Is Balloon Dad Bipolar and Will Balloon Mom Ever Leave Him?

Balloon Boy
After listening to several people who have known Balloon Dad Richard Heene up close and personal like comedian Sunda Coonquist and former employee Vince LeGrow who appeared on and Barbara Slusser who spoke to ABC News and others and hearing them describe his erratic and up and down behavior, violent temper outbursts, high highs and low lows, sudden mood swings and self, aggrandized behavior, it makes one wonder as to whether Richard may have a psychological condition that has contributed to his bad behavior and poor judgment
As someone trained in the field of Psychology I am not making a diagnosis of Richard Heene, since I personally have never seen him up close and personal. Nor am I offering him treatment or therapy, but when you hear people like Sunda Coonquist who knew him so closely say the words like “bipolar” and “his needing to be on medication.” It certainly makes one’s ears perk up.
Based on the descriptions of these individuals who worked with Richard you can’t turn a blind eye. They certainly describe some of the classic symptoms of a person with a bipolar condition. He may have other psychological issues as well based on their descriptions and also based on what we have seen like narcissism, but once again not seeing him up close and personal or seeing his testing results I personally have to only speculate on what is ailing this poor soul.
If what those who have come forth have said about Richard Heene is true about his children living in squalor in unhygienic conditions it is tragic. If what they report about Mayumi is true about being abused, then she needs to go to a Domestic Abuse Center right away. But the fact of the matter is that she won’t go. She doesn’t want to do anything to disturb the family situation as it is as she is obviously too frightened. So maybe Richard going to jail for a while may give Mayumi a new perspective on Richard and her marriage. I do hope that she isn’t given as stiff a penalty as Richard because I believe she went along for the ride so to speak. Abused women do that. They do whatever they are told and she was no doubt controlled by Richard.
People who know her say she is a very bright woman. But it doesn’t matter how bright or beautiful a person is. Anyone can unknowingly get involved with an abuser and before they know it- they are stuck like Mayumi. So I hope she will just get probation so she can be there to be a loving influence on the kids. She is probably their only chance. I also hope during that time she is away from Richard that she get’s some psychological help herself so she gains more self esteem.

A good man doesn’t treat a woman like she has evidently been treated. A TOXIC MAN does what Richard has done to her. We have all seen him yell at her on the youtube tape for her not holding the tether of his balloon. WE have seen him scream and shout at all the swapped wives and even throw things including milk at another one. So one can only imagine what he had done to Mayumi.
Even if he is treated for his underlying dysfunction if he has one, there is still the apparent issue of his misogyny and his distorted views about woman based on what he demands from Mayumi and which he expressed on Wife Swap. I do hope that Mayumi leaves him, goes to LA or back to Japan or wherever she will be out of Richard’s clutches. He has clearly put his kids in danger with all that storm chasing of his. His up and down volatility is also not healthy for those kids. You could see how absolutely petrified they were on television.


2 thoughts on “Is Balloon Dad Bipolar and Will Balloon Mom Ever Leave Him?

  1. How right you are as always, these men belittle their wives so much they don’t even know who they are. So many are scared to leave and just settle with the abuse. My dad and mom were married for 22 years, he mentally, physical, and sexual for 22 years in the Air Force. Their were 5 of us kids and she tried to work it out, but in 1972 she had to leave Guam before he killed her. My brother and 2 other siblings ran away to be with her, but me and my older sister who was 9 and I was 8 were to young to run away. I did not get to see her until I was 18 because my dad would not let us. After that I kept in touch and was able to see her the rest of her life. When my dad married my step mom when I was 11, she was hateful and did the same things to her, I never have understood why these women stay with men like this. My dad disowned all 5 of us when all 5 of us siblings were with my mom together for the first time in 22 years. Bitter old man, he is my dad and I love him, but no respect for him. I have forgiven him, because you can’t change the past, but you don’t ever forget it. With a Church close by when I was 11, and my dad did let me go, there were so many people that took time to make a difference in my life. I was an angry child and would not get close to someone, if I did I would make them mad, so they could not hurt me. I am proud of who I am today and even the hard up bringing I really feel like it has made me who I am today. I am a good mother and I also have helped a lot of people who had childhoods like mine. You did not tell this in 1980 and I am so glad in this time there is help out there. If these parents would realize what they do to there children what a difference it would make. But they don’t think they have a problem and justify every thing big or little and it is never there fault. I am so glad you bring these stories out, you never know who reads them and you make a difference…I am proud to say, I do not walk on egg shells for 10 years since my dad is out of my life. One of my favorite sayings is SUCCESS IN LIFE IS NOT DETERMINED BY WHETHER YOUR PARENTS HAD A CHILD, BUT RATHER THAT YOUR CHILD HAD PARENTS…Blessings Lillian, keep the blogs coming…Judy Stockstill


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