The Entire Balloon Boy Family’s Body Language Spoke Volumes.

Dr. Glass onThe Insider
Last night I appeared on CBS’s “The Insider” and here is the link to it
I was discussing the body language of all of the members of the Heene family while they were being interviewed on television. I have some additional information I would like to share with you as well about each of the family members and about the situation as it pertains to the kids.
Richard Heene
When little Falcon revealed the truth, you can see the shocked expression on the father, Richard Heene’s face. You could hear his evasiveness when Wolf Blitzer asked him to convey a question to Falcon. He replied :What was the question?” He knew very well what the question was. When people do that they are stalling for time as it is a diversion tactic. There were several times where you can see Richard’s anger especially when he gets defensive and tries to turn the tables by stating how upset he is that anyone could even think he was making this up. You see the tension in his lower jaw which is often indicative of anger. He is also angry at Falcon and this is displayed often. While at first glance one sees the boy close to him and climbing on him, he does distance himself from the boy by pushing Falcon away several times. He also leans away from Falcon on several occasions. This is also indicative of his ambivalence and anger at what little Falcon did.
I can only imagine what he did to Falcon off camera that evening. He must have done something to upset Falcon or little Falcon wouldn’t have been vomiting his guts out on two different TV shows, but more about that later. But speaking of vomiting, Richard’s reaction to the vomiting was also deceptive as he says that Falcon has asthma and when he has an attack he often vomits. Right after he makes this statement, Richard licks his lips which is also an indication of deception. It makes me wonder if the boy was given ipecac or something to make him vomit. The father was way too calm when the boy got ill on camera.
Mayumi Heene
As soon as Falcon spilled the beans Mayumi was shaking her head “no” as if to say “no Falcon, that is not what you were told to say”. She looks very concerned and is seen soothing her oldest boy and rubbing his arms and his back. It looks very inappropriate based on the situation but it is actually soothing behavior. It reflects that she is attempting to sooth the situation or smooth over the now tense situation as she demonstrates through this gesture via her eldest son Bradford. What has happened here is that she is extremely uncomfortable and this gesture is a physical release of her discomfort. She was also soothing Bradford because she didn’t want any other child opening their big mouth and ruining their plans so she soothed and rubbed him as a means of control and making sure he wouldn’t speak.
When she is interviewed and asked what she thought when she thought Falcon was missing, she continues to scratch her knees. When someone scratches themselves repeatedly, especially when asked pertinent questions, it is often a signal of deception as it clearly was with Mayumi, then she laughs a loud nervous laugh as she says something about finding Falcon. But the laugh and the smile is not genuine. It is instead a phony burst laughter as it was too loud, too abrupt and did not continue. That signifies it was a nervous laugh which people often do during deception. Her reaction when the boy was vomiting was also strange as though she knew he was going to vomit. She was way too calm. Most mothers would react with more of an urgency when their child was ill. The fact that Diane Sawyer on GMA has to tell Mayumi to go and tend to her son while he was heaving his little guts out is also telling. She asks permission Is it all right” as she removes her microphone. This is a woman who appears to need permission to do things. It also smacks of a woman who has been or is a victim of domestic abuse. This validates what the Sherriff has been concerned about and even asked Mayumi if she and the kids wanted to stay in a safe house that evening as there were previous reports of alleged domestic abuse.
Mayumi was actually seen being verbally abused by Richard on one of the youtube videos where he was screaming at her at the top of his lungs for not holding on to the teather of his balloon. It was very disturbing to watch, especially when you consider that there were previous allegations of domestic abuse as it was reported that Mayumi was seen with a swollen eye. She has probably learned that she needs to toe the line with Richard and so whatever this abusive control freak says to keep the peace and to not get hit, That is why she automatically asked for permission, even though her son was throwing his guts up and definitely needed someone to be with him immediately.
Falcon looks scared after he spilled the beans as you can see his wide eyed expression. He is also seen constantly climbing on his dad and sitting very close to his dad. This is done to assure that his dad still loves him. He now knows that his accidently telling the truth about doing it for the TV show has caused damage to the dad’s plan and that they dad is furious so Falcon’s climbing all over his dad and closeness is his way of ingratiating himself to his dad on a physical level. It’s a way of reassuring that he is still loved. It is much like what a puppy does when you scold the puppy for peeing on the floor. The puppy often wags his tails and tries to jump up on you and lick you to reassure the puppy that he or she is still loves, despite your upset with him. It is the same thing playing out here body language wise.
Falcon’s seemingly benign statement to Diane Sawyer when she asks how he is doing is very revealing in hindsight. He say “I’m feeling good….(pauses) so far. “ Dianne laughs and thinks its cute as she hears his words “so far” as an afterthought. But in retrospect, it is NOT funny at all. It may very well indicate that he feels fine NOW but expects to not feel so fine later. That makes me wonder if indeed his parents told him that they would give him something to make him sick so he wouldn’t have to speak to the reporters and would make people feel sorry for him. He was also way too calm when he was getting sick. Most kids seem fearful and upset when they are about to get sick as it is unexpected. But perhaps his relaxed facial expression meant that he knew he was going to get sick. Did the parents spike his orange juice with ipecac? I wouldn’t put anything past manipulative Richard at this point.
Also when Falcon returns from vomiting he calmly reveals to his dad that he did it three times. He doesn’t look upset or sick like most kids do after they vomit and Richard doesn’t look that concerned.
I will say that in terms of body language kids will vomit when they are upset emotionally but it will not be that choreographed. It will be a lot more spontaneous and they will often complain of an upset tummy for a while. They won’t usually go back to normal and chipper behavior. That also leads me to suspect that maybe he was given some type of emetic drug to make him vomit.
Brothers Bradford and Rio
Both of these brothers were wide eyed and frightened during the interviews. Rio in particular looked scared to death and didn’t move much. This frozen stance is uncommon in active little boys but it is not uncommon when the boy is in fear which these boys were. You can definitely see it on their faces. Rio the one in the middle often held his hands clasped together on his lap which is also indicative of his fear.
These boys are clearly not happy as they sit there. They are frightened and they know something very bad has happened and is about to happen. No doubt when the cameras were off they were told I am sure in a very harsh way to shut up and not reveal any more of the family secrets and to keep denying that it was all for a TV show. Bradford the older one who allegedly saw Falcon go into the box was probably drilled over and over by his father in terms of how the story was to be told about how he saw Falcon get into the box. Perhaps that is why Mayumi was rubbing him and soothing him throughout the interviews so that he would keep his false story straight and not “spill any more beans” so to speak.
But then the truth comes out which it eventually does in most every situation. While Falcon was away vomiting off camera and Mayumi was with him, the two boys and the father were left on camera to speak with Dianne Sawyer. She asks on of the boys a question about Falcon being in the attic who volunteers “I didn’t know how he could get up there”. His statement is revealing as the father immediately interjects how surprised he was and goes off on a tangent which is also a signal of deception based on the context in which it is said.
The one good thing about one of the brothers is that you could see the concern and closeness with Falcon. When Falcon returned from his vomiting, one of his older brothers in a concerned voice asked “Falkie are you OK?” That was a lot more compassion than we heard from Mayumi or Richard.
Yesterday I shared my body language analysis of how the attorney was having a hard time believing his client as you could see by his body language on the Today Show. But one of the things he said I have to agree with. I think that if Richard and or Mayumi is arrested it should NOT be in front of those innocent kids. They have been through enough trauma living with Richard and constantly being put in harms way chasing tornadoes and storms. I think this would traumatize them. I also hope that Mayumi isn’t arrested as she is also an innocent victim in all of this. She is the no doubt abused wife who does everything her husband says to do. I am certain she didn’t mastermind this. She just went along fro the ride so to speak and now has to suffer the consequences.
More on Mayumi
I hope that Richard is taken away to jail and that when Mayumi is finally free of him hopefully for the maximum six year sentence he will hopefully get, she will finally see the light, get some domestic abuse counseling and divorce him. Maybe she can write a book about how awful it was to be abused by him and follow his crazy schemes and write of the challenges of now being a single mom who has to retrain her kids and given them the manners and they are lacking when Richard was around. She could give a great message to other wives who are in her situation of living with an abuser. That book would sell. She would be set financially and the kids would finally have a chance at a normal life.


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