Gosselin Nanny Stephanie Santoro’s Body Language Shows Signs of Lying

Nanny lying
There is no doubt that nanny Stephanie Santoro is not only after money and her 15 minutes of fame but is clearly a woman scorned. No doubt Jon sold her a bill of goods to get her into bed and promised her the world, and she is angry. But is she telling the truth about Jon’s illegal activities? Based on the body language signals I observed, I strongly doubt that what she is saying is true.
Her revelations that Jon hacked into Kate’s accounts and has copies of her emails are pretty serious allegations. That is why I wanted to carefully examine her body language to see whether she was telling the truth or it was wishful thinking on her part. Perhaps she wanted to get back at Jon for making such a fool of her that she didn’t care what she said about him, even if it wasn’t true. But her allegations are serious enough that he could end up in jail.
Her consistent looking down, shoulder shrugs, her shaking her head in the negative when she is saying something in the affirmative, closing her eyes when talking, hand fidgeting, as well as the consistently angry edge in her tone lead me to believe that she is not telling the entire truth.
What also leads me to believe that she is not telling the truth is when she volunteers information with regard to hacking into Kate’s accounts, that “ if he is doing it to her than is he doing it to me, is he doing it to Hailey , is he doing it to Kate Major?”
This statement is not about “the hacking” as much as it is about “the cheating”. When says “If he is doing “it “— the” it” refers to the cheating and his BSing rather than the hacking. It makes no sense as to why Jon would Jon hack into their accounts. He would have no reason to do so. With the exception of Hailey, he didn’t even know them long enough to get access to their account information.
If he did hack into Kate’s accounts it would be because he already had the information and the motivation would be to find her money trail. But he would have no reason to hack into these other women’s accounts as this nanny states. She then talks about how insecure Jon is which has nothing to do with a reason as to why he would hack into anyone else’s account.
To me Stephanie Santoro seems like a trouble maker and an opportunist. When said she tried to contact Kate and said that Jon knew she did it my first thought was that Kate probably told him.
It was wrong on Stephanie’s part to contact Kate when she was the baby sitter specifically hired by Jon on the days he had custody of the kids, Something seems very fishy regarding her statement. By contacting Kate when Jon was her employer, it appears as though she may have had plans to make trouble or to take advantage of an opportunity,
Then Stephanie openly admits that she was trying to call Kate to meet her to let her know she wanted to be the Nanny when Kate was there and not just when Jon was there. That was inappropriate for her to go behind Jon’s back to do this.
When the reporter on Radaronline asked her how long after she sent the text message to Kate did Jon contact her. She looks away and purses her lips, licks her lips and shakes her head now and picks at her fingers as she says, “within minutes”. All of these signs indicate signals of deception and that she was most likely not telling the truth to the Radaronline reporter
Then Stephanie adds more information which she wasn’t even asked about, another indication that someone may not be telling the entire truth. She adds that “the only way she (Kate) could have seen the message was if she called him, and they don’t talk”
That is not true. Kate revealed that she tried to call Jon at least 20 times a day. Jon admits that they do talk regarding custody and when anything has to do with the kids. So there is no way that Stephanie’s statement is true about Kate not talking to Jon. Maybe after Kate got the text message from Stephanie, she and left the message on Jon’s machine or forwarded the text to him, which is most likely what happened.
When asked if Kate knew what was going on Stephanie said “no because it would be out there and there would be an end to it because it’s illegal” She then opens her eyes big as though she knows what she is saying is about to get Jon into trouble She smiles gain when she says she doesn’t think he’s oblivious to it. When asked if Jon knows it’s illegal, she smiles again. She looks down and to the side and once again talks too much adds more information, all signs of deception,
The one thing she does say that rings true is when she said that Jon told her if she talks he will sue her and her family. No doubt he had her sign a confidentiality agreement when she began to work for him. So he would be right to sue her. When asked why Jon would tell her all of this she shakes her no as she says “ its because we trusted each other”.
That speaks volumes. It says it all. The bottom line is that Stephanie Santoro the nanny shows too many signals of deception. She is no doubt angry at Jon’s using her, BSing her and not having a bona fide relationship with her, so she is angry. She is trying to get back at him in a very big way, but her body language says it all.


4 thoughts on “Gosselin Nanny Stephanie Santoro’s Body Language Shows Signs of Lying

  1. Kate and Stephanie do know each other. The episode where the kids are shucking corn on the picnic table while Kate is in the house clearly shows Stephanie – the dark haired nanny who is outside with the kids! Proves both Stephanie and Kate are lying about not knowing each other. But….in the whole scheme of things, what’s another lie?


  2. I still think the corn-chucking nanny is not Stephanie. She has dark hair but she has much softer features. She’s very pretty, Stephanie is not.


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