Michelle Obama’s Body Language Reveals Her Jealousy After The President Dances With Thalia

 Michelle Obama PO'd at Pres

     President Obama attended a Latin Festival last night where Latin singing sensation Thalia sang and danced. Thalia came off stage and into the audience. President Obama immediately got out of his seat and danced the salsa with her for a few moments. The President then made a gesture as though he was fanning  himself off , indicating that Thalia was “hot”, which indeed she is.

  President Obama then went back to his seat as the audience applauded him. After he sat down, he then turned to Michelle who completely ignored him. He tried to get her attention but she kept clapping in time to the music and has a very tense and sour expression on her face which clearly indicated that she was not too happy with the situation. She refused to look at him.  She was obviously unhappy about her husband’s enthusiasm towards Thalia and her jealousy at the situation was quite evident on her facial expression. Her lips were tight and she had and angry glare in her eye.  

   The President tried several times to talk to her and to get her attention, but she kept looking ahead, refusing to speak to him, let alone look at him.   He even reached out his arm and tried to put it around her but she completely ignored him. He even moved his chair towards her and she continued to look ahead and ignore him with her tense tight lipped expression.  In order to save face The President  finally had to turn to the person  seated next to him in an attempt to engage in conversation.

     We have read reports in various magazines that Michelle is not too pleased with all of the adulation towards her husband from female fans. In fact, there have been reports on numerous occasions that may have a tendency to  get jealous when her husband pays attention to other women.  Well, in this situation with Thalia as you can see by the photo and the video which appears on TMZ, we have definitely seen Michelle’s jealousy in action.   




5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Body Language Reveals Her Jealousy After The President Dances With Thalia

  1. First, if you watch that video carefully, you will see that he is looking behind and beyond. Michelle talking to someone else. He is NOT looking at her or speaking to her. Michelle is in her own little world listening and watching the performer. She’s not looking at Obama because he isn’t speaking to her. Watch again carefully.


  2. Sorry but I have to disagree with you. He is clearly embarrassed because she is ignoring him for dancing with Thalia. It is completely rude not to acknowledge your husband when he turns to you. She was clearly giving him the cold shoulder. Also what you are saying is to me wishful thinking becuase everyone in the audience acknowledged Obama and applauded him for his effort. So you would think he would get some acknowledgement from his own wife. Thank you anyway for your comment.


  3. She does acknowledge the dance by looking his way and clapping along with the rest of the crowd once he was done and was walking towards the table. I just watched it again. He CLEARLY is looking behind, and beyond Michelle to the table behind her and over her right shoulder. I hadn’t heard anyone talk about a dis, where this incident is concerned, until I came across your website (while looking for something else). Additionally, after the woman is done singing, and starts to talk about her dance with Obama, Michelle even laughs and looks at Obama AGAIN. She does NOT look angry at all. I clearly think you are mistaken with your assessment of the situation.


    1. Stop with the ‘Last Word’ thing, Uh Huh. You’re wrong. Dr. Glass is absolutely correct. Michelle is completely giving her husband the cold shoulder, and he looks to another table to save face AFTER he unsuccessfully tries to connect with her.


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