Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Says He Still Love’s Kate and Wants to Work It Out

I just watched Diane Diamond’s great interview which she did for ET with Jon Gosselin where she asked him the most wonderful question. She asked, “Jon was there a part of you in that courtroom , looking over at your soon to be ex wife, that said Boy I just want to walk over there and say honey we can work this out.”
What came out of Jon’s mouth in response to this question initially touched me as he took a deep breath with his shoulders raised and said “ I thought about doing that”. He then smiles a nervous smile.
But as he continued, what he said completely repulsed me. He said “ but in a public setting being a public figure you have to watch what you say and do.”
I couldn’t believe what my ears has just heard come out of Jon’s mouth. In essence, what he was saying is that he couldn’t act from his heart and go over to the woman whom he loved at one time with whom he had eight children and say, look let’s stop all this and see if we can get some counseling and get back what we once had.”’ Let’s see if we can be a family again with a counselor helping us so we can do right for our kids.” Let’s get back to our faith and our religious foundation and see if we can start there.”
But no. Jon was more concerned about how he would look to others and the fact that he was in public and now considers himself a public figure. It was his pride and ego wouldn’t let him go over to Kate and do the right thing and do what his heart wanted him to do.
Several months ago when Jon and Kate announced their breakup I was on the Early Show discussing how I thought that with counseling these two could work it out and get through this rough patch. But instead of seeking out a private counselor to help them, they chose to play out their ugliness in the media and this is the result.
The result is that they both think they are huge celebrities full of pride and ego that they can’t see past themselves and communicate so that perhaps they could have a chance to a. get back together b. be civil and respectful to one another and or c. get rid of the hostility between them so their kids won’t suffer because of them.
Jon needs to get into his head that it is HIS life and he is not playing it out for the public, especially now that he is off the air. He needs to man up and talk to Kate like an adult and let her know what he wants to do. If he can’t do it with words, he needs to write it in a letter so that she will know exactly what is in his heart.
Maybe she will have a change of heart as well. After all on the Today show she said he wanted the old Jon back. Maybe if he expressed what was in his heart that would be the first step towards her seeing the old Jon.
There is no doubt that Kate is a difficult person and a mean person as Mady expressed when Kate didn’t give her a sip of water when she is thirsty. There is no doubt that she is a manipulative person as we have seen as she cried crocodile tears on the Today show saying how poor she as on one breath and how rich she was on the other breath and how by the way she was getting her own show. There is no doubt that she was mean to Jon. We all saw it. Maybe that is why Jon has acted out so radically as he has done.
He loved Kate at one point. You can see it in the early photos of them via their body language. She got meaner and meaner to him throughout the years. But he needed to set boundaries letting her know that she couldn’t treat him that way. He didn’t, so he rebelled in a passive aggressive way. Then with all of this media back and forth and all the stress and all the hoopla he ended up doing the unthinkable- telling everyone how much he hated her on national TV.
Maybe he hated her behavior but I don’t think he truly hated her. In fact he regretted those words and subsequently kept apologizing for them on every show on which he appeared.
The fact that he went on national TV with Diane Diamond on ET and said that he wanted to go over to Kate and put a stop to the hostility and the divorce and try to work things out speaks volumes. He must do what is in his heart.
And Kate must open her heart. She claims to be a Christian and Christians forgive. Even though she is in pain she must (with the help of a counselor or Dr. Phil if she wants or a minister or whomever) forgive Jon and forgive herself so that she can but out more love instead of all the hate and ugliness she has been spewing. It will not only make her a better person but a better mother.
I think that these two must stop their fighting and their divorce because deep down I don’t think either of them really want to go their separate ways. I am sure that those 8 innocent children would agree.


12 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Says He Still Love’s Kate and Wants to Work It Out

  1. Great blog again, I wish they would both let go of pride, get help for them and the children. They need to get off TV and work on what counts their 8 beautiful kids that are going through so much. It is sad how they are so wrapped up in all this fighting they have not thought about the kids at all. They always say, we do this stuff for our children, it is like they are trying to at least think it. Being on TV , the money and other things have made them lose site of family morals and values. Hopefully they will soon, step back and say, the money the fame and all the material things do not matter in the end. It is well adjusted, happy children doing the small things in life that counts. Lillian I wish you could talk some sense into them, hopefully they will read your blogs. My heart goes out to the children, this should be the best times of their lives…Blessings…JUDY


  2. I believe that what Jon was really afraid of was being rebuked by Kate in front of the lawyers, not the public in general. I think his self esteem is rather tenuous, actually.


  3. Just Wondering, I agree with you. How could J&K ever stay married if they are so far apart on how to handle the children as far as them being on TV? I don’t see Kate ever willingly backing down. But who knows. I always thought women are advised to never return to their abuser. Can abusers be reformed? Is this different with men?

