Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Holds His Own With Nancy Grace Until He Stammers Over “Restoring Family Values” Which Disgusts Nancy

nancy jon restore family values
When Nancy Grace on Round 2 of the Insider said to Jon “ You are in the middle of a divorce because of You.” John tried to explain himself but Nancy kept speaking. He wasn’t going to let Nancy get away with only blaming him for the divorce so spoke over her several times. It should be mentioned that he was polite saying that he was sorry to speak over her, before finally getting his point across. He spoke firmly and directly and showed confidence.
Then Nancy asks him how come he allowed the filming for 5 years when the show was called “Jon and Kate plus 8” but now that it is “Kate Plus 8” he doesn’t want filming . She asked if it’s because he’s not getting any more money. Jon spoke up in a clear sonorous voice with head held high looking right into Nancy’s eyes and securely tells her “ I’m not doing it for the money and will always make money .”
But then Jon completely lost it as he breaks eye contact with Nancy and looks up and to the left as though he was trying to recall to memory something someone told him to say like perhaps his lawyer or worse, his buddy Michael Lohan. Then the words “I’m doing it to ‘restore family values’ fall out of his mouth. I say” fall” because he mumbles the word “restores” and keeps looking away as he says the words “family values” so, you are not quite sure what he said.
In fact Nancy wasn’ t quite sure she heard right either. So she leans over, cocks her head and points her finger up and says “Say what?” as she didn’t believe what she thought she must have heard when Jon first uttered his words. In essence, she was asking him to repeat what he said.
nancy jon family values

Then Jon repeats his phrase “I did it to restore “ and then he pauses and hesitates and then goes on to say the word “ family values” Even Jon doesn’t believe what he was saying as he as his quickly eyes drift and there is excessive blinking.
Then Nancy pulled no punches and got to the heart of his lame “family value” comment by asking “ Do you think by dating Hailey Glassman when your divorce is not settled that you are restoring family values?”
A quick wide shot shows Jon fidgeting with his hands indicating that he is clearly uncomfortable and knows Nancy has hit the nail on the head in destroying his “family values” argument.
Then Nancy goes on to ask him why it was OK for the kids to be on TV when he was making the money and now that he isn’t, it’s not OK for them to be on the air now.
As Jon stammers and stutters saying “ Because I was” “Because I wasn’t “ . He has no clue how to answer. So he blurts out, Because I didn’t feel empowered.”
Personally I believe there is some validity to what Jon is saying. He wasn’t empowered when he was with Kate. Kate definitely disempowered him all of the years we saw her abuse him verbally, emotionally, and even physically. And now that he feels he does have some power back in his life, he is using that power to take the kids off the air. I think they should be off the air and allowed to grow the rest of their lives without a TV crew in their faces. So that is a good thing he is doing with his new found power.
Nancy asks him if the reason he is taking the kids off the air is because he is broke. He then looks directly at her assuring her and in a strong clear vocal tone, says that he’s not broke at all.
Nancy then says, “ I can see that. You have on two diamond earrings.”
Jon attempts to make a joke and says “Actually they’re both CZ’s but I’m not gonna go there” as he smiles chuckles and looks to the other panelists for a positive reaction. But he doesn’t get one, especially from Nancy.’
In fact her body language with her index finger on her cheek says she that is beyond disgusted at Jon as she shakes her head and blurts out “I don’t care”.
I wish I would have been on the panel as well as I would have shown Jon a little more compassion. I would have applauded his decision to take the kids off the air for whatever reason. But I would have completely agreed with Nancy that his lame “family values” reason just doesn’t cut it especially since he was allegedly messing around with one of the babysitters while the kids were at home. And I would have chuckled with him about his wearing CZ’s.
I would also love to be on a panel where I can speak to Kate about her abuse, her crocodile tears, and her manipulation and why she thinks it would be good for the children to spend the rest of their formative years on the air living in a fishbowl and not having a chance to live a relatively “normal” life. And finally I would ask her why these kids are not all in family therapy along with her and Jon.


One thought on “Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Holds His Own With Nancy Grace Until He Stammers Over “Restoring Family Values” Which Disgusts Nancy

  1. I would hold Jon 100% responsible for how the interview turned out for him; he gave it on his own volition. But, I am sorry Dr.Glass, I would not judge it in the context of Nancy Grace. I decided that as soon as I read that, at the point at which Jon faltered, she snarkily attacked, “Say what?” From skimming other posts, I believe you hold this woman in high esteem, but my feeling is that she sounds ignorant, tacky and unprofessional. Her strategically placed comment, um, question, um…I’m at a loss for what to call the expression “Say what?”. Did she mean, “What did you say?” The manner in which she did that strikes me as an attempt to come from some kind of ghetto vantage point. Frankly, I wouldn’t have gone there with her…Jon did her a kindness by not staring at her blankly until she expressed herself in a genteel way. As far as I’m concerned, that interview could be summed up as, “Pot, meet kettle.”


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