Balloon Dad Attorney’s Body Language Says He Doesn’t Believe His Client

Heene attorney Lane
Watching the attorney and now spokesman for the Heene family was a lesson in seeing how ‘”the body doesn’t lie. ” This morning David Lane Richard Heene’s attorney appeared on the Today Show and there were many body language “tells” that indicated that the attorney didn’t believe what he himself was saying about his client. There was a lot of eye blinking, uh’s and um;s and lip licking and lip pursing on Lane’s part- all signals of deception.
Matt Lauer asks him a question that would require an answer in the affirmative (yes) but Lane speaks the answer in the affirmative while his body says something completely different as he shakes his head “no.”In essence his mouth says one thing and his body says another.
The attorney was mostly talking about how it would be child abuse by the sheriff’s department to arrest the parents in front of the kids. Matt wasn’t buying it.Matt went head to head with Lane and said if he put these children on were put on TV and Heene made them a part of this scheme by lying to the public then that would be child abuse. (good going Matt!)
Lane didn’t know what to say to that so he lamely answered that it would be up ih social services to decide. Translaion: “ You’re right Matt, but I can’t say anything because I am representing this idiot.)(
Then Matt asks him a question which Lane fails to answer and instead peppers his speech with too many uhs uhs. He then goes off topic and spins it to say” there are certainly worse cases of child abuse. “
When people go off on tangents they more often than not aren’t being forthright. I would think that was the case here.
Attorney Lane knows he’s got a huge task ahead of him. How do you represent someone that everyone despises? Nobody likes to be played or manipulated and Heene was the master manipulator

So the only thing left for Lane to do was “Blame the Sherriff” Turn the tables! He did just that when he said how he’s concerned how law enforcement is going to follow the law. Great diversionary tactic! So now it’s the big bad sheriff who is at fault.
Hardly. If anything this Sherrif will gain the public’s sympathy. He was naive when it came to believing the Heen’s and he was duped just like millions of other people. So everyone will identify with the Sheriff. He tried to give Heene a break by saying he believed Heen’s body language and the body language of the kids. People will remember that.
Heene is NOT likeable and there is no doubt that Lane doesn’t like him either based on what his body language screamed out on the Today Show. But Heene serves a purpose for David Lane and that is putting David Lane on the map so that he could eventually be one of Nancy Grace’s respected legal experts or a legal analyst for one of the networks. Since Heene is jobless I doubt he has the funds to pay for such a high powered and high end attorney. So he’s paying him via an awesome PR opportunity.
While there is the presumption of innocence it is hard to presume that this arrogant sickening man innocent when his body language screamed his guilt and when he no doubt admitted his guilt to the Sheriff. The other boys admitted they knew of the scam as well, which you could clearly see in their body language. So how can Heene be presumed innocent?
I say, put this abusive and reckless person where he belongs- behind bars.


One thought on “Balloon Dad Attorney’s Body Language Says He Doesn’t Believe His Client

  1. I saw some of the Wife Swap episode that this family was on. While I like the show, when they were on I couldn’t stomach this guy for some reason and quit watching. I’ve never done this before. He gave me the creeps.

    The reason I’m writing is because for the first time I read an article that actually is truthfully and telling about the Gosselin’s. You can go on line to Vanity Fair to read it.


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