Jon Gosslin’s Body Language Looked Like a “ Deer in the Headlights” as Nancy Grace Pummels Him

Jon trying to defend himself against Nancy

    Jon  may have thought Kate was tough on him. But when he appeared on the Insider and was interrogated by Nancy Grace,  there is no doubt he thought Kate was  a lightweight compared to Nancy. Nancy  wasn’t taking any nonsense and  quickly and sharply attacked heart of the matter.

      Being a regular commentator on Nancy Grace for years  and knowing her well as I do, the one thing anyone  would never want to do is go head to head with Nancy. Unfortunately,  I’ve had to do it several times  on her show, especially when I spoke my opposing views about Cindy Anthony. ( I am appalled by Cindy’s behavior while Nancy cuts her some slack in that Cindy is a mother whom she feels is protecting her daughter Casey).

    While I know what to expect as do any of my Nancy Grace colleagues from Mickey Sherman to Rene Rockwell to  Ray Judache, to Susan Moss, to Ann Bremner, to Pat Brown to Mike Brooks,  after  Nancy got through with John Gosselin on the Insider,  I have no doubt that  he felt as though he got knocked out by Muhammed Ali. I know I  sure have whenever I have verbally sparred with her.   

    Nancy pulls no punches and calls it as she sees it.  She is aggressively articulate and relentless in her questioning.  She is all about truth and justice and won’t let anyone get away with any BS or skirting the issues at hand. So after Nancy asked her first question and  Jon’s attorney Mr. Heller tried  to interject, Nancy immediately let the attorney  have it  by stating  to the both of them “ Oh you have your lawyer here. Afraid to answer question? Whatever!” as she threw up her hands in disgust.

   Nancy took Jon to task about pulling the kids off the air because he suddenly wasn’t in the new show “Kate Plus Eight”. Jon was a bit taken aback by Nancy’s direct question as he slightly leaned back as though he was verbally punched. He  immediately looked away, indicating that he  couldn’t maintain eye contact with her.

         Nancy then said what was important was not the self absorbed husband and wife but the children. Jon  looks, away,  not able to face Nancy,  as he says “Exactly that is why they are coming off the air”.

     Nancy then points a finger at Jon in anger as she yells at him that he talks the talk but doesn’t  walk the walk . John points in finger back at Nancy and raises his voice in anger, (big mistake!)

    So  Nancy points her finger back at him and hits him where it hurts. She  accuses him of going from one 22 year old to the next, as we immediately see John physically  lean back and lick his lips.  This indicates that his autonomic nervous system is taking over. His mouth is getting dry and he is clearly getting uncomfortable.  From his previous “fight”  mode seconds earlier,   his body wants to go  into “flight” mode as he looks ready to get up and leave. But he doesn’t leave.

      As Nancy  yells at him telling him that he is not working it out,  we see John literally sitting there with his mouth agape and jaw dropped, hanging open.  What can he possibly say after that Nancy punched him where it hurt. He knows  it was the truth so what can he say? Nothing! That;s what he did, He said nothing.

       When Jon was asked about the kids being in therapy, he talks about his life and his father and his being an avoider. This disgusts Nancy as you can he her nose crinkled up as though she was smelling something putrid Then, Nancy points the finger and bluntly asks  “Why is this always about you?” Referring to another guest, she says,  “She asked you about you about your children.”  Jon swallows hard. He  looks away  like is about to cry. Sensing a crises, attorney Heller jumps in to rescue Jon and says “ because he is an important person. Jon is so uncomfortable at this point that that he moves his body  to the side, also  pulling his head  way to the side, as though he is ready to get out of the chair and leave.

Nancy and Jon how does it always get back to you

     Jon looks like a deer in the headlights  and hold his hands up like a naughty child caught in the cookie jar. He replies “.” I don’t know  He looks down and  repeats as he now mumbles “I don’t know. As we see his palms raised .”  I just thought.  I  just..”  He licks his lips and looks down.   Jon is clearly

He is dumfounded by the question. It  really made him think. Then Nancy interjects that’ s a good start.

   Maybe  it took Nancy Grace to finally blow up all of Jon’s defenses and self absorption and take a good hard look at himself. Maybe Nancy Grace will have been the catalyst for his going into therapy with the kids on a regular basis. Maybe it took Nancy Grace’s hardball approach for him to  be a man , grow up and stop this nonsense once and for all.  

   Nancy was not only picking on Jon.  When Nancy said  “both of you” need to stop this”, she was referring to Kate as well. I am sure that if Kate was on the “hot seat” at the Insider, Nancy would have said the same to her.

