Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the Today Show Shows Signals of Deception, and Crocodile Tears,

kate today sheow jon took money
There is no doubt whatsoever that Kate Gosselin went on the Today Show, crocodile tears and all, to try to pull at the public’s heartstrings during her first of two interviews by telling how bad soon to be ex husband Jon emptied their joint account of $200,000 leaving her unable to pay her children’s bills. Yet in the second interview, she completely contradicts herself by telling how well the kids are provided for and that their money is substantial and secure and that she will be getting her own show.
During her first interview Kate’s body language belies her as she uses a victim like breathy sounding tone telling how John left her with only $1000. She looks down and casts her eyes from side to side as Meredith Viera asks her if this is accurate? Instead of answering as simple “yes’ Kate repeats Meredith’s words “this is accurate”. All of these signals indicate deception. While Jon may have taken money out of their joint account, there is no way he has left her penniless as he wants the public to believe and she knows she isn’t being completely honest. Hence, the signs of lying. She pretends to be crying as she tells of how Jon was making erratic purchases while leaving his children to go hungry.
There are also too many “uhs and um’ms as the the signals of deception increase with lip licking and shoulder raising as she panders and says “ when you have left the mother of your children so she is not able (she stammers here which is a clear indication of lying in this context) to pay for the roof over their head”.
She clearly knows this is not true and her body language shows it. In the first place, she was the one who started all of this by filing for divorce. Secondly she has made millions lecturing and being on television.
Another telling signal of deception is that she keeps talking and goes on and on and explaining. She clearly has an agenda and it is to make Jon look bad. In the second interview when Meredith asks Kate if the kids are protected. She in a strong tone with head uplifted self righteously says that the kids are well protected and provided for and that the money that “she alone” set aside for the kids is secure and substantial.
Then on the next breath, in a chipper voice tells how she will be getting her own talk show without the kids on TLC and is looking forward to that. She then goes on to tell how this show will allow her to further take care of the kids financially.
In her attempts to make Jon out to be the bad guy after he says he doesn’t want his kids on the show anymore Kate self righteously says that she is a contract honoree that when she puts her name on a piece of paper the contract is honored. Her statement is clearly a below the belt dig at Jon that he isn’t honoring their contract by not allowing their kids to do the show any longer.
Then she continues her attempts to let everyone know how good she is and how bad Jon is. When Meredith asks her about her communication with Jon, Kate says “ I have called 20 times a day” and can’t reach him. I find myself making decisions alone because I cannot reach him.” WE then see her shrugging her shoulder, This is further indication that something she is saying is not true. It is most likely the part about her making decisions alone. It may not be because she can’t reach him but because she is a control freak who likes to call the shots and make all the decisions. Maybe she can’t reach him because she calls 20 times a day and Jon doesn’t want to pick up the phone and listen to her abusing him like we say her do on the show.                                                                                                                                                                                            When Kate explained that when she told the kids there wouldn’t be filming there was sobbing and wailing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Have these little kids grown so narcissistic that they need a camera to follow them around all the time or they can’t function? It was most likely Kate who was doing the sobbing and the wailing because she lost the revenues from the show. These kids are too young to really know what is happening or to care. And as far as the “missed opportunities” and “fun experiences” that the show provided for the kids, now she has the financial wherewithal from all from the millions she made in lectures etc to continue these fun opportunities for the kids.
Kate was asked about Jon ‘s wanting the divorce proceedings halted and wanting to reach out and apologize to her . Meredith point blank asks Kate. “ Can you become friends?” Instead of answering “yes” or” no” , Kate manages to throw in a verbal attack by saying “Obviously he has gone way off the trail “ She then continues to self righteously justifies herself that she will do whatever she can to keep peace whenever she can . Then she acts like a hypocrite and accuses Jon of playing to the media. Well, she has clearly done the same thing during this interview.
What saddened me the most was to see in what great denial Kate was in when she said she has eight of the most healthy and well adjusted children. She clearly needs a reality check. How healthy and well adjusted can any child be who has spent the most formative years of their lives – their first five years- living in a fishbowl under the microscope of a camera lens? How well adjusted is Maddy with all of her temper outbursts? How well adjusted is Colin with hitting his brothers and sisters and bullying them all the time? How healthy and well adjusted can any of these children be when they are feeling the tension and hatred between their parents as they bicker in front of millions to witness?
Ironically enough, now that the camera have stopped filming and Jon has put his foot down on this matter, they may very well have a chance to grow up and become healthy well adjusted children. In addition they will clearly need therapy to help them adjust to a new life without cameras and with a new life without mommy and day living under the same roof.


