Jon’s Smoking and His Body Language Shows It Didn’t Go Well for Him In Court

Jon smoking
The usually chatty Jon was very silent when he left the courtroom today. Usually Jon will answer reporter’s questions whether there is an attorney present or not. But today was different. With his head bowed, his shoulders rounded, he took drag after drag of his cigarette as he walked passed reporters.
This was very poor move as far as his public image goes. Trying to portray himself as the wholesome father of eight children doesn’t quite cut it with a cigarette handing out of his mouth. We all know that second hand smoke also kills. So, let’s hope he isn’t smoking around any of those innocent children.
His smoking, along with his womanizing when he isn’t even divorced, not monitoring what comes out of his mouth about Kate in saying that he detests her, and the back and forth pettiness are all indications of his self destructive behavior.
I hope he puts all the money he took back in the account where it is supposed to be and does it without a fight. I hope that he stops hanging around opportunistic Michael Lohan, who clearly messed up his own kid Lindsey and most likely the other kids.
All Michael cares about is being in the limelight, so he is riding the coat tails of Jon’s 15 minutes of fame to get his “Divorced Dads” show off the air. Here’s the reality of that reality show. Maybe people will tune in for the first episode. But it will die an immediate death after that. No one wants to hear a group of whiney victim like wimpy men bitch and moan about how awful their ex wives are. Everyone knows it takes two to tango.
People are completely sick of Jon and Kate’s ugly fighting in the press and they are sicker of Michael and Dina’s fighting in the press and appalled at what has happened to their once gorgeous and talented daughter who is does not one iota, resemble her former self. This girl once had a bright future that she no longer has. Many say that it is the result of the aftereffects of her parent’s awful behavior while she was growing up. No one wants to see a show about her dad, who no doubt contributed to his daughter’s demise.
Jon needs to get into an intensive therapy situation, stay out of the limelight, and regroup. He needs to stop shooting himself in the foot with his comments and his irresponsible behavior. If he doesn’t stop this immediately, he will be doing his children a great disservice. He is no role model they would ever want to follow.
I say that Kate too need to keep her mouth shut, get into therapy (fat chance unless it is in front of the cameras with Dr. Phil) and start spending more time with the kids, get rid of all her anger and hate and show those kids more open love and affection.


4 thoughts on “Jon’s Smoking and His Body Language Shows It Didn’t Go Well for Him In Court

  1. Hi Dr. Glass, I pretty much agree with your comments but I was wondering if you think part of the reason for Jon’s dejected body language is because he took the Judge’s admonishment to heart and is truly sorry for past actions. Whereas Kate’s after court smugness and self-serving statement are that of a person who believes they are ALWAYS right. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was all said and done and it would just go away. Beautiful children, I hope they too can stay strong.


  2. WOW blame the parents….Doesn’t life throw us all curves and it is what we as adults do to FIX us that matters?
    Many ppl are from messed up homes and we are not allowed to use our parents as excuses for bad behavior. Those Gosselin kids are well loved, fed, dressed, taught manners, educated, introduced to different enviroments, etc. I am certain if those kids are made accountable for their own actions instead of blaming parents they will TURN OUT QUITE WELL. Over 50% of USA kids are from divorced families.


    1. In this case I believe that the parents ARE to blame for not getting those kids into therapy right away when they are in such a hateful divorce,
      The kids are clearly being affected as you can see the changes that have taken place since this divorce in terms of their body language. They never smile anymore. They look miserable.
      According to people in the know who are around them all the time, many of the kids are acting out in a hostile manner. There is more crying than usual. They are unhappy.
      When a dad goes on TV and says he hates their mother and when the mother goes on TV and say the dad is a thief, there is no way that these kids will not find out about this eventually.

      I agree with you that as people grow up they need to be held acc completely accountable for their own actions and the blaming has to stop.

      The saddest thing is to see the transition of what has haoppened to these kids over time. They went from happy and joyful little beings to unhappy miserable children.

      But at this point I believe that without putting these kids into therapy they are doing these innocent children a lot of harm and they are definatelyto blame at this point in time.

      Thank you again for you comment. Warmly, Lillian Glass


  3. Hi Dr. Glass,

    I really appreciate all of your hard work on your website, and the fact that you are willing to tell the truth about this whole situation. I saw some candid shots online of the gosselin kids with their dad and mom (separately) and thought you might find them interesting. I saw them in their sosugary picture albums, but here are the links:

    Kate w/ kids:

    Jon w/ Hannah:


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