Is All of this Back and Forth Between Jon and Kate a Ploy To Get People To Watch Kate’s New Show?

When Jon and Kate were in love
When Jon and Kate were in love

        Yesterday on the Today Show Kate contradicted herself.  At first  through fake tears, she told us that Jon has left her penniless without a roof over her children’s head, Then we quickly  discover in the second segment of her interview (this time without tears ) and a chirpy tone, that not only were the children  very  well set financially, but that Kate is excited about getting a  brand new show on TLC  without Jon and the kids, called Kate.

    Now, I watched how Jon contradicted himself of ET as he sat with Mary Hart telling her how he forked over $7500 a month for the kids and bills. Then he makes the statement  in an emphatic voice “”right now my kids are coming off the TV”- the operative words being “ right now” . But what  about later? Will they make appearances on Kate’s new show?  Now this same  man who told the word and Chris Cuomo on 20/20  a week ago that he “despised” Kate  makes the statement “If you can fix the relationship,  everything else will come. You won’t have to worry about anything else.” Excuse me? “fix the relationship”.  Why such a sudden change of heart?  It’s going to take a lot more than a superficial visit with Dr. Phil to fix that relationship. What is the reason for the 90 day delay he wants in terms of going ahead with the divorce? Did he have a change of heart?

   Did he simply  want a breather from the relationship because he got sick of Kate’s belittling him and slapping him, their lack of sex, and his being Mr. Mom to the kids while Kate was getting fame and fortune through lectures and book signings? Did he want some of the action too? Is that why one day “out of the blue” he told Kate he wanted a divorce? Is that why he  broke loose like a wild stud on a stud farm having sex with as many mares as would have him?

   Then when Kate actually filed for divorce and started hanging out with the married body guard and his kids, Jon got a little jealous. Suddenly what was good for the goose, was not so good for the gander. He wanted back in, but Kate was angry and let him know it.

  Being the passive aggressive type, Jon sulked and mumbled and reluctantly agreed to participate in the show. He even told us on the show where they revealed they were getting a divorce, that his life was the show and his show was his life. It was all too confusing for him. He did not have his heart in the show. We clearly saw it in his body language.

‘So when he was off camera, as most passive agressives do, he went to the other extreme -partying hearty and hooking up with different women. He did  not even think about the consequences, the hookup’s  feelings, or the feelings of his children. He was definitely not thinking about TLC and the show. That was the last thing on his mind as he was acting out.

    But Jon was the first thing on TLC’s mind as they told him to shape up or ship out. What confirms my thought here is that Jon told us  when he appeared on Larry King, that the TLC executives told him to “behave”. If he was good he could have the motorcycle they promised him. John expressed his anger at TLC treating him like a child and  in telling him to behave. But TLC had a lot at stake. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was their cash cow and Jon was messing up in their eyes. They didn’t want to lose their investment.

   So Jon, not a fan of being in the public eye back then, kept his mouth shut while Kate moaned and groaned on TV and in magazines. Jon still partied and TLC had enough of him. They warned him to shape up. He didn’t so they shipped him out with fewer and fewer appearances.

    Those fewer appearances, no doubt, meant fewer dollars in his pocket and  as angry. He was so angry that and most likely  on his own or through a friend , he contacted 20/20 so that he could  tell his side of the story. He was raw, real and genuine.  No PR agent would allow him to go on the air and say what he said so there is no doubt that this was Jon’s doing. His tears were real and so were his harsh words that that he let loose as Chris asked him if he was going to be taped separately from Kate. Then Jon dropped a bomb.  He boldly stated “I despise” Kate. I can’t sit on the couch next to someone I despise.” Chris couldn’t believe what he heard and his body language reflected it.  He warned Jon to be careful about what he was saying because Kate was still the mother of his kids.

   Well TLC didn’t like what Jon said either. They had enough of him and true to their word they did what they said they would,  He didn’t shape up so he was shipped out of the new show which was quickly renamed “Kate Plus 8”  about a single Kate coping with her 8 kids.

 Jon was really mad now, so he pulled the plug on the kids having anything to do with the show and dropped that bomb on Larry King.

 Kate quickly does the Today Show and suddenly she reveals she has her own show as John does ET and the Insider with now Jon wanting to apologize not only to Kate but to the fans. Why  should he care what the fans think unless he will have to be dealing with fans in the future? Remember Jon used to hate all the attention (which has changed dramatically as now he can’t  seem to get enough of it).  

What?  Why?  Jon wanted out in the first place. But TLC just can’t get rid of Jon without a price, So, and I’m just asking here, Did they give him a piece of the “Kate” show to make him go away? Does he have a big financial stake in the new show  as well. Is that why all this back and forth is going on in the press right now?  Does this allow Jon to still make money and still give him the freedom to do his own thing without the daily grind and hassle of being on the air?   Is all of this back and forth now contrived so that people will watch the Kate show now that he doesn’t have to be on but can still earn the money without being on camera?  Remember he was sick of being in the fishbowl and wanted a private life back. He even mentioned that on Larry King last week.

