Gosselin Children’s Angry and Hostile Body Language Mirrors What’s Going on Between Jon and Kate


Gosslin chiuldrns body languag

While Kate was on the Today show  manipulating the audience about how Jon left her penniless only to find out in the next segment that  the children were actually very secure financially and  that (by the way) she was also getting her own talk show, the kids were at home fighting and being reprimanded by the nanny.

  Apparently all the hatred and anger that Jon and Kate are feeling towards one another is spilling over on to the kids. When Kate said on the Today show that she had 8 of the most well adjusted kids, she needed to take a good look at this photo. Then, she would see what is happening while she is away on talk shows and speaking engagements.

    These are angry and upset children. The angriest of them all besides Maddy is   bully  Collin, who by the way is rewarded the most by Kate. His violent behavior has resurfaced once again. With Joelrubbing his shoulder and screaming in pain and the nanny grabbing Colin’s arm and yelling at him, it is obvious that  Colin has abused his brother.  Little Leah is upset too, crying rubbing her face.  It makes you wonder if she too was victimized by  Colins physical abuse.  When  Colin obviously he hit Joel with the orange plastic cone in his hand, did he also manage to hit  Leah as well?  And poor little Aden the one with the glasses,  leans his head over to Joel in sympathy but his little hand covers the side of his head  and  you see his furrowed brow indicating that he is  clearly upset. It makes you wonder if Colin lashed out and hit him in the head before or after her hit  Joel.

    There is nothing well adjusted about a bully child abusing his brothers and sisters. These children need therapy in a huge way. They are angry and upset and have a lot to be angry and upset about. First of all mommy and daddy are no longer together and living under the same roof with them. They may even wonder if it was their fault. Mommy is hardly ever there and when she is there she is “mean” (Maddy’s words) and short tempered and spanks and yells.

    Daddy has his mind elsewhere when he’s at home with them, He’s on the phone to one of his girlfriends. When he is there he may be paying more attention to the babysitter than he is to them. Just when they bond with one nanny or housekeeper or another , the fins out they will never see her or him again because Kate has fired close to fifty people and gets rid of “help” like she gets rid of a used klenex. So they never want to get too close to anyone else because they may  feel they will get abandoned.

There is no more Aunt Jody because Kate got into it with her. But the kids loved Aunt Jodi and seemed to be happiest around her. Maddy especially loved her little cousin (Jodi’s son) as she played with him and treated him tenderly, which was a very healthy thing for hostile and angry Maddy.

   So  despite what Kate thinks, these kids are definitely not well adjusted. They  need  therapy immediately! Kate needs to get her head out of the clouds in thinking she is a big celebrity and get back to the reality of being a mother who has 8 very upset and disturbed children. Similarly, Jon needs to stop running  around L.A. and NYC and get those kids in to see a child therapist before it is too late.  

   This  photo is heartbreaking because it speaks to exactly what I spoke about in my last blog. It will be the children who will suffer from the  fallout of  Jon and Kate’s hate in the media. The kids are five and nine years old, They know what’s going on. If they don’t see it on TV, they live it at home. They surely  feel mommy’s anger and disrespect towards daddy. They certainly feel daddy’s hatred towards mommy. And how does that all play out? They end up acting out their hateful and angry little feelings on one another.

    While TLC made a fortune  on displaying and following these eight children around as though they were zoo animals, TLC needs to step up and do the right thing. They need to foot the bill for some major family counseling for these children.


16 thoughts on “Gosselin Children’s Angry and Hostile Body Language Mirrors What’s Going on Between Jon and Kate

  1. I agree that children sense their parents emotions and act out and lash out.

    I also feel that when you have 6 kids in this age range you have behavior motivated by impulse. These kids are fighting for attention. This is not something that’s necessarily the result of parental dissention. This is normal behavior. There’s no way these kids are going to be sweet to each other even most of the time. And to label a 4 year old an abusive bully is unfair to the child. It’s not his fault he’s acting out. It’s his age, it’s impulse, it’s frustration, it’s example.

    The photo tells a story that can be interpreted in as many ways as people looking at it. I see a moment in time that looks worse than it probably was. It was probably over in a second and the kids have moved on. It happens in all big families, good and bad.

    I’d be more concerned about Maddy’s behavior than Collin’s. She’s got thinking, planning and motive behind her actions. She’s seeing how her parents manipulate and learning how to perfect it. I find her an ingratiating, irritating and unpleasant person. She’s sort of a blend of her parents bad qualities. And they seem to think she’s perfect. They are enabling and encouraging her behavior. I predict big problems for Maddy.


  2. Some people read way too much into a picture. The kids were probably just fighting over a toy! WOW, imagine that. All kids do that and when you have six or eight together it happens. Some poeple here really need to get a life. You can make up anything over a picture.

    Response from Dr. Glass to morningstarcpc@inbox.com
    That is true that some people read too much into a picture and can make up anything over a picture . They may even read the wrong thing from a picture. That is why as a body language expert with years of experience and training I am able to read the information in this picture accurately. Obviously the children were fighting over a toy. It doesn’t take an expert to figure that out. But if you look closely, you will see that Joel is holding his shoulder and his facial expression indicates that he is in severe pain. That means he was hit very hard. Of course conflict happens when there there are many children together who are around the same age. But in this case, it seems to be Colin who is instigating the upset.


  3. Dr Lillian,
    Love your posts. However, please note the children’s names are spelled:
    Mady (only 1 ‘d’), Aaden (2 ‘a’s), Collin (2 ‘l’s). Aunt Jodi (Jodi ends with ‘i’).