    It would be just awful if those children somehow end up back on TV. That’s all I really care about. So whatever it takes to prevent that from happening…


  4. This entire case hedges on one thing.

    Kate Gosselin’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    The pregnancies, the TV show, the mansion, etc ALL KATES orchestrated plan to get FAME and money for herself.

    She chose a passive man that she could bully and control and who’d go along with everything.

    Anytime anyone questioned her she disowned them, including her entire family and Jons family and even her former best friends.

    When Kate got her money, sperm, fame and giant Mansion she then told Jon it was over Like a spider that eats its mate after mating. After ALL the work Jon had done to make HER happy, she broke up with him anyway and I dont think HE wants a divorce. But since SHE is a narcissist, once she used him hes no longer of any value to her and shes DONE with him.

    So Jon ran to his moms, then the Glassmans drank a lot and now hes in the anger stage..

    Hes doing a lot of stupid things cause hes lost and he doesnt know what to do with himself.

    Meanwhile Kate planned it all this way and this is just a nuisance for her and shes going on with her life

    And like all victims of narcissists Jon is left broken and gasping for air


  5. Oh btw Dr Glass?

    Kate, as a narcissist, will never go into counseling.
    She doesn’t think shes at fault for anything ever.

    She looks at the kids as narcissistic supply.

    Everyone in her life is for her USE


  6. Please excuse me for not responding sooner as I have been preoccupied writing my new book and I am on a deadline . I think what you said is absolutekly brilliant! You are so right that they are both acting like narcissists but Kate even moreso. And you are also correct in that he doesn;t know what to do with himself. he is misguided and hanging around with Michael Lohan is not helping him in any way.

    Kate rubs a lot of people the wrong way becuase she has so many personality traits that people can’t stand- selfishness, pettiness, prissyness, entitlement. She can;t seem to get along with anyone and alienates everyone around her. She has alientaed her parents, her siblings, many of her friends, a myriad of babysitters and nannies and employees and we can see why. I am not diagnosing her but it is intersting to observe that a lot of people who have Boarderline Perosnality Disorders can’t seem to get along with others.

    While she will be getting her own show it will be intersting to see if people will watch it after a while. Perhaps people who respond to her like Jon even less.

    But to have a steady diet of Kate may not seem like such a good idea. After all how much self absorption can one take? It is hard to look at Kate objectively after seeing how she has abused Jon by yelling at him, belittiling him for little or no infraction, and slapping him over and over again, She has been mean to Mady and does not give the girl the love and attention she deserves and needs so desperately. She has spanked the other children and harshly reprimanded them. They seem to fear her as we see on the show. That does not instill motherly love. So to watch a show with a woman like that does not sound very appealing to a lot of people.
    YOu are also right about Jon being at the abger phase., He has kept in so much that he has now exploded in anger, The only problem is that he is imploding and the anger is consuming him. This man needs help from a professional, not Michael Lohan who already messed up his own kids.

    The only ones I worry about are the children. Theya re disasters waiting to happen especially Mady who shows so much anger and Colin who shows so much hostility towards his sibs. I also don;t like what I have been observing in little Adan the one withthe glasses. He used to be so happy and friendly and now he looks so withdrawn and to himselof in somany of the photos we see of the kids.

    The whole thing is so sad. The good news is that the kids are off the air so they can have some normalcy.

    Thank you again so much for your wonderful comments and feedback.
    WAamly, Dr. Lillian Glass


  7. How do you cope with eight kids and a husband that can’t even follow a judges orders to not touch that money? Even a judge can’t get Jon to be responsible.

    He didn’t care about his children being off of TV untill he could not be releaed from his contract. He didn’t stop ET from filming his kids after he made the rounds lying about his apyphany.

    The man is nuts always has been and he drove Kate around the bend. He has been abusiing drugs and alchohal and he is in no way sane.

    The only person that has their act together in that family is Kate.


  8. I think that what Jon meant was that he could not because of his celebrity he is no longer free to act on impulse and, in my opinion, it would have been impulsive and rash to lay his heart on the line in front of Kate. I’m sorry, but she would have sliced it in two. Jon has good reason to be guarded in dealing with Kate. What saddened me most about Jon’s rounds with the journalists was that he was making them in the first place. I judge him on his decision to do so rather than his “performance”. I say this because Jon is innately a hard-bitten person of few words — a temperament that doesn’t lend itself easily to unscripted, unrehearsed appearances — not to mention his having his self-esteem battered for 10 years by the succubus Kate. In so many ways, Jon is a fish out of water, and has been since they met. She threw herself at him (appealed to his lower nature, so to speak), reeled him in, had her fun with him, left him on the bank gasping for air, and never looked back. Pity that he ever got involved with that hootchie…just awful.


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