Hailey Glassman’s Body Language Shows Jon’s Abuse Has Taken An Emotional Toll on Her She MUST Leave Him for Her Own Sake

HAiley Glassman
When Hailey Glassman emotionally broke down on the Insider, you could feel her devastation as her voice cracked in pain with heartfelt tears dripping from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. In anyone makes you feel like Jon has made Hailey feel, you MUST leave them and never look back. Love is not about making someone cry.
When Hailey told the Insider that she still loved Jon despite, his emotional abuse, her words are typical of any abused woman. Oftentimes, the abuser abuses. Not always. But in Jon’s case, it is obviously happening.
We all saw Jon being the victim of Kate’s abuse for the past five years. We saw him yelled at, belittled, degraded in public (remember the toy store episode), degraded in front of the kids and told he was a loser. He admitted Kate’s abuse of him publically on 20 /20. Now he is turning into a Kate. He is verbally abusing Hailey.
Jon is so scary to me, perhaps even more scarier than Kate. While Kate is a Toxic Narcissist, Bully, Control Freak, and an Arrogant Know It All, according to my book Toxic People, Jon is the scariest Toxic type of them all. He is a Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano. He seems like Mr. Nice guy, but he is extremely passive aggressive. We saw him lash out at Kate with his under his breath comments and sarcastic retorts though the five years of the show.
Because he repressed it for so long and was so angry, he released his anger in a huge way, as an eff you to Kate. He began having multiple affairs with multiple women. He messed around allegedly with the babysitter, when Kate was away and the kids were in the home.
We have often seen photos of him with a beer in hand so I wonder if it is his drinking that is causing his Jekyll and Hyde behavior which Hailey is referring to. Is Jon an alcoholic? Is Jon smoking pot? Is Jon bipolar? Is Jon taking drugs? Is Jon so angry at Kate that he is collapsing his hatred toward her on to other innocent women like Hailey?
Hailey says, “We’re at a point now where I don’t know why I love him. He gets frustrated and angry and I’m the one who gets the brunt. He’ll call me and take his anger out on me. He has ‘mantrums.’ I shouldn’t have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say why are you so mean to me? He takes it out on me. He talks over me so I can’t speak. Sometimes he has trouble with the truth and he will dance and dance around his lies. He’s like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him.”
If what Hailey is saying is actuate, in the Toxic scheme of things according to my book Toxic People, Jon is also a Jekyll and Hyde as well as a Liar .
After verbal abuse and emotional abuse comes physical abuse. It is known as the Cycle of Abuse. It is inevitable that Hailey may become a victim of Jon’s physical abuse if she doesn’t leave him. She MUST leave him for her own mental health. There is no up side to this relationship for her.
Jon needs so much therapy that she will be an old woman before he is ready to make some changes in his life. She needs to leave and get on with her life right now. She needs to get into therapy to find out why her self esteem is so low that she would be she would be in love with an abusive liar who makes her cry all the time.
But the fact that she has gone public and admitted such abuse from Jon, means that she is angry and this is her way of reaching out for help. This outreach and speaking o up for herself about the abuse from Jon may be the first sign that she is on her road to recovery from being with an abuser.
Love is respect, compassion, passion, tenderness, admiration and caring. It is not yelling and screaming and taking out your emotions on someone you claim you love. That’s not to say that people don’t argue and fight who are in love. But based on Hailey’s’ complaint, it sounds like she is spending a lot of her time having Jon’s negative emotions taken out on her. Love is having to say you’re sorry. And love is not having to cry every day like poor Hailey is doing.
Instead of wasting all his time going on TV and trashing Kate and abusing Hailey and cheating with women,, Jon needs to spend that time getting a steady diet of therapy. He is clearly a mental and emotional mess.
This revelation by Hailey could send him over the emotional edge. He is so insecure and so hungry for people to love him and to be on his side and not Kate’s, that Hailey’s confession could be a huge blow to his psyche.
Jon and Kate are both abusers. That means their 8 kids may be the recipient of their abuse as they get older. It may even be starting now after seeing the photo in all the magazines of Jon abusively pulling on of the young daughter’s pony tail. I hope not, but it doesn’t look too promising.
Please Jon and Kate for the sake of your kids, go into therapy on a regular basis and stay there. After hearing Kate on her Q and A and now these allegations against Jon there is no other place for them to be other than in a therapist’s office. All 8 kids, Hailey, the babysitter with whom he had an affair, all the other women Jon has humiliated, all the nannies and housekeepers and staff that Kate has humiliated, need to be in therapy as well, to recover from the wrath of Jon and Kate.


6 thoughts on “Hailey Glassman’s Body Language Shows Jon’s Abuse Has Taken An Emotional Toll on Her She MUST Leave Him for Her Own Sake

  1. Isn’t a divorcing dad with 8 kids a red flag when considering someone’s relationship potential? Just because Jon was “nice” she fell for him and that tells me she is very naive. I would have been friendly to Jon but I would NOT have dated him. Considering that Kate Gosselin is his soon-to-be ex wife I would have steered a wide path around Jon.
    I hope Hailey finds comfort in her family and cuts ties with Jon. Hailey has a great future ahead and I wish her the best of luck.


  2. I think that this is all a publicity stunt. Who goes on tv and says these kind of things?

    If Hailey is truly being abused she needs to run as far away from Jon Gosselin as possible.

    Her parents and family need to step in immediately.

    After seeing the promo for the ET show on Monday night I just have to wonder if this isn’t all just a big publicity stunt.

    I just can’t believe that any of them would go on tv and talk about this kind of stuff.

    Maybe you can explain that to me Dr. Why are they doing this?


  3. This entire thing is ludicrous. Perhaps it’s my age, but it’s quite apparent to me that a man who has been married and had eight children needs to take a lot of time in counselling and figuring out who he is before he takes on a new relationship.

    I don’t know why he’s spending time with these young women, but no good will come from it. They are “falling in love” with him instantaneously and he is treating them like garbage… which is to be expected after what he’s been through. I’m not saying it’s right; I’m just saying that this man has a lot of baggage that he needs to deal with!

    He should not be involved with anyone until he gets counselling and his act together, and these young women need to grab a clue. And if they’re too young to do that then their parents or someone older need to fill them in on a few facts of life.



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