The Gosslin’s Little Girls Body Language Show They Love and Miss Their Daddy

Leah kissing JOn
Say what you will about Jon Gosselin, but the bottom line is he does love his children as these photos with he and his daughters clearly show. They certainly love him back. Leah tenderly places her hand on her Daddy’s cheek as she kisses him shows her affection towards her daddy.
Lean and Hannah hugging JOn
In this next photo who can see Jon’s heart to heart hug towards both of his little girls .Hannah’ little fingers are curved in a way to show that she is clinging on to daddy.

Apparently Mady had yet another emotional meltdown on her birthday when Jon had to leave the house. We all know how close Jon is to Mady as we saw it on the show for the past five years. Whenever Mady would cry and have a meltdown, it was Jon who was able to calm her down and handle her. More recently we learned that she is Jon’s little spy around the house when he is not there and tells him everything that is going on with Kate.

This is understandable since there has never been any love lost between Mady and Kate as we observed on the show for the past five years. Kate was usually seen being very harsh with Mady and always reprimanding this girl who was obviously acting out for a reason., Perhaps she didn’t feel she had her mother’s love. Perhaps her only way of getting mommy’s attention was to throw some sort of tantrum or another. Even recently when Kate decided to spend some alone time
With Mady, Kate’s body language indicated that things were tense between them. Kate either ignored her or was irritated by Mady.

In looking back on what happened on the show, Jon was the one who was loving and patient and affectionate with the kids. He had fun with them. He played with them, much to Kate’s chagrin. Little Joel adored him and always wanted to be by his daddy’s side. In every photo he is seen clinging next to Jon. He followed Jon around like a puppy. Little Leah was another one who clung to daddy’s arms as he was often seen holding her as well. Alexis also clung to daddy.

Jon seemed to have more of a cerebral relationship with Adan although he was affectionate with him as well. He cared for Colin as well and came to the rescue on the episode when Colin had some tummy and digestive issues.

So no one can say that Jon wasn’t a hands on loving father for their first five years. There is no doubt that this divorce is tearing him up when he thinks of the kids,

It showed during his infamous interview with Chris Cuomo where he told the world that he despised Kate. The other poignant part of that interview was when he teared up about perhaps not giving the twins enough love and affection.

When Jon picked the 9 year old twins up from the bus stop on their birthday, he
Wasn’t very affectionate to them. No hello kiss or Happy Birthday girls. They were clearly miserable that day, beginning with Kate’s silence at the bus stop. Their body language showed that they barely looked at dad. Maybe it was the cameras and the papps (which I doubt because they are so used to it). Maybe it was Kate’s poisoning them about Jon in her pow wows with the twins that she talked about on the Today show, May at these pow wows where she tells the girls the facts and let’s them decide about Jon, she slants the facts her way.

The bottom line was that in the twin’s body language, there appeared to be some tension towards daddy. I am only hoping it was different when they were alone inside the car with daddy on their way home.

The main concern about all of this bickering- anger and hatred between Jon and Kate is that it will spill over on to the children. We have definitely seen photos where the kids do not lot happy. According to sources they are now acting out. Whether it is age related or not, the tension they feel because of their parents certainly isn’t helping them.

With all the money the Gosslins have earned, there is no doubt that they could afford weekly individual visits with each separate child with a child therapist and weekly family therapy with them the children. If they claim they can’t afford it, then TLC needs to pony up the money. They have some responsibility in this matter.

There is no doubt that they play a role in contributing to this family’s demise. In fact they needed to have a full time therapist as part of the show to be there when and if things got tough.


One thought on “The Gosslin’s Little Girls Body Language Show They Love and Miss Their Daddy

  1. Dr. Glass, I saw these pictures earlier today and they just break my heart. I will be so happy for Jon and the Gosselin children once this divorce becomes final. I would even almost feel sorry for Kate if she were making any effort, but I don’t see that happening. Do narcissistic people ever see the light? I hope Kate does for the sake of her children. Jon and his extended family need to be a big part of these kids lives.


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