Balloon Parent’s Teaching Their Children to Lie is Detrimental to Their Psychological Development

Heene family with Falcon and Mayumi

The mother of the “Balloon Boy has finally   admitted  in a search warrant affidavit  that Both she and Richard “knew all along that Falcon was hiding in the residence and they devised
the hoax  two weeks earlier where both she and Richard had instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media.

      Even though Mayumi is “womaning up” and taking equal blame, I still believe that she would never have thought of this scheme or gone along with it had it not been for Richard. The consequences of not going along with Richard’s scheme may have been more abuse. I believe that he thought it up because he was so desperate for fame and publicity.

 Their lying was bad enough, teaching their children teaching  to lie is HORRIBLE. It will have severe consequences on their psychological development. Mayumi and Richard  in essence taught these three boys that it is not only OK to lie, but it is OK to lie to authorities and to the media. This may make them prone to more lying throughout their live because they have been imprinted with the message early in their development that lying is acceptable.

In fact little Falcon will suffer greatly in terms of his psychological development. While most children learn at his age that lying is bad and that you will be punished for not telling the truth, little Falcon has learned a confusing message. He has learned that if you tell the truth and if you don’t lie there will be severe consequences like your dad and mom going to jail and you perhaps not having a place to live or living with a  bunch of strangers it a foster family. This will devastate these children no doubt.

These kids have apparently lived in the worst conditions according to sources but they have all lived together. To separate these children from one another or their mother  would be severely traumatic. I wouldn’t doubt it if they would be relieved to get rid of Richard for a few years as he spent time in jail, But losing their mom as well would be horrible, especially for Falcon who must be consumed with guilt and fear and shame  .

The emotional trauma on his little shoulders is quite evident. Providing the parents didn’t give him ipecac to vomit on cue, his little body got so upset as he purged out his emotional upset via his vomiting. Children especially vomit when they are emotionally traumatized. Little Falcon is no exception.

There is also a photo that has circulated which I also posted on a previous blog of Richard holding on to Falcon. Richard’s face cannot hide his internal anger at Falcon for busting him. Little Falcon looks terribly uncomfortable in his father’s angry  embrace. You can see it in Falcon’s tense shoulder’s and rigid body language.

If you think back to Falcon’s body language on CNN and on the morning shows his body language was loose as he was like a rag doll sprawled all over his dad. But something happened. There is no doubt in my mind that little Falcon caught the wrath of hell from Richard behind closed doors after the CNN interview.


heene children petrified

  Each of the three boys who appeared on camera during the morning shows looked absolutely petrified. Their eyes were wide opened as if they saw a ghost. They were in fear and Richard probably threatened each one of them to shut up. He rehearsed over and over what they would say no doubt. For a six year old it’s hard to get your lines straight. It’s even harder to get your lies straight.

gorilla sign language

Studies have shown that most children lie. In fact animals lie. When researchers asked a gorilla to who was taught  and communicated in American Sign Language, “who broke his toy”, he lied and said that the trainer broke his toy, when the reality was that he broke his own toy.

  Studies have also shown that the more intelligent a child is the more prone they are to manufacturing lies. So that is why you can see your child’s hand go into the cookie jar, see him eat it and see the crumbs on his face and he will still deny he took a cookie. So, what parent’s do is to socialize the lying out of the child by telling him that they say what he did and there is evidence of the cookie on his face and that he lied and lying is bad. This happens when a child is from three to five.

    Longitudinal studies show that Research shows that by the time a child reaches six (exactly Falcon’s age, 2 years past Ryo’s age and 3 years past Bradford’s age),  a majority of  sic year-olds who frequently lie  will have it socialized out of them by age seven .

    But if lying has become a successful strategy for handling difficult social situations, a child will stick with it according to researchers So if if they’re still lying a lot at seven, then it seems likely to continue for the rest of childhood.

    Seeing your parents telling huge lies to authorities and to the media is not doing anything to help socialize a child. All three boys have learned that it is OK to lie and one can only wonder what the future will hold for them. These boys were never given boundaries. According to those who knew them from those who worked with Richard and Mayumi to those who were on Wife Swap with then, these boys had no boundaries. They cursed, they farted, they burped without saying excuse me and they were out of control. So one can only assume  that since they were not socialized to have socially  acceptable behaviors, they were not socialized to not lie.  

   If and when Richard goes to jail and Mayumi (hopefully not) goes to jail, I certainly hope that the state provides these kids with therapy because they will definitely need it. They will have to be resocialized to learn right from wrong and Falcon will definitely need some very intensive therapy. My heart and my prayers are with these kids.


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