Lindsay Lohan’s Body Language Shows She’s Not the Same and In Emotional Pain


This photo of Lindsay on s with Perez’s shocked comment WTF  shows ushow the body doesn’t lie!   She’s  obviously done things to change her physical appearance in anattempt to feel better about herself but that isn’t enough.  Changing your outside like plumping up your lips and changing your hair color and botoxingyour face isn’t going to fix what is ailing you on the inside.

There appears to be  plenty  that is to be ailing Lindsay from her parents, to  as reported int he press her on an off again relationship with her girlfriend to the myriad of toxic relationships which she was involved, to her non career. There is no question in my mind that . She MUST get into some type of counseling situation with a professional on a regular basis. This changing of her physical  appearance  so she will look nothing like her former self screams “I hate what is going on with me and I want to change something” .

   Not since Elizabeth Taylor when she played National Velvet as a child actress  was there such another such naturally beautiful young and talent actress until young Lindsay Lohan came along. She was an adorable child and matured into a very a good actress with a promising future ahead of her. But now she is more known for her life off screen than on screen. 

The effects of her tumultuous childhood with her parents constant bickering in the mediaand her dad winding up in prison has finally taken it’s toll on her as a young adult   ( THIS APPLIES TO YOU JON AND KATE GOSSELIN!!)  You don’t want some or all of your kids to wind up like Lindsay and they definitely can  if you go along the same path as the Lohanparents . Remember Lindsay didn’t start acting out until she was a young adult so it takes that long for things to process.  

 Besides Lindsay’s parents being a huge problem in her life,  there were a myriad of boyfriends who clearly betrayed her beginning with her first boyfriend  Wilmer  actor WilmerValdorama discussing having had sex with her on the Howard Stern Show, ex boyfriend Riley Giles whom she met in rehab  selling intimate details about their sex life to the tabloids andlabeling her a “nymphomaniac”,  ex Brandon Davis publically labeling her a “firecrotch”  British ex  Calum Best publically sharing with pals the details of their sex life  which was relayed to the tabloids,  and ex Harry Morton  first  telling  the press that he hadn’t dated Lindsay then changing his story that he had dated her , and finally admitting that it was  embarrassing for him to be known to date her, how could poor Lindsay not have felt  betrayed and emotionallyabused?  So she turned to the opposite sex and has an on and off  up and down realtionship  with DJ Samantha Ronson based on what is reported in the press.

 Now her dad wants a piece of Lindsay. He sees’ something isn’t right with his daughter. Butinstead of contacting her privately, this Toxic Opportunistic User  goes to the media and says he I going to kidnap her and do an intervention. His idea of helping Lindsay is helping himself. This prompted Lindsey to want to get a restraining order against him and to issue her own statement to the press on how  heartbroken she is that he is not acting like  a father by consulting her privately but rather communicating with her via the media. She essentially washed her hands of him and rightfully so. He is a major part of her problem.

  Apparently Michael wanted to take her to a rehab place on Long Island since he’s friendsthe with owner who  has apparently offered up the hotel to serve as a “home-base” for Lindsay as long as she wants while she sorts out her life. No doubt there will be cameras at the “hotel” and oops some leaked footage of Lindsay in dire straits.  But Lindsay is hip to her dad’s shenanigans.

  Then there is her mom who is one of the worst moms ever in my opinion for parading herunderage daughter around like a hooker. No 14 or 15 year old should dress like that and be allowed to go to bars under the guise of performing.   Now pathetic Dina is riding the coat tails of the younger one like she did with Lindsey when she accompanied  Lindsey to bars and tried  to get some of the attention people bestowed on to Lindsey for herself. It is sick and disgusting to me.  Now Dina who screams for attention and her own talk show is  putting her efforts into her younger daughter Ali . This is a complete waste of time in my opinion since the younger one isn’t  as physically stunning or talented like Lindsay ans doesn’t appear to be making a significcant dent in teh entertainment wold.

         On her reality  show, Ali gushed about how she wanted to be famous. It was nauseating. She is only famous for being the sister of a very disturbed actress who could have had a huge career ahead of her if she didn’t self destruct.  I’m not the only one who found  Ali Lohan’s  attitude nauseating.  Courtney Loves daughter Frances Bean, who has suffered enough with a father who died prematurely and an often out of control mother- Courtney and who  appears to be a level headed and mature young lady feels thesame.  In fact she penned an open letter to Ali in the media stating she was sick if Ali’s sense of   entitlement and that being a celebrity takes hard work and talent, none of which Ali had.

     Lindsay needs to distance herself from her Toxic family  and get around some professionals who can help her. Rehab will only go so far. Her alleged drinking or drugging if she is indeed doing that may be a symptom for what is eating her which is her parents and her life in general.

She needs a great therapist that she sees regularly, great new friends, perhaps a spiritual component to her life to give her more balance. She needs to do whatever can help her Then she can focus on what she was born to do and share her talent as an actress not as a troubled actress who acts out and destroys herself. She needs to destroy the demons that plague her.

     She needs to work on her mom and dad issues with a qualified professional and never allow them into her life until she has set some boundaries, which she alreadys eem to havfe set with her father.

She needs to turn her life around and perhaps start a family of her own and have children and try to be the parent she never had. Dina and Michael are what parents should NOT be and that in itself is good information to have.

Lindsay just needs to do the opposite of what they did and she will be fine. But she DOES need professional guidance and I hope she gets it right away because underneath it all she is a talented gem waiting to shine again.


3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Body Language Shows She’s Not the Same and In Emotional Pain

  1. Why do some people think it’s all right for all entertainers
    except the Lohans to use the news media?
    The lovely Lohan sisters have already earned more money
    than 99% of people ever will.
    Why are people jealous of Lindsay & Ali’s beauty and talent?


    1. You think people are jealous of Lindsay? You think people would trade even a minute of privacy to live her hellish life? Lindsay is dying right before our eyes. You don’t see this? She won’t survive another year without immediate help.


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