18 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the Today Show Shows Signals of Deception, and Crocodile Tears,

  1. Very good reading of Kate’s body language. Most of us can already tell how deceitful Kate. Jon is just way to nice to spit the dirt about Kate…


  2. BRAVO!!!!! Now if only the media could stop singing Kate’s praises long enough to do their homework, they would come to your same conclusions. Thank you, Dr. Glass!!!


  3. good job, are you for real? Jon is a good guy? Yeah, the kind of guy I want. Doesn’t hang with his kids unless on the phone, sleeps with trashing women a couple days after separation from wife, buys expensive condo far away from kids, never seen doing anything with kids(again on the phone), constantly berates mother of children, bans TLC which is their income at this point. Yeah, again just what I want in a man. Jon is crying poor pitiful him, going thru money like dishwater and everything that comes out of his mouth is crap. This man doesn’t give a crap about his kids. Kate does defend herself, but she is seen doing for and with the kids, and she doesn’t come out with a snarky comment about Jon every other day. This man needs to keep his mouth shut and go away.


    1. Clearly Jon has some major issues and he has gone offf the deep end at times. (many times) His behavior with Kate Major and the Nanny has been unconscionable. I completely agree with you. He is immature and passive agressive. There is no question about it. Jon has been repressed for at least the 5 years we have watched Kate verbally, physically, and emotionally abuse him on the show. Now, he is lashing out in a very self destructive way. He definately needs a steady diet of therapy. This whole situation is ugly and needs to stop this for the sake of those precious and innocent kids.


    2. I’m sorry, but do people not realize that Kate is the one that cheated on Jon? Do people not realize that Kate was abusive to Jon in front of all the viewing public to see? Do people not realize that Kate divorced Jon because he wanted to end the show, realizing it was too hard on their marriage and kids? Kate has you all played for fools. I hate the double standard of Kate being able to cheat but the minute Jon does, he’s labeled a scum. Kate trashes Jon every second she’s able, but the minute Jon says anything about her, he’s the bad guy. Open your eyes and realize what a witch that lady is.


  4. I’ll offer a suggestion as to why there was “sobbing and wailing” when the kids were told the cameras would not be around…

    Kate is probably on her best behavior when the cameras are around. You point out that she “spanks” the children, but I’d be willing to guess it goes further than a swat here and there. Careful observers have noted that there is a large cooking spoon in the map pocket on the passenger side door of their van. I’m sure she isn’t cooking with that thing while out on the road.

    Those kids probably rightly realize that Kate will be angry about this turn of events, and will be taking her anger out on them.



  5. Thank you. So many of these television interviewers and writers of media articles are completely taken in by Kate — the “poor” victim. I don’t think it is particularly difficult for any astute person to see that Kate is a big phony, trying to garner sympathy, and money, with her pathetic and dishonest performances. I’m glad you pointed this out. Kate is a piece of work. I guess she has been conniving and manipulating people around her for so long that she thinks she can get away with it forever. Hopefully more and more of the public will see through her lies and deceit.


  6. I learned in life (in human nature) that a person who preaches what they practice beforehand, are often contradictory. I’ve had people that say, “I keep secrets, i’m not the kind of person”. Well, let me see if you can keep a secret first before you claim that you can. Turns out, they can’t keep a secret.

    Kate uses this antic ALL THE TIME. It’s called “talk” and “hype”. If you look back in the episodes, she tells Jon, “don’t play victim! I hate when you play victim, it’s so unattractive.” I don’t think any sane person would know of this “victim” game well unless they were a “victim” and have played this game, themselves.


  7. Kate referred to herself as “a contract honer-er.” (Does she murder the King’s English, or what?!) I have to ask how much of an “honer-er” she was when she strolled into their dining room LAST October and told Jon that she was “done” honoring their marriage vows…

    As for the weeping and wailing re: no more filming, I’ll believe it when I don’t see it; however, I did stop watching their self-serving show last summer. You’re spot on, Dr. Glass, when you say that any weeping and wailing most likely came from Kate as she saw the dollar signs dwindling. Although, I firmly believe that money is Kate’s second addiction; it’s clear to me that “attention” is what Kate so desperately wants. And sadly, nothing will even begin to make the lives of these children “normal” until they are old enough to escape that fishbowl and surround themselves with the mores and values (and life experiences) of some emotionally healthy people who can sincerely and honestly model what it looks like to live life effectively.

    Yes, the first five years of life are crucial for a good, happy outcome. Unfortunately, I’m convinced that those eight children have incurred permanent damage at the hands of their parents AND TLC. Any money saved for “college funds” would be a small down payment on the intense therapy they will need to even begin to be “fully functioning” human beings.
    If they’re really lucky, someone will have saved enough that, in addition to repairing the damage and providing this healthy beginning, they can then work on what it is that will allow them to be truly happy.

