Kate Gosselin’s Body Language and Tone Wreaks of Defensiveness, Bitterness, Sarcasm, Entitlement

Kate with glasses on head
Kate Gosselin’s body language facial language and sarcastic and bitter and hostile vocal tone revealed great deal of defensiveness, sarcasm, self entitlement, and over inflated ego, hostility, and rudeness, even admonishing those who asked her questions. She was evasive with certain questions and showed signals of deception on others.
For instance, there was a fair and legitimate question that Sara F. emailed, asking Kate “ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”In a mocking tone, Kate answers “Well Sara F. and arrogantly laughs at her question as Kate hyper articulates her deceptive answer. The hyper articulation indicates a condescending attitude towards the questioner for having the audacity to ask Kate such a question. Kate blatantly lies as she says “I learned a long time ago not to project but if I had my choice..” We see hear head shaking no as she speaks in the affirmative indicating deception. Of course she projects! She immediately contradicts herself in the next sentence. Her voice cracks with anger as she says” Can you blame me?” Yes Kate we can blame you. If you would have treated Jon with respect and dignity and not abused him and humiliated him all the time maybe you would still be married to him today. Jon acted out like a bad jerk because he was so repressed from your abuse that he unfortunately let loose in a very immature way. As she says this she holds on to her wrist as if to brace herself as she is so angry at having to answer this question. She looks away and breaks eye gaze. an  indication that she is really reflecting on the answer to this deep question. She stops for a moment. Her voice gets a softer tone as she says, “ 19 and 15 WOW Sara F lets not talk about that.”
Why not talk about it ? You need to address the fact that if you don’t get your kids into therapy while they are still young with all that has been going on with them, by the time they are 15 and 19 they will be psychological messes. Instead of addressing the question, she admonished Sara F.
Kate also says “I would love my TV career thing to be successful. What TV Career? She was a successful reality star on TLC only because of the 8 kids. People also tuned in to see how awful she would be each week to Jon. Would she slap him or belittle him? They tuned in to see her neurotic behavior of demanding super order and cleanliness. Even though TLC is pushing the heck out of her in giving Kate her own show , the verdict is still out. Maybe they will tune in at the beginning for curiosity sake. But who wants a steady diet of watching to watch mean spirited, condescending, sarcastic, narcissistic angry woman? Would you like to see a regular show of her whining and moaning and self aggrandizement, and sarcastic tone and defensive body language like you saw on her Q and A Show?
kate wig
When she talks about the Jon and Kate costumes for Halloween you see flashes of anger leaking across her face as she is clearly upset that she isn’t getting any of the profits from these wigs. With her raised eyebrows she says TLC PR emailed her that the Kate wigs were the most popular item for Halloween. Her facial expression with a raised eyebrow showed arrogance and anger. When asked her reaction she says
“My reaction? I laughed my head off” said with angry furrowed brow where you could see the line between angry line between her eyes. She wasn’t even smiling when she said she laughed her head off. So this was a lie as you could see the incongruity in her words and in her body language. Of course she didn’t laugh her head off. She was furious she  didn’t get any proceeds and lets everyone know that by saying she didn’t see the name Kate on any of the packaging or they would have had to share the proceeds with her . Her facial expression leaks out meanness and anger as her jaw juts forward looks up head down looks up with raised eyebrows like she does when she admonishes one of the kids. She is so mad as she continues with cocked head and raised eyebrow discussing how she is not getting paid. Then we see her EGO and narcissism up close as she flatters herself by saying “ I hear they are going to be Kate’s EVERYWHERE for Halloween but the wigs are all sold out . They are backordered “from now till the end of time.” Is she that deluded with such self importance that she believes people will be purchasing Kate wigs “till the end of time.”
What she doesn’t get is that most people who are wearing a Kate wig (which by the way is an outdated style from 40 year old hairstyle that the hippie flower children  wore in the Twiggy era) are buying it as a goof- to make fun of her- not to be like her as she undoubtedly thinks.
There were comments made on the show which were subtle digs at Jon at how this show is good for the children and gave them so many opportunities they would not have had. That is true but now it’s time to stop, especially now that they are getting school aged. In fact you can see the damage starting to occur because of the show when Kate talked about Leah. Kate said Leah came home from school and said that a classmate told her she saw her on TV. Kate told Leah to say that when anyone says they saw her on TV to say “I don’t want to talk about it.”
That is horrible advice for a parent to give to a child. No doubt Leah’s little friend was being friendly and curious. Leah was wrongly taught to admonish her friend just for acknowledging her.
When asked if she would remarry, Kate is so negative stating that who would want to be in her mess? It’s more like who would want to be with Kate ordering them around and being so snarky with such a mean and self centered attitude? She says she likes to be alone but then makes a sarcastic face that no one will ever want to be  into her mess.The word mess is also telling considering her penchant for neatness and orderliness.  What is the mess she is talking about? Her kids? Does she consider her 8 kids a mess? That is really telling. When people choose certain words they reflect what is going on inside of them on a subconscious level. The reason they don’t want to get into her mess is  not because she has 8 kids but because of her attitude with her snarky facial expression sarcastic and snarky. As she speaks of this topic you see a lot of insecurity and finger “tells” as she fiddles with the papers she is holding.
Her tossing of the papers on the floor is reflective of how superior she thinks  she is and all of the anger that burns inside of her. She is so disrespectful. Can you imagine what she would have done if any of her 8 kids did what she did or worse, if Jon did it? This is a hostile act on her part. It’s an affront to the fan. It’s symbolic as though she is tossing them away and disregarding them because she doesn’t need them anymore- something many former friends have accused her of doing.
The sarcastic condescending and defensive tones and sarcastic facial gestures do not add to her likeability.