 Is Jon’s softened tone  due to a behind the scenes deal with TLC?  I’ m just asking.  Is all of this back and forth  between the two simply media fodder to increase their  visibility so people will tune in when Kate get’s her own show  in the very  near future?  Remember on the Today show she told us that her show was being worked on as they spoke.  Will  Jon  be making  some big bucks if Kate’s show succeeds?  Is all of this recent  back and forth now designed to make sure  they are kept in the public eye so when the show does come on, it will be watched and  will people pay attention to it ?  Just asking?

    Do you know how much time and effort it takes to book someone on a show? Who is booking Jon and Kate so quickly on all of these major shows? It is the people from TLC?  Did the Today Show contact Kate or did her PR people feel that because she already got to an ABC audience with the  spending a week on the View, they didn’t need to contact ABC’s Good Morning America. Did they put her on the View to help her get some “chops” for her own talk show? Is that why they also put her on the Paula Deen show?

    The bottom line is that now it is sounding very suspicious to me. They are being booked too quickly. They are both pointing fingers and making over the top accusations about one another   with children not having a roof over their head and Kate’s firing 50 people in a month ), They  are fake tears (Kate’s). There are too many contradictions on both of their parts. And most important of all, there are words of love. Kate is nostalgic for the Old Jon which she revealed while Jon wants to apologize and “repair the relationship”.

    First there was Kate wanting to reconcile and Jon’s  not wanting to do so. Now it seems like Jon wants to repair the relationship while Kate doesn’t want to. Yet Kate speaks lovingly on television of wanting the “old Jon back”.  Maybe the “old  Jon” will come back  and forth and  the new Jon will come back and forth until Kate gets her show.  That will certainly keep people interested. May the old and the new Jon will serve as fodder for Kate’s talk show in order to continue to keep the audience interested.  What do you think?  

      Perhaps it didn’t start out this way, but knowing that Kate will be getting her own show soon, can all of this “he says she says”  back and forth between Jon and Kate be nothing more  than a media ploy? Just asking .




14 thoughts on “Is All of this Back and Forth Between Jon and Kate a Ploy To Get People To Watch Kate’s New Show?

  1. Just FYI, Kate dumped Jon first. She told him she wanted out of the marriage and made him move out to the apartment over the garage. This was just a few weeks after they returned from the renewing the vows trip.

    Response from Dr. Glass: Actually, it was Jon who dumped Kate first, She spoke about how shocked she was that Jon came in one day and said he wanted to split up. So he actually started the whole thing. She of course continued it and now it a complete back and forth mess.


  2. Kate came to Jon last October and told Jon it was over. Jon said this several times and Kevin and Jodi backed it up. There is a huge backstory to this, and I think some of your facts are off. It played out in the media that Jon’s alleged cheating broke them up, but by that time they had been over for a long time. Remember? Jon went to counseling last fall, he has the 22,000 bill to prove it and Kate refused to go.


    1. The whole thing is so confusing at this point as to who broke up with whom first. Kate says it was Jon and Jon says it was Kate. The bottom line is that all of this needs to stop for the sake of the kids and their emotional well being. – Dr. Lillian Glass


  3. Dr. Glass – I beg to differ with you. Kate dumped Jon first. Jon says Kate told him “It’s over, I’m done” back in October of 2008. This was confirmed by Kate’s own brother, Kevin and his wife Jodi when they appeared on the Today Show back in March or April. When Kate was asked the date of separation during her Larry King appearance, she “couldn’t remember.” Kate is a compulsive liar and many people are just beginning to realize that. She cannot get through a single interview without lying or contradicting herself.
    I really wish the journalists, tv interviewers, reporters and hosts of the entertainment shows, and panelists who are all weighing in on this debacle would do some REAL research and get the FACTS straight before expressing their opinions.


  4. I was a fan of this blog. Very articulte, non biased – best of both world…but what’s weird to me is that how come overnight, all of these opinions written seem to be one sided now? I used to love how jon AND kate were called out equally – the research was shown, the opinions and judgements were well thought out and provided great evidence and insight…and i’m sorry but it doesn’t seem right anymore. Funny how it took less than 24 hours…


  5. Dr Glass, it is so refreshing to see commentary by someone who has actually SEEN the show and knows what she is talking about.

    Thank you!

    Few, if any, of the show hosts or commentators have ever seen the show, know nothing about these poor little kids, and are just going by what they have heard, which is usually incorrect.

    Thank you again!


