absorbed to do so.
His statement shows me just how much in denial Jon is in. He MUST see a therapist immediately and have this therapist on call to help him deal with the daily crises in his rapidly changing life. He must stop both using and abusing Hailey at once .He must find a professional “to talk to.” And Hailey must leave and never look back.


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