       Most likely Nancy may have been even tougher on Kate, being that Nancy is a mother of multiples as well. Nancy would have told Kate to stop this public nonsense at once and get back to what is really important- being a mother and being grateful for the blessings of these children. Nancy, who almost died giving birth to her twins, is truly grateful for her babies and would no doubt set Kate’s priorities straight. Fighting a public war with Jon is not a priority. It will harm those kids for sure. Getting them into family therapy and getting into therapy with Jon is definitely a priority.


11 thoughts on “Jon Gosslin’s Body Language Looked Like a “ Deer in the Headlights” as Nancy Grace Pummels Him

  1. I am so glad Nancy read him the riot act.

    I am wondering what happened to your analysis of him that he had changed and felt remorseful? I never believed it for a minute I can’t believe you did. Jon is a liar. Kate isn’t great either but Jon is a liar and his “passive” ways he keeps talking about is REALLY just his laziness that Kate had to try to motivate. She’s over controlling BUT she DOES have her kids best interest FIRST, even though they might not be “in” the kids best interest. The ONLY interest Jon has is his own whoring, celebrity wanna be self. It doesn’t take a body language specialist to see that.

    So he’s remorseful and matured? Yeah right…you were wrong.


    1. I do think that Jon is feeling bad about what he did and for the first time we saw from his body language signals that he indeed did show remorse on Larry King. So I haven’t changed my opinion. I think that in his interview with Nancy Grace he was defensive at first but after Nancy let him have it I believe that it shocked him back into reality. His body language did indicate that he had a lot of work to do therapy wise in terms of coming to grips about “why everything is about him” .
      I believe that a lot of Jon’s anger towards Kate is the result of her years of abusing him. He is finally speaking out and lashing back and not in a good way. Jon is going through a lot of changes and finding out who he is. The bad news is that in all of his sould searchingh all of this celebrity has definately gone his head, further clouding his judgment. I saw it up close and personal last week outside of “Crusteacean’s” in Beverly Hilss. He absoluetly loves the attention. He needs to get out of the limelight, get into therapy and spend time loving and taking care of those kids. And it not only takes a body language specialist to see that, it takes a person who is also trained in psychology as I am.


  2. I’ve appreciated your posts until now. Jon has been abused and controlled mercilessly by his spouse for years. This post and the one you recently wrote above it is questionable.

    Nancy Grace is a bully and her judgment has always been questionable to many viewers, myself included. What you have done with this post is piled on the bully train and attacked Jon. Way to pummel him more.

    I’m wondering at what point voices in the media will deal with Jon fairly.

    Nancy Grace did not get Jon as you claim. I saw a mean, vicious woman who may have had a point or two but just got lost in her bullying. And at the end of it, she looked very angry that she didn’t effectively bully him down to nothing.

    He is the father of those children. He was an abused spouse. At what point will all of you stop piling on him.


    1. You are right. Jon has been abused by his spouse. I have nort at all intended to pile on the bully train as you say becuase I truly feel for Jon. My heart does go out to him. I undertsnad why he did the things he did as his esteem was so low from being belittled by Kate all the time. We just saw a glimpse of her awful behavior towards him I am sure. You are right he is a loving father and we have all seen his genuine caring and love for the children on the show. But Jon really needs to get into therapy on a regular basis and stop all of this back and forth in the media with Kate. At the end of the interview I think that Jon really got that he and the kids need to be in therapy and that was a good. thing While Nancy is certainly hard hitting and can come across as the prosecutor that she was trained to be, she did get her point across that the kids needed to be in therapy and that he needs to focus on them and it made him think. I do thank you so much for your comment as it shows that you care and that you are a loving and sensitive person. God bless you and thank you agian.


  3. I think Nancy’s Grace grilling of Jon Gosselin was intentionally theatrical and fake. Come on, why doesn’t Nancy Grace grill Kate Gosselin. Kate is a grifter and with Nancy’s attorney instints I don’t know why she won’t hold Kate accountable. Geeze, Nancy.


