Michael Lohan’s Behavior and Body Language on The Insider Reveals a TOXIC MAN as he tells Ne Ne to “Move Her Fat Ass”

Michael Lohan Toxic Man
Being the author of the book TOXIC PEOPLE I got a special kick out of seeing Ne Ne Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlantic City on The Insider calling Lindsay Lohan’s father a TOXIC PARENT. She accused him of just trying to make money off of Lindsay.

Michel then blinks rapidly indicating a signal of deception, as he says” I never made a penny off of Lindsay.” You know that he made a lot more than a penny off of Lindsay from all the interviews he’s done in the past. Also wasn’t he fighting over his management fee with his ex wife Dina at one time?

Ne Ne points her finger at him and again says he is A TOXIC PARENT. Lara Spenser the host  tries to interject, but Michael speaks over her, shrugging his shoulders (another signal of deception) and looking
away to the side off camera (yet another signal) saying “I’m the only one trying to help her.”

Michael tries to defend himself by saying that he’s only trying to help Lindsay. ( Well he can start helping her by keeping his mouth shut and not talking about her to the press) Ne Ne who is livid at Michael continues to call him a TOXIC PARENT.

As soon as Ne Ne hits on the truth by saying that he is “ the reason Lindsay is in trouble in the first place,” Michael resorts to cutting down Ne Ne’s weight (who by the was isn’t fat but curvy and well proportioned ) by saying “why don’t you go promote Nutrisystems or something.”

Ne Ne was visibility upset as she realizes it is a below the belt insult says “Nutisystems?” She then points her index finger at Michael and says “Dude do not make me come after you seriously.” as Lara, the host looks on in shock. Ne Ne talks over him telling him she would eat
him aliveand tells him that she wants to go head to head with him, once gain calling him a TOXIC PARENT.

Michael then changes the subject saying that” This is serious. I’m talking about my daughter (the same daughter that issued a public statement for him to stop talking about her to and through the media).

Ne Ne then yells at Michael that he is a sell out who may as well get up and leave because he is a sell out and a TOXIC PARENT.

Michael then blinks a lot as he says to Ne Ne, “Shut your mouth. He then tells her to give The chair a break and “MOVE YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF THE CHAIR” Ne Ne doesn’t back down as we see Michael removing the ear piece from his ear and leaving the set.

Michael certainly showed his character and childish behavior by resorting to an unnecessary “below the belt comment about Ne Ne’s weight and telling her to get off her chair because the chair needs a break because she’s so fat (even though she’s not) and then telling her to move her “fat ass”How horrible! Adults don’t speak like that.

Michael definitely showed us a side of himself that makes you wonder what poor Lindsay no doubt had to endure while she was growing up with this TOXIC PARENT!


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