Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Says”I’m Lovin the Attention”

John Gosselin loving the attention

   Around 8 PM last night, I was at the ATT store on Bedford Drive, a half a block from my office  in Beverly Hills upgrading to an iphone and getting some accessories. Suddenly I heard a lot of screaming and yelling and saw lights flashing. So, I, along with everyone else  in the store, headed towards the window to see what was going on. I wanted to get a better look, so I stepped outside and saw a throng of paparazzi.

     I’m pretty used to seeing paparazzi outside my building every day as they stand watch ready to photograph celebrities who go in and out of the medical building where my office is located. When they know that Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Arnold Klein will be around, or Michael Jackson’s ex wife, Debbie Rowe will be in the area,  more paparazzi than usual  will show up.

    Since there were a lot more than the usual amount of  paparazzi present, I  knew they were getting shots of someone really major. Then I heard some of the paparazzi yell  “Jon, Jon,” here, Look over here  Jon”. At first I thought, John?  John Edwards? Maybe that lying, cheating on his cancer stricken wife, former Senator, was at Crustaceans with  his mistress Reille Hunter. Maybe they took the baby with them. Now that would be a huge story!

    But then I heard someone yell “Jon  how do you feel about it just being “Kaye Plus 8”. Then I knew who they were following around- Jon Gosselin.

     Since I have analyzed both Jon and Kate’s body language for such shows as Entertainment  Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, The Early Show and a host of celebrity magazines, not to mention my own Body Language blogs, I wanted to get up close and personal and see Jon in action first hand. So I scurried over across the street and closely watched what was going on.

    At first Jon walked over to the right side of the street on Bedford Drive where the valet parkers are located  as the paparazzi snapped and snapped away. Then Jon walked back in front of the restaurant towards the long black stretch limo which was waiting for him. That is when I got a really good glimpse of him. John was LOVING IT! He was  loving all of the attention. He was smiling and really digging all the people shoutING his name and shouting out really funny questions at him.

       By the way, the most hilarious questions are asked by the papps from TMZ. I love them!  In fact  a week or so ago when I was on my way to CNN to appear on the Nancy Grace show, one of the TMZ papps cracked me up when he screamed out, “Hey Dr. Glass, Since you’re the  body language expert, can you tell if I’m good in bed?” That was hilarious. I told him “Yes that I could definitely tell he was “and all the other papps as well as the limo driver couldn’t stop laughing.

  So, back to Jon and last night.  Jon must have found  something funny as well. He was smiling and beaming ear to ear. He was also taking his sweet time moseying over to the limo as well, This  indicated to me that he was relishing all of the attention he was receiving.

    On the one hand, I can’t really say that I blame him for requiring all that love and attention from outsiders, considering the fact that he was constantly   beaten up mentally, emotionally and  even physically  by Kate( remember the reel with all the “love taps” where Kate kept slapping and hitting Jon?)

    But then again this is the same guy who just a  few months back complained on camera about how the paparazzi were ruining his life and how he hated them and hated having to play his life out on television.  Maybe he finally got used to it and now actually enjoys it.

   The one thing that crossed my mind as Jon  got into the stretch limo was how all 8 kids could  fit in there easily. Instead of driving that cumbersome and awkward looking Black van, it might be easier  for him to  drive them all  around in a stretch limo.   

     This evening Jon will be headed for CNN to do the Larry King show. I am sure that there will be a throng of papps out there as well , just like there was when  Larry interviewed Paris Hilton after she got out of jail.  I wish I was scheduled to do the  Nancy Grace show today so that I could be  at the CNN studio the same time as Jon and really scrutinize his body language. But I  guess I will have to wait and do my body language analyses of him after watching him doing Larry King’s show, just TV like everyone else.


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