  4. Excuse me, doctor, but do you really think that you can give an accurate assessment based on photos of these children? That is pretty irresponsible and, quite frankly, has me questioning your credibility.


    1. I agree with you that when you have 6 kids in this age range their behavior is motivated by impulse and that they are fighting for attention. But in studying the photos and videos of these children over time, especially since their parents separation, they have looked sad and have displayed more anger.
      Colin has been very abusive to his other brothers and sisters as we have seen on the show for many years. He has bullied them. He is the one who is usually seen hitting another child. So at this point in time I believe that my assessment of him is fair. He is acting out for sure and definately needs counseling. He needs to learn to communicate with his words and not his fists.

      You are correct in that a photo tells a story that represents a moment in time. But with Colin there are too many moments in time where , he is caught on video and in film punching, kicking, pushing, slapping or hitting a sibling.

      I also agree with you about Maddy. Your assessment that her parents are are enabling and encouraging her behavior is very true. I also agree that there will be big problems for Maddy unless she gets into therapy at this point in her young life.


      1. I’m sure all of this is true, but I also worry about Cara. The quiet ones can be so explosive when it all boils over. She’s holding a lot in and I believe she is also the one especially fond of her dad. Listening to mommy bash daddy has to be very hard on her.


  5. I’m ashamed to say that I have been following this family’s saga for the last several months… way too closely, and spending way too much time on it, I must confess. *blush*

    Because I don’t have television in my home, I was (blissfully!) unaware of their existence until last summer, when someone who knew of my love for all things child and compulsion for all things organizational suggested I watch some clips online. The show I watched was one where one of the children (Joel?) was ill, and upon discovering that he had vomited in his bed she harshly reprimanded him, then put him to rest alone on a hard utility room floor, turned out the light and shut the door. I was disgusted and horrified. And I admit I was not the least bit surprised when news of their marital difficulties hit the news. And now all of this is playing out so publicly for all of us to see. Kate’s dysfunction is spilling out in technicolor.

    I should add that I am a single mother myself. I have 5 children, most of whom have multiple disabilities. I work extremely hard, and my children have learned to live with less than most of their friends. Still we are happy and my children are kind, loving and devoted to one another. Kate needs to wake up and be grateful for the marvelous gift she has been given… these 8 beautiful children. She needs to spend time with them and cherish them. No special rings, or manicures or bodyguards will ever take the place of knowing that she has chosen to do the right thing by her children.

    Thank you so much Dr. Glass for being perceptive enough to see the truth about this pathetic family… and brave enough to stand up and speak it.


  6. This is one of the best articles I have rad lately about the Gosselin children. They are indeed in need of therapy. It is a shame what is going on inside their lives… Someone please come to the rescue of these kids soon


  7. I find it appalling that you are labeling a five year-old a “bully” and violent based on a few snippets from a television show and still photos. You are not a child psychologist and should stop playing one on the Internet.

    Response from Dr. Glass to souluntouched@yahoo.com :
    Like it or not, Collin is a “bully” when compared to the other children. Even though he is five, he is the one who is often seen beating up on his brothers and sisters. I have not just watched a few snippets from a televison show and still photos. Instead I have seen hours of tape on this little boys and looked at countless photos to come up with my analysis. He needs help from a qualified “licensed” child psychologist. Based on my education and background and training in Counseling Psychology and in the field of Psychology and on my studies in the area Child Psychology I am indeed qualified to share my insight and make comments over the internet about these matters.


    1. It’s a good thing you are not actually working with children, because I’m pretty sure that attaching negative labels such as “bully” is considered detrimental. Bullying behaviors can be identified and addressed without resorting to labeling a child a bully. One would hope someone with your self-proclaimed expertise would know better.


  8. I agree with the comment about you dissecting this family from a few clips on tv and pics.
    I would agree with you more if and this is a big IF you got your information about the hiring and firing straight from the horses mouth instead of a rag mag.
    What I don’t understand is how anyone can say Aunt Jodi is good for them when she is doing the same thing as Jon and Kate going on TV rounds and looking for public sympathy. And IF you took a good look at those videos you may find that Jodi is much more like Kate then many people care to realize.


  9. I just found your blog and you’re the first person in the “celebrity” world that has actually watched the show and can give an informed opinion. I’ve listened to so many on these talk shows and they don’t have the slightest clue about the backround of Jon and Kate. I wan’t to say “Do your homework people then come give your opinion!”

    Bottom line, Jon had been unhappy for a long time and I think he just wanted his life and wife back. Kate is all about being a celebrity that she has lost sight of what is important~the children. I think the bottom fell out when she left the children at home and expected Jon to be Mr. Mom while she trotted across the contry on her book tour. She has said before that she went from not wanting to be bothered with the fans to loving them. Yes, I suppose when you’re signing the books that someone paid $ for and they are telling you how wonderful you are your head would start to swell and all of a sudden you think you’re another Jennifer Aniston.

    I think they may have had a chance if Kate would have agreed to counseling but she is the type of person that can never be wrong so of course there was nothing wrong with her. She also said they wanted different things and she was all about fame and fortune and I think she felt Jon was dragging her down. Nothing was thought out before filing for the divorce and she was delusional if she thought things would just work out on their own, especially when they can’t even talk. Bottom line, these kids need stability and they have parents that are so selfish and so blinded by money and egos that they can’t even see how those precious 8 are hurting. It’s so sad.


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