 I think that TLC is making a huge mistake by giving her own show. I think people will get so turned off with her that after time no one will want to see her. Even if she goes for media and TV coaching, the real Kate will leak out. What you saw on TLC last night is who she is.
I really wanted this woman to succeed, especially when I first saw her show. Although I hated how she was so abusive to Jon, I always gave her slack in that she had 8 kids to contend with. But as I see what has happened to her and how Kate has evolved I do not like what I see.

Knute the bear
Knute the bear before and after camera attention

What happened to Kate reminds me of Knute the polar bear in the Berlin Zoo. This polar bear had camera following him around all the time and then when he got older according to the vet and zoo officials he became a narcissist and a psychopath because he got so angry and destructive and hostile as he needed so much attention. When he didn’t get what he wanted he got more hostile. I’m not saying Kate is a psychopath, but like Knute she has become very narcissistic and hostile.
I don’t think that Kate is the only victim of the Knute the polar bear syndrome. Jon has also become narcissistic and hostile and mean and acting out.
This reality show started off as a good way to make money for the kids future but turned into a nightmare. The thought of Kate getting her own show both repulses me and frightens me. Who would ever want to watch a mean and arrogant and hostile Knute the bear Syndrome play itself out. This will NOT be good for Kate.
Kate will be off the air now that Kate Plus 8 is over but if she doesn’t get more attention she will get more hostile and more angry. Based on her psychological makeup and how it has turned so far I think that the worst thing in the world would be to give this woman her own show. I hope that the public does not respond to her and the show tanks for her sake. She is not equipped to handle it psychologically. Maybe she can handle it technically but she will for sure turn viewers off over time. Even her “fans” will turn on her. No one like people who have self entitlement issues which Kate does.
Look at how she treats people at book signings. There is such a coldness as though her fans are objects. Her self absorption on the View and what she did last night on the Q and A and that is what she will no doubt will do in her own show. No one will want to see that. If they tell her to change, it won’t help. She is too far ingrained in her self centeredness. Also a show about babies growing up is cute. If you want a show about a single mom, there are too many other people who are better mothers and more likeable and whom more people can relate to than Kate.
Kate’s arrogance and entitlement will eventually do her in. We saw how full blown it was when she said she wants to be in a movie and do a voice for a cartoon character. This is where you see her self entitlement. Actors and voice over artists are trained professionals who spend years going to school to learn their craft. How dare her think because she has a little fame from this show she can do these things with out the training and dedication. We saw a glimpse of her horrible acting abilities on a Jay Leno skit. It was embarrassing. Kate needs to tend to her kids not to acting for feed her out of control ego.
For those Kate fans out there please don’t write me to tell me I hate Kate and I am on Jon’s side. I don’t hate and Jon I am not on Jon’s side. He is no bargain either. I simply can’t stand Kate’s arrogant behavior and herself righteousness “I am better than you” behavior and self entitlement. Nobody told her to go for fertility treatments. As a nurse, she knew what she was doing that she would have multiples. She is lucky her kids are healthy and beautiful. She is lucky she had a show and made money to support those kids. They are well taken care of financially, according to her. Now. she needs to spend time with them and be there for them instead of trying to be a star to feed her now really out of control ego.