  4. Nancy should be so proud of herself that she was able to bully a man into submission that has, by your own admission, already been abused by a woman for the last 10 years. Is this also how we treat women that are trying to get back on their feet after being emotionally struck down over and over again? Sorry, you and Nancy might have all the credentials but if you were my counselors I’d fire you in a New York second. Jon knows what he needs to do and that’s what he’s trying to do. Kate is the person that everyone seems to give a pass to, patting her on the head and wiping her fake tears while she continues to flaunt this divorce in full public view. She makes false allegations and cuts Jon off at the knees with her accusations and inuendos and everyone says “poor kate”. And when Jon tries to defend himself HE’S the one that is called every name in the book. How very civil of all of us. And what makes me even more furious is that the majority of public and private figures that are so quick to pass judgement have little time to find out the truth before making their pronouncements. And we call it journalism. It makes me ashamed that we’ve not come any further as loving human beings in the treatment of the abused. I guess I’m just too idealistic.

    Response from Dr.Glass: My heart goes out to Jon in that he has been abused by Kate as we have all seen on the show and she has made untrue allegations that he left her peniless without a roof over the kid;s head. I completely empathize with Jon and realize that he may have acted out becuase of feeling so repressed and abused by Kate after all of these years, Knowing Nancy Grace as well as I do, I can assure you that she would not have given Kate a free pass as you say if Kate was in the hot seat. She would have confronted her about her behavior and her false allegations.
    The bottom line is that this all needs to stop. It is no longer just about Jon as Nancy pointed out. It is no longer just about Kate as Whoopie pointed out on the View. It is about the kids and those kids need therapy as soon as possible.


    1. “The bottom line is that this all needs to stop. It is no longer just about Jon as Nancy pointed out. It is no longer just about Kate as Whoopie pointed out on the View. It is about the kids and those kids need therapy as soon as possible.”

      Absolutely, and that’s exactly what Jon is trying to do by pulling these kids off the show and trying to mediate this divorce in private. Unfortunately, the majority of people, including yourself, keep questioning his motives and many are raking him over the coals for not doing enough, not doing it “right”, and just not being good enough to be the dad. What’s wrong with supporting him in his effort. Offering guidance instead of beating him up. It’s obvious he’s open to help, unlike his soon-to-be ex. If he succeeds, the kids succeed. kate has no desire for getting these children off the air and/or getting them in counseling. Why the hell is she the golden girl!? There’s some sort of mob mentality within the press for some reason I don’t understand and everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone out there with the courage to take a stand for the kids…and that sure doesn’t include those stroking kate’s ego.


  5. I was truly enjoying this blog of yours Dr. Glass, until I read this segment about Jon being BULLIED by Nancy Grace. Come On?!? I won’t be coming back because now I see you and your insights in a new perspective. You are simply protecting Nancy Grace because of your affliation with her show. Jon did not deserved that brutal treatment from her or from you.


    1. Please do come back Sunday Rose becuase I love having you read my blogs, If you don;t agree with what I say let me know but don;t leave just becuase of this one blog. Express yourself freely as this is what I welcome. And yes Nancy was being the prosecutor here with Jon, Thnat is her style. She has done it with me on the air as well and I can assure you that it is pretty intense to say the least. I do however think you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. It was not about protecting Jon but rather Jon finally realizing at the end of this segment that both he and the children need to be intherapy. The bottom line is that this whole mess needs to stop. This back and forth is detrimental to the children as they are the ones who will sufer in the long run. Thank you again for your commment


  6. There is NO WAY Kate Gosselin would ever allow her children to go to therapy, with, or without, Jon.
    I believe that Kate Gosselin is deathly afraid of what her children would disclose to a therapist, and for good reason. (And these reasons have NOTHING to do with Kate’s “control freak – ness.”)
    I am convinced that it’s also impossible for Jon to be, or have been in the past, 100% honest with a therapist for fear of the “incriminating” consequences. As a result, it will be impossible for Jon to ever benefit fully from any kind of therapy, with, or without, his children.

    Please tell us, Dr. Glass, in the case of a divorcing couple, can one spouse take the children to therapy if the other spouse opposes it?

    I’m glad to have found your enlightening, intelligent, and insightful column. Thank you.


  7. See, Dr Glass, this is what happens when you tell it like it is. These people are NOT here for an unbiased opinion. They are a cult of delusional people who will praise you for seeing it their way and bash you for anything else. Jon’s motives need to be questioned(as do Kate’s) because it is highly coincidental that he only now has a problem with his children being on camera. Further, Jon could have handled this in court, but instead chose to do it on Larry King. It’s exactly as his lawyer said, this is ALL about the court of public opinion and nothing more.

    One more question: If one can exuse Jon for not “seeing the light” sooner because he was an “abused husband”, one can also argue that Kate has become codependent on TLC to provide for her because her husband could not, correct? Perhaps she is as scared of not being able to support her family as Jon is/was of asserting himself with Kate?


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