Twins Cara and Mady Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Them Looking Miserable on Their Birthday Thanks to Jon and Kate

Mady's miserable body language and no words or Birthday kiss from Kate
Mady's miserable body language and no words or Birthday kiss from Kate

The body language of Birthday girls Mady and Cara Gosselin indicated that they were miserable on their birthday and Jon and Kate are both to blame.
After watching the video of Kate dropping the twins off at the bus stop ]in the morning, I observed how she barely said a word to the two girls. There was clearly no smile on her face nor were there any smiles on the children’s faces. Kate didn’t even kiss them goodbye or wish them a Happy Birthday as they boarded the bus. Even if she did it in the privacy of her own home earlier that morning, I definitely think that these girls needed some affection and at least a Happy Birthday wish from Kate as they boarded the bus on their special day.

Mady, Cara, and Jon looking miserable on their birthday
Mady, Cara, and Jon looking miserable on their birthday

Then later that day, Jon picked them up from the bus stop and the twins barely look at him. The looked down. Their faces looked sad. Jon didn’t kiss them or hello or say I love you or “Happy Birthday girls. Instead there is a scowl on his face There is no affection here either. The girls are not smiling and don’t look excited at all to see him. In fact, they look mad.
Jon may be fighting to see the kids and screaming about it all over the airwaves, but when it comes down to it, he certainly doesn’t look like he is completely there and fully committed to be with the kids. He managed to come outside after the party to sign autographs and top chat with the papps and of course to use his cell phone. His body language indicated that he looked miserable as well.
These innocent little girls did not deserve to be in the center of their parent’s feud. There is no doubt they knew what was going on with all of the fighting as to whether Jon would be allowed to come into the house for the party and if so, how long he would be allowed to stay. This is defiantly hurting these girls as you can clearly see it on their faces, They are in emotional pain.
The best gift Jon and Kate can give Mady and Cara is some therapy with a child counselor. They need someone with whom they can talk and discuss their sad feelings and how miserable they were on their 9th birthday.


7 thoughts on “Twins Cara and Mady Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Them Looking Miserable on Their Birthday Thanks to Jon and Kate

  1. So find a way to contact the Gosselins. We, the audience, already know how miserable these kids are, and are unable to help them. Perhaps you can.


  2. You don’t think their expressions could have something to do with the fact that they’re being swarmed by cameras (and lights in the morning)? Perhaps that’s why Kate got on the bus after them, so that she could say goodby in private – and Jon would have had some private time with them on the way home.

    Meanwhile, I’ve seen no mention of the fact that the nanny’s been bringing the kids to the bus stop the last 3 mornings while she’s been doing media stops bashing their father.

    Response from Dr. Glass: Lynda: If the Gosselin children hadn’t been raised with cameras documenting every move they made for the past 5 years, I would say you were absolutely corect. However, it is the Gosselin children and they are used to cameras. Kate was not loving or affecitionate to them and barely spoke. Jon was the same way. Initial greetings are very important and I saw coldness from both parents.

    They both need to stop this nonsense and show more love and affection to their children before it is too late. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.


    1. While they’ve been raised with cameras around, those cameras have been held by people they know and who respect their space. That’s different from the paparazzi swarming around them, lights blazing, as they try to get to and from the bus. Had I been Kate or Jon I would have instructed them to keep their heads down and just move on through the crowd.

      Yes, Kate and Jon need to demonstrate love and affection for their children. I just don’t think you can use these photos to demonstrate anything lacking in their relationships.


      1. You make a very good point Lynda. I just hope they are giving their kids all the love they deserve an dnot neglecting them due to all of the hostile feelings they have towards one another.


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