    Dr. Glass, if the first five years of a life are truly ruined, what chance does a person have to be o.k. if they get some help later? And how late?

    Thank you.


  8. I believe Kate is a master manipulator, where Jon can’t help but let it all hang out. This is why we see him acting ridiculous while he adjusts, while Kate carefully plans every move with her PR peeps so she’ll come out smelling like a rose.
    There was an interview on one of the older J&K+8 shows, where Kate claimed to have sat down with the children to see if they wanted to continue the show. (Because OF COURSE, if they don’t want too, she’ll call the whole thing off Dontchaknow?!) She said that she explained to them that they could stop the show and mommy and daddy would have to go to work all day every day, OR they could keep doing the show and be able to keep doing fun things, AND have mommy and daddy home with them all day every day. What else would a child choose when the options are presented that way? So when Jon halted production, how do you think Kate explained THAT turn of events to the kids? If there was any weeping and wailing, she forced it right on out of those kids by manipulating the situation and no doubt, bashing their daddy to them all the while.
    I think they both need to shut their traps and go away, but I think Kate desperately wants to turn the opinion in her favor, and Jon is just trying to respond when he has the chance. If Kate would STFU, I really think Jon would too.


  9. Wow people need to realize that this a real woman who is sharing her real life. I’m not saying she’s perfect by any means or that every word that comes out of her mouth is true, but I think she is trying to do right by her kids. As far as the kids being upset that the camera crew would no longer be there, OF COURSE that’s true!!! They’ve been in their lives as long as the kids can remember and have become like family to those kids! Jeez people it has nothing to do with narcissism!!!! GET A LIFE! If Kate’s lying to protect her image who cares! AS IF YOU’VE NEVER LIED! SHE’S NOT PERFECT, SHE’S HUMAN! LEAVE HER ALONE!


  10. I so appreciate your feedback. I agree that she isn’t perfect as no one is (thank goodness)! But this is not about perfection. Going back and forth in the media and sniping at Jon and vice versa is not doing right by the kids. It shows extreme selfishenss and that appears to be what people are responding to. The fact is that the camera crew is NOT their famiily. She IS their family and needs to let them grow as children without a camera in their faces. It is NOT healthy for children or for baby animals becuase when they grow up there will be problems, Case in point Knute the German Polar Bear. He grew up with cameras and attention as a cub and now that he is an adult the vet diagnosed him withy having many psychological problems including narcissism.
    Kate went on national TV to gain pity and mislead.On one breath she ssays Jon left her destitude. On the other breath she says every child is wealthy and she’s even getting a show. People detest such manipulation. Nobody likes to be played. That is MAJOR and has backfired on her. That is why you see so much negativity projected on her.


  11. Dr. Glass… are you an actual doctor? You seem unable to set aside your preconcieved prejudices when reading the body language.

    I believe Kate is the one holding back information that will further damage Jon. Including his drug and alchohal abuse and cheating in the marriage… well before his romps with the school teacher before they were even seperated.

    Jon has proven himself to be a huge liar over and over again.

    If you go back and watch the shows with the sound off, you will see that Jon gives as good as he gets from Kate. Check out that body language. You see him snear and say nasty things under his breath.

    Jon it turns out took money from the only account Kate is allowed to use right now to pay the bills.

    Kate is a woman that had to take almost all responsibility for raising these kids. Jon took every opportunity possible to shirk responsibility.

    Once a cheater always a cheater. Jon has cheated before in the marriage and Kate is not talking about it in pubioc because of the children.


    1. Dear R, Scott
      To answer your question, yes I am an actual doctor with 2 PhD’s one in Communication and the other in Psychology,
      If you read the blog it is about Kate showing body language signals that indicate signals of deception and manipulation on the Today Show. There is no disputing that. Neither of them is doing right by the kids with all of this back and forth.I am sure that both have more dirt they can throw on one another. But it will only backfire on them. They need to settle this mess once and for all. Jon is particualrly angry and lashing out in a strong way becuase he has been supressed for so long and has been abuised by Kate which we all observed during the 5 years of the show. If yiu re read the blog it is not in defense of Jon. It is merely discussing Kate’s manipulative and misleading behavior on the Today Show The whole thing is sad, especially for those innocent childre. Thank you for your comment. Dr. Lillian Glass


  12. Clearly she was lying and today Jon did put cash back into the account but what Katezilla doesnt realize is that once this goes to divorce court he is getting is right back. She is just a horrible mean and brutally narcissistic I hope like hell the show that she claims TLC is doing for her in 10 will never see the light of day. She is the worst.


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