Balloon Boy’s Father’s Body Language and Defensiveness Shows He May Not Be Telling the Truth

Fightened Falcon and his brothers and parents
Fightened Falcon and his brothers and parents

Then fact that balloon boy’s father Richard Henne got so testy with Wolf Blitzer and was evasive and went on the defensive when Wolf asked the balloon boy what he said speaks volumes about what went on . There is no doubt in my mind that this entire ordeal was nothing more than a PR stunt for perhaps a new TV show he wants to do or another round of wife swap or just to bring attention to himself in general. There is also no doubt that the little boy was telling the truth and now he is devastated scared to death that he will be punished. Why else would he nervously vomit on television?
When I first watched this father on Wife Swap found him to be an arrogant and hostile. His behavior on Larry King Live now confirms it.
First and foremost you can tell a lot about a person based on their tone of their voice and Balloon father’s voice contains what is known as “hard glottal attacks”. People who sound like this tend to have a lot of anger inside of them and a lot of arrogance, both of which he exhibits.
Since the boy wasn’t wearing an earpiece and was asked directly by the father as to why he didn’t come out when he heard them, the boy answered with “we” referring to he and the father and said “ We said we did it for a show.”
When Wolf asked what the boy said, the father wouldn’t asked the boy directly and was evasive. Then the father went on the defensive as he has been doing on subsequent TV shows. He even cried crocodile tears on the Early Show after he saw his wife doing the same.
On GMA the father defensively says he wants to clarify something that the child is 6. First of all a 6 year old child can answer questions just as this child was doing all along.
Then the child vomits. No doubt he vomited because he knows he messed things up for mom and dad and his poor little stomach has turned over as he senses more trouble because of him. Perhaps he is frightened that his dad will yell at him even more or perhaps hit him.
It was also odd how the parents had him vomit on camera as opposed to the mother taking him off immediately. Intead they had a vomit dish already prepared. It makes one wonder if they gave him ipecac or something that would quickly work when he was on camera. Perhaps it was an attention diverting device for them to make people feel sorry for the boy.
The strange part of the vomiting incident is that the parents ignore him while he vomits and don’t take him off the air or tend to him. The mother just hold out the dish, She has to be asked by Diane Sawyer to go with the boy and tend to him.
When Meredith Viera on the Today Show asks him if it was a hoax Richard the father says now he is “starting to get ticked off because the last couple of interviews asked him the same question.” But the truth of the matter is that he was ticked off at Wolf Blitzer and has been ticked off that people have now busted him.
When he defensively says in GMA “what am I selling and what do I have to gain,” he has plenty to gai., He has notoriety to gain. After all look how much the Gosselin’s notoriert is bringing them in dollars
and cents alone. The fact that Richard went on Wife Swap initially and then once again, proves he is after publicity. There is usually money that comes from all the press and the interviews, so yes he is selling something- himself and his family. The fact that he brings up that his balloon not being marketable also speaks volumes, especially since he wasn’t even asked about it. He volunteered this unnecessary information which is often a huge signal of deception..
When Richard told the story that he ignored Bradford, another son, when he allegedly first told his father that Falcon was inside the balloon sounded suspicious to me. Any parent would react immediately to a child telling you that their sibling was in danger. They would not “wait a while and then see if the child was inside the home” . The story sounds unbelievable right then and there. Richard then he said they called Falcons name and searched inside the house.
Richard then clearly shows signals of deception. He swallows hard as he says he came outside and asked if the boys were absolutely sure. Meredith then asks what happened and Richard now tries to fake some tears but they aren’t coming out. “Maybe perhaps the boy has fallen out “ he says as he licks his lips. Then he defensively says he really doesn’t want to relive that again, something his wife said earlier on The Early Show. He doesn’t want to relive it again because there is nothing to relive. He no doubt told the boy to get up into the attic and stay there as they were going to do it to get some publicity for a TV show.
Then another signal of deception was that Richard says three hours later he appears around the corner. The boy was asked on the Early Show if he was sleeping? At first the boy said he was playing and then he shook his head that he was sleeping.
Then on GMA Richard feigns tears again as he admits that he “yells at the boy too much”. Now that is frightening as that is the only thing that he said that is probably true.
Children at that age don’t usually lie when they are asked what they did in a nonthreatening environment. So the boy clearly told the truth. What was also interesting to watch to watch was the reaction of the other boys who looked frightened as well, but not as frightened at Falcon. Falcon’s eyes were wide as though he was frightened. Bradford kept looking down and holding on to his hands which is also a sign that he was afraid to say anything, The other child looked detached as though he couldn’t wait until this whole thing was over as he appeared to be tortured having to sit through the interviews.
The bottom line is when someone immediately gets defensive like Richard Heen did to Wolf Blitzer saying “I think I can see the direction you guys are hedging on this … and I’m kind of appalled, after all of the feelings that I went through, up and down, that you guys are trying to suggest something else “ they are defensive for a reason. They have usually done something wrong and are not forthright .
Now that all eyes are watching this family, probably nothing will happen to the boy, at least not yet. But there is a high probability that this little boy may have to pay for his honesty. His father already admits that he emotionally abuses the boy by “yelling at him too much”. It make one wonder what else does he does to the boy?


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