Body Language Expert Dr. Lilllian Glass Contacted Sheriff Alderdon After He Thought Heene’s Body Language Indicated There Was No Hoax

Falcon and Father

   This morning when I heard that the Sherriff’s Department in Larimer County Colorado said that he was not going to file charges against Richard Heene because his officers believed it was not a hoax based on the father’s and the boy’s his body language I was appalled.  

        After seeing Richard’s over the top dramatic behavior on Wife Swap and listening to the inconsistent 911 tapes I was more than ever convinced it was indeed a hoax. Watching little Falcon vomit on camera with a  pan cued up  to go, also concerned me as did the look if fear on his little face.

   When I watched Richard’s manipulating the press outside his home with his “ question box” there was no question in my mind that he was playing everyone. So, I immediately emailed the Sheriff who said he believed Richard Heene’s body language and told him that I had a completely different opinion.

   Below is the letter I wrote to the Sheriff. An hour later I read the good news on TMZ that   

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Department is preparing to file charges against members of the Heene family over the balloon incident earlier this week.



Dr. Lillian Glass body language expert and psychologist re Richard Heene’s demeanor

Saturday, October 17, 2009 4:39:38 PM

From: Lillian Glass <> Add

Dear Sheriff:

  My name is Dr. Lillian Glass ( As the author of several books on communication and body language and as an internationally  acclaimed body language expert who works not only n the legal field but in the media, I can assure you that what I observed regarding   Richard  Heene’s body language over the past few days over the media  is questionable. I did indeed observe signals of deception, contrary to the findings of your officers.

   I too had the chance to listen to the 911 tape and heard  many instances where there the emotion is inconsistent. In looking at his previous tapes on youtube and on Wife Swap, Mr. Heene is highly emotional in his demeanor. His behavior may have been highly dramatizing the event as he may have been in collusion with his wife as well to react emotionally. If one has not previously examined his body language from the tapes, he does sound convincing. However, based on what I observed on the various television interviews I believe your assessment of him is not accurate.

  Also regarding your interview with the little boy, he may possibly be threatened by his father to cooperate with threats that he would be responsible if anything bad happened to his family. He may be sticking to his story out of fear. The fact that he vomited while on camera on Good Morning America  and there happened to be a pan handy is also cause for concern and question. The fact that his mother didn’t leave and immediately tend to this sick child is also cause for concern.

  This child may have vomited out of nervousness and fear. Or perhaps he was given something to make him vomit in front of the cameras to take the attention off the father. Did you have a child psychologist with you when he was interviewed as that would be very important in order to gain an accurate assessment.


   If you wish me to go into further detail about this matter, please feel free to contact me at this email address or at You may also feel free to contact me via telephone at 310 274-0528.

  I do hope that you and your department do a more comprehensive assessment of the tapes from the various TV shows on which he appeared in your analysis. Mr. Heen appears to love the spotlight and has proven to show high drama in the past which may be convincing to the officers who meant well and who’s concern was over a missing child. But now that we have more information, I believe this case merits further examination.


Dr. Lillian Glass


Dr, Lillian Glass 435 N. Bedford Drive

 Suite 408

Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210

310- 274-0528



3 thoughts on “Body Language Expert Dr. Lilllian Glass Contacted Sheriff Alderdon After He Thought Heene’s Body Language Indicated There Was No Hoax

  1. nice try taking to take credit for something that more than 400 people commenting on the LKL blog the night of the Heene interview already did.
    It is those viewers that finally forced wolf blitzer to ask one question with journalistic integrity after spending nearly an hour failing to do his job.
    Those viewers are the ones who were screaming HOAX from the very beginning when they could clearing see and hear the family’s pitiful “acting” job.

    That same public also immediately started contacting the keystone cop sheriff, demanding he do a proper investigation, as well.

    nice try, tho! 🙂


  2. Can you save the Gosselin kids, too? I wish someone could rescue them from those ego inflated, self centered, narcisisstic imposter parents they have. Why don’t they have their own court appointed advocate?


  3. I wish someone could save the Gosselin kids from their parents.constant bickering. Youi are so right . They have done so much damage already. They really should have a court appointed advocate. I don’t kinow if they have one or what the law is intheir state. Thanks you so much for your comment.


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