  6. “Now this same man who told the word and Chris Cuomo on 20/20 a week ago that he “despised” Kate makes the statement “If you can fix the relationship, everything else will come. You won’t have to worry about anything else.” Excuse me? “fix the relationship”. Why such a sudden change of heart? It’s going to take a lot more than a superficial visit with Dr. Phil to fix that relationship. What is the reason for the 90 day delay he wants in terms of going ahead with the divorce? Did he have a change of heart?”

    My interpretation is Jon wants to sit down with kate and mediate the terms of divorce and custody. If they can work together to parent these kids, re: fix the relationship, then many of the problems they now have will be resolved, or at least much easier to tackle together. Quite frankly, my personal opinion is kate will never come to the table in good faith because she has too many emotional, narcissistic problems of her own and she’s not willing to go to counseling.

    Jon has said in more ways than one that he and kate will never be husband and wife again, but they will always be mom and dad. Jon doesn’t always have the words to express himself but he has the heart and it would be nice if he were given the benefit of the doubt once in awhile. Actually, I’m quite incredulous and disappointed that people are clamoring for J&K to work together and yet when he suggests just that his motives are suspect.

    kate is a manipulator and if you follow her closely and watch how she twists the facts to her advantage, you’ll see how she is making every effort to throw Jon under the bus…and she’s succeeding because no one with any clout takes the time really examine the situation. What mother asks their 8 children if they want to continue filming the show, tells them it’s their choice, but IF they say no their mom and dad will have to go to work at a real job and they’ll never get to see them? This is just cruel.

    Finally, someone needs to look into TLC and their exploitation of families. It’s just wrong and they are insidious in their methods, which in the end is what happened to the Gosselin’s. TLC has to take some of the blame for the destruction of this family and the endangerment of the lives of 8 innocent children.

    There’s so much more to respond to in this post but I’m going to stop for now. I might be very wrong, but I don’t think you understand Jon and Kate Gosselin at all. BTW, the old Jon that kate wants back is the Jon she used and abused and treated like a dog. The new Jon says he’ll NEVER go back there.


  7. ” Well TLC didn’t like what Jon said either. They had enough of him and true to their word they did what they said they would, He didn’t shape up so he was shipped out of the new show which was quickly renamed “Kate Plus 8” about a single Kate coping with her 8 kids.

    Jon was really mad now, so he pulled the plug on the kids having anything to do with the show and dropped that bomb on Larry King.”

    I have to make one more comment tonight just because I think it needs to be said. Jon said this week that the plans to pull the kids from the show came BEFORE he knew about the new show format as kate Plus 8. That can probably be confirmed or not with preliminary documentation. Also, Jon stated before this season he did not want to continue the show. You’ll find that every time Jon gets about squared away, some new TLC or kate announcement/interview comes out to run over him just one more time. I know Jon’s made a lot of mistakes, but someone has to defend him. He’s the one trying to get these kids off the show.


  8. Um, Jon wanted out of the show. If you paid any attention to the statement TLC released.

    Back in August, TLC sent a letter to Jon stating that he was violating the moral clause. TLC said they were confused about Jon, and that his actions made them feel like he wanted TLC to Fire him.

    Google it!


  9. If you ask me, all the back and forth is created and executed by TLC, endorsed and carried out by kate (she said as much about the new show format), and as soon as possible contract wise, Jon will be out the door for good. He doesn’t want them and I don’t think they want him. I don’t think he has any part in this little game TLC and kate are playing, trying to draw the public in and keep up the ratings. Manipulation is TLC and kate’s expertise. Jon also desperately wants his children off the show and has regrets of having ever exposed them to the media. These are words I’ve heard from him.


  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one believing this is all one big elaborate prank on all the viewers. I don’t know if they love one another or not, but I do think the two are taking turns with the media and always commenting back to TLC. Have you noticed every communication or interview they have with the media/talk shows they always say something in regards to TLC? Yes, I too think this is fake, he may have got a little carried away but other than that I think the plan was to split and then reconnect to show that marriages can be saved, I mean they are even pulling Dr.Phil into this.


  11. This is not fake. This is how CRAZY Kate is. Jon wasn’t even doing TV interviews months ago. Kate went on The View and the Today show to bash Jon publicly. What is Jon to do?

    It’s a PR war. Kate wants to go forward with Kate +8 and Jon wants to do Divorce Dads.

    TLC still has Jon under contract. Jon did everything he could to get TLC it rip his contract. They didn’t. All they did was remove his name from the show.

    But TLC stated that Jon would still make appearances on the show.

    Jon stated a long time ago, the end of Season 4, that he wanted out of the show.


  12. “Is that why one day “out of the blue” he told Kate he wanted a divorce?”

    This was Jon’s quote about Kate. You reversed it.


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