6 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language and Tone Wreaks of Defensiveness, Bitterness, Sarcasm, Entitlement

  1. Your absolutely right. I started out enjoying the show. I believe if Kate would of kept her butt home and became a better wife her and Jon would still be together. Yes, he is acting like an idiot. It was like he was a caged animal and finally became free. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her and the kids and she walked all over him. She says no one would want her mess but I don’t think anyone would want to be married to such a bossy women. She said after what she has been through could you blame her for not wanting to remarry? Does she really not remember what a B**** she was. She really believes everyone feels sorry for her. I can’t stand those who didn’t really even watch the show talk about POOR Kate. And when she went on tv to cry and say she didn’t have enough money to pay her bills…people believe her!! She had a tv show people and sold 2 books and she can’t afford to pay her bill!!!
    I have heard I’m doing this for the children so often I could throw up. She loves the fame. She has become addicted. How much money does she need.?I hear oh, what will she do, she needs the money. I think she has made enough money to take care of those kids. They didn’t want that big house. They wanted parents that loved them and each other. The PARENTS wanted the big house and all the toys that went with it. Get second hand cars. Go to garage sales. There are plenty of big families out there. The Gosselins are the only ones with lots of children.
    I pray she does not get her own show. They need to go away and take care of the children and forget about being famous.


  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You feel exactly like I do. I use to love the show too but she is a different person. Either that or she kept it hidden quite well for awhile. Ever since the book signing she became a legend in her own mind. I do believe she told Jon that it was over and she had outgrown him. For some reason the girl has forgotten why she was on t.v. in the first place and actually thinks she has talent! I just hope all these people that buy into the “Poor Kate” act like the ladies at the View open their eyes and see her for who she is as I think you’re the only one that does.

    Yes, Jon’s behavior is very immature but when she was asked if she would get married again and she said probably not, can you blame me, I about choked. The girl had a very good husband. She for some reason thinks she is faultless and Jon is just a jerk. I suppose people like Kate never see fault in themselves.

    She says she gets up every morning for her kids… before they seperated I never saw an episode where she interacted with them unless they went on a trip somewhere. Now she acts like she is mother of the year.

    Make sure you watch her interview with Natale Morales next Monday on TLC and give us your opinion. Yes, she needs to do yet another interview, will it ever end?


  3. I personally don’t like or dislike Kate Gosselin, but I do feel that the obsession a lot of so-called haters towards her is ridiculously unhealthy. Don’t you feel like you’re feeding into that by spending so much of your time evaluating her?

    I find it fascinating that we have put this woman under a microscope unlike almost any other ‘celebrity’. Is it because we feel we have some kind of ‘ownership’ of her because she appears on a reality program? Is she the flavor of the month to be mocked?

    I find your work interesting, but I do feel you reveal your personal bias towards Gosselin when all you can really find to assess about her is negative. A less one-sided evaluation would be more believable.


    1. Dear Nan:
      Becuase I am a Body Language and Communication Expert and Media Psychologist, this is what I do. I decipher what people are really saying. So I don’t believe I am feeding into as you say the Kate haters. People are reacting so negatively towards Kate not becuase of ownership but becuase they don’t like to see hypocrisy, self aggrandizement,self entitlement, abusers, and people who lie. That is what they are seeing in Kate’s behavior that brings out feelings you refer to as “hate”.
      I do not have a personal bias about Kate. In fact I wanted any mother of multiple children to succeed. But as we got to know Kate it is beyond her not being perfect. No one is perfect. It is about people getting angry about her behaviors. She shows affection towards certain children on the show and more mean behavior to others. That is a negative thing. She is an attractive woman who really has put herself together very well. This is a positive thing.
      As a trained journalist and media psychologist I report what I
      observe. Unfortunately I have observed a lot of negativie things in Kate that are very disturbing not only to myself, but to her fans, to her viewers, and most of all to her kids.
      I do thank you for your comment.
      Dr. Lillian Glass


  4. Dr. Glass ~ I’m curious of what you thought about her question and answer portion regarding the filming crew and her staff. She called the film crew a “dream team” and they were all men, mostly younger, but not all…just wondering is this is why she oogles and seems to flirt with the camera at times? It’s very odd and somewhat distracting when she looks off-camera when she is trying to laugh or smile, which doesn’t come across as real.
    Also, she referred to her staff that help with the children and housecleaning as “girls” – which falls right in line with her self-entitlement and demeaning those around her. As if she is above them because they are just girls?!
    Overall, from the clips that I could stand to watch, I was shocked that TLC allows her to keep digging a deeper hole. But then again, I think that the people that are fans of this show are either watching it for trainwreck value or because Kate makes them feel entitled to act they way she does!


    1. I thought your points are great. The dream team is a dig at Jon by saying look at what you did. It took us five years to get the right people around us and now look what you did- destroy the “dream team.” Youa re right abouther flirting with the males on the “dream team” as it is quite evident. Her calling the female crew “girls” is a sexist comment and shows her lack of evolution in terms of how to refer to the female gender. Its show a lack of respect for women who are a large part of her audience. The only people who shouold eb called girls are her daughters.I will write a blog about this. Thank you.


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