Father’s Body Language WIth Balloon Boy Looks Scary

father and falcon

    If little Falcon Heene  hadn’t spilled the beans and told the truth about the family doing what they did for  a TV Show,  there is no doubt that  Richard Heene’s con could have easily worked. After all,  the sheriff believed him. They thought Richard’s and Mayumi’s body language as believable. They even thought the children’s body language was believable. And they would have had the final word. Richard probably would have gotten a TV show from TLC or he would have found an agent to make his kids into rap stars.

     But it didn’t happen, thanks to honest and innocent Falcon.  One can only wonder what was said to little Falcon when the doors were closed and there were no cameras in sight. Richard did admit on camera that he “yelled at Falcon too much”. I can only imagine how much yelling took place that night and the next night and the night after that.

     The vomiting incident disturbs me as well. It was too well choreographed. The boy was sitting quietly and then he begins looking groggy and sick and all of a sudden vomits. I wonder if Richard didn’t slip some ipecac into his cereal . Before he vomits Diane Sawyer says how are you doing this morning Falcon who  slowly answers  “ I feel good  “ and then he adds “so far”   That statement “so far” is telling. Diane laughs it off thinking it is a cute statement, but in hindsight it is not so cute.

To me the word “so far” as though he is anticipating getting sick. Perhaps he was given the ipecac (in a cereal or in a fruit)  and was told this would make him vomit later so he didn’t have to talk to the TV people when they saw him get sick.

Richard even prompts Falcon  by saying he’s queasy. He then prompts Falcon again and says you want us to take you to the bathroom? As if on cue little Falcon vomits. Richard definitely knew what was doing on- he obviously choreographed it. You can see it in his questioning of Falcon.

    When someone vomits the is an urgency. There is no calmness. It hurts to vomit. In fact most kids  that age cry when they vomit. They are frantic. They are scared. But Falcon was too calm when he vomited .  He was too in control as though he expected to vomit. He then calmly asks for a cup in which to vomit and the vomit cup just happened to be handy, only it looked like a baking dish that Mayumi no doubt prepared ahead of time.

      Mayumi was too calm when he vomited as though she expected it. Most parents are not calm when their kids vomit. They wonder why their child vomited. Did the child ingest something poisonous? Do they have food poisoning? Do they have a fever? Did they catch the flu? Do they have Sine Flu? Whatever it is, any normal parent is upset and concerned when their child vomits. But not Mayumi. She had to be told by Diane Sawyer to tend to her child and even asked permission if it was all right of she left.

The other boys were also too calm. When a sibling vomits or is sick the other siblings usually wonder if they are OK. These other boys sat there like it was a normal occurrence. Or shall I say expected occurrence.

Also Richard kept talking when the boy was vomiting as though he expected it. Any parent who didn’t expect his child to vomit, would have  halted  the interview and said Excuse me we will have to continue in a few minutes. My son is ill and I don’t know why. Richard was way too calm.   

So that upsets me because if they gave him ipecac to garner sympathy or to keep a sick by from talking that is child abuse and these parents need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.                     

 Looking at this photo above  disturbs me as well.  I see the anger in Richards jaw which is jutted forth in anger through  his clenched teeth. The way his hand is positioned in the photo makes you wonder if he feels like snapping or wringing little Falcon’s neck.

   Falcon clearly does not feel comfortable in  his father’s embrace as you can see his raised tense shoulders. I wonder if he told Falcon that he will have to be away from the family and go to jail and that they would lose their house and they wouldn’t have any money or anything to eat   all because of Falcon.

   I wouldn’t put anything past this hateful man who’s, body language I studied while looking at his behavior on Wife Swap. He’s a desperate and angry man. I am just worried about little Falcon. This incident  will mess him up for life if he isn’t put into therapy right away.


One thought on “Father’s Body Language WIth Balloon Boy Looks Scary

  1. It is a very sad, you can see the anger in that dad and the boys fear. He does need to go to anger class and I hope someone is watching these children to make sure the abuse does not go on. My dad was very abusive when I grew up to all 5 of us kids, when I see this man and the little boy it makes me sick. My dad scared all of us and it affected us in different ways. Luckily through my life I had people who made a difference in my life that cared. My dad and step mom were something else, physical, and emotional abuse until the day I moved out. God gave me strength to become the person I am today, it is still hard at times, but I am one hell of a mother and made the choice to raise my kids different. Hopefully steps will be taken for this boy. Great blog as always Lillian…Blessings…


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