Kate Gosselin’s Wanting To Be In A Movie and Do Cartoon Voice Reflects Her Narcissism

Kate actress
I have so much to say about Kate’s Q and A which I will relay on CBS’s The Insider at 7:30 PM tonight. I will also blog about it in greater detail.
We have seen Kate’s narcissism and self centeredness becoming more and more evident over these past five years. Who could forget Kate’s not giving thirsty twin daughter Mady a drink of water while she selfishly took one for herself? But in last night’s Q and A with Kate on TLC, we really see her narcissism up close and personal as she revealed how she wants to be in a movie and the voice of a cartoon character . To me, it is just one more reflection of her narcissism, over inflated ego, believing her own press and thinking she is a huge star.
Having worked with so many actors throughout my career and having them as clients for the last two decades, from A listers who have won Academy Awards to beginning actors, I can assure you that being an actor is hard work and not to be taken lightly. Being a “cartoon voice” is acting and requires specific skills. In order to get those skills one has to go to acting classes and really hone in those skills. It does not come over night. It takes years and years of training and dedication and time.
Does Kate really have the time to put into an acting career when she has 8 kids to take care of? I think she needs to refocus her priorities. And focus on those kids and take care of them.
The contradictions, sarcasm, defensiveness, hostility and rudeness to those who took the time to email in questions like Sara F., as well as Kate’s signals of deception displayed throughout her Q and A as reflected by her body language, facial language, speech, and voice qualities will be addressed in my next blog so stay tuned. …


3 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Wanting To Be In A Movie and Do Cartoon Voice Reflects Her Narcissism

  1. Wow. Incredible insight into this woman. Too bad Kate Gosselin is too enamored with herself to benefit from your expertise!

    I pray the innocent children can withstand their narcissitic mother for another 13 years or so! God help them.


  2. Boy did you hit the nail right on the head. I refused to watch it as I wont watch anything on TLC but the next day I did see it online. She is the most ignorant, rude, arrogant person I have ever seen on TV. She was so rude answering those questions. But yet all the Kate lovers seem to think she is SO perfect. I feel those woman who love her so much live their lives thru her. The LOVE to belittle their men, WISH they could get plastic surgery and have more money then they would know what to do with. Kate is NOT a movie star,Kate has NO tv career and worst of all Kate ia